Young Moroccans Are Changing Their Country! Nightlife in MOROCCO 🇲🇦🇺🇸

what do you like about the party why do you 
like to party I like you hey guys welcome   back to the channel we're here to show a little 
bit of The Nightlife we're in the Medina at the   Heart of the City of Fez a city of 1.1 million 
amazing instead you guys I cannot recommend   this place enough and some people say wow is it 
dangerous not at all look at we're here late at   night and uh people are out the street life 
is amazing hello thank you what's your name nice to meet you United States so uh 
Morocco is absolutely amazing you guys and   um The Hustler culture isn't uh that strong 
to be honest hello people are gonna sell   you things but it's really not that crazy 
it's crazy you know good way hello no film I come back I come back okay I come back all 
right my friends call me because we got some   other activities planned but I just wanted to 
give you a peek Into The Nightlife here the   last two days fortunately I've met a friend on 
the bus here from from tattoo on I crossed the   border in sayuta I gotta share taxi to tattoo on 
to meet my German friend and um I met him on the   bus I just got Good Vibes you guys are from from 
Cali no Amsterdam Amsterdam wow Andrew nice to   meet you Andrew Elliott David from Zurich Dave 
from Xerox Switzerland from Australia Australia   for me this one a very nice city yes beautiful 
beaches right yeah beautiful beaches so so here   is the is the cultural center of um so this is my 
first day here actually like I just landed so this   is actually sort of amazing for me did you walk 
through the city at all today yeah so we're gonna   go to a little nightclub for right here people 
here without the camera extremely extroverted   the camera is a little bit different but they 
definitely appreciate International tourism and   for two years they didn't have uh really any 
International tourism so everything was shut   down and of course tourism is a massive part 
of the economy you can definitely feel that the   economy is improving what up restaurants okay I'm 
a YouTuber yes okay give me your channel what's   your name my name is you record travel Vlogs 
bro travel Vlogs my experience in Morocco's in   Spain and many countries do you have a question 
questions you speak good English by the way yeah   I don't like French you and English is easier yeah English is much 
easier I think that uh this is it bro okay   right here look or subscribe please all 
right subscribe subscribe all right I   think I'm very impressed with the Moroccans uh 
ability to speak two or three languages yeah do you work here this is a cafe right coffee 
yeah it's a coffee restaurant so I have to   come here in the morning you're welcome 
my friend what's your name Elliot Elliot what's your name all right oh the Lakers do you 
like basketball he doesn't care he doesn't care   where are you are you from America yes United 
States I have friends in America Morocco was   the first nation to recognize the United States 
Morocco and America hey 1777.

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