Who Plays More Games Christian McCaffrey or Derrick Henry?

there's I mean, honestly, there's really no reason not to think he bought Two running backs that were hurt a season ago. Derrick Henry only played eight games for the Titans and Christian McCaffrey followed a banged up 2020 with another injury filled season in 2021 of those two running backs, Matt, who do you think plays more games in 2022? Well I think it's Henry. You know, it's weird when , when a guy he's only had his one bad year, it was a foot, though. That's always really scary, but that Chris McCaffrey everything's been hurt over the last two years, and we're just at the point with him where you can't count on him to stay healthy for a full season as mucs he's been the last two years when he's playing, and he's been very good again, especially in PPR.

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