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the playoffs. They've got to win
at Green Bay and then at home against the Bears and they need
to get some help. It's too complicated to even
entertain the thought of what needs to
happen. Whatever needs to happen is I'm going to happen.
They're not going to make the playoffs not having Adam
thielen for the rest of the season. Due to ankle surgery
is going to complicate that effort. Lo que je Osborne has
done well in place of Adam thielen is the
number two receiver cross from Justin Jefferson Dalvin cook
activated from the covid reserve list. Good news for the
Packers Jo. Alexander back from IR after an
extended absence and it was his shoulder injury coupled with Kevin Kings injury. That opened
the door for rasul Douglas who has become one of the great
players on their defense as acknowledged, by Aaron Rodgers

And here's Aaron Rodgers from earlier today, as the 2021, season approaches a conclusion.
And one of the big questions will be, what will he do in
2022? We got a head start on getting people talking about Aaron Rodgers, in Any 22, here, he is regarding
his immediate future. I wouldn't rule that out. You know, I think that I'm just
enjoying this season for this season, and I think there's, Play next year is will
definitely be in the thought process. They won't be
something. I'll drag out for months and months, you know,
have conversations with my loved ones after the
season with Brian and Mark, and Russ and coaching staff and, and
and then make a decision at some point.

You know, I'm not going to hold
the team back from anything, and once I commit, and if it's
committing, you know, to move forward here,
that'll be. You will be a quick decision. He's not going to drag it out.
Like you did last year. He's kind of self owning himself with
that. You know, it's not going to be like last year when
I held the Packers hostage from months, and I made myself the
center of attention from months, and I built this
mystery that I refuse to address because I kind of like
it when everybody talks about me, he's not going to do that
again, sir, but he's gonna be talking about him in February.
It's going to be the fitting bookend to Brett Favre, because that's what they did in

And I know that some close to the action would
dispute this, but I firmly Eve. They went too far in February of
2008 and told him we need to know right now, what you're
going to do this year because they knew if they said we need to know
right now. His answer would be. I'm going to retire. So then
they could get Aaron Rodgers onto the field who had sat for
three years, and didn't want to see him to sit for a fourth

They wanted Brett to move on and he's going to try to bring it to
a head sooner rather than later. Because if he wants to
move on Miles, he's going to want to be traded in March, not in April, or May or June, or
July. He's going to want it. Happen in March, he's going to want to have a new
team wherever it is that he wants to go. And there's there's
a handful of teams out there that makes sense the
Broncos, continue to make a ton of sense and they've won seven
games this year. Their defense is getting better. Their team is
getting better. They seem to be. I would say, if I was setting the odds, they would be
the favorites for Aaron Rodgers for next year. But but the good news is, it's not going to be something
that consumes months and months.

And I think he, I think,
I think that that He's going to want out because
he wanted our last year. What would have changed in the course
of one year to make him not want out? Why would he if
he's already crossed that bridge mentally that he wants to
go somewhere else. How do you uncross that bridge? I think
he is gonna want out even if they get to the Super
Bowl and win it and they win the Superbowl then you know, he
can't feel bad about leaving. Hey, I want to go get a fresh,
start somewhere else where they going to say. You're ungrateful
your this year that he just delivered a Super Bowl. So that
would be the perfect time to walk away. If I had to bet I'd say he's
gonna walk away and the top of the For me is the Denver Broncos. Well, not not to like cross
Sports too much, but it kinda reminds me. You know, Albert
Pujols, right? He wins the World Series with the st.
Louis Cardinals.

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