Woh Pagal Si Last Episode – 7th October 2022 (English Subtitles) – ARY Digital Drama

We'll give you a special news update: Shazma Mazhar Hussain who killed her acquaintance Wahaj Haider with a gun shot, has escaped from a shelter house. The woman is also accused of slow poisoning her husband, Ahsan Hayat. An unfortunate news, Shazma Mazhar Hussain who killed her acquaintance has escaped from a shelter home. An unfortunate news, Shazma Mazhar Hussain who killed her acquaintance, Wahaj Haider, has escaped from a shelter home. Bashir? Yes mam? Shut off the TV. Okay mam. When dad is in the lounge, then don't turn on the TV, Don't you know, dad feels sick listening to this woman's name or looking at her face. Sorry mam. I'll be careful next time. Forgive me. No. I didn't mean this.
I know you look after dad a lot but its just, be a little more careful. I can understand mam, please trust me. I will take care of sir, more than ever.
Even if you don't come everyday, I'll not be worried. Sir is completely my responsibility now.

And you'll see sir standing on his feet very soon. I promise you this. As God wills. I believe. Dad.. Dad are you okay? Here, eat some breakfast. And listen, just hop out from the wall and leave, like you came here. There's a building been constructed ahead.
The material is there and the roads are closed. Nobody can pass through there, you can leave easily. You? You're asking me to leave? What else can I do? The police is outside to catch you. But mom, nobody knows I'm inside. How long will they not know, my dear? Mom, but.. I'm very tired. I want to rest for a while. Please let me think for a while.

I'll plan something and take you along and run away. I have already wasted everything and I'll not waste anything more. You bring the money I gave you to keep safe. Please bring them, I'll make a plan. There's nothing here Shazma. What are you saying mom? It was more than 4 billion. I gave you to hide you here. I don't even have four thousand now, Shazma. Wahaj took everything. He told me that Shazma sent me to get money. I doubted there was a problem and when I tried to stop him, he forcibly took the money from me. Why didn't you tell me that time, mom? He was deceiving me big time. He wanted me to be a beggar. Didn't I tell you not to trust him? What else could I do mom? I loved him.

And how could he deceive me? Sister in law.. Please come, tea is ready. What is this? You made tea. You could have told me, I would have made it. Making tea isn't your duty. Its my responsibility as well. In fact, both of us have the responsibility of this house. I was thinking when we will shift to a new house, then we will, Sister in law? What happened?
Sara, I hurt you a lot. Please forgive me. You know, I did so much to separate you and Zaheen for Sajjo's sake. I planned so much. To separate you two. But, we didn't part ways. Then why are you apologizing? No Sara, you don't know. I have hurt Zaheen very much with all this. He was very upset. So you should apologize to Zaheen. Sister in law, but you don't need to apologize to him as well. I promise you, there's no grudge in his heart against you. Do you know, he has never said anything harsh about you to me, ever.

I know. He's a very good human being. You know only lucky people get such brother in laws. And, sister in law? You're one in a million too. Trust me, I'm not lying. Did you forgive me? Tea. I made with so much love. Aunty, please enter first.
What? This is such a beautiful house. All praise to the Lord. Its beautiful. May God bless you two.
Bless us all.. Congratulations to all of us.
Come, lets look around.

Its a beautiful house Zaheen. This is the drawing room. All praise to the Lord. May God bless you with all the success son. Very nice. Its a beautiful house. Did you see the cushions?
Yes. Sara, its a beautiful house and its very big. I really like it. Come on, I'll show you your room.
Okay. Lets go. How did you like it?
Its beautiful Sara. How can I thank you? Don't say like this. We'll settle in a day or two and then we'll get the kids enrolled in a school as well. Come, on mom and dad, I'll show you your room and then the kids' room. Come on. Come along.
This is how it is. Wow. Its good. May you live long my child. Do you know, your room has the best view? You can see the entire lawn.
Really? Very nice. Yes mom, tell me?
Listen I need to tell you something very important. Are you busy?
No mom. Tell me whatever you want to say fast. Everybody is inside. Listen, Sajjo has a very good proposal.

Sajjo isn't agreeing. She says the boy isn't educated nor he is rich. Mom, tell Sajjo that after today she won't even find this less educated and less wealthy boy as well. She should get married if she wants too or stay at home otherwise. I don't care. Mom, the person who she is waiting for, he's taking his beloved wife to a beautiful new house.

Who was Sajjo? He'll even forget her name. Please its my request to let me live with my in laws with respect. If Sajjo gets ready for the wedding, send me the card. I'll come and attend it. And if she doesn't mom. Tell her that she should forget that she had an elder sister. Bye. Sajjo, listen to me. This is our room. How is it? Just like a dream come true. You don't have to be so happy. This house has been given to us by the company. I was happy with you in that small house and that small room and, I can stay happy with you anywhere. Even in a shack.
If I have you with me, I'll get you a similar new house, that belongs to us. I trust you. As God wills. As God wills. Sajjo is stupid. She is after a man who doesn't think about anybody else other than his wife. May God bless their couple always. Mom, mom, come outside in the garden. We thought, as soon as you feel better, We will host a reception for Sara and Zaheen. Thank God..

I feel better. You should just begin. This shouldn't, be delayed anymore.
May God keep you healthy sir. We are shifting to a new house Zaheen got from his company. And the first thing we will celebrate in that house will be Sara and Zaheen's reception. Zaheen, I.. has fulfilled my wish for a son. It was a good deed of mine that God, blessed my daughter, with Zaheen. Thank God.
Good children who are respectable.. I cannot thank God enough. May God bless him. You people just, pick a date for the reception. Hello? Hello. Talk. I.. Sajjo.. Don't end the call. Listen to me. Then I'll never bother you again. What is it? Why did you call me? I love you very much. So much that nobody could have ever loved someone else. And never will anyone do it. I wronged you. I'm embarrassed. Please forgive me.
Forget whatever happened in the past. I cannot forget you Zaheen. Sajjo, you will never be able to move on in life. I don't want to move on. I want to be here like a statue. You're running after something you cannot have Sajjo.

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