Week 6 preview: Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NFL on NBC

Yeah, the game of the after Two of your guys. Whoo selected
your boy blue and your homie. Yeah, coming together in Kansas City site of two,
playoff games. Each of the past two years that the Chiefs found
a way to win the bills. Won convincingly last year in the
regular season, the bills are three point favorites. First
time ever, the Patrick Mahomes is a home Underdog 54 over under. That's the
highest of the week fireworks

Hopefully, who do you think
wins? I am excited about this and I am
excited about these two guys going against each other because
you know you said you said it this morning, it's Manning. Brady, right? I even the brought up magic
bird. These are guys that like
they're, they're looking at everything they do. It's the
only. These are the only guys that threaten each other. These
two, in my opinion and I think you
share the same opinion, are clearly the two best
quarterbacks in football. They
are on another level from everybody
else. It's those two. And then we can start the rest
of the countdown. That's to where it is, in my opinion, and
they're both playing at a very high level. They're both capable
of carving you up through the offense or backyard magic and that's where
they're amazing. I think the biggest thing I come down to
here is really the bills defense. I think this is the first time
the bills defense is got enough Firepower and
especially I think what I think is on the defensive line to to

Some issues for Kansas City. You
know in years past they you've heard me say this. They
had a finagle ways to get pressure and help out their
front four against Kansas City and have Tremaine Edmonds and
Matt Milano, standing to the line of scrimmage and they drop out or one, Blitz is one
drops out and do crazy things like that, they don't have to do
that stuff anymore. Because their front four is good enough.
It's deep enough. It's I think somewhat almost healthy
here for this matchup all together. I think that's going to make a
big difference for them and Not give them a homes and Company.
So many favorable looks down the field in the passing game.
So because of that and the way Josh Allen's plan, I'm gonna take them to win on
the road here. 3224 bills. What your thoughts are? I've got 3124 for a love. The
same reasons you think I can I I see the bills at the better
team right now, right? And you know, somebody made the argument this
week, you've got the Chiefs at number two, in your power
rankings, therefore and one the Vikings are number 11.
Therefore Four and one, what's really the difference between
these two teams and you know, have the chiefs been
dominant yet? I mean look at how they had
to screw around with the Raiders and short week even
though they didn't have to travel on either end of the two
games, it's one fewer day to get ready.

It's you know they had a
hard-fought 60-minute game against the Raiders that is a factor. When you
consider they played Monday night and it
with tooth and nail to get the win and the bills had walk
in the park. Yeah. And we're not reply. The day before right?
Yeah you got Case Keenum out there. You got backups, you get
a little extra rest, that's a factor too. I just think the bills are the
better team on both sides of the ball right now. Playoffs,
who knows? That's part of the Chiefs Mystique for now
though. Regular season better
team is the bills. I don't care where
they're playing this game. I like the bills by a touchdown
31 220. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what you're, you know, we talked
about these two, quarterbacks you got the same
sentiment? I do right? You think these two were planning?
Another level right? Compared to the rest? The rest of the
League right now.

Lutely. Right. Absolutely, right. I
don't even know who number 3 would be. The Gap is so big. I
don't even know who would justify coming in at number
three behind those two because those two are so good right now
because Aaron Rodgers isn't having an Aaron Rodgers season,
right? Tom Brady hasn't been great jail and hurts. I don't know to
take me by default. Yeah. Isn't that Geno Smith? Right would be
in that conversation of Herbert. Herbert still closed
there. Yeah, but you're right. It is, it's
interesting. It really is and that's why I think it's awesome.
Is that They're both playing awesome. I
think they're both teams on a Mission. Kansas City's defense
is better than years past to, they are. So that's where it's,
you know, it's also interesting but I think buffaloes offensive
lines as good as it's been in the last three years to to where you know Josh outlet won't be as
under as much pressure and stress and everything that
way to make it all happen.

So it's that's where I think it's
really fun and you know again the coaching matchup itself and
Ian spags And Andy having to deal with
McDermott and spagnolo having to deal with Ken Dorsey and all the
others. There's a lot of good things to
look at it in this one. But yeah, I'm with you. I think
the bills are just a better football team right now. And let
me ask you this, just this little element because you
talked about Kansas City and nothing's been like real comfortable or easy, but I don't know why I still get the
sense. Like when teams played Kansas City, they're like
oh gosh, it's Kansas City.

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