World’s Most Viewed TikToks!

– I have a list of the 25
most viewed TikTok's ever. – That's millions of views. – Billions actually. – Wow. – And coming in at the 25th place with 213 million views is this. – He's getting a lion hug. Oh my God. Oh. Oh!
– Wow, oh my gosh. – Me and my dog do that,
but I wouldn't be scared my dog would maul me. – That was the 25th most
viewed TikTok in the world. – And we're already in the two hundos? – Now coming in at 24th, is this.

So far I cannot tell why this is? – Wait. – What? – Our boy Khaby. – Okay, I was about to say,
why is that the most viewed and then now it makes sense.
– Yeah, now. It's funny, that took him
probably like 10 seconds to film. 24th most viewed TikTok in the world. – That's insane. – That just shows the power of him and why he's gonna be the
number one most followed. Coming in at 23 with 230 million views. Oh wait, is this drone guy? I've seen this. – He got 231 from this. – Wow. This makes me want to do this. – We should do it. – Yo drone guy fly down. ♪ Oh Baby when you talk like that ♪ ♪ You make a woman go ♪ – Is that the guy that got
beat by Jarvis in boxing? – I don't know. – You were there, we watched it. – He gave them a heart attack. – This is the 21 most
viewed TikTok in the world. We got a banana. I can see the khaby.lame watermark. You already know you getting hit with the.

– Again. – Oh yo, he's got the Naruto shirt. Okay, now I love you even more. Wait, what's he gonna do next? Oh, peel even more. – And then, oh, that's how you get it out. – Gotcha.
– Now we know. That's how you remove a banana. Folks this is why he
deserves to be the number one most followed person on TikTok. – Everybody would be chopping
bananas without this guy.

– Without his deeply educational videos. We'd be opening bananas with knives. – The world would be a worst place. – All right, so this has a
quarter of a billy views. – Oh, I've seen this. This guy's pretty cool. – You Hungry Bull.
– Yes. – He's kind of like Mr. B's
if Mr. B owned a gas station. – Assuming these aren't staged. This is really great. – Here you go bro. Enjoy, right. – Wow. – Love that. – In 19th place with like
2 million extra views. I haven't seen this one. Someone surfing? – What.
– Whoa. That's kind of cool. – That's really cool. – This only has another
million views more. 900 k, after 23 hours of work. – Ready with new drawing. Please watch to the end. This why I got so many views. – I'm surprised this is
actually a longer TikTok for this to get 250 million views. – It's 'cause watch
time, TikTok is all about stretching out that watch time, bro. – I mean the drawings were
good but I'm kind of surprised that was the 18th most viewed
TikTok on the platform. But I digress onto number 17.

Oh, is this that David Dover thing? – Yeah, where he fills
his backyard with foam. – Did David post this or
did the phone guy post it? – I think David posted this on his TikTok. – Thanks. And at number 16 with 267 million views a lot are hovering around this. Hey, it's that Fortnite guy. I thought it was that. that guy from the zombie movie. It's the guy from that fresh show. – With that prince in Bel Air.

– Oh yeah. – No, no, no, no. It's that guy that works with the secret service to find- – Oh for the FBI, yeah.
– the alien. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought that was the Ah. – Oh, it's the guy from YouTube Rewind. – Yeah.
– Gotcha. Now I know who it is. – Ah. – The bit is, we don't
know who Will Smith is. – It's funny, just laugh. Pause. Here's a list of our
most recent subscribers. I'm gonna pick this. G mani, vo one. I don't know, but congratulations. You just won a thousand dollars. And if you guys haven't already
hit that subscribe button because next time I film a
video, I'm gonna give another thousand dollars to someone
who recently subscribes. – Hit it. I saw this. I saw this one, this had like 7,000 likes and I knew this was gonna go viral. – Wow. It's a lot of meta viral TikToks where they like show a
video and then do it.

– It's very meta. All the meta stuff goes viral. – I need to do one of those. – You need to be meta. You already see the watermark. – Is he about to hit her with it. – All right. How else would we use toilet
paper that, I don't understand? Oh.
– Oh – Wait you just remove it from the side.
– Oh my gosh. That's how you use toilet paper? – Think of everybody's butts. They'll be so clean now. He's saving lives. – Oh, I love this. I've seen this. – I love cats. Look at him. He's like, get me. – Yo, I wanna do this with my dog. Grab a roll of toilet paper and put like a treat inside of it. Yo, someone remind me to do that. Oh, I've seen this. This is one of Khaby's first few videos. Thank you.
– Good job. – Thank you for teaching
us how to open a door.

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