Week 4 Fantasy Breakdown: Advanced Stats, EARLY ADDS, Five Big Topics | 2022 Fantasy Football Advice

today on the show tight ends are terrible 
the Chiefs are awesome they whipped the   Bucks last night what's going on going 
on in the backfield for the Broncos who   do we like going forward how much do we like 
Melvin Gordon how much do we like Mike Boone   and more this is beyond the box score simple 
stats from one Advanced person and two simple   people I'm Adam is a mystery I don't know 
who I'm talking about with Dan Schneider   and Jacob Gibbs you can follow Jacob at J A 
Gibbs underscore 23 and Dan schneier is at   Dan schneier NFL little presumptuous to think 
that you are like the Dan schneier of the NFL but anyway uh happy Monday to you guys Jacob I 
know like I want you to clarify what you meant   last week but also I know you watched that game 
last night and you must been very happy span   41-31 win yeah watch that game that was a great 
one um and I I do watch you know as many games   as I realistically can I'm just also spending so 
much time um analyzing data and producing content   and everything that uh for me personally it is 
destructive to try to make myself watch every   single game and something I've done in the past 
and I get super burned out and then I don't even   want to think about football um because it's too 
much I'm doing like 80 to 100 hours of work every   week if I'm watching every single game and it's 
just way too much for any human to do and do it   efficiently and productively at least for me 
um so yeah I understand why people heard that   and are like English doesn't even watch the games 
like what is he doing he's just talking and I get   it I get it I didn't mean to offend um I should 
have been more clear I like I like football okay   I like my job I like watching the games and you're 
damn good at it because we need the analytics too   we need the advanced stats take a look at uh 
Jacob's Twitter page from today it's unloading   stats on us a lot of which we'll discuss today 
but I will say this Adam before you introduce me   it's a little more presumptuous of you to have 
Adam azer as your only Twitter handle when my   handle leads people to believe okay I'm gonna 
come here I'm gonna get NFL related content   when they go to yours what are they expecting 
crap it takes on Oreos the discussion that you   think the morning time is 11 you think it's 
afternoon and 11 11 28 a.m things of that   nature maybe just be at a Mazer at it should 
be just at animes or random and then that's it   of you to think that I was going to introduce you 
but that is the Empire and we're gonna have one   more person joining us later today and his name 
is Richard Vinson he made a big donation to Saint   Jude and he won a guest spot on our show and he's 
going to come talk tight ends with us a little bit   later our five big topics today uh Kyle Pitts and 
more broadly the state of the tight end position   uh Melvin Gordon and Mike Boone and the state of 
the Broncos backfields Buy Low and sell High guys   uh week four running back surge there were six 
running backs who scored 25 or more points in in   PPR in week four that was as many as we had in the 
first three weeks combined so week four running   back uh production was great and we'll talk about 
the rookie wide receivers as Garrett Wilson had a   down day uh but Drake Drake London a bit of a down 
day but you know still good stuff from olave Romeo   Dobbs encouraging stuff uh Dotson we'll talk about 
those guys let's start though with Kansas City 41   and Tampa Bay 31 and the Chiefs you know they they 
recovered a fumbled kickoff on the opening play of   the game and really never looked back they had 
the ball for 38 minutes and 38 seconds so they   dominated time of possession and Dan what were 
your major fantasy takeaways from Kansas City   41 Tampa Bay 31.

The biggest takeaway by far for 
me in this game was we finally saw the emergence   of Rashad white in a role that some were expecting 
for him before the season others are like ah he's   never gonna play with Tom Brady he's got to have 
somebody trust back there and then he fumbles   on the kickoff the opening kickoff and still gets 
this kind of role which says a lot about what the   coaches envisioned for him before that fumble and 
in general for him he ended up with a 50 rushing   snapshare uh these are all stats according to 
Jacob Gibbs that I'm pulling up like I mentioned   we'll be referencing a lot of this dude's Advanced 
stats despite the fact that he doesn't always   watched Sunday Night Football on the show he had 
a 50 Red Zone snap rate which I thought was even   more important and he actually ran just eight 
fewer routes than Leonard fournette and that's   really where the value had been coming from before 
that the running game is not really going anywhere   with their current state of the offensive line 
but he is a talented back who looked really good   on film as far as creating Force Miss tackles and 
creating yards after contact now if he's actually   getting the snaps in this offense and offense that 
I think will improve maybe it won't get to the   level of last year but it will certainly improve 
that's something to keep an eye on so that was by   far and away my biggest takeaway but yeah and they 
barely ran the ball they ran the ball six times as   one of the lowest times a team has ever run the 
ball in football history and they also had a game   maybe last year or two years ago where they ran 
like five times um and white had three fournette   had three fournette played seven third down snaps 
white played three I mean obviously this doesn't   make Rashad white fantasy relevant as a starter 
or anything but does it hurt Leonard fournette Dan   I'll follow up with that I mean you could sit here 
and say okay fournette barely got any work he did   catch a touchdown though maybe you could throw a 
Buy Low tag on him or something like that but but   not if you think Rashad White's gonna do anything 
meaningful to Leonard fournette's role what do you   think yeah I think it definitely hurts lornette 
Leonard fournette's value the rest of the way for   me at least because this was somebody before we 
talked about on the mailbag maybe looking at him   as a Buy Low that was when we saw him getting you 
know the abstains I'm sorry insane snapshares and   getting like you said although the reds don't work 
all the receive work if he's going to be in any   I'm not saying this will be a split but if he's 
going to be in anything that resembles anywhere   close to the shares that we just went over then 
that that's a big big knock on Leonard fournette   especially right now with a run game that's not 
really generating much before contact for these   backs so it really is up to him to have that 
kind of pure Workhorse role I think for Leonard   fournette to be an actual RB someone with rb1 
upside all right I'll wrap up my thoughts on   the Bucks here and then we'll go over to Jacob 
with his thoughts on the Chiefs and Jacob you   can chime in on anything else you want but uh you 
Brady I think is going to be awesome all he needs   is Evan Evans and Godwin as long as he has them I 
think he's going to be good I'm pretty much done   with Julio Jones I could see him playing more as 
he gets healthier but I don't know what to expect   at this point nor do I expect him to stay healthy 
necessarily so I think Julio Jones if you're three   in one or four-0 you don't have to drop them but 
you certainly can if you're two and two or worse   you probably are wasting a roster spot on Julio 
Jones a 71 roster uh Jacob can talk about Kate   Ott and who played a big role after Cameron 
Bright went out but basically it's got It's   you know I think fournette's Still A must-star 
Guy maybe he's reduced a little bit but he's   still a must start and so are Brady and Evans 
and Godwin Jacob thoughts on the Chiefs or any   bucks leftovers yeah so you mentioned K Don 
third round rookie tight end for the bucks   um shared a lot of chemistry with tresk this 
preseason and just there was a lot of positive   of news on his relationship with Brady building 
up the season which is surprising for rookie Titan   and we saw it come to fruition here Cameron Bright 
had a second quarter concussion Kate odd and ran   her out on 25 of 28 dropbacks uh following that 
concussion so like he ran around 25 of 20 drop   bags I think Chris Godwin had 25 routes and Mike 
Evans had 26 routes so he's like up there with the   leaders on the team of routes run and just that 
opportunity is exciting and this offense for sure   um nothing else on the bucks on the Chiefs the 
only thing I would mention is that Sky Moore got   a little bit more involved we really haven't 
seen him play hardly at all I think he had a   route involving below 10 for the first three games 
and that was at 26 percent in week four so that's   exciting their receivers really have not shown 
much and it seems like they might want to get   the rookie going a little bit uh the uh another 
thing this is just something I've noticed on   um Travis Kelsey I look at first down data a lot 
and Travis Kelsey has one of the lowest first down   Target program rates in the NFL which is really 
strange and I don't think is something's going to   continue but it does at least maybe Point towards 
the fact that the Chiefs aren't going out of their   way to get Kelsey like way more involved with 
Tyree kilgon we have a month worth of data now   um and his role hasn't necessarily changed in 
a big way they're just taking what's there and   I think defenses are doing a lot to take away 
Travis Kelsey um the other thing is he's still   the number one tight end though by the way yeah 
Mark Andrews and then one Titan yeah it was it   was one bad week for Mark Andrews but he's the 
number one Titan last year he's a normal tight   end this year well but I'm telling you the points 
the points right now are Travis Kelsey over Mark   Andrews yeah I know and by the way you know they 
they have the same amount of targets and catches   basically it's very close and Travis Kelsey has 
62 Mario darts what you think about that and he's   got it he gets all the he gets all the end zone 
and green zone Targets on the Chiefs too yeah   yeah no I'm not worried about because I just I 
think this kind of lowers the ceiling a lot of   people like were expecting him to take a big step 
forward with Tariq out um and that's not what his   splits before the season suggested and that's 
not what we've seen so far we got to talk about   Collide Edwards dealer guys he was starting 16 of 
leagues I know we didn't love him on the podcast   he ends up with 19 carries for 92 yards and a 
touchdown he had nine of those carries in the   fourth quarter after the Chiefs took a 17-point 
lead so he was definitely killing the clock uh   was certainly splitting with Pacheco McKinnon 
was in near the goal line a little bit McKinnon   only had two touches But Clyde with another huge 
game he's I think he's rb4 he's somebody's top   five running back for sure before yeah I mean 
is he still a sell high like what's the deal   here with Clyde Jacob yeah I would sell him for 
sure uh I mean there's tons of stats floating   around uh the twitterverse that just point 
towards how uh much of an outlier this has been   um the usage really hasn't improved at all uh 
I think we've highlighted each week he's not   he doesn't have the passing down role he's seeing 
some targets and finding the End Zone on them but   like it's not like he's getting a ton of targets 
and he's definitely have the routes run and yeah   now he's playing some early down working Pacheco 
uh who they seem to you know be slowly getting   more and more involved um yeah I don't think his 
value is going to be any higher than it is right   now uh maybe it keeps going through tensions every 
week but like in terms of where's perceived value   is this is probably the peak would you rather 
have Clyde or Josh Jacobs coming off a huge game I think the usage points towards Josh Jacobs 
what we saw from Jacobs this week was extremely   exciting um I I think the perceived value is 
probably higher on Clyde though right like   that's a that's a really good question I 
think I personally would rather have Jacobs   Dan so I would rather have Clyde and I 
think my thought on Clyde is this okay so   throughout his career until this point he's 
been incredibly unlucky when it comes to the   touchdowns this year he's been incredibly lucky 
when it comes to the touchdowns and in fantasy   one of the safest bets you can make is selling on 
players who are scoring touchdowns at a rate that   can't be sustainable but at the same time part of 
why we bought into Clyde Edward's Lair from the   start when he was drafted by the Chiefs is that 
he was going to be within this offense and he was   going to get a lot of opportunities and yes we saw 
Jared McKinnon get a red zone touch or a Red Zone   tar whatever it was this week but if you watch the 
Chiefs right now and I'm sure Jacob can just eye   test this for me and back it up by the eye test I 
know he's not a huge eye test guy or a fan of the   eye test but let's just ask him I think there's 
clearly two backs that are the best backs in   this backfill right now Jared McKinnon looks to me 
washed compared to what he ever was I don't really   think he was any kind of special talent to begin 
with but to me he looks like the worst back so at   some point to me I have a feeling that he'll be 
phased out of this offense and it will be mostly   Pacheco and Clyde Edwards Lair that now now that 
doesn't really back up you know there's that's   not backed up by the data that that obviously 
Jacob can reference so far but it's a matter of   projection and for me I feel like we're getting 
finally what we asked for out of Clyde Edwards   Lair the touchdown's in a high scoring offense 
they will come down but it's just a matter of   if you think McKinnon will maintain the role 
that he has moving forward I personally don't   they've just never really shown an indication 
that they won't Collide in that role they've   pretty much always found a way to not give that 
role to him um yeah if like if you just speculate   based on talent I guess it's possible that he 
could work his way into that role um and if that   happens then yeah he would be really excited for 
Fantasy probably be a top 15 guy here's a good   one I think yeah if you don't mind me saying 
so uh Clyde Edwards either or Melvin Gordon   with Javonte out for the year I'll take Clyde 
yeah I'm also taking Clyde all right all right   let's put the point Jacob made Let's just 
wrap up with the point Jacob made here is   the best point you're never gonna get more 
value in a trade for Clyde than you are   right now based on that touchdown total so 
if you do want to sell high now is the time   all right uh make sure you go to Sportsline and 
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to love it especially if you're a gambler um   or you love the DFS stuff and we have the fantasy 
football today DFS podcast you can listen to that   as well so go to injuries news and 
notes Javonte Williams is out for the season with   a torn ACL we're going to talk about that's one 
of our big topics cordarrell Patterson is on IR   all right if Tyler algier and Caleb Huntley and 
Mike Boone are out there on your waiver wire Dan   who gets the biggest bid Algeria will get the 
biggest bid for me um and look this is not a   talent I love coming out of college I feel like 
he was mostly a runner just took what was there   for him but I watched this Atlanta game this was 
one of the first games I watched back today this   morning and I really like some of the things that 
Atlanta is doing in the Run game it's very diverse   Run game and you're getting a lot of different 
looks there and it's all based on at least right   now what's going on at the quarterback situation 
because there is some accounting for Marriott as   a runner right now so given what they're doing in 
the Run game and what Alger showed which was more   than I saw on his college tape even in just one 
week he would be number one for me of that group   all right trailing Burks out indefinitely with 
turf toe you could certainly look for Robert Woods   on the waiver wire he's available in some leagues 
Rashad Bateman is a mid foot injury and he missed   some time in yesterday's game they don't think 
it's serious uh Gus Edwards is going to start   practicing for the Ravens he's eligible to come 
off he won't come off this week I don't think but   he'll he's getting back into the mix Justice Hill 
does not have a long-term injury and Jahan Dotson   for Washington he's out one to two weeks with a 
hamstring injury some of these news items are just   coming across here so just learning about Bateman 
and Dodson for example and uh just learning now   that uh Evan Neal should be fine but Kenny Gallade 
Eva Nails the giant starting right tackle Kenny   golliday does not look promising to start this 
week so please can we get Kadarius Tony Orlando   Robinson on there please sake um meanwhile Daniel 
Jones is day to day they're hoping he can play in   London against the Packers uh tuatanga by Loa 
out this week so it's Teddy Bridgewater at the   Jets might not be the worst option we we have of 
course the waiver wire show coming up on Tuesday   uh Sam darnold is eligible to return but still not 
close to returning and ordinarily I wouldn't even   mention that but they could use a new quarterback 
there I don't know if darnold's the answer but uh   he's not quite ready to return from his ankle 
injury be Colts playing Thursday night against   the Broncos they will not have Shaquille Leonard 
they're starting linebacker who barely played   at all in week four and didn't play it in any of 
the first three weeks but Superstar linebacker   tough year he's a concussion right now and 
DeForest Buckner is also a key to their run   defense because this was the first week week four 
they played the Titans first week that the Colts   struggled against the run before us Buckner 
played 35 of the snaps he's usually 70 to 80   or so and uh we got to keep track on his status 
he's probably gonna play but how healthy is he   meanwhile another team that struggled against 
the Run for the first time uh was Jacksonville   and their defensive tackle fully fadukasi left 
with an injury he's day to day and Doug Peterson   is optimistic about Zay Jones this week all right 
uh let's let's see I've got an email of the day   I want to read real quick from Chad in Oklahoma 
City he says Adam why oh why do you hate fantasy   football Commissioners and also Integrity I hate 
Integrity in case you haven't heard my head almost   exploded as I listened to you whine like a child 
on behalf of the sleeping Camara Brigade during   your week 4 recap let me get this straight you 
expect me a fantasy commissioner to judge the   internet of I think that meant to be intent to 
judge the intent of League managers X minutes   hours or days after they straight up neglected 
to update their lineups and I'm supposed to do   that on the honor System for everyone because I'd 
have to you know no absolutely not outside of a   known website issues that physically prevented 
them from setting a lineup never if you don't   update your lineup you live with the results 
always that is fantasy blanking football in   12 years as a commission of my fantasy football 
league not one manager has ever been so lazy or   self-involved to ask something like this blah 
blah blah blah blah this is fantasy sports not   Jax I'm a commissioner not a babysitter just take 
all your Camaro whining and ball it up into some   ugly participation trophy that will never ever be 
allowed in one of my leagues grow up Adam wow so I   was giving a little bit of leeway to the managers 
who woke up and were shocked that Alpha Kamara did   not play and I thought maybe it'd be okay to allow 
them to make a swap but I guess I'm just a big   stupid baby and I like participation trophies dad 
what can I tell you I could tell you that I don't   know what people who are playing in leagues that 
you know what people who live on the west coast   were supposed to do were they expected to get up 
at 5 a.m to check in actives for this game when   all week the expectation was that Camaro was going 
to play and I just don't unders like or were they   supposed to go to 5 45 give it a little uh still 
a half like what is the point like what are we   doing here do we want I just don't understand we 
had this whole debate not my main homely because   the same thing happened to one of our managers and 
yes he was on East Coast time but he has a newborn   baby and like checked his lineup about 30 minutes 
before inactives and saw everything was good and   then like spend time with his baby like I just 
like do we want zeros in lineups that's the thing   I don't understand about this it's like I just 
don't like the idea of like any League that has   a zero in the lineup I'm that Commish that text 
people and some of my other friends get mad but   when there's a inactive in the lineup or an injury 
in the lineup still and it's Sunday I text that   owner and I'm like hey man you gotta you gotta 
move this player out even if it's against me I   do it and it's just like I don't get why we want 
zeros in the lineups it just doesn't make sense   Jacob what's your what's your take on this 
and man I have such a tough decision to make   in the podcast League because someone had 
an illegal lineup and he's asking me to fix   it for him and he's gonna win I thought he 
might not win what was the illegal about it   he it was entirely illegal first of all he has 
I don't know what happened he has too many guys   on his team one too many players on his team 
okay and he said he went to bed and he set his   lineup as follows and he told me his lineup and 
then he checked the score this afternoon and he   sees he has an illegal lineup with only three 
random players on the bench and he had like two   or three coins yeah two quarterbacks he had four 
running back you know stuff like that he was just   completely wrong but I don't know I mean this 
is a fun League it's not even for money he made   a donation to Saint Jude to get in the league 
but he's probably gonna win if I I don't know   what I don't know what to do I I have been so 
stressed about it I've been ignoring the email I   have to make a decision today Jacob help us out 
here what should we do uh I'm I'm fine letting   people off hook on this honestly unless it's like 
a really serious um high dollar money buying type   of League um but yeah you guys are big babies 
you need to grow up I just don't like why do   people want to like technicality win like oh you 
technically you didn't check your lineup at 5 33   a.m West Coast time I'm sorry Mr California you 
get a fat zero on the Camaro like obviously the   intention of the owner is never to start the 
managers never to start a zero in the lineup   why like I just don't get it the Camaro thing is 
much more understandable than the than this guy   up until midday okay that's a problem he said it 
was fine when he said it when he went to bed so I   don't know I'm one thing I might do is say all 
right listen I'm gonna give you the points for   a tiebreaker purpose I'm not going to give you a 
zero but you're you're gonna but I'm giving you a   loss no matter what I might do that but at some 
point like I'm the commissioner and they're all   just gonna have to deal with it and I'm gonna 
have to announce it to the league instead of   precedent and I think that's what I'm gonna do 
is I'm just gonna be like look if unless it's   a chimera type situation with a London game and 
you're you know you're not awake then if you don't   say if you don't check your lineup at one o'clock 
there's nothing I can do for you and I also don't   believe his excuse that like the app is screwed up 
because that just yeah that sounds fishy yeah yeah   all right guys thank you our Apple podcast comment 
of the day is from Ms Ark and mzark says Silence   of the Lambs is a horror movie you guys agree or 
disagree you probably never have seen as my guess   I've seen that movie yes one time I wouldn't 
call it a horror movie I call it a psychological   Thriller right yeah all right I agree not a horror 
movie all right snap shares and other stuff what   stood out to you guys when you look at some of the 
uh the target shares it's not whatever it may be   Jacob Jacob why don't you kick it off what's it 
out to you in the in the snaps in this whatever   I don't even know how to it's a simple simple 
person trying to come up with a name for a segment   save me Jacob anti-fragility the big takeaway 
is definitely pretty solid I feel like he's   um maybe the most uh overlooked like underlying 
data um winner from week four um so his snap   right was up to 67 percent uh up from 41 across 
the first three weeks his route involvement rate   was 63 up from 36 percent uh so you're gonna 
route on third uh 63 of the Jets drop acts   um and that that is what's key because he really 
hasn't been targeted a high rate and he was he   only saw two Targets this week because I think 
people might not realize how big a change it   really was and he also saw 65 percent of the 
running back rushing attempts up from 43 so   if that is sustainable that's rb1 usage to be 
above 60 all those rates is really really exciting   yeah he is surging right now Antonio Gibson is 
fading he played 41 of the snaps we know Brian   Robinson is coming back uh Travis etn played two 
more snaps in James Robinson which has happened in   both of Jacksonville's losses uh James Robinson 
has had combined 20 touches in two losses and a   combined 45 touches and two wins their next games 
are against Houston Indianapolis and the Giants so   that could be good for James Robinson but that's 
that's something I'm keeping an eye on here the   game script for the Jaguars running backs uh 
there's a lot of stuff here uh Dan I'll throw   it to you um go ahead I'm sure Jacob has like 15 
other things he can contribute go ahead Dan your   turn I want to look at two two new quarterback 
situations that's what I like to look at I think   it's the most actionable advice you can have for 
Fantasy at least as a fantasy analyst so I start   with Kenny Pickett small sample size albeit I 
know that but keep in mind Kenny Pickett also   worked throughout training camp and the preseason 
with a certain set a group of receivers one of   those before at least early on in preseason and 
training camp and really throughout out because   I'm sure he ran with that team I need to double 
check that was George Pickens the Phenom rookie   receiver now Phenom yeah okay I think he literally 
yeah I mean he was I really felt like he was the   best receiver Prospect not back enough Phenom at 
all I'm not backing off at all not named Jamison   Williams he's has the size he has he has every 
trait that you could want now he has to put it   together still but with Kenny Pickett in week 
four and these are all again stats courtesy   of Jacob Gibbs shout out to Jacob we're lucky to 
have him on the show 33 Target share 49 air yarded   share and then he totaled that and then he put 
it together with a box score share a stat line   of four catches for 71 yards big things could 
be coming for George Pickens with Kenny Pickett   at quarterback so that's something that's that 
stands out because there are plenty of leagues   right now where managers have cut can uh George 
Pickens before this week and this could be an   excellent opportunity for you to scoop someone 
off the wire who's not written about in every   article though hopefully he'll be in ours but 
you know not the hot name of the week but I like   him a lot the other thing was what's going to 
happen with the Jets situation with Zach Wilson   making his debut I wanted to see what happened 
there and obviously as I kind of predicted and   expected when we talked about start sits this 
week it wasn't great for Garrett Wilson and   you know Wilson is a phenomenal player probably 
the best receiver on that on that uh on that team   and he did run a good like uh percentage of routes 
I think Jared smola put out that he had 86 route   run uh route rate Elijah Moore 91 Corey Davis 
73 but as far as the targets went it wasn't what   we were expecting wasn't what we were hoping for 
and now we have 129 route sample size that Jacob   pointed out as well that I'm looking at where 
31 targets for Corey Davis 21 for Elijah more   like there this is not I feel like with Wilson 
in now we're going to get a more Diversified   Target share there with the Jets and even you 
know as Jacob mentioned Bruce Hall could still   play a factor there so I feel like the Garrett 
Wilson the days of Garrett Wilson being a Lock   and Load just throw him in your starting lineup 
like he was those first three weeks might be over   the most exciting quarterback in football 
is Zach Wilson every time he throws there   are so many outcomes that are possible pick six 
a long touchdown an air mail throw I mean it's   just like it is so fun he is the wheel that 
I spin you know how it comes he is like just   just a joy to watch as long as you're not 
a Jets fan that he's not a joy to watch but   um how about this guys the uh Ezekiel Elliott 
had uh had 11 more carries than Tony Pollard   played 15 more snaps than Tony Pollard this is 
the percentage of eight-man fronts that they have   seen this year in week one Tony Pollard with his 
with Dak Prescott Tony Pollard saw eight eight men   in the Box 17 of his carries Zeke on ten percent 
since then weeks two through four thirty percent   for Paul or 28.6 for Zeke so maybe things get 
easier for them when Dak Prescott comes back Jacob   uh what do you think about that yeah I love that 
that pole there that's a good stand I think it   might be easier for them going forward um Pollard 
is somebody I've been selling anywhere I can   um and you probably can after this week but 
after last week you should have his usage has   just not improved at all um it's going to take an 
injury for Zeke I think for him to be consistently   fantasy relevant yeah otherwise you're just 
banking on huge plays give me something else   Jacob give me some more steady Cherry stuff 
sure yeah um let's talk about Rondo more um so   it wasn't a big week for Ronda more I think 
he only had three catches for 11 yards   um but the underlying data is pretty encouraging 
ran around on 33 of 35 drop acts he was tied to   Marquis Brown for the team lead on rats run um and 
he had a 32 air yardage share which is something   that never happens uh for round out more and 
so what's interesting is he's actually used   downfield a little bit as a rookie his average 
route depth was 0.9 yards like not even one   um in his first game this year was 5.9 
yards his average depth of Target last   year is 1.4 yards it was 11.6 yards in week 
four they moved him out of the slot a lot   um which was not something they did last year last 
year almost 80 of their house were in the slot   um this year or in week four it was 20 percent 
that's actually something I'm a little bit   worried about but I think Wendy Audrey Hopkins 
and AJ Green Are Back In the Mix he'll be more in   the slot but it's just interesting that they're 
willing to use him that way he was involved in   two receiver sets a lot more than he had been 
as a rookie um yeah so it's just they we had   heard that he's going to you know kind of play the 
Christian Kirk role and I was a little skeptical I   thought he was probably going to be used around 
the line of scrimmage because that's what we'd   seen from in college and as a rookie um in a way 
that we really have never seen with anyone else   um but at least in his first game back he played 
almost every single passing play um and was used   downfield quite a bit all right I uh I'm gonna be 
a wet blanket today just on a few things that you   guys have said like Rondo Moore yeah he played 86 
of the snaps in his first game back and Greg doors   played 36 percent so it was more the only problem 
is I don't think anyone's starting him next week   against Philadelphia no and then he's got one 
more game at Seattle and then Hopkins comes back   so I I just feel like we may have missed our 
window to really be able to rely on Rondo more   um because then you know he's fighting with Marcus 
Brown DeAndre Hopkins and Zach Hertz and and maybe   AJ Green uh and then with Kingsbury yeah yeah and 
with Pickens like I love Pickens he is I've been   calling him a Phenom for a while I don't know 
if anybody else is going to pick up on that but   uh they just have the worst schedule coming 
up bills bucks Dolphins Eagles then abide and   the Saints and the Bengals it's just and what 
deante Johnson is not going to disappear so I   I mean I can't imagine I'd leave him unrostered 
I think you gotta at least take the chance he's   63 rostered but uh this is Kenny George Pickens 
we're talking about here but it's just not an   ideal situation because that schedule sucks but 
yeah I mean I I get the excitement I want two more   oh yeah real quick Jacob I just wanted to mention 
two more uh replacement receivers Josh Palmer I   don't know what happened did he get hurt okay 
all right he got her he played 56 of the snaps   he was playing 91 to 93 of the snaps without 
Keenan Allen so I think if he's if King now is   out again I don't think you should shy away from 
Josh Palmer and Mac Hollins if Hunter renfrow's   out again you don't have to shy away from him I 
know he had a bad game it was against Denver and   he played 96 of the snap so Palmer and Hollins 
are guys that probably only matter if Keenan   Allen and Hunter Renfrow are out respectively or 
maybe Mike Williams in about the atoms down the   road but uh just wanted to give you reasons why 
they had bad games for Palmer it was an injury   for Holland's I I'm thinking it was Denver but 
you know he's also Matt Collins all right Jacob   last thing what do you got uh on rondelle I just 
wanted to say that it's more of like a dynasty   um take here that like this is a possibility now 
that he could be someone who is a downfield rap   Runner that's not not something we had any idea 
of going into the year so I just wanted to make   that note like for people who care about Rhonda 
mortal like this is interesting at the very   least and the last thing I'll note is Damien 
Pierce ramble routes and Rex burka this week   um so obviously he had the big play and he 
continues to dominate the rushing usage but   um yeah he ran 50 of the routes um Burkhead was 
at 39 in weeks one through three Damien Pierce   only ran a route on 25 of the drawbacks so that 
is a notable change for sure but let me follow up   on that because what do you make of the fact that 
pierce only played I think one snap on third down   so that's the thing person second down catches 
are great but I I wonder are they less reliable   than you know than the third down stuff yeah 
yeah I don't want to overstate it he didn't   um you know play any of the two-minute snaps 
or anything like that like I think Burkett   is clearly like if it's a obvious passing 
down it's probably going to be Rex Burkhead   um but he's coming off the field a little bit 
less than he had been previously he did have   six catches just more encouraging the one we'd 
seen in the first few weeks and one more roster   stash note I would want to throw out there I 
was really pleased to see the Seahawks scrap any   ideas of like a multi-back with getting anyone but 
Kenneth Walker and Rashad Penny involved this week   they obviously like started to funnel that just 
with Walker and Penny Walker to me is one of the   best stashes you can have right now on your bench 
for a multitude of reasons Talent mostly but also   that Seahawks offensive line is gelling especially 
in the Run game a lot faster than people projected   they took two offensive tackles obviously early 
in this draft and both of them are playing good   football right now specifically in the Run game 
so I would keep an eye on Walker as a potential   bench stash that could really help you down the 
line all right by the way Damien Pierce resting on   him in the last three weeks he has 49 carries Rex 
Burkett has three you just don't see a lot of guys   dominate their backfield carries the way he is all 
right we're gonna take a break here we'll get to   we're running late but we'll get to our five big 
topics when we come back on fantasy football today   welcome back guys I'm gonna have to impose a time 
limit on us here we have a guest waiting for us   in the lobby and um and also uh we have a lot 
to get to so our first big topic comes from Ted   s his topic is just the Denver backfield now we 
know Javonte Williams unfortunately out for the   season with a torn ACL Dan give me your take 
on the Denver back but I'm gonna give you guys   three minutes at most on each topic here we'll go 
kind of quickly give me a take on the Broncos neck   field well it's like a Tony reali Adam reality 
type of style here around the horn my take on this   backfield is despite what we saw this week it is 
going to be Melvin Gordon's backfield they trust   him in so many more situations than Mike Boone but 
it's not going to be a situation where Gordon is   dominating the entire backfield so I lean toward 
Gordon obviously he's rostered in most leagues   but I still think Boone is worth uh throwing his 
you know throwing some kind of waiver claim on   Jacob yeah I agree um it is interesting that what 
we saw like with the fumbles for Melvin Gordon   Boone played 63 of the snaps after givanto went 
down ran around on 12-17 drawbacks only five rats   for Melvin Gordon um so if Melvin continues to 
falter in this way like they at least Trust Boone   in that role which is interesting I wouldn't 
have expected that type of Route involvement   it's amazing how things change right if Javonte 
Williams had torn his ACL in week two and Melvin   Gordon was coming off two you know solid looking 
games in the first two games of the season   you know we'd probably be thinking of Melvin 
Gordon as a as a clear must start a borderline   top 12 guy but over the last two weeks he his 
yards per carry has been terrible he had one   really tough matchup I think it was at in week 
three against yeah San Francisco he was bad and   then he had only three carries yesterday and now 
Melvin Gordon has four fumbles in four games he's   been he's been one of the worst rushers in the NFL 
in terms of efficiency and all the events that's   and he was really good last year yeah so 
I mean things have changed so much from   if I just asked you either at the beginning of 
the Season or two weeks ago hey Javonte is out   for the year where's Melvin Gordon I think the 
answer is a lot different right now but I think   yeah I think there's a possibility that 
it's still he's still gonna be really   really awesome and a complete must start and 
a total steal for anyone who drafts at him   right I mean I can't rule that out no it's 
it's a weird situation because this new it's   a new coaching staff and clearly they had like a 
belichicki and you fumble you're out type of feel   for it now I don't think that will carry over 
but we'll have to see all right next topic is   from in rainbows Buy Low sell High trade dark 
targets go in depth now that it's week four   I don't I mean it's like things change so much 
every week it's such a frustrating topic it's a   it's a great topic to talk trade I get it um but 
we've been telling you to trade Clyde Edwards you   there for how long and we look so stupid every 
week and we're still telling you to trade them   um anyway Jacob you have any guys that you really 
want to acquire or trade away yeah so like True by   lows um I noted DJ more his usage was better this 
week um we already talked about George Pickens   Darna Mooney finally showed some signs of Life had 
better usage this week and also had a big catch   um I think Michael Pittman is interesting with 
Jonathan Taylor going down this offense I would   expect to be more pass heavy I mean he's the 
clear why does everyone there he could put up   some really ridiculous uh volume numbers um cow 
pits can't quit them um the usage was not good   this week but if you can get him for really cheap 
I think the the upside is worth it they're just   our tight ends that are running downfield routes 
the way that he does he just brings so much upside   um even if he's only running around on 60 of the 
drawbacks like he's right now which is ridiculous   um Dalvin cook I think is somebody you 
could buy low on I saw somebody send me   a trade a screenshot that they traded Clyde 
Edwards a lair for Daven cook if you can do   that you do that immediately and then the last 
one I would mention is a clear by low is Kyler   Murray he had three designed Russians in week 
four he only had three in the first three weeks   um he's got a lot of his weapons coming 
back I like we've talked about a length   we don't trust the offense or the coaching but 
I think there are better days ahead for Kyler   that's interesting because he's been very good for 
Fantasy but I think everybody's kind of aware that   the Cardinals have been a total mess so there 
still might be a little perception there a Buy   Low perception on Kyler I don't know that I don't 
know that I agree with a lot of your buy lows I   would give up ceh for Dalvin cook but my concern 
is with specifically DJ Moore and Kyle Pitts   I just I don't know that these offenses can 
support their talent and if I'm going to buy   low I think I want to buy low on a player 
who's on a really good offense like I'd be   more tempted to buy low on Gabriel Davis than DJ 
Moore for example both of them have major concerns   uh but I just don't trust the I 
just don't trust the Panthers they   they definitely try to get DJ more 
more involved and led to 50 yards   um Kyle Pitts man they've thrown 38 passes 
in the last two games or something like that   uh that's low but there's still always going 
to be low volume so I don't know man like it's   got to be really low especially Dan and I were 
talking before we get on it's hard to find like   true buy lows um so there's a lot of guys that I 
think are undervalued like Drake London And even   Chris alabe Jalen waddo CD lamb Breeze Hall where 
like they're not appropriately valued and I would   be buying them right now um but if we're looking 
like for truly like buy lows these are the guys   I came up with and it's not pretty you know you 
don't want DJ more on your team you don't want   Darnell Mooney I get it yeah all right Mooney wins 
the other thing I just don't trust the offense Dan   how about you I went over some of the buy lows 
already in Pickens and Kenneth Walker again is   a huge one for me I got a couple by mediums how 
about that this is kind of different but let's   do it I'm buying now on Miles Sanders the player 
who I've been off on for a while mostly because of   the role that he has now within the Red Zone and 
because I'm just buying running backs Behind These   dominant offensive lines with massive shares and 
he's one of them another player who kind of fits   that billing who I've never been on in my career 
Adam you're going to be stuck no no single day no   no no it's not still not going to be Singletary 
for me I still worry about how that's going to   play out and the rest of season but Josh Jacobs 
man I can't believe I'm doing this to myself but   I went back I watched that game it was another 
one I watched Jacob's starting to look a little   bit more like that player that he was coming out 
of Bama you know a top 20.

Daniel Jeremiah had him   I think as a top 15 Prospect overall All Things 
Considered he had 28 carries 144 has played 86   percent of the early down snaps this season 
it's it just isn't what the main reason for   me fading him before this year is Josh McDaniels 
was the head coach and Joshua Daniels does crazy   things with running backs but that's not the case 
right now he's being utilized in a way we haven't   really seen a bell checking you know since the 
days like when they had Corey Dylan over in the   Patriots utilize a running back so he's another 
one who I consider potential buy high or buy   whatever you want to call these guys by medium 
right now so those if I'm looking for running   back help right now I'm really interested in Miles 
Sanders and I'm interested in Josh Jacobs as well   all right I'll give you a couple of quarterbacks 
Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins I think they can be   low end starters with big weeks coming you know 
Kirk Cousins is on 38 or more pass attempts and   three straight games that is the first time he's 
done that since 2018 and their run their past team   now I mean they that's what they passed the ball 
Gavin cook and Alvin and Alexander Madison have   combined for one carry inside the five yard 
line so far uh and then that'll change I mean   they'll get a little bit more balanced in that 
regard but they just throw the ball a lot Carr   is ninth and pass attempts but he's only three 
behind Kirk Cousins Who's fifth and pass attempt   so there's a big tie basically right around fifth 
um and cars coming off a game against Denver and   I think Denver's past defense is exceptional 
and I think the run defense thinks by the way   um so I'd be looking at those guys if you really 
need a quarterback because they're both coming off   bad weeks and um better times I think are ahead 
for for cousins in car could be this week you   know cars got the Chiefs he's gonna have to throw 
a lot cousins has the Bears uh they're not good   um all right and Joe Mixon you know I don't 
know if Joe Mixon is Buy Low but he's averaging   2.7 yards per carry they still love him and he's 
still going to catch so many passes because of the   coverages they're seeing uh Zach Zach Taylor had 
just a quote about how much he trusts Joe Mixon   AJ Dylan is a guy that I would consider he's 
getting a ton of work I think he's a better   running back than what we've seen I don't know 
where his explosiveness is he's not making any big   plays but look at their next three games Giants 
Jets Washington you don't think there's going to   be some opportunities for AJ Dylan here to score 
some points and be good I think they will be   all right uh we got one from our guy Robert Thomas   week four running back share a running back surge 
real or imagined any historical data I don't know   if we have anything like that Jacob but what'd 
you think in weeks uh like I said weeks one two   and three we had six running backs hit the 25 
point mark we had six in week four alone in PPR   we had 10 running backs get 20 points we had 17 in 
the first three weeks combined so uh and a lot you   know a lot of it were guys that we were starting 
it wasn't like just random guys players that were   actually helping us in fantasy uh what'd you think 
Jacob yeah I've got some dead on it um so in 2021   63 of offensive touchdowns came through the air 
37 on the ground um in weeks one through three it   was 68 up from 63 32 on the ground um down from 
37 so it was a little high on the passing side   um in week four we had a clear outlier um or 
maybe just regression from what we've seen for   the first three weeks um 53 of touchdowns came 
through the air 47 came on the ground I think   that's the main culprit here we saw people 
like Austin nicholar who were huge numbers   issues and had not got in in the first few weeks 
scored three times I think that's really the big   difference here at the running back position this 
week okay Dan what do you think you make anything   of it I don't have any any key takeaways from it I 
kind of feel like Jacob nailed it I will say this   though saquon Barkley right now is the rb1 overall 
and he still is the lowest scoring rb1 through   four weeks I think I believe since I saw since 
20 years you're such a homer he's not even the   rb1 oh he's not rb1 overall I thought I saw rb1 
overall who's rb1 overall Nick Chubb is two two   points ahead of saying okay I guess it depends on 
the next job is six catches I must have seen this   in in full PPR or it is full PPR well as I stand 
corrected it would depend on the website you're   using okay well our website I gotta go buy that 
and it's Nick chub so I stand corrected and I will   say this though it's still I believe I saw the 
lowest scoring rb1 through four weeks since 2015.   so they're still we're still not where we need to 
be here with these top scoring running back with   these are these top ranked running backs it was 
a really encouraging week though you've had two   good games in a row from Derrick Henry with him 
catching passes which I think is huge you've had   um you had Eckler with the three touchdown 
game game Barkley with 31 carries which I   think is too much yeah Taylor jamming the ball 
to mixing seven times to the coal line yeah yeah   there you go McCaffrey with night I love that I 
love McCaffrey with nine catches it definitely   seemed like Matt Rule and and Ben McAdoo were 
listening to Fantasy managers or Mr McCaffrey   um all right anyway uh let's go to Lewis for our 
fourth one for big topic number four rookie wide   receivers have had an impact rate them rest of 
season will you be more bullish on rookie wide   receivers in 2023 so uh Dan why don't you rate the 
rookie wide receivers rest of season so I'll start   by saying no I will not be more bullish because 
I'm always bullish on rookie receivers I am a   big rookie receiver drafter so nothing will change 
there they're one of the free they're one of the   only free Square edges you have left in fantasy 
with how much information is out there just   because no one's seen them play so there's still 
uncertainty before the draft now as far as rest of   season goes my number one rank receiver rest of 
season is Chris olave by far I love what he was   able to do with a backup quarterback in there and 
Andy Dalton we saw a lot of other receivers who   have been hot at The Rook at the Gates's rookies 
struggle a bit with quarterback chains they're not   a lot of them but Garrett Wilson didn't put up the 
same kind of fantasy points and obviously now with   Trayvon Burke's injury that that rules him out of 
the running so I would start with olave as my one   number two would be an interesting debate 
to have I I might lean toward George Pickens   I really got it yeah are you saying that Drake 
London is youthful I'm sorry I'm sorry I I missed   Jake Vaughn Drake London's definitely the two 
those are the two obvious ones the one and two   are obvious the lobby number three speaking 
with the lave ahead of London I have a Lobby   ahead of London rest away for sure wow yeah I 
love what I've seen from I mean a lot of the   air yards alone would probably put me in would 
probably put in the running but the fact that he   was able to do it last week he's just clearly the 
key the key component in that game plan right now   um for New Orleans and they're throwing the 
ball down field a little bit more I mean look   Drake London's awesome but if you have a game 
like you had last week where the Falcons threw   the ball what how many attempts did Mark 17 19 
17 or 10 like I think it was either 19 or seven   I think it was seven for 19.

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