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Podcast with Fraz My family knew that he will not go to army, rather he will become a doctor if he wants to become a doctor then let's make him a army doctor my preparation for the government exam was not proper if I will not be able to crack, then what will I do next In the beginning, I felt that, it is not my cup of tea as it started from Python Can you tell me about the salary range? If a fresher wants to join, what will be his starting salary and how far he can get Recession is there and people think that, there is no job at all and they give up due to this so what you think, data analyst or data science position is still open in the market? parents and society will definitely give pressure to you but that is the work of society and you can not snatch that work from them let them do their work and do your own did you face rejections because of that long gap of 5 years when I saw YouTube, there were many resources I was confused that, from where will I start then I gave up Hi everyone, Today I have Aman with me and his story is very inspiring He had a career gap of 5 years, he did his graduation in 2015 after that he was preparing for the government job but he wasn't able to crack that He did tuitions along with that and finally he is a data analyst in a very good company with a very good package we will know the whole story, he is also from a defense background I am also from diffence background We can relate to each other along with that we will discuss about the roadmap also a crisp data analyst roadmap for those who want to get into this field this is such a field where you don't require much coding also some people get afraid that, they have no coding background he also didn't have a coding background and he is from mechanical field Let's ask Aman about his story Please like the video before moving forward with this if you are on the channel, subcribe the channel let's enjoy the podcast HI Aman, How are you? Hi Fraz, Good Morning, I am good.

How are you? I am doing great Aman, tell us about your background Hi everyone, I am Aman Verma from Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow currently I am a data analyst in cloudforce company at Hyderabad I did my graduation in 2015 from Mechanical branch for 1 year I did preparation for government job I started giving tution along with that for the side income I had completed my MBA in finance in 2016, till 2018 I was continuing tuitions so I felt that, I had a career gap and what should I do now there was a mental pressure after that, when I heard about data science, I did some research on that and also completed the course I have now become a data analyst in front of you Both of us are from a defense background our fathers also wanted us to join the defense have you got the pressure from your father to join defense? there was no pressure Fraz, but when I was in 11- 12, I was very strong in Biology I board also I got 95 plus marks in Biology only My family knew that he will not go to army, rather he will become a doctor if he wants to become a doctor then make him a army doctor so, I had that mentality My friends filled a form for NDA, so I also did the same without much interest on it Let's go and check, if it will not happen then also okay first time I was going out from my house so, I had that mentality at that time I was not a die heart fan of defense but I wanted to become a doctor when there was a govenrment exam of AIPMT I cleared the first stage but did not clear the mains part My father told me that, I can not make you private doctor I can not afford that much in this time because I had a small sister and she was also studying so they needed to take care of her as well and there are many requirements in a middle class family I had given exam for AIEEE and cracked it and I took engineering because one of my senior told that, what you were not been able to do you can do that after graduation, many things will come after graduation that ime also you will get a chance to become an office in army that thing stucked in my mind that was the motivation which worked as a fuel during those 4 years I have to get good percentage, I will get SSB and will be there after completing when I received the SSB calls I got over confident that, I got good percentage, so, I will crack the SSB also but that was a different cup of tea I attempted but unfortunately couldn't make it but I learnt many things from that journey I can totally relate with you as I also have the same journey like yours I also tried for NDA as my father told me to do that after graduation I tried for the technical entry also I even went to Vishakhapatnam for Naval selection board so it was a similar kind of journey you enjoyed also when you go for SSB so, it's a totally different game As you said that, while doing this you had a long career gap how you suddenly know about data analyst role? in 2018 my father was posted in a new place we shifted from Tamilnadu to Kerala when you move to a new place you need 6 months to 1 year to know that place so it was in my mind that, how I will start tution in a new place? whether i will start or not, that conflict was there in my mind and on top of that my father also said that, you are becoming aged, so, keep that also in mind you will not get in private also if you will not get it in proper age so, that fear was also in my mind so, for that I could not prepare properly for the government exam as it was in my mind that, if I will not be able to crack, then what I will do next in between 2019, covid came the world was totally stopped working then I got some time to think that what I can do next I met a friend who was living in my building we used to sit together as there was lockdown, so, we could not move anywhere He was from computer background whereas I was from the mechanical background he told me about the data science field and asked me to try that i refused to his face I told him that I am a mechanical person and you are a computer person how it will happen as I can make vehicles and you can make computers what you are telling to me? but it is said that, if something is in your destiny it will come to you and strike you many times so that happened with me also I thought that, he said that by thinking something so, let's check that out when I saw YouTube, there were many resources I was confused that, from where I will start and I gave up I felt that I can not do that I will get a government job as I had prepared for that, for long, I will definitely get somewhere so, till then, you were continuously preparing for the government job? Yes it was the only thing I was doing properly and nothing else Can you tell me that, what you were preparing for? I have given all the exams excluding UPSC civil I have given in Bank, SSC, RRB, RRC I have given all the government exams including LIC also so from the scenario that, the world almost stopped working there were no offers and pandemic time was going on same situtaion arised now also there is recession and many people think that, there are no jobs at all they give up also for this reason so, what you want to tell them that, are data analyst and data science role open till now? are there job for freshers in that field? I want to answer this question without adding butter and sugar that, situation is not good but when the situation is not bad? In good times also if your mental health is not good then you will find negativity in everything I want to tell you that, slowdown is there but job is still there mostly they are preferring experienced people because they don't want the company to be in the loss if a experienced person will come, he can do the same work more better with the experience that will not happen with the freshers but there are job for freshers also whoever is watching me, I want to tell them that, believe in yourself, in your hardwork and skills when this global situation will end everything will work and you will not get time for the preparation so, start preparing now I also have the same suggestion that, now you have time to prepare yourself upskill yourself now, so that, when things will open, you can give interview with full strength here I will give a roadmap to the non tech people also you are from tech background but from non IT background I will give a roadmap for the non IT background and IT background people who are watching us, know better that, you are from Non IT or from IT background I will start from non IT background as I am from that I can understand your pain you start with excel which is the most easy part Psychology is that when you start from a easy thing you will develop more liking for that subject so, you start from excel and do work on that tool you will get courses in YouTube also for starting and understanding after excel you should move on to sql the better you do sql it will benefit you more it will help you more after these two, start learning Python along with Python, start learning statistics also after completing Python and statistics start learning machine learning there are 4-5 basics of machine learning majorly which are used else that is an ocean after learning all these you are almost prepared for this after that, if you have interest in anything else, you can add that as your extra skills you can learn artificial intelligence you can learn cloud also My advice will be, you should start learning cloud a bit before starting you will get extra edge for that Now I will talk about the IT people because you are from the IT background you have learnt it from the school My suggestion will be, you start from Python you can take that to an extra level than is an ocean of knowledge The more knowledge you have, the more your chances will increase to be in different roles you will not restrict yourself for the data analyst field only your python is good you can go for the coding side you can become a software engineer you can become a backend engineer also there are many options open for you after that you start excel and sql both with that you also add data visualization tool also with it I missed this for the non IT people that, you also add data visualization tool because that will give you an extra edge when you will directly do conversation with your clients because client doesn't know the language of the computer they will tell you that, this is happening in my company, you give me a visual that, what I can do on that so, for that you have to learn a data visualization tool you can learn tableau or power BI both are now running at the top of the industry now after that IT people should learn machine learning very well do the necessary coding and make 2-3 projects on that and finally you can move on to the cloud you can learn anyone from the three area, azure, AWS or Google you are good to go then this will be the roadmap for both of them I will give some motivation also here you have explored many companies also you have knowledge also about the skills can you tell me about the salary range if a fresher wants to join, what will be his starting salary and how far he can get this question can be subjective also because it varies from companay to company also if it is a big company and the turnover is not that much they will offer you less salary range if that is a start up and doing well in the market, then it will offer you a high salary package it can be anything but on an average if you are a fresher and you have these basic skills, which I told you if you are from Non IT background then you can start from 5 LPA if it is more less also, you can start with 4 LPA and it can go up to 15- 20 LPA also that depend on you that, how better you can convince the interviewer that, what salary demand you have how much you can negotiate with them this is an average range in India if you go abroad then it is your luck and you will get a salary in a different level but the salary range is very good here this is the best part of this field if someone wants to prepare for the data analyst role, how much time he require for the same? on an average it is 6 months but it will take 6-7 months in mastering your skills if you constantly give 2-3 hours daily My suggestion will be, you start keeping 1 year in your mind you will become master before 1 year but to be on safer side keep 1 year in your mind for all the preparation plan your life accordingly that, where you want to stop and where not it also depends on the person that, how well he is managing his time how they are practicing and how consistent they are as you said 6-8 months, that is actually a very good time if you are consistent and giving 3-4 hours regularly without taking break this time is sufficient and you can prepare well within this time now i will come to your preparation how you started preparing and what you did as I told you before that, everything was scattered in YouTube I was confused that, from where I will start so, I almost gave up but then I heard about Odin school in youtube I contacted them and I took admission being afraid because virtual things were very new to me I took admission and at the starting I felt that, this is not my cup of tea as they started from Python as if In army you have just started your first day and you were given the post of LOC to get bullets from the enemy my journey started by taking the name of the god faculties were very good and they helped me to clear the doubts now when I saw the past I feel that I had done the perfect job by taking admission here because I got everything under a single umbrella they helped me building my resume and in my placement also so, it was altogether a complete package you have also got the placement from here? yes of course Fraz you have applied in many companies also you have made resume also for that did you face rejections because of that long gap of 5 years I faced many rejections I placed my resume in 10-12 places because of carrier gap and non IT background there was no revert backs your resumes are going to the companies but companies are rejecting them they are not calling you back from those 11 -12 companies I got call from 5 calls from those 5 also 4 companies told me that your expectation is different and so on I was totally demoralized I almost gave up during interviews? yes how you tackle this question when people ask you the reason for that gap? I have cracked the latest interview, I dealt with this question when I observed my failures at the past whoever is seeing you should feel that, I will not get defeated failure can come to anyone, you have to analyze that, why it is happening? if you will not search your own faults, nobody will come and tell you that when I searched, I found that, something was wrong with my resume I did some small changes in my resume and I realized that, you should not put that skill where you are weak when you will show your weakness first then why they will take you? when you will go to army and you don't have fit body they will refuse you by saying that, you are medically unfit that is there in the IT world also if you will show your weakness, why the company will do invest on you? so I changed that thing My mistake was, I put Python first and I had very less knowledge in Python and when they were asking about that, I was unable to answer properly so they refused me 4 times after that I put power BI at the top as that was my strength and I put the related skills orderwise with that Python was my last skill and I changed the project also always remember that, your project should match your first skill your project should be on your top two skills this will become a complete package on your resume because resume will reach the interviewer before you and they decide on that time only that, whether they will take the interview of that person or not they are going to select that person or not this is the most important point here I will give that advice that, make your resume properly and remember that after that everything will go well that single peace of paper will actually speak for you before you reach the interviewer they know everything about you from that what they will ask you and what they expect from you you told about the project that, you have mentioned that in your resume what are the projects you can make? I have many projects in Odin also where I have done the process I have made my own projects also along with those projects but the important thing is, out of those, which project you are mentioning in the resume because in one page resume you can not put everything there My advise will be, you should put your best things in the resume I did 2-3 projects on power BI, 1 project in Python and 1 in machine learnng but the difference was I had no confidence on that Put that project on which you are confident and when the interviewer will ask you question on that, why you did that and not done like this you have to be prepared from all the sides I put a project of power BI, which I did on my own I did data sect and cleaned that and did whatever I learnt on that I made a proper presentation and put that I had given a link also with that so that, if they will not ask me directly also they can go ahead and verify that on their own it has also one more benefit that, my genuinely will also come in front of them that this person is not hiding anything and he has confidence in his project he has given the link also to verify the same this was also in my favor Please remember this also while making resume, you also have to do that your journey is very interesting and I am also enjoying the same I want to ask you one more thing here that, you have given many interviews you have got call from 4-5 companies where you had appeared what type of questions were asked in the interviews? they ask a question in round 1 that, what technical skills you have aquired? what you have done in those skills? this is the most important question I was giving interview but I had done the same mistake in these 4 interviews I told them about Python and machine learning when they asked about the skills but those were not my strength they asked me questions on that basis I answered the oral questions of Python but I was dumped at the time of coding by sharing the screen as that was not my strong point I faced rejections on that basis but when I mentioned power BI at the top, in my last interview when they asked me about the power BI first believe me, my 2/3rd time of interview was based on power BI only I took that interview on my side by doing that trick to move forward with the interview as per mine He asked me all the questions on power BI when they will ask you on your strength point, you will obviously answer well on that I did that only as they asked me about power BI and I answered all the questions properly with confidence they went to the link and asked me, why you did that and why not that? you can do that in this way also so, I had given all counter answers also they were impressed by that how many people asked you about your carrier graph in the interview that was asked by all because this is such a question which will decide that, whether you are eligible to be in the company or not this decide that, how much honest you are this will show your character and personality I will tell you all one thing here that, how many skills you have you are different from all the people for your skills you will definitely get the job but how many days you will survive in the company, that your character and honesty will decide this question show that how you answer this question so, I answered that question very honestly in the final interview and finally I got selected for that can you tell me something on that as many people had carrier gap in fact after getting out from the college, students used to face this pressure they need to find a job as if they will not get job at that time, there will be a carrier gap and if they will get carrier gap, they will not get selected anywhere can you tell me that, how to tackle this situation you have to answer this question with full honesty that honesty will be with your own situation and environment I think I told you that, I didn't get good marks as there were no good teachers and for that, I got admission in an average college but I overcomed my weaknesses I didn't go forward by become selfish I thought, the weaknesses I got because of the teachers I will not pass on those to other students rather I will help them to overcome that I told in the interview that, what you are seeing as carrier gap I call it, service to the society I did tuition for those people, who will become our future growth of India If I will not give them good knowledge, they will not get admission in good colleges and if they will not get admission in good colleges they will not get proper education they will end up become road side Romeos and for them, these situation is arising in India interviewer smiled on that he shoot up other questions also on that he asked me, how you can tell that, you helped them then I informed him in detail my school was very small and teachers were not ready to come there they wanted to be in the city area some local teachers were there, who taught in Tamil I didn't understand things because of that and if your base of 11, 12 is not strong then you will always face difficulties later but luckily, I got that knowledge in my college I conveyed that knowledge to other students in the form of tution and they cleared competitive exams which people dream about at the time of class 12 They cleared NDA and NEET many people are in army also because of that many of my students are in army also many students have become good doctors Indirectly, I helped the society only so, I will not consider this as gap when I told him that, he was totally satisfied by my answer this quality we need at the industry also we will definitely hire this person this answer is really impressive and anybody will get impressed by this that you told that gap is actually to the service of the nation and companies also need those who are honest and want to serve this is really very interesting and I will now ask you a last question I have many friends, who are giving SSC-CGL repeatatively they are giving AFCAT exam also many times and they don't know when to stop what you want to advice them as you also have attempted many times for the government exams but you stopped at a certain point so any message you have for them I will reply very honestly for this question If you have a very strong financial background then you ca take that risk otherwise make a saturation point till 26- 27 age and don't try after that because there is an age limit also in India because if you cross 28, it will be very hard for you to get into the industry level and if your luck is not with you, then you will not be able to do anything after that in your whole life you have to survive on your parent's money which will be shameful for you make your last government attempt till the age of 27 years, I take it as threshold you start preparing for your plan B after that and Plan B is not only to be in the data science field but there are many other fields also if you don't like this data science field, you will not be happy for long you will receive a good salary but if you can not sustain here, then what is the point to be here? there are many fields other than this if you don't like coding but love to talk to people, then you can go for digital marketing, if you love coding, you can go for software developer please keep these things in mind and prepare for the government exams so that you will not feel pressure as if you not be able to crack the government exam, your plan B is always ready if you are not preparing with plan B then it is really dangerous for you and you have to take care of the situation of India also there is election next year and people who are preparing for the government exam, I will tell you that, it s okay, if you have cleared the exam till April of next year after that, you forget about the exam as after election no vacancies will be there make your mind for IT now, if you want to come because this will be safe side for you and your parents will also get relieved by that to tell you the truth, the officers who are there in SSB they also ask you about your back up plan they also are impressed, if you have a back up plan who doesn't have a back up plan, that person is completely dependent on this they appreciate that, you have plan B You definitely have plan B, even if you are preparing for UPSC even if you are doing a start up, you should have a back up plan if this will not happen, where you can fall back Please share your advice for the people, who are struggling with their circumstances My first advice will be for the students that, don't get worried if you have a gap, it already happened and you can not do anything on that there is a saying that, what happened at the past, you can not call it back so, think about the future what you can do next don't focus on your weakness and work on your strength properly it can be anything and you have to find that out you can come from any background and you can be anything keep your brain calm and cool thank about next, talk to people and take their opinion ask for help, you will definitely get a way out and my second advice is, if you get a way, then don't move back again don't think that, what will happen, if you will not be able to do that you can only work and that is in your hand you don't know what will happen next I also didn't have any idea when companies were rejecting me I also got afraid and thought what will happen to me but I never stopped there I thought that, I will practice for 2 hours and that is in my hand and I did that Ultimately god is watching you and your fate is also watching you He had worked a lot and he should get rewarded your good time may come a bit early or a bit late but it will definitely come, be assured of that then only you can go ahead Third thing is, don't get ashamed that you are from a different field or if you have a gap don't feel inferior you are special on your own when you will feel that yourself, then only you can confidently sit before the interviewer and tell that If you talk blindfolded then why would he take you? you also have to represent the industry when you will become the employee you will also represent the industry to others so I have these three advice for you all along with that, you will have a pressure from your parents also and society will also put pressure on you but that is the work of society if you snatch work from the people, that is also not good let them do their work and do your own work the main thing is keep working do your part of job and you will definitely get paid for that either today or tomorrow I also felt the same, when I was preparing for that I also got rejected in many companies I have not cleared some online round I can do my part of work and I will continue that results will definitely come one day It was really amazing talking to you, I came to know many things from you I hope people who are seeing this podcast also got knowledge from this I have shared the linkedin link of Aman in the description you can go there and connect with Aman thanks a lot for watching the podcast and thanks Aman for sharing your ideas with us Let's meet in the next podcast, till then, Bye…

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