Xayah Tips and Tricks That PRO Players Use

Hey guys, today I'm going to show you the most important Xayah tips and tricks that PRO players use to carry their games. Xayah's Q has more range when you use it on walls. Her 'Q' can deal damage to multiple opponents, but only the first target will take the most damage. So when trading with your opponents, try to hit them directly with 'Q'. You can auto attack and use 'Q' at the same time. This is an effective way to burst an enemy with low health. When you want to combine Flash with 'Q', use 'Q' first and then 'Flash' because the animation is faster. Her 'Q' can be used through walls to deal damage to your opponents. Also, avoid facing walls when using 'Q' on your opponents because the landing position of the feathers is weird. Her 'Q' can be used to check the bushes for enemies. If you hit a hidden enemy there, you will hear a specific sound.

When you attack the enemy towers, use Xayah's 'W' because it will increase your attack speed and you will be able to destroy them faster. When you use 'E' the hitbox of Xayah's feathers is bigger. You can use the AA-Q trick to stun your opponents faster with 'E'. When you want to stun an opponent who is out of range of your auto attacks, use 'Q' on them, then auto attack a minion and then use 'E'. You can use Flash to change the return direction of the feathers so you can stun multiple opponents. When your opponents are under their tower, try to poke them with 'Q' and 'E' because they will be focused to last hit your minions.

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