What Happened After Bette Midler Fell During ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Performance

[Music] bette midler is speaking out after her big scare on Broadway you may hear I was in a little accident on stage tonight but I'm fine the 71 year old actress tweeted it happened here at the Shubert theater where Hello Dolly is playing out to sold-out crowds right before intermission that was standing on the revolving set before it collided with another part of the stage Bette fell and stagehands rushed from the wings to help her to her feet Bette Midler out there

killing it and all of a sudden we're hoping you know the set didn't kill her Todd Edmonds was in the audience the set was was rotating to set it for the next scene and down came this scrim and it basically t-boned the prior set we looked over and Bette Midler was essentially doing an airborne header off the side of a moving stage that was escorted off the stage but returned about 15 minutes later and finished the show when she came back she was better than ever [Music] you [Music]

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