Who has the edge: Jared Goff or the New York Jets defense? | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

the road at 7 and 6 Roberts all
of the head coach of the team, very confident that they can
still make the playoffs. He's already said we're going to see
the bills again it was one of those. What was that? What did he say?
What what we think? Yeah, play it
back? Yes he did. He's very confident. They're
going to make it to the
postseason. Peter. Are you confident they
are going to to take some of the steam out
of a very hot Lions team? Mike, I'll tell you this, I have
confidence that the that the Jets defense is going to keep them in every
game even against a red-hot quarterback named, shall we name him Jared
golf who, you know, basically is allowing
Brad homes and the Brain, Trust of the Detroit,
Lions to think.

Hey listen, we can
fill all these other holes. We don't have to worry about
quarterbacks now but this is a Fascinating
matchup Mike because nobody is doing much against the
Jets defense. First of all. And on the other
side, the lions are scoring 58 points a game, you know? So I think it's really a fun thing.
Plus plus Mike, we have not talked
enough about and I don't know whether you talked about a much
this week, but how about last week Jameson Williams just sort
of snuck back in to the rotation and he made NFL debut, caught a long
touchdown pass.

So there's one more thing about
the Lions, it's not just I'm on, Rusty Brown anymore, you
know, it is the fact that you now have a real dangerous duel
threat at wide receiver. You had DJ charge date. This is a team that really is an
explosive offensive team. And again, I don't know what's
going to happen at The Meadowlands, but that is a fascinating
matchup. And I'll tell you this, my, how about in the span of five
days when you looked at the jet
schedule in in May and you saw, you know,
December 18th, you know, Jets hosting the
Lions, December 22nd Thursday night, Jets hosting the Jaguars. I mean we're saying this is
this, you know this is a the end of the jet schedules
going to be a horrible. It's To be a disaster. Nobody
cares, every 10,000 people in the stands. All of a sudden,
both of those games are fascinating.

Yeah, that jaguars Jets game was
the one that stood out as the real clunker on the Amazon
schedule, and they're coming into the into the station, with some pretty good games.
They have that one, they have Cowboys Titans to wrap up their their slate in their first year,
with the exclusive, Thursday night package, you
mentioned the Lions offense and all the weapons they have in the
guy who's making it. Go is Jared Goff. The guy who was the albatross of the Matthew
Stafford trade. Now, he's becoming the answer for the
Detroit Lions. Here's golf on proving his critics wrong from
earlier in this season, I don't really care. Yeah I
don't I really just enjoy winning with these guys and whatever people may have said
earlier on the year they were they were they were probably
justified in some ways we were 16, not playing very well. And now we are playing pretty well
and everyone seemed to change their mind on us and we try to
stay right in the middle.

You know, I think that's the biggest
challenge for us now is show our maturity and show that
we can handle a little bit of praise and handle a little bit
of, you know. People thinking that we're good
and not change the way we're approaching each week. You know, we talked earlier
about this narrative onto a talk of eylau and not being
able to play in the cold, it's not been proven.

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