WORLD RECORD | Mark Felix – Hercules Hold | Giants Live Wembley 2019

from Blackburn Lancashire England without question, one of the most loved athletes 
in strength sports globally everywhere you go,   people haven't got a bad word to say about 
Mark Felix and you'll have to meet this guy   once to know why, Mark Felix locks him and look 
at that no messing around but he straight into   action Felix…. Wembley Arena 2019. The first 
time we've been here in the capital will we   see something very, very special, in the Boohoo 
man Hercules hold. Absolutely rock-solid Felix,   not an ounce of movement and this is extremely 
impressive, Felix driving every ounce into that   grip at either side 41, 42 and Counting and not an 
ounce of movement and you can see why this guy is   from a different cloth. Mark Felix Wembley Arena 
reacts to the man from Blackburn Lancashire! Felix   is a monster in this event and he wants to show 
everyone why he is the man of the Wembley Arena,   is getting an opportunity to see something special 
because Mark Felix does not look like he's gonna   go saying any time soon. Now he feels it, listen 
to the crowd erupted as this magnificent strength   athlete, but incredible time now.

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