We Tested VIRAL TikTok LIFE HACKS!! (PART 2)

what’s up steamer are welcome back to
the channel today we’re gonna be testing viral tik-tok life hacks in the last
video that we did as we did two teams of two and it was a challenge the team that
got the most life hacks to work got shoutouts so today we’re gonna be
spicing things up a little bit we’re gonna be doing three teams of two and
the winner of today’s challenge is going to win the tick tock shout I got it it’s
hard to say talk I want to say tick tock all the time alright anyways guys let’s
meet the contestants up first we got really paint Wow I think we’re gonna
take W today it was very quiet last time we played the lava challenge and he
actually won so don’t under any walk down that iPad there you can’t say too
much tick tock shoutouts really came rolling in yeah and last but not least
Rogers up sexy didn’t get a shout out and I did give stove and shout it

night least I will also be competing in today’s challenge and there’s five so
how are you two teams of two someone’s got to be solo and I can’t my knees hurt
oh well you know to incentivize the solo team we’ll get the exclusive shout I
won’t be diluted by your partner shadow I’m very confident in my tik-tok skills
skills I don’t need help from anyone riding solo so it means the rest of us
need to pair up into teams of two I’m thinking you guys are kind of like dress
yeah we match I think we should do it so we got team red
aka team Ryan toad we got team solo aka mr.

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