What Is CUBA Like TODAY 🇨🇺

Welcome to Havana, Cuba 🇨🇺 Today is Friday, February 24, 2023
and the time it's 11:45 AM As usual in Havana, weather is hot and very humid: 86.9°F or 32° C ☀️ Wanna walk? Let's explore what is living in Cuba today! Join me on a walk around Havana City, across the non touristic zones that the tourist rarely dare to visit! Havana, from being one of the most elegant and glamorous cities in America before 1959, become a city in ruins.. Today we will see how most buildings are in collapse or already collapsed and which serve as a public bathroom for those in need..

This is the REAL Havana City, beyond the colorful walls that usually the media, Instagram and Tik Tok loves to show.. Cuba has a population of 11.2 million people and Havana has about 2.1 million and this makes it not only the largest city in Cuba, but also of the whole Caribbean This is not just a just a neighborhood. Except for the tourist circuit and luxury resorts, the whole country looks like this. Have you been in Cuba? What's your Havana story? Share your experience in the comments. I reply to all so don't be shy and say something! Since the revolution, the U.S.

Trade embargo has limited Cuba's access to international credit markets and foreign investment.. Cuban government controls most aspects of the economy, including wages and prices, which has led to low productivity and low wages There is little private enterprise, and entrepreneurs face endless restrictions and bureaucratic hurdles Brain drain is a significant issue, as many skilled workers have left the country in search of better opportunities What is the first thing you think of when you hear 'Cuba'? Before the 1958 revolution, Cuba was one of the most prosperous places in the world and quality of life exceeded nations like Spain, Japan or Australia Today, things are a little bit different.. The official language is Spanish and the currency is the Cuban peso. Basic salary here it's only U$ 17 a month. Yes, a month! If you love Cuba, share this video on social media so more people can discover this country.. Would you like to visit Cuba? Would you walk these streets? What makes you curious about this country? Some people blames the US blockade to justify Cuba's problems..
But the true is that there is NOT a blockade..

Cuba can trade with any country except the US. In fact, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and China are Cuban investors these days I'm not saying this is right or wrong, I'm just explaining how things are and I would love to hear your point of view in the comments. Let's enjoy some beautiful Cuban music 🎵 This song it's called 'Chan Chan' and it was composed by the Cuban singer Compay Segundo Cuba is affordable for tourists, compared to other Caribbean destinations The heaviest rain usually falls in September and October but temperature remains warm and humid during this time Cuba is one of the few places in the world where you feel like you are in another era..

Tourists are drawn by perfect winter weather and more than 300 white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise seas ⛱️ A taxi from the airport to centre of old town will cost you about U$ 25 – but be sure to ask before. Everything is negotiable in Cuba U.S. credit and debit cards do NOT work in Cuba You should bring U.S. dollars or Euros in cash to Cuba and exchange them for Cuban Pesos at authorized banks, airports or hotels if you are good at negotiating, the taxi drivers will give you the best exchange rate.

This is not legal, but everyone does it! Life in Cuba means living with constant blackouts that usually last 12 hours a day.. So, is Cuba safe for tourists? Yes. The only problem is petty crimes like pickpocketing, money scams. Common sense and you'll be fine Do you like this song? It is one of my favorites and these artists do it very well! The song says in Spanish: From Alto Cedro I go to Marcané, I arrive at Cueto, I go to Mayarí.. Cuba is a much-loved destination for travelers, family vacationers, retired couples, and students looking for good times in the sun Bravo! Beautiful song and excellent artists! Thank you!! 🥹 There is only one political party in Cuba. You can vote for whoever you want as long as the only existing candidate 🥴 The country has a large number of well-trained doctors and nurses, and has also exported medical personnel to other countries in need Cuba can be quite a curious country.

We can easily proclaim that it is one of the most unique and interesting countries in the American continent As Cuba is a long-suffering nation isolated from the world, I have generated a unique personality in its inhabitants.. Cuba has a strong education and healthcare system. Both free to all citizens. I'm not talking about its quality, just the way it works.. Havana, the capital city, is known for its lively music scene, vintage cars, and vibrant street life.

Locals are friendly and curious about you Everything in Cuba belongs to the government, so Cubans don't pay taxes, rent or mortgages. Housing and basic food is also provided by the government In recent years, some reforms have been made to the Cuban model, but as you can see, they are still not enough. What do you think? This place is an 'Agro' where the government sale basic foods.

There are no stores here as you know them in your country. The cheapest time to visit Cuba is between May and September, which is Cuba’s wettest season These 5+ hours queues are to receive a small ration of food and the government tells you what day it is your turn.. What do you think about Cuba? Would you like to live here? Can U.S. citizens travel to Cuba? Yes, but you need to go from Canada or Mexico Cuba has a rich architectural history, with numerous grand colonial-era buildings now converted into hotels If you come to Cuba, don't forget to bring toothpaste, shampoo, razors, etc.

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