What No One Tells You About Divorce [CC]

hello there my beautiful lovely internet friends as i sit down to record this video i keep telling myself don't do it joe don't be dumb don't say the word divorce so over the past six months i have been going through the process of ending a almost decade-long relationship and ending a marriage the word that we like to use for that is divorce now that's a word that i have avoided using with all of the power in me because it feels dirty and wrong and super shameful and like failure understandably our culture often sees divorce that way but also coming from an evangelical christian background i grew up with a very ingrained belief that divorce was never the answer but it is something that i am going through now and i've avoided talking about anything regarding that subject for you know personal reasons for the people around me but also because the amount of judgment and icky feelings that are tied up in that word for me and a lot of people are extensive however on this channel i've always made a point of trying to say the things that i'm feeling because i'm guessing i'm not the only one who's feeling them here are a few things i wish someone would have told me about getting divorced before i started this process would it change anything logistically no would it be good to be mentally prepared for the absolute disaster zone of a life that it leaves in its wake it would have been good okay so before we dive into my list i am very excited to introduce you to our new sponsor today helix getting really good rest is very important to me for a variety of reasons primarily so i can function which is why i'm very excited to introduce you to helixly helix sleep makes premium mattresses and bedding that are customized to your needs and shift right to your door and anything that can save me a trip to the store already a big fan of so every single body is different and that is why helix created a sleep quiz which you can take and it will match you with your perfect mattress they have a lot of different options and the ability to take their quiz along with a partner based on my results helix matched me with their twilight mattress which and this is a fact is not only joe but also puffy approved i'm a side sleeper and i much prefer a firmer mattress to kind of the softer one so this one's perfect for me my back and my neck feel really supported so waking up i'm not achy and sort of out of it you know the feeling and the firmness here is exactly like i like it with other mattresses i've had in the past i've had issues with lower back pain upper back pain kind of almost feeling compressed when i was breathing lying down on them not realizing it was just the wrong mattress for me and this helix sleep mattress is absolutely fantastic and solves those issues so i want my mattress to be a place i actually want to come home to and go to sleep on because it's cozy and comfy and supports me and if you also want to enjoy where you sleep at night helix is a fantastic choice start to finish from the quiz to the shipping to showing up at my front door this was a really simple process myself guests and the puppies have been using this for about a month now with your helix sleep mattress not only do you get a 100 day sleep trial to make sure it really works for you but there's also a 10 year warranty on these there are also financing options and flexible payment plans helix delivers right to your door if you live in the us and it's super easy to get set up and started like i being not a large person was able to get this set up on my own which you're pretty proud of true story ever since i set up this mattress this is where i find my dogs the majority of the time which makes sense because it's super cozy and comfy and we are all about comfort here i absolutely love having a helix sleep mattress and i think you will too so if you're in the market for a new bed check them out also if you use the link in my description or go to footless joe you can get up to 200 off your mattress and you also get two free pillows one can never have enough um make sure you check out the link thank you again to helix for sponsoring today's video and let's jump back into it shall we we shall so as i go into my list of things that no one tells you about divorce i even made a list so i wouldn't get scared and forget things i want to make it really clear that i'm not going to talk about you know any details of our relationship it's simply not important to put on the internet i wish all the best for him he wishes all the best for me when i made the decision to end this decade almost long relationship i wasn't thinking about every aspect of my life and every relationship in my life i was thinking about what was gonna be the best and healthiest thing for me and for us so i made the decision first and then i was like i'll deal with the fallout i'll deal with the consequences you know it's funny when you like have trouble at work you lose a job or your boss is being a jerk or there's difficulties your work life sucks but you can still come home or if a hobby you participate in you know is having a fallout oh that's a bummer that sucks that's a loss but at least you still have work or you still have your relationship or your home life when you end a relationship as significant as something long-term or marriage there's literally no piece of you and there's no piece of your life that it does not touch so when i entered into this relationship i was barely 21 and now i'm 31.

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