WEIRD Laptops are Coming…- CES 2023

we're here at cs2023 and this year Lenovo is bringing weird like how weird oh well this is just like a normal laptop with an OLED display it's fantastic looks great right what on one side they have a very normal OLED display this is actually just a fantastic display to look at if it works uh oh there we go okay geez that was scary um build Redux build Redux makes it easy to configure your new build with support guides to help along the way they also offer competitive pricing as compared to building a PC yourself head to build Linus and start your new build today but the big problem with OLED displays is the amount of battery that they consume it's so bad that I just don't even want to know lead display on my laptop because well even though it looks fantastic your battery dies almost instantly well instead if you just want to do like Word documents reading things or so on you can flip over to this e-ink display now uh it's not the best looking display I've ever seen it runs at a rapid 12 Hertz yeah that's one two not like 120 but that's actually very fast for an e-ink display and also okay it is pretty funny that's uh you are not going to be playing CS go on this thing but for e-ink display this is so cool also as you've probably noticed it's color the ink slays are almost always only black and white but they have somehow managed to make this a color display so you can just go through your emails read something I actually like it well I think that's interesting is you can see the whole thing refresh itself so I just kind of do this for a little while there's going to be Mouse Trails over everything that flash there though resets the eating display so that you don't have Mouse Trails over everything this is very cool if you're not using the e-ink this is a very standard but very high-end laptop so the OLED panel is 2880 by 1800 so that's 16 by 10.

This thing's 100 DCI P3 and color calibrated from the factory and also for processor you get an i7 1365u now that's only two performance cores and eight efficiency at the same time it's this big and has 10 cores in it it's pretty hard to complain about that what I will complain about though is the i o you get a thunderbolt and a thunderbolt and In fairness to them you also get a headphone jack Dell what the [ __ ] they did it on this they have an e-ink display and they still manage to fit a headphone jack on there fix your 13. come on there are several ways to use this mostly you know like this but then you can also just fold it down and it's basically just a book hello hello there we go it is super cool that you can just use it like this like a book and e-ink is fantastic for eye strain this is the sort of thing where you could actually read a novel and not just have a searing headache at the end like you would on a normal laptop but the weirdness is not over oh not even close up next is the ThinkPad 16p Gen 4 and this has much more weirdness now here we have an IR full HD camera that honestly is pretty good but if you look on the back here there's a bunch of pogo pins which means oh yeah there's a 4K webcam we can just attach it right here like that there we go and it just works it's not quite tuned yet the software isn't quite there so uh if you look Andy which one of these do you think's the 4K one yeah I shouldn't have asked a cameraman this one is clearly a lot sharper but the iso is terrible the the way that they expose is not done yet at all everything here it looks interesting to say the least now I'm sure what you're thinking right now is if it's struggling for exposure that means we just need a little bit more light and earlier today in Asus Booth we actually saw a combo uh Pogo pin on off webcam like combo but Lenovo instead you can get a second 16p attach it's a separate attachment so we can we can go like this now by very simply having two laptops at the same time you can have a light and a webcam simultaneously or you could just use the light in the full HD webcam that's also pretty good in addition they also have a 4G connectivity adapter thing on my laptop you have 5G and it goes in right here but instead anyway up next on our tour of interesting products that I'm not totally sure why it's here we have the X1 fold 16.

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