Warzone with TimTheTatman, Symfuhny & Teep 06/09/2021 | Zlaner

are going to the Super Bowl this year? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Are you laughing? What? Sorry. enough. Where's the where's the game? It is in Tampa. So, with that home Tampa and I'm I'm going as a Cowboys fan. So, I'm Tampa. Fans are pretty chill though for the most part which I'm not. I'll say this when I was in the Super Bowl and it was pretty chill. Um Tampa fans and can you wear like uh like a Tampa hoodie and then when you get to your seat or something, you can, you know, no no I'm I'm going to wear a Cowboys jersey. I think I'll be fine in Tampa there there's a couple of stadiums I would never wear an opposing jersey to Tampa. They seem kind of chilly but yo, what's up? Battleroyale. Um I would never do that. What's up, fam? Welcome to the stream, folks.

Thank you for tuning in everybody. Welcome, welcome, welcome. You got the wrong and I can stream. Oh, you gotta be **** kidding me. That's crazy, bro. I mean, crazy. You gotta be kidding me. My my my game. No, my game made me No, I **** my mouse and keyboard apparently is what I'm playing this game. Alright, dude. All my powers are gone. Easy. Easy, bro. All my powers are gone. Oh, this guy started the war but he can't finish a **** pussy. I'm on hangers. Yeah. same. This guy's on my **** He's chasing mace.

This guy wants my **** Yo, what's up folks? Thank you for tuning in everybody. Champions Club is here, baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Welcome to the stream, baby. Thank you for tuning in to the 25 Stars. They gave me the uh they're going to become a supporter of the folks. Oh my. I guess I'll play this one on the keyboards. Oh, you can kiss you I mean, when when when we meet up, I will dominate the bounty Where's this guy go? into the. Alright. let's see if I can do this. You know, it's the worst case. You know, this will be proof if you're not cheating. Oh, yeah. No, this will definitely be proof that I'm dog water and I'm mouse and keyboard. I'm okay if I put some time into it, I feel like I'd be okay. I just, I'm I'm the same with Controller to be honest. Yeah. I mean, everyone is going to be fine. I used to play Controller when I was younger and that's what I played console for like years and years before this thing like It's So, just the muscle memory, right? Like when you don't play it for so long like right now, I have no idea what button to like throw my like to do anything.

I can't. I cancelled for **** You gave it a month. You'll be chilling. Exactly. I'm still like 7030 split. It seems like the goat at that. He can like swap the mouse and keyboard and controller and like still fry. Hey, you and Doug uh Yeah, he's cheating to be honest. I wish I'm in a daddy pusher. Yeah. How'd they turn it again? Is it good? It's my slide. cancel uh the other day. Yeah, I asked him. wait, Tim, you played? I did. It went really well. Thank you for asking. Oh, uh was it a private match? Sure. What it was? I don't know. How'd you guys uh Aiden and raided three different times. Oh, it's probably really exciting. My **** ball sack by the way, both of you. Do you hear me? What is your the uh what is your slides? Aw. What is it? Is it the Sym? What's your, what's your key on mouse and keyboard? CCC and then you do the Ipas.

How do I do this with? I play with my keyboard like almost vertical. Yeah, I've seen, I've seen he's a **** maniac. breaks his wrist. here. Let me do it. I think it's CC space. Yeah, CC space. That's it. That's it. CC space. So, CUV over here. Oh, there's by here and we have no money. What the freak? Um where's the robot? uh gas gas? I guess at the top. Hop on the quad with me, I guess. Yeah. Let's go. I'm driving. Oh, Run it. Alright. You want a hot seat? Yeah. Yeah. beautiful. Well, I'm a mouse and keyboard right now because it it it put it on mouse and keyboard to start. So, I didn't mean to put this on but I guess we're going to play with it for a game.

That horn is obnoxious. just like you. That's a good one, dude. That wasn't the first thing that came to my mind when I said that. nothing. UAV overhead. Yeah, that's that's not what you're saying. What? Anyway, so let's move on. You need money for UAV. So now, no, I'm trying to EM two S and D Bill. Here we go. Oh, you're trying to throw games. That's crazy. Now, I'm going to carry you. I'm just kidding. I'm using the Tundra instead of the Swiss again, baby. I'm back. Oh, here we go. What It's a shot. Get the shot there. Oh, wait. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I sniped him out of the vehicle. How Are you guys kidding me? II sniped the guy out of the **** car by the way. Just for the record. But after that, it's like my team just let me. I felt like a piece of meat.

neutral. We did it. Nice. a piece of meat and oh god. Good bait to me. Yeah. good bait. We appreciate it. You're the anchor. UAV. Entering the I'll take the wheel. Am I going to come down or you got it? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm waiting on you, buddy. Thanks, man. It's an advanced stop. And I got I'm in. Let's go.

I hit that shot by the way. I didn't. I did see that. Okay. This guy right in front of us here. Yeah, floater. Yeah, this guy's running. and it's been a while. Hostile. Nice. It'll come back to me a chance. Just give me a minute. They got loaded over your bone. Yeah. Pushing over. You know, Chad, I turn my back on the tundra when the Swiss came out and I realized now that I've made a mistake, I don't know, man. I think the Swiss is **** insane. I'm your Swiss ball. I think the Tundra's better.

Alright. Alright. We'll agree to disagree. Okay? I don't know why. Oh, come on. Oh, good. These guys are just perfectly like split. Awesome. on a perfect line, dude. Knocked one left. Oh, more behind me left side as well. Yes, I'm looking behind out in this one. Yeah. What up, brother? Okay. Oh, please. don't watch the No, do not watch me. Please don't watch me. That's a good shot. to the they'll fight for a toy. That was a good shot. Hey, Oh well, if you're so lucky but here we are. You can practice your aim while you wait. Taunting your enemy is an effective way to get inside their heads. So, I'm going to go super god.

It's like cancelling a mouse and keyword or something else something else. It's something. We got get ready to fight. He's still behind that cone. Nice. We're here and you return to the front line. I'm going to put my uh couple. I'll be right back. You're up. don't Dude, they're all over. Come on. Dang it. There's one behind me too. Damn. They're shot. I'll just full send it because I'm on mouse and keyboard.

**** it. Pick up the **** gun. Just don't just pick up the gun. No, no, no. Don't hit the load up. We'll come back next time. Alright, I think I'm going to end it on that blender. call today. Alright, controllers going in. No, you can't. You're not leaving. No AZZZZ. Before he even said you were joining. I said that was probably Lg. Oh my god. Well, I'm going to the gym. Yo, the gym. are you trying to get big bro? You're you're **** cool and jacked.

Like, just leave. Get it. Yeah. Hey, what the hell was that? You get it, dude, Just leave. You don't want to play with Z. okay? Hey, listen. Don't let him fool you. I've been on 9 hours, okay? Alright. It's okay. It's alright. Tim. Alright, Gigi's. Did you enjoy the gym? But thanks. Thanks for playing Gigi's. Bye. Bye. Bye. Alright. controllers back in hand. Just need to get 100 Stars baby. Look at here for a little bit. Wait, who is the? oh, it's Tim. Uh think of the fifty stars, Ryan of the 200 Stars as well. Cash Brennan with a five gifted subs cash. Appreciate it, baby. Ladies and gentlemen, make sure you check your notifications.

You might be one of the lucky recipients that just received a free month of subscription. Alright, we're going back to Controller. That's enough. I forgot to switch the uh We died and left. What a little **** I know. I know. We tried to tell him but I can't believe he left on that game. Yes. Like that's the game. Oh, hey, do you mind backing out for just one sec? I just gotta switch the Controller. Boom boom boom. Oh, Alexis put all the uh good smelling **** in the house for fall today.

Like the candles and the um the little you know the plugs uh what are they? The wall plugs? We have like the pure ones I think they're called or something. Those are the ones from that Uh bath and body. I think they're all, I think it's all the same **** Yes. I love that. It's great. I love it. It's just the whole house right now. It smells like fall. You know what I mean? Oh, dude. it hits September and my girl was just like, yeah, it's **** time to break everything out. Seriously, it's like September 1st. It was like bam fall stuff. pumpkin. Yes. You know, I love it though. This is one of my favorite seasons. Yeah, mine doesn't go crazy for fall but as soon Christmas time bro. Everything's out. to the boss is awesome, bros Candles. I just want to put a ball **** and you blocked. He must have really been. Yes. Someone in Mount Shasta said that their house smells like weed So. Oh wow. 420. 420 plays for 20 years.

So bad for like signing to YouTube and then leaving during the week like I haven't had a full week of streams yet. I started last week and then this week, I'm here today and tomorrow and then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I'm gone because of the Cowboys game. Yeah. You were saying you are. Live it up. Full disclosure. Okay, I'm drinking some because it's the first NFL Sunday and if I'm hurting, I might not be here Monday. I'm going to be honest. Yeah, guys. It's it is like borderline offensive for me to not get a little drunk on the very first football Sunday of course of the year. Is that true? Yeah, it's facts.

Very true and I will get any stars Amy. I'd like to the Nfl Brad to get the one six Sergeant Martinez to the 45 Stars. Uh do you think it's the one reporter? Hopefully, everyone's having a great day so far today. I hope you guys are going to enjoy the uh I told Luke that we that we got him that he's got a spot but he said he's leaving soon, Chad. Hey, guys. When you start like speaking confidently about **** that you don't know about it makes me want to punch you in the head metaphorically with my head. You're lucky I was here. random question but I'm just curious since I have not been on Warzone. Do you see yourself getting more viewers? You know, um a little bit. I thought it'd be a little bit more dramatic but I think um Mason has been going live like hours earlier, you know, like he always got on early but I think he's really been pushing it.

You know, it's over to YouTube and this dude was like, alright guys, he's waking up at 2 AM and for 14 hours stream days. Let's get it. His mood has been incredible though. He's changed his life to you know, Yeah. Mostly like mine's been a little bit higher but it's supposed to just like, what are the books too? It's like, dude, dude, you guys gotta figure it out. straight to me. How many people like someone was in my chat earlier on YouTube today. They're like, hey, bro, what happened to Twitch? And it's kind of crazy to me that they hadn't heard about it. Yeah. You know. Yeah. That's the most surprising thing too and then so it's it's like, where's Tim or can you not play with him anymore. That's like the main thing. That's the funniest one to me. People are like, dude, that's crazy that Tim can't play with like Nick Mes and stuff anymore and what? Oh, man. Like, what are you guys talking about? You guys ever get like when you have exactly what you're doing for the day, you know, whoever you're playing with or whatever event is going on, you have that **** in your title.

You got it on your pinned **** comment. You got it all over the place and people are still asking in the chat. Yeah. What you're doing for the day? It's like people don't know how to read a title. Yeah. You know what I mean? I could put it on my forehead and I don't think they'd understand. We said, we said that he has had people whispering and asking him on Twitch, why I have not been live for 4 days. You're freaking out there were worried about it. That's it, man. I guess, you know, eventually they'll figure it out. Right, Chad? There's got the it Will. Somehow, someway, they've got maybe like a friend will be like, yeah, man, Tim's on YouTube now. Like, wait, no what you've got that's uh let's go super. Let's do it.

I'm going to go roof I like I love roof bro. We should've went super during the tournament. See, I'm kind of convinced. Yeah. that would have been that definitely would have been a nice play. It would have been fun. Oh, so what it's worth our games everyone. It's like we didn't have a good start and we kind of talked about that before like all of our starts were so rough. I agree. So, I'm just going on that guy's dead **** bro. Like, straight up. There's another guy in the room. Yeah. brutal when you're just sitting there trying to regain who's someone Is he? is he getting the guy above me? Yeah, I got this guy. Alright. If you Yeah, I'm down low. I haven't heard anything but this guy just say they said he **** my husband. What are what are you, what are you talking about? Why would you do that? Why would you do that? That's messed up, man. To my to my group. Thanks, bro. It's all good, man. I almost robbed it. MG 82. when you want to offer it.

I need to get warmed up. I haven't played in a few days. since it's attorney. yeah, I usually I take like I usually don't take a couple days off in a row but it's it's good. It's good to take a little bit. Uh dude, recently, I've been thinking about switching up the schedule a little bit, maybe doing Mondays to Fridays and just taking the weekend but the last few years, I've just decided to always like, I don't know. we'll push a little too aggressively. Oh my god. this guy doesn't know what planet he's on. I love. I've always taken weekends. man II. It's like my well, not always but I've always at least taken 2 days off a week and that is something I highly recommend when I got a little older and a little more established, I started doing weekends off and that's been great for me. Yeah, I'm starting to lean towards that. 1 day is not enough for me anymore. That's you.

I don't know if you got it. if I like. There's certain times where war zones fun and I have no problem doing a 10 hour stream but like lately I did for like 6 hours. I'm like, what the **** am I doing? Same here. Yo, I down a guy top super by the way. Um I'm going to put money on by for a UAV for you right there. Yeah, I'll grab it. Yeah. for me III found one thing that when I started really putting the time in with with streaming II. think one thing that was a rough for me was uh was whenever I take a little bit of time off, I could never I can never relax.

Man. I can never just like sit back and actually enjoy time off. I was always just thinking about my streamer thinking about **** why am I not live right now? It's over stressing it but definitely but uh I mean especially when the going's good bro. Yeah. Yeah. Getting a little bit better at taking time away though for sure. It's healthy. not just for me but like, you know, for everyone, all family and you definitely is. I cannot express the time off is important enough. So, I'll take weeks at a time in the summer. Straight up. That's my challenge for me. I've I've gone to like a family vacation for like a week It's great.

Down. Parking here. Yeah. Couple of guys down here. The guy's outside. Yeah. have my sniper. I'll see. That's why that was so awkward right there. Just for the record, I got scared for a second. Well, I literally walked the sniper out. It was not what I meant to the left. One's absolute right. It's not right. One's hit one Oh, he's going to run away. He's really weak. and I gotta get a um that's full. Let's a UAV timing spurt. This guy's still near me. huh? He was kind of. I think he went under you but it's like orange. on the one. See if I can hunt this guy down so we can get that bounty cash. Oh, Timmy. I brought you. I broke my life up on you. Yes. And we're exposed. I thought I could run in there. I'm **** **** I **** **** My bad. I won't tell me II thought that I could play into this building and I can't.

So, I'm good bro. Hey, where the **** did this guy go? Choke the **** out of that and I missed two shots too. **** if I they can deploy Target is down. Objective is to eliminate the bounty. Bounty target is down. Well done. Your teammate is deploying. Stand by. I'm going to go over to your seat and try to help you get it back. They were not that great. Just holding hands. Really? Yeah. Gotcha. deployed. I'm laying back waiting on to get a knock here. Yeah. **** on these guys. smoked one of them all on you right here. They've he's landing on your **** I'm on. Yeah, he's down. He's a good shot. Chad, please remind me after this to put perk on this Tundra class. Nice job, Tim. Put on the tundra. You can't run Brain's lagging, bro. It's what happens when you get older. Your brain like lags. It just bought a gas. You see that? Excuse me. Yeah. Yeah. Uh are these guys in storage? Yeah. Yeah. Three here. One floating. Knocked one. I'm driving over.

Cracked another one. go right on me Back One. One guy on the right here. Right here. Nice. Yeah, you're full. I got from my left like gas or something. Okay. Okay. It's the last guy. Well, back down lane. Oh, oh. uh yeah. Gas, gas. Do it. Oh, that's yeah, that's behind us. down. I'm popping WA. Hold on. That's pushing. You got for me. I got one of those. No, I'm good. on the way. Where are the other guys at? Oh, left.

Left, left. Be advised, UAV is bingo. One more on my left. One more on my left. Like somewhere. somewhere over here. I'm I'm looking I gotta get my purse. Hang on. Yeah, I should probably grab ghost. I'm not not with you right now, is Oh, I'm chilling. I'm chilling. I don't know where this guy went. He could've dipped off to So far down line here. I might have been him. Yeah, he might be scared running away. I'm just getting self You want a self team? We can all combine Uh yeah, might as well. I'll come on the buy it. I just bought a gas again. That that guy. Probably. I got a UAV. I popped up once I uh once we get closer. Alright, just pick me up.

Oh, he's got, I should have a way cooler in my head. I actually don't have AUAI have a century. I just got sniped on my on our left. I'm going to have to play it up here real quick. I'm going to hop out of. Okay, hold on now. It's going to play it up real quick. That was back at the parking garage. That snipe me. Oh, it's floating right here. I'm really going for here. Alright, we're going to keep going. out of my way. Yeah, I put us in a nice little park job. Don't worry about it. I can hold this gun in the vehicle. I put it down. No. I guess I'll just go. So here. Yeah. Yeah. We might as well cross and then hold everyone in. Want to get this bounty on the way. You sure? Yeah. I'll hop out. Oh. hey, this thing on. Uh he's bald tires on this thing. kind of like. no grape or something bro. Uh they bought back over here. They're going to be coming out of the zone. You want to hold that? You want to go bounty? Uh we can go over the bounty after we have a little bit of time to hold some people.

So far. far. It's like deep over there. Yeah, I'm sure there's some people. Oh yeah. ice houses, uh blue uh right here I Http as well. I'm going to hit that. Then we'll look back after we kill these guys. Oh, on our left on the the bottom. You see That's a lot up here, bro. That's crazy. I'm going to hop out and go in this house here. I'm going to right at Ihop are pulling up. Are you ready? on the back II hopped on me. Why would you do that? One's knocked? one's cracked. I just got **** stunned. I'm going to get pushed on my staircase.

I'm done Nothing I can do. That's unreal, man. Grenades are so strong. I should've hopped out, I guess. the damn **** Listen up. We're here and you return to the front line but if you lose, you're down. them out or the objective. Stand by for deployment. by hop on me. I'm going to try to get my **** back. Hopefully, this guy's not just camp in the house. I can help you out. He's on me. He's dead. And these guys just double. Oh, they're out of that. huh? Those are the kids that killed me. Oh, I did not anticipate three teams right here but yeah, it's busy. Oh, I didn't finish that guy. Oh, I don't have any ammo at all. Keep shooting at him. Oh, hi. Oh, nice. Oh, thank you bro. Oh, I did not. I mean, uh do that. It's a rough game for me. It's for Bro, it's 4000 Images. 4007 I got going behind it, bro. Yeah. Yeah, I'm trying to. am I driving? This game is **** something else.

Secondary. It's kind of hard. I just feel slow. No gas. And these guys want you. Huh? II didn't get a lead blocker. I'm just going to hit the button and see where it goes. Yeah, I'm coming to hit you back in. I might be a friendly behind you. I'm not. Oh my god. There's two teams there too. Wow. and if there was a name for the game right now, it's just getting in between two teams. get it. Yeah. he might be a friendly. You have money skinny. He said Timmy is skinny. Thanks, bro. There you go. Oh yeah. It's about what the **** I gotta start playing with you more often, man.

This guy, these guys are nice. Some of them they try to they try to balance out the the bad, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Uh I'll buy you guys a loading Uh yeah. and then there's the rest of you have. Oh he had a satchel. Oh yeah. I still bought one of these can take uh extra plates. Uh I can get someone a gun. Anyone needs ghost? Yeah. **** it. We're on it. I grabbed. We're chilling. UAV up. Let's get it boys. I can't believe we're still in this. It's a blender game for me. Oh, friendly help. Let's go. Uh this guy's ghosted but he's ground level straight ahead of us. I saw that very close. It wasn't it? In the in between the trains like right now? Right here. I'm going to push in here and then we can **** fight him. One guy was out here running this way on me a bit.

be advised. UAV is bingo fuel. Got me Was that really the guy? Wow. That's the one I saw. II captain. Alright. Uh there's a bunch of people up on this hill as well. Oh god. Landing right on the. There he is. Hey. Oh, my bad. That's fine. is closing in. Relocating. Probably some kids up here in this house. I don't know. Maybe not. Gotta be able to scope some kids out from here though. Probably like military make don't know. There. Only Twenty-seven up. Someone on top of the vehicle over there driving away. He's got a ride shield on the hood. to the driver. Oh, Tim. I'm drinking that. Uh I'm drinking that oat milk uh brown sugar drink right now. I'm muted. Yeah. What do you think? I like it. I like it a lot. I'm not, I'm not even one for like uh I'm not one for like bitter tasting coffee so I kind of like mine a little sweet but I actually really like it.

I feel like the brown sugar makes the bitterness. Not that, not that bad. Yeah, it's it's great man II. Love that. You got people out here by the way Like, yeah, I'll go push these guys on board. Oh, they brought back down at Millie as well. I broke that live. I found one right there. Nice. I think you can go push that. I'm they're they're in it. They're like fighting hard right there. So, there's know what we're rolling into. I'm going up to get this guy for Et. Oh, Timmy. Nice shot. Let's go, baby. Got fried me. I'll go over here and **** this guys up. I got you. Wait, I just got airstrike. What? No notification. Precision. Let's go, baby. Favorite. They already had it down before I pulled up. You gotta be **** kidding me. Wow. That's sad.

Yeah, there's three of them right on my body. Three in one. Nice of him. I was sick. All three of them just laying on that exact same mark. Yeah, I can take the birth out of it. Get a little. There was a uh there was a bounty. I'm sorry. a bounty, a bouncing Betty on the ground over there. next right next to them. They were camping it Disregard. Oh, that's a dope blueprint. What are you looking at? My Ots? No, I'm talking about Tim's spaceship here.

a fighter jet. uh on me. Oh no. He's just laying here. Hey, Chad. don't no, no comment. I have no comment. I Chad. No comment III. don't want to talk about it and please refer to whips any further questions II don't want to talk about that. I want to know if this guy genuinely tried to actually airstrike me or if that was 100% like uh oh **** Yeah, I don't know II.

That was just that was coincidence, bro. No way. Yeah. You didn't even have it out while I was there. He just had it. He already had it called in by the time I got there, it just blew me up A Okay. got that. William. You the 500 Stars, baby. Uh Pacific take the 500 as well as the schedule. I know. I know Steve taking the 200 stars Michael to get the fifty stars. Brooks of the 3 months of the border. Hans with the fifty stars and Joel with the 100. Uh Louise with the 45 Stars. Appreciate it. Uh What do you get from Tim Hortons? They just opened one here in Scotland. Wow. Scotland. Are they going worldwide? Uh uh when I listen, I don't drink Tim Hortons like a ton a ton. I actually don't even drink coffee too too much. I drink I whenever I like caffeine overall, I usually maybe have one caffeinated beverage every second day, Every second day, maybe I do and usually it's a Gg fuel and then sometimes I get a little coffee and it's sometimes if I'm getting a coffee from Tim Hortons, it's just a classic double double.

It's just a classic double double. Uh I'm if I'm if I'm getting something from Starbucks, like I said, like I told Tim, uh I've been eating or I'm trying Tim Tim told me to try this. uh ice wait, what's this called? It's called It doesn't even say the right one here. does it? Oh yeah. Does brown sugar oat milk, espresso blonde. Uh it's pretty freaking amazing. It's pretty delicious. I'm not going to lie. But yeah, I don't know. Too many too many nice drinks for people to get II. Actually, my favorite drink at Starbucks is not even a like a heavily caffeinated one. It's a green tea. It's uh a peach green tea peach green tea. Sometimes I get it with the lemonade. Sometimes I usually I get it without the lemonade. It's good with the lemonade but feel like you don't even taste it much of a difference and with the lemonade, it's probably just way more sugary. I'm in no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Oh man.

Tim. Tim, you gotta stop uploading those freaking uh those food ticktock videos on your second channel because every time I watch one of those, I just **** I go down to my cupboards and I eat everything in my house. me so hungry. I made like two peanut butter sandwiches last night while watching your videos and just slammed them back. Uh some of those foods are unbelievable. man III mean, I love food. You know, it's just like some of the stuff they make is incredible. Battleroyale. It's like you're in is closing on your position. It's like one of my favorite things to do on my second channel and hello. Mm hmm. Alright, super. Let's go. Big win. Here we go. Did you guys get a couple wins with uh with uh Sym while we're young while he blah blah blah while he was on earth? Did he hold you back? I got like one or two I think.

Yeah, we got it. He's all day have been uh kind of weird man like second zone thirty left type **** It's been weird. I got one and I had an origin twelve sniper rifle so I love it. busy back window far right and under AA ton. more left. So, yeah, so many on the right side of this building. It's It's going right in. I'm about to drop over here on this side. It's uh dead silence here. I messed up. I didn't realize I was looking at me. I'm lucky. a **** Wow, Man, I just had this guy. It's all four of these guys are just pushing as a team. Well, I have a uh I have a magnum. That's it. Good luck. Oh, you got that. You'll be there soon.

You can. Good luck taunting your enemies. I think of the 250 Stars. Good to see you baby. So we can get the twenty stars. Nick with 100 as well. Thayer. 160 Stars as well. Jeremy with the 200 Brandon with the fifty stars. Justin with the forty-nine uh Jordan with 100. Can we see that Stoner Z **** Sorry, I just saw your message. Did I pull it up while I was in the pregame? I don't think I did. here and you return to the front line. You sort them out or the objectives. Uh we get out this one. Uh yeah, we can do. We can do whatever you want. I'm down to reset it. I'm down for whatever. I mean, you know, I don't know. That's my bad, bro. I threw don't know Chad. I'll turn it around right here. Here we go. What was that? Ak? I need to start using the AKA Secondary Gun. Bro, that thing is crazy. Dude, I don't understand what these comments are. So, what's this? Scum is streaming Warzone now.

It's amazing to see the difference between a pro cod player and then brackets with the best gun slash Controller skill in the world compared to the majority of cheater streamers. If those streamers had the same gun skill, a skunk without cheating, they would be snapped up and paid 100 K Salary to compete professionally. I don't understand what these people are saying. If you lined up scums gameplay with like most of the pros in the war zone, it's it's on a similar level. No, it's looking pretty similar The differences aren't massive. You know, I think I think that you know II don't know. Well, one thing I would say is scum is in all the CDL.

Pros are always playing against other like CDL pros for the most part. Yeah. It's like they're always playing at that kind of a level of course. Warzone, you run around and like we could get, we could get games where there's good players but then we can also get games where they're literal bots, you know, so that difference I would say I mean a CDL I think a top CDL pro as far as far as gun play goes, he's going to have more guns skilled than a top war zone player. Mm hmm. I would say that those guys. It's all day, every day. That's all they're doing. We're playing against other pros of course and it's just kind of like bottom line but Warzone obviously plays a lot different from CD like a like a hard point or something like that. You know, This guy's just spitting about. Your desk is not parallel with your walls and I, Cole, I don't care if that guy, you know.

Yeah, Whips Just get just get rid of him. Thank you. He whips. He's still doing it. Am I going to do it? Set a point for your team. Yeah. the the biggest transition from multiplayer to BR is just patience. Really? Yeah. It's like you can't just do whatever you want all the time. Yeah, exactly. and how efficient you are kind of moving around the map. That's really like how you're winning a lot of these 20s and and by the way, when I said that, I wasn't even saying I wasn't making like a any kind of jab at Scum whatsoever. I was more so saying it like people are trying to make it seem like now that scums here he he's he looked his gameplay looks massively massively different than a lot of the Warzone professionals and his aim looks different and like he's chasing You.

See? No, it's all good. There's people everywhere. This kid. This kid is low team. I'm how to find them. took care of it. I was literally just chasing him with a pistol. Here's what it is. The people **** love Seth and I love Seth too. Oh **** So, we just **** yeah. I think this person's comment was more so trying to say that all streamers are cheaters and scum is scum. gameplay looks so different than all the streamers gameplay. So, everyone else is a cheater. Yeah, he's being an **** Yeah. Yeah. Got it. That's going to suck my nuts. Suck my nuts. Okay, we're live. We're well, we're healthy. Uh no, of course not. Why would there be a dealer or hotel? Wow. Uh the plane went over hotel, right? So, shouldn't we go dealer? Yeah. No, Grab the car If you need to buy. I'm going to hit this bounty on the way. I Yes, I'm driving. Oh, someone's still in here.

Yeah, I might have you chasing. Chasing, chasing. It's stopping power. Be careful. He's pretty weak. Pretty weak. Uh it from Motel. he's coming. He should be coming to you too. Yeah. Besides And you said rocking from hotel. Yeah, I put the car safe. You'll be chilling. We got this bounty. is up. Let's get it done. Uh they fought back over a dealer. I'll take. Oh, what the **** Is there one in storage? Maybe. I think we just take and these guys be more. Yeah. Yeah. we can **** on these guys. Yeah. Let it back. It should be free. Yes. Letting an apartment right there. Yeah. it just sis. You see that? Oh, really? Okay. I don't like this but yeah, he's still on top.

I mean, I I'll try to come by real quick. Let me toss it this way. Yes, I think for me. Yeah, I'm grabbing one. Yes. I'm looking to Tom is right. a sniper. Just heads up. I can't really chow one little apartment. one-stop Airport one to our right apartment. I'm in their sights. Oh, right window. Apartment. and top looking at us too. up here. I'm playing this guy. It is time for you to remember how to use the **** Tundra. Stop missing Getting this guy on green. that pocket. playing weird, bro. I'm going to go up here. See and look at him. Alright. which is it wasn't the close one. Yeah, I hit him once.

Broke him. Flash, flash. I'm going to sit on it. They do. I hear stuff where it's like there are people on you. Yeah, I got one. go towards hangers. We're doing a recount of gas. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. It might be a bounty. I'm going to go that way. I'm in that way as well. The hanger is super quiet. It's going bounty as well. Uh they're getting shot at over there. Yeah, they're getting shot. I think right here. I'm actually right here. I have to go back. Yeah, right here. Close 911. What This guy's teleported to my **** car. Oh, he's lagging so hard. There's people in super careful for you. What the Me. I'm **** That was the that was an assist for a team. That was the one I saw it before. I heard another Oh **** There's one on the wall over here.

He's going to get up in smoke. Alright. Another one out the front of uh I I'd be in front of that. Nice. Ellie above us as well. Oh my god. He's one shot in the heli. One shot. Oh, you got that too, I believe. staircase on me. Nice. Oh, I got him in the hell like. wow. ESM look like two. It's super on the kill cam. So, one at seven powers to be careful. Uh Teddy hears him if you want. I got one. I'm is this statue and go with super. I see one of them. I got him one shot. Woods skin pushing over it. for the second level. Yeah. One was in the store right here. I'm Debbie and going in They're returning to base. I'm going to you. Finish that kill for me. I don't know what these boys are doing, bro.

That's a little shot for the boys. It's coming back to me, Chad. Just give it a second. I haven't used to in a while. Alright. It didn't call me the Timmy, the Tundra man for nothing. Satchel here. Shotgun. Oh, I didn't realize he's dead. Then I'll get you to my man. Heidi. I'm with me towards the car again. Yeah, I'm on the way. **** it. I'm driving. calendar. I'm going to get him. If you get a UA. Yes. Right on. Right on by. on him. You got two off somehow. out on the. I got you too. Oh yeah. This guy dropped a ton of money. Someone just throw up on us. What was that? Like? That was our car. What the **** This guy literally just landed right here and it's like I'm unloading.

Oh **** I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming. I'll help at Top Airport or I'm going to fight with people right here to get him loaded. Yeah, go ahead. Right here. I'll come. I'll come to you guys as well. I'll try to get fancy with it. That low key. I've tried to no scope him through the door, bro. I'm so toxic on my body. on the way. On the way to on the way he's going upstairs. Looks like uh that's what I get a overhead Recon overly inbound. Yeah, he's up here. UAV entering the A run out low. Are you kidding me? I'm in their back in now. There's What? What? Oh my god.

Sometimes this gun does not. I do not like sometimes. Wow. And you can deploy Oh, he was fully one shot. I don't know how he doesn't go down right there. Well, that **** just went downhill fast, huh? Uh Caden, look at this three stars. taking the ten as well. Julian, I think of the 120 me. Appreciate it, baby. So, when we get that Youtube video, you and Doc Pos versus Lambeau, whenever I meet him in person, that's what we're going to do. That's the first thing we're doing. That's the first thing we're doing. doing. We're doing a little uh we're doing a quick little drag quick little drag race Get yourself sorted.

You're up next. Uh and do you think of the hundred stars, Ryan, you get the ten stars as well. Oh my goodness. Man, I got the biggest the biggest migraine today to the front line You lose your fight is over. out. Welcome objectives. move to the next location. I'm reaping what I sow. I'm getting what I deserve right now. That's what I'm doing.

I deserve to be here. which you're quarterly review is coming up, bro. Okay. going to get a passing grade or no? I don't know. At this point, I gotcha. They just bought where he's going. He's getting shot from cop. Hostile into the area. Watch the skies. Sniping above me. Yes. yeah. I **** **** on the top floor a little bit. Never mind. Never mind. Follow me. Oh, nice. Nice. Now, get me back and I I'm going to pop off the rest of this game. Guy going to the bottom green here on me. Bottom big green shots. Don't die for a team. You don't have any info. Alright. How many of you I got one over here.

Oh, apartments still. Yeah, I'll be right there. Alright, Chad. Now, I have reflected. I've learned in the and I'm ready to apply the things I learned in the rest of my Warzone game. So many people over there. Oh, he knocked I almost finish him for you. Uh bottom, bottom, green bottom. green. Yeah, right here. Ready? Three, two, There's a guy going to the dealer. Any armor, anywhere, bro. or like any loot anywhere. I have no sniper or plates. Uh I got ammo box, uh lots of loot on me. it's not like right above us here still uh top super as well. See their place on you. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of loot on me like under you.

Yes. Satchel right here and some guns. and ammo to acquire. right now. That's the hangers over here. Go this way. I'm going to watch Super for a sec. Oh yeah. hangers. There was like a full team on my mark. I'm going to get this bounty. Holy **** This guy's top. super is annoying. I can snipe him. I got him. Yeah, he I'll mark him for you. Hostile dropping in. I got him. Oh, wow. Hey. didn't realize I was crossing over into. How are you? I'm going to, I'm grabbing this kid's snipers. I'm not one of them. I'm grabbing kid's sniper and I'll help you. Oh, there's no sniper here.

I thought there was. He's right on this wall. See, you don't somebody's got this vehicle on the right. I'm going to hop while they're getting up right now. Yeah, I'm down with these guys. I keep knocking them two or three on me. They're above you. Are they in there? I'm flying to. I'm going to try and help with the bounty quick. Yes, same here. Same here. I'm backing out. I'll be side door here in a sec. Upstairs. downstairs. Okay. I just got, I gotta heal real quick. You knocked one bottom of me.

I'm too good. Thank you. These guys top super are being really ratty like they're just holding us completely. Okay. I'm going to try to uh wrap around the right side. I re knocked them. These kids **** suck Loaded up there too. pretty far but confirmed another one. Oh, that's affirmative. superstar. I think it's just two. They're just sitting there. This **** kid, man. This guy landed on me two times this game just to melee me to death. He failed the other time and then he **** did it this time. This team's pretty annoying. These guys are about to fight, right? Mathematically, it should Pop tops. Super and the guys are are not together. No, these guys should definitely aim down at dealer and kill all of them. I had two of them knocked. The last guy runs in and me, me to death. little wrap. Guess we gotta get the hotel and buy Going up to the SOS.

They're still tops. Super and these guys just bought the airport. Holy **** Stop. Top top. She's not in right. I don't think so. I'll tell you right now. No, it's not. I mean II got the rotation of centuries over here. I'm going to go in the hotel. The exclusive Oh yeah. Shots here, I guess. I don't know. Gotta be top in here. Oh, What is happening? Hang on. I'm going to fight. Got him. Alright, I'm coming down. Are those the only shots we heard more? Oh my god. Another solo. I was I was about to. This is all loaded. So, I'm going to I'm going to go down there too. We're trying to fight and try to get team's loot He's like midway up. He's just creeping around, dude. He's coming down slowly but surely coming down crouching.

He's kid's ghost. See, Are you coming from top? Yeah, I'm going from top. Got a pistol. He's coming back up to me. I think what that was in. Wait, wait, wait. No. he's just heartbeat to me. Is he cheating? He cheating. Oh, he's yeah. No, dude. He's he's cheating. He's getting head shots only and he shot me in the torso. This guy's got magnetic bullets. 100%, watch the kill Cam, Tim here. I mean, what the **** was that? He head shot at you, right? He got a headshot kill. I never die so fast in my life. Yeah, neither did I. That was very fast. He's he's not walling. He like pulled his heartbeat out and saw where I was but second, that's in the corner.

He hit only headshots even though he was shooting me in the kneecap. I mean, low key to me just my game just straight up. I guarantee you because of the shots that was that were missed. He's gotta have the magnetic bullets. Let's see what happens here with the to the exclusive Pretty sure this is him. It's a skin. That's him. It's already killed him right there, bro. I think so. I mean that dude smashed it, bro. I hope this isn't friendly. I'd be convenient. guy's still rapping, bro. That's him. freaking magneto chat. I'm telling you. Do the you guys saw the kill cam, The guy Id. I want to look at this 9kd. The guy literally Uh the guy literally, it was hitting me in the chest chat not the head and he and it's still counted as a head shot. So, I mean, come on. Good shot. Come on, man. Hello. uh Connor Wood. They did too much for being a supporter. Maybe. Jesse, what's good? What's up, Jessie? How you doing, baby? Thank you for tuning in.

Thank you to the fifty stars, Steve. Think of the hundred stars you go. Thank you, babe. Fifty-nine 9kd Uh Akeem, think of the 2 months being a supporter of the 3 months. Uh Corey, you think it was the thirteen stars Andrew with 100 Stars It's a. Is that him? to the fan? Okay. Which says that he had a average two nine 9kd in the last 7 days have been an 8.5. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Not like full of **** **** It's uh it's pretty blatant. It was pretty blatant to me. That's just when you know this guy, it's gotta be him. No one no one. I'm spectating. I need to. Yeah, this was this was him. This was him. Pretty sure. Oh, headshots right there. Oh, headshots. I want to see his movement compared to his bullets. Wait, can you guys see his gun right now or no, it's the Snine. Okay. Yeah, it was like invisible for me. He's level fifteen as well. So, this guy doesn't have like the blatant aim lock like where you can see it literally locked to his head.

He just has like he sets it to he could literally aim to the right or left **** he doesn't even need to hit you and it'll still hit your head. Let's watch and see. This is one of the hard ones. Like some cheaters are just blatant. This **** right? Yes, this is but this one, it's like yeah, we're almost trying. He's trying to hide it. He's trying to make it look like he's not.

If he's doing it, he is but this one is still super **** blatant because he only gets head shots. You know what I mean? He like boom. Okay. Or I guess not. he turn that **** off or what? I don't know. I just want to see. I want to see him in like a stressful situation. That's usually when they start cranking up the heat that I mean the OT. One thing I'm really learning from this is it the OTS nine. It's **** insane. It is amazing how fast I died.

Oh my god. He's fried all of us. Like it was nothing though. I mean, he you **** on me like nothing. Where did he shoot you from? Uh did he shoot you from top of the building with the Ots? Uh it's like middle window. I mean, what is fifty-eight and he just like perfectly headshot at me. Yeah, homie. Like look, he's his awareness isn't adding up to his aim to me. That's what I mean. That free uh it's like when you're trying to raise your teammate like that you can easily tell situation. You know you're not resting there. No, you you gotta challenge the fight. There's no way you get your boy. No, someone with an eight KD would know that you're not trying to stick a rest right there. You're trying to kill him. This ain't uh I'm I'm calling **** on this guy, Chad.

This is a this is a harder one. This one's harder because he's not going crazy with this. It's not going wild. but yeah, this this guy is full of **** **** aim in movement. Don't correlate. Well, if you've been a, this guy's an eight 9kd in the last 7 days. So, you're telling me this guy is as good as closely but his movements like this and his decisions like this. Yeah, you're telling me he doesn't know how to slide cancel yet. He hasn't learned how to slide. cancel Do you have you have an eight 9kd but you're doing that. That's it. It's just weird, man. Yeah. AKA 9kd is making that decision right there. Uh uh. I mean Chad, give me a final verdict.

Thoughts on that. I think full of **** All in favor. I uh. okay. I think it's a thousand stars, baby. Appreciate it. Did you name the Porsche Sym I mean, I probably should have. Here's what I'll say. That's I gotta pick a name. I haven't. I genuinely not. I don't know but that's one that should be I have not picked a name because that that don't the things aren't adding up there. Two plus two is equal and seven with that guy, man. Yes. is um the the the the the the accuracy and speed at which he's killing people compared to what his decision making is. A movement is not an eight 9kd. That guy is a higher 9kd That guy is a higher than Dennis. That's actually insane. What is what is uh 9kd close to five three, I think. Yes. I'm glad this guy killed him though. This man's about to cluster his own building. Let's go boys.

Good luck. Yeah. I don't know man. That's a that's a tough one and that's like the the hard part is it's like that's not the one where it's like in your face, Uh you know, uh iron sight car ninety-eight out of the sky. That that's like uh uh a different kind I don't know. I still think he's full of **** but not enough enough to get him in the band. I'll say that. He's if he's hiding it very well. It's I mean, it's from going from a two nine 9kd which isn't a bad 9kd. I'm a I'm like two, I think I'm two seven. Go back out for a sec. I think I'm a two seven. Let me look. Derek's I think I'm going to switch to Apex but Husk was asking if he could hop into the squad.

So, if you guys um if he wants, I'm probably going to be on for like another 45 minutes. Uh if he wants to, he can hop for those 45 minutes. We did. You just leave whips. You're gone. Do you want to jump over the uh discord? He's in, he's in the Merc. Uh me Discord. You have that one? Yeah, I got that one. Alright, let's just do that. Alright. Alright, boys. Thanks for the games. Z Pleasure, dude. It's been a while. It has been a while.

Have a good one, bro. Yeah. Alright. Timmy, just let me know if you want to play throughout the week or whatever. I know you're gone. What? Thursday? I'm only here tomorrow. So tomorrow sounds good, dude. Alright, man. I'll talk to you guys. Hop over to me. Yo, you want it? Yeah, man. I'm lonely and horny over here. Hoy and horny. I'm only going to be out for like 45 minutes but um I don't know how Lizzy said he was going for a little while. I'll be on for the night. That's alright. Yeah. I mean, see if you're down to play after I'll be on. I literally just got on. So just join me so you join off him. Uh uh I'm with you. I'm in here. I think I'm high bro. Let's get it. Let's go. Why does my gun have like a glitch? Let the bong down. Tim Ryan, think of this 310 Stars I was not in the game. Alright. Let's go Chad. Ryan. These are the 310 Stars, baby. Ryan. Thank you. I appreciate you being over here and watching the stream, man.

I appreciate it. I think of the 310 Stars as well. I think uh I'm scuffing and pronouncing it's a 500 Stars, baby. I appreciate it and you're close of the thing. You're becoming a supporter. Welcome to the exclusive Z fam, Danny Gg, 100 Stars as well. Z, send a bday. Shout out to my friend Rico Lopez Rico. Wait, It's your birthday. and I love you. Leo David, the 300 Stars as well. Brian with 100. Ken with the 1000 Star tip. Casey with the 9 months to be a reporter. Uh Corey with the thirty stars. Thank you so much, Nick to the hundred baby. Uh Brandon Sanchez with 100 Gg's man Zach uh Zachariah, I think he's 100. Love seeing you with Tim and Much love. Zachariah. much love baby II. Uh it's a it's a dream come true. I'm not going to lie. I've looked up to these guys for years.

It's crazy to be within the same kind of **** lobbies as he's Freddie. Look at the 6400 Stars as well. Mi Holy **** Can we get a Freddy spamming up to the top of the generously? 64? going all night? Uh I'm You were saying Aiden wants to play so we can pick him up once Tim leaves. Yeah. Yeah. He's probably hopping on it a little bit too. So, we'll have a little little god. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Dan. Yeah, I'm doing the same thing as Tim. I'm kind of leaving this week. So, I'm getting a lot of streaming in tonight and then I'm I'm gone tomorrow til like Friday or some **** So, uh for me and my girl, we're going to into the woods for a little getaway.

A little getaway I rented. I rented that one of these one of those like little like glass spears that you can like sleep in and **** What the? Yeah, we're just going to go and relax for the very few days. I'm going to go to this corner right here. Okay, I'm with you on that. Alright, This is going to be a big win right here with uh I'm calling maybe like a lot of people is this guy? I think he's doing two guys landed right with us as well. a lot of people below us. Yeah. I don't have a gun. I don't have a gun there. Yeah. So, two two kids right here. It's the roof as well. I'm about to hit it too. Oh my god. There's a holy **** I don't have a gun skills.

What is that? one bullet. I got one dude. He was fine. I almost did that. Holy **** All I have is a Sixty-three. That was crazy. I have one gun and we would have been chilling but it took them all out. You're up next. Pistol wasn't cutting it. Dude, it is busy in here. Oh, yes, sir. Got their **** kicked. They're all at this time. return to the front line. Fight is over. Oh **** bro. Oh my god. I got one person. and you've earned it. Coming down. Husk. I need to try to find a gun. We're going to land on the left side. Look for one. I was getting shot from gas just so you guys know. So, be careful like that way. I have a heartbeat but I don't think there's anything off the side anymore. The Gulag has like guns. That one verse. I really hate that.

Like I shot him. He shot me but he got the head shot with my luck, you know? Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I just think that's horrible. and the best Gulags are when it's just like the best like a three lanes and also like there's like eighty angles you can pick from. Yeah. I'm not a fan of it. I don't know. Yeah. there's people guess dude, I can't switch weapons. I'll try grabbing all this cash. Uh we can go push that if you want and we can raise him up I was going to arrest him real quick. I'll come back to you. They're that's actually people here. Oh, it's cool.

Yeah. Oh, they just got loaded like that too. That means they ain't bad, bro. Oh, you're crazy. I would have been fine if I didn't get Rpg. I can. Uh. oh yeah. I guess I'm going to land in gas. This is looted. Yeah, it was hit. Yeah. Hey, you got three coming right at you. Oh my god. Jesus. I like that over here.

He's **** nice, man. Every angle I push, they're calling me up. Uh Jeez. Travis, you get 100, man. Uh Chris A 1000 Stars. Brandon with the 200. Jacob with the 100 Stars. Carson with 100 as well appreciated you guys. Joel with the 3 months. Travis with 100, Oh, flickering 100. Uh hundred stars as well, man. Man, The **** timing was awful. I went to you after he got the knock and then it was like right as I got there, they've killed me or killed him and then I died I'll be the pilot. Nice. Malik can give you 2 months being a supporter. DBZ action. We're definitely going to be getting a lot of good action tonight. We're going to be playing with uh Husk. Uh we got some games with Tim already right now. He's he'll be hopping off soon.

Probably going to be playing with Aiden in a little bit. You got a team right in front of me? Yes. Yeah. It's like people are everywhere in this one, huh? Yes. **** that. Uh I just saw it. Didn't let me run. Hey, you know what? I guess that one wasn't meant to be, huh? No. no. People are just there. Yeah, Just freaking all have an accident. Roy to the fifty stars as well. Jameson to get 100 Stars Maxi in 100 as well. Uh how come you're in today's Sparty to uh because it had a eight uh well uh I think it was because they had an eight 9kd cap and I have a six 9kd so I would have had to play with someone with a a two KD and below and there's not too many people with with uh it's just it's just not really that fair.

9kd Captors I'm not really a big fan of uh because KD doesn't mean anything. I have a six 9kd a 5.9, whatever. Um and that doesn't mean **** I know people that are on my same skill level and they're playing all the 20s. I play it and they have 2.53 K's and it's because they just play solo squads all day and **** like that. So, they have a a higher so they lower 9kd even though they're still as good. You know what I mean? So that's that's kind of that's kind of why the KD caps like it's a good it's a good it's the thought that counts. You know it's a good good man. I almost pulled off like the trifecta of a lifetime. It's a good thought but it doesn't really It doesn't really do anything. you know III had like two knocks and I had no ammo and II.

Like I closed the door to bait them to come into the door and I laid one and I got a melee hit on the other but he didn't die. It was like almost perfect but I choked almost doesn't count, I guess. into the area. I forgot to shut up my 1440 P monitor. the watch the skies. I just got it in uh the other day. Are you on 1440 Husk? No, I went back. It's a 1080. I went back one because I just don't like using the twenty-seven inch monitor and two, it it come FPS by like thirty really Yeah. But when the new intel processors come out in like December, I'll probably get a new PC and then I might switch back. Nice. I'm going to give it a shot for sure. Take a look. See what it's all about. that you already were on it.

No, no, no. I'm on, I'm still on my twenty-four and a half inch Just normal 240. here you guys golf. Do you want? I want golf in like 2 days ago. II need to. It was 106° out but I still went. I gotta I gotta I'm going to start going like hot days or something Helicopter here. It's way too late for this but I'm going for it. **** it. Oh **** Alright. now I'll go hangers. I'll go hangers. I'm going to come right to hangers. I just. Alright. all in the A. hostile. The I'm here actually. I think everyone was super. Maybe this is going to work out great for us today. I actually sat down and watched the golf. What was that tournament yesterday? I can't remember the name of it. It's kind of the like the end. Whoa. Oh my What? Johnny sins. That guy's my plumber. survive and you can be deployed. That's your plumber. I thought he was an astronaut or some **** I think he um Jack of all trades.

Yeah, he does a lot, man. What's it look like? You're just like bounty. It's my what? Yeah. I have like an OTS and iron. So, I'm kind of flows. I'm I'm going to take this out. Okay. Wow. Someone in chats said that it's their doctor. Oh, wow. They're what? Johnny Sims is their doctor as well. Get ready to fight. You're next. I think he, I think he's the one that saved my house from a fire the other week too. Holy **** Yeah, he's everywhere. He is everywhere. I think he delivered a pizza to me the other day too.

The multi talented individual and he's a multi. I don't know where he finds the time. honestly. Alright, time for a little TimTheTatman one before. See if we can make it happen. Yes. time to you. Holy **** dude. You got your **** kicked in that one. We're that's that's enough to win the game, dude. I am trashed. is my Amos is set to **** like something else. Standard dynamic. Am I really Am I washed? Holy **** dude. I was all over the place right there. I take a gunfight. I go out of here Get out of here. Get out of here. That's it. It's like I don't have enough ammunition in the clip. ground is at the season out of ammo. Oh, dude. I have a splitting it. I have a migraine right now. It's not feeling good. What's this chopper doing? What the **** I'm done. and I won the Gulag.

You little grief. Does anyone need them? She had zero aim assist in the Gulag. I love it. I was like, oh, you Get down. Oh god. How does this little **** rat get up behind me? And I have no **** idea. Where the **** did you come from? There's one above you. Yeah. Nice to the one on the right. I would. I have a weird sense. This game shooting at you from over there is the guy that killed us at hangers. It's tingling in my cock. in their sight. I feel the same. I feel like I'm lagging or something. to the exclusive. uh Chad Warren to 3 months of being a supporter, baby.

uh to get a 145 Roy to get the fifty as well. The good news is I think the bounty team and the hanger team just like ran into each other. Great. Yeah. probably be able to find a little cash in here here for Yeah, they didn't believe it. It's like little seven little stacks in a row. UAV overhead. Yeah. Show me your money. Here you go. Like it's that. Thank you. I'm going to keep looking for money. 800 damage. I'm in agony. Yeah, they're fighting the factory. That's lit. It's lit. Thanks for the help.

Oh, they're already here. I'm dead. No, you're not. I'm coming. I'm dead. I'm going to be dropping into the AO as well. Where are they? Husk? I can make it and see if they're outside. Oh, **** Oh my god. Yeah, there's no, I'm I made it in fact or super. Yeah, I'm up now. We just made him in close quarters right here. Hey, can you guys from hanger do me a favor? I know you can hear me. **** off little rats That'd be nice. These **** guys. Bring him in. Bring him in here. I literally have the smallest ball sack I've ever seen. I do Okay. Why are you just sitting there, dude? got close to you. I just whip do them there. What is the hit rag? What is the bullets? My name? Someone clip that please. You gotta see the **** hit rig that I just got on this guy. Oh my god. Oh my god. Tony Montana. I'm not giving you nothing. You're not getting any clip. You're not doing nothing. That's actually. I'm just going to back out.

That was the guy that was the hanger team. Yeah, your **** **** You're going to push this in the storm from hanger. Suck my **** **** bro. Robert to the fifty stars, baby. Oh my god. I'll be right back. I need to go get a **** Advil or something. One that I in my head is killing me right now. I think Aiden's ready. sauce them an invite. You said Aiden's ready? Yes. Yeah. If you want Huh? Yeah, it doesn't matter. Real quick. If you want in discord. Yeah. Yeah. 100%. Alright. I gotta talk to him, bro. He grieved the **** out of me in that tournament. Chad, What do you mean? I've got no cake. I literally have one of the fattest **** Grab some some target practice while you can. We're deploying soon. I'm here. Welcome. is Aiden in here? Good morning. Hey, bro. What the **** are you doing in that private match? Leave me the **** alone.

Alright, I have a match. He's a part of it, bro. I don't know. you. remember that? You literally killed the plant when you guys are. You guys **** see us. Yeah. See, let's not talk about that. I mean, we ran into you guys literally the most out of any team in that tournament which is just not what I wanted in my life. I mean, yeah, I knew all the Youtube stuff was happening. I had to take off. He had to had to take advantage of that opportunity. I had to stream open Thanks for supporting over here on YouTube Gaming, man. I appreciate that. Yeah, of course, bro.

How the game has been going boys. The hacker has been. it's good and then they've just really gotten bad like I want to use a sniper and like have a good time but I literally, Timmy's are home for Labor Day. Alright. Yeah, that's I found a Tylenol shot. Oh my god. It's it's been worse. I I've definitely I've had worse days now worse. So, yeah. Hey, daddy. My boy. two of my ex teammates.

**** dude. in the same call. we **** This is embarrassing. How many Tylenol do you guys usually take extra strength? Five at once. Oh, uh it's supposed to take Max four at once. I just took one. I don't know. I mean, I probably ask your doctor. I'll **** know You should ask Johnny sins your doctor. Yes, I forgot. I'm going super and I'm going super cute. I'm going to be in this lobby, Tim. I love that energy out of you. Yeah, these guys are pissing me off like I have to use an AR right now and I'm pissed. People are telling me to take two. Oh my god. I'm sorry. I didn't come here. I'm here. You can try to come up if you want. They're all going to jump off. Got all of them. One more just like he's on the other side. Okay, I'm watching the door. If he goes in, I ain't no video games. No. he taught me just like you taught me Fortnite. I remember when you talk me out of it. Fortnite. Let's go. I'm down.

Go for it, baby. Oh, there's no one at super. That usually means lobby usually. Yeah. Yeah. One corner. I didn't check I'm going to meet you guys there. and we got a free over here, bro. Oh my. I'm shooting Gg Ls at me. That's him. We can grab a loaded. You got that kind of money? Yes, we do, baby. It smells like pumpkin apple in my room and I'm like getting too much or not.

This is not good. That's a good **** Like you can't go wrong with that. Yeah, It's like September 1st Alexis. like it's time Come on. I got you. Alright, I'm going to try and snipe because I think it's a lobby. I got money for you. Nice. deployed to the A. There you go, Timmy. Oh, you got it for me. Oh my god. Oh Hey, I got a trophy for this as well. Oh, this guy has four 9kd in his tags. So, I am going to win He dropped him off there and leave.

I got this **** Watch this. UAV. There's a guy. Oh my god. Wait, they got the alley and they got loaded. They're probably actually descent. Let's This guy blended in with a **** lockers II. Couldn't see him. I'm coming to me like I was fighting a **** chameleon in here, bro. No, that's going to actually is dark. I had that happen earlier. You can't see **** Oh, this guy's getting back in the alley. We need Yuri. I got Y money. I mean, I have AU and pocket We gotta get this team out because they're going to be these clowns. I'm he's no, they're just flying with the helly. We're not catching them. No, it's just one guy in that. We got it on top. It's just one guy. He's going to try to fry our **** I think we just throw it and take his hell. Yeah. **** it. Oh my god. I got a 31 year old father with a poor kid.

You got. that's embarrassing. You just like that. Hell yeah. Yeah. I'm fire. We've got moving in. Hey, you want to fly this **** It's like mad easier. Yeah, I got you Think someone landed back here at police as well, Tim, there's a guy in this house on me because he's just so you know, I'm having this. Oh, you need some. I got you.

I got you. Hold on. I'm going to put it down here and we'll fight these guys. Got these plates here. I'm going to drop down on this guy. I think I'm going to drop down on him. I feel one of them is going to try and take our alley. I'm going to target me me explosive. This guy in the sky is uh still floating above. I'll get rid of him. Get rid of him, baby. Yeah, I just hit it. I see him. I see him. up that shoot. That was that was a kid top. uh top report. coming back. I'm going to buy a quick UAV and then I'll I'm going to pop them. I'll fly down to you. I'll get this in the air. I'm going to buy a stack of plates too. Tim, there's two more right here if you need. Alright, I can get a UAV as well. If I shoot it. That's Tim live on Labor Day. Yeah. just work so hard. You've got this uh got that bounty up. Um all you see that? Yeah.

he's coming right at us. That's probably a friendly. He's hang on. Hang on. There's What a guy. Okay, Tim. I think you're lying about about these guys. but I mean, earlier, I said, these are some nice stream snipers, man. These are some nice ones. Is this bounty on you and bro? Yeah, there. I don't know. They're like running or some **** Calvary's coming. Hey, we're coming in. Double double Hei up. It's ratt like in these crates somewhere. Oh, I see one of them in. Oh, Where's the trophy on that? I forgot. Oh well, he's on the for you. II. Don't know There they are. They're running. My god. I'll get them in the air. I'm going to get you guys a Uv I got down low is the one shot in the front of the Oh no. We have one gone. That's my last ping right there. That's all I got.

I'm popping a UA. These guys are like out in the open right here. You see that UAV entering the Ao. Never mind. I was trying to blend in with a **** tree. I need a Scooby in the alley. Yeah. Yeah. Um here in the air, I'm trying to A. you need a Sure. Sure. I'll message you. I'm you fly. Yeah. Yeah, I'll I'll be advised. Oh, let me up with that tack Rover. Yeah, me too. Nice. Oh, wow. That's really really making sure all that shot, bro. I'm about to real quick. Hey, can I have that? I have that.

Uh let's grab another UAV here. please. those people. rolling up in here. on my a glitch. No, no, no. He's driving over here. He's one shot. One shot. One shot. I miss every boy. Oh, he's so **** one. explosive. He go, he went up the stairs. Yeah, yeah, I heard him. I'm coming out to you. Hey, you got a ton of armor and **** I don't know if y'all need.

We're good. I'm on. I'm chilling. Don't need that. Yeah, we'll get it goes. Nice. Nice. You. I'm coming. Don't leave without me. I'm going to get a UAV. Then, real quick, we're going to wait for him. I'm going to get this car and push Sos. Anyone got plates? and yes, I know I'm just a **** guy that I have like, no, Alright. I know everyone **** hates me right now. That's okay. That's fine. Let's go, man. Hey, you can buy me AU. I'll hold it. Yeah. yeah. Thank you, mister Jas. No problem. Oh my god. The towers over there. They were pumping.

I got oh, there's only one guy in there, man. on the roof here. maneuvering two of them. dude. This guy's underarm. I know it's us too. How would they know? I don't know. How do they know? It's not like they're **** We're streaming. It's got at the very bottom. Thank you. Alright, I'll pull this off real quick. I'll let you guys have your way. I'm here. We've got grabbing a quick UAV here. Oh yeah. Mine's ticking. This guy's, this guy's guy's downloading. He's he's like in the staircase. Nice. Timmy, Let's go, baby. Eddie, you and kill you. You are correct, sir. There's a there's a couple hospitals where they're in for That's your bounty does dude. Yeah, I think it's I think it's two. I think there's two and you're getting left. Yeah, there's really three I think.

Oh my god. Are you get us? We can come. No, I got this. You got that. Okay. **** it. I'm my dad to daddy. I'm **** quitting. We're going to the hospital then. and you have a really fat **** that's covering our view. We actually can't see where we're going. Do you like that, bro? Yo, wait. Why is this car leaning, right? That's weird. Why is this car **** I'm skinny now bro. I'm a lean 252. Alright, that's that's left in me. Top of the tower. Oh, there it is. He's down up there but I'll see it. It's full. It's always go up here and I die. I'll be uh I couldn't believe he's right now.

Oh, **** **** I'm dead. Oh my god. You're dog Water. Oh, you're **** teammate saves you. I have one knocked over here. One uh one dead, one knocked See, I hit that guy one time. That's it. I kind of choked. I'm chilling. I'm chilling. Did he push in on you? I knocked one again. What's he is he's going on? They're on me. I'm hit. I'm hit. He's on the other side of the gas station wall. Nice, Timmy. Beautiful. There's a bunch of people fighting by the ravine right now.

Alright, I'm going to head over there. I'm going to get your money real quick here. Yeah, I'm on the way to you. It's two teams here. Uh drop your money too. There you go. You said at Ravine? Yeah. Like right here. I just got two of my posts I think. Alright. two teams. So, there's so there's going to be a couple. It's Chad guys. You know, we got the job done. He's alive. Everyone **** relax. Relax. and I miss some shots. Yes. Is he fine? Yes. Oh, I see the team in the. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. One's close. One's pretty close. I'm getting out and going around. Nice. We're chilling. We're fine. We're fine. One's pushing. One's pushing. He's not.

What is that? So it's a boy. One more. We're here. Over here. White marks. Oh, one more. One more. One shot on me. One shot on me. Nice. Oh my god. I want to kiss you. I want to kiss you so much. I want to lick that. I literally, I just let him. I ran at him like a **** warrior. I saw it. I love it. Good job, boys. You're so **** strong. Nice. Is there more this way? Are we going? Uh I'm in there. Yeah. If there's more than **** **** and we're good. there's a buy to the 60. No, straight ahead. Uh they bought back over here and I'm I'm I'm going to hit that guy right here. I'm going to go back as well.

And this thing's a bullet, bro. Like, I don't even want that. I got you. Got him. Alright, I'm getting self I got another UAV in my pocket. I'm going to go. Oh, here. Tim. can I take your money? There you go. bro. You don't spend it all in one place. He is it. Oh, these guys are fired. Alright, I'm sanding it. with my one HP car. I'll probably get tagged twice. Car get disabled. get **** walked in the middle of the open and it's all good but I do a stoner cavalry Lancer barrel earlier. Oh, that blew up and literally milliseconds. Really? That's right. About my second story. but they give him the sauce. He went up to the roof. Don't be ghosting in there, bro. On the tower. Okay, Wait. There's no shot. Tim. Tim. Wait. Is this husky ready? I'm going to throw this armor box and you try to shoot at midair.

You ready? Wait, wait, wait. hold on me a real quick. Alright, I'm ready. I'm Shane. Are you ready? Wait, I can't shoot your box. You can't. Oh, **** Be advised. Uh I'm shaking. The guy that got me is top. Oh, **** Don't worry about it. guys. The guy that got me his top bank and he got me with a RPG like he misled my vehicle. He's he's probably dog water. I'm not exaggerating when I say how's this guy is staring at the ladder? left. the uh I mean, I have ammunition. You have like empty. I've got his voice back.

He jumped out. He jumped out, Jumped out of the tower. Yeah. Yeah. Come to the top of the roof. See what he got his boys back in boy. and a legend. dude. But you flew. It flew in. Hey, what? I thought I might have been a glitch. I'm in the back house if you want to. I don't know if you want to. Wait, what? The top? Oh, he's uh. I'm not going to get the bounty in time. I think that's a it's just a it is It is the guy top bank missile locked on my vehicle. I got out for like literally 10 seconds got back in as the missile was flying at me. I figured he just stop. What a **** unit dude. I don't know why it took him so long to do Oh In your defense. It was Tom Cruise apparently. So was it. Okay, we're out of time.

There's a couple over here. Hey, I didn't see a single shot on this guy Is he like all the way up or no? Uh he's like going up the hill. Yeah. he's about to be all the way up. I'm chasing that Andy going right there. What? Is that? The? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. right there. I bet these are the boys from fire. Oh, that guy. That means my god. Top stadium. Wow. Is it popping? We gotta take out stadium team first. I don't know where this kid went up here. is he? He he just was running up the hill here. He should. I don't know. He probably dipped off somewhere. It's a car. I see him and he just left Alright. Full disclosure. I was, I don't know how to fight around here. I'll take this. I don't need really to be honest. I don't know how to get it. We're at the other end of the stadium.

Two of them are They're like right down this hall. You're like holding your hand. Yeah, he's right around this corner. Two of them. It's going to be one more close left. Wait. one going up. I got your back. I can Got the guy that ran away. Nice. It's got one. I might have jumped down. Yeah. We got need to jump down. It kind of got the down guy here. I don't know where his teammate is though. Uh they're in front of me or something. This guy, this guy's shot. We should be on the city hall line up or something. Thank you. because he's an authentic. I got a zero plates. over here. I got you There's one for armor right now. **** Oh, mighty germ. Are those people still on the right or did you kill him? That's my station back here. Uh no, I don't think so.

I don't know. I killed two guys up here next to this by on me. Uh maybe they rotated. Yeah, I think they did II killed him up here. I killed him up here. They probably rotated up please. Chad, we're not spamming for me to get AI. Don't want to have a satchel, right? No way. Someone on your. Wait. What? No. No, I'm good. I've I've died every single time I've hopped on one of these bikes. Let's get it. Hey, You can do it. We're all all that just to go to this buy and get off and buy Aiden. guys. It's tragic. There you go. Sorry guys. Alright. Oh **** Oh **** In the building of the north. Uh drop me money. It's like my place. Here you go. Here you go. Here you go. I'm coming at you. Oh my god. This is the perfect time for the what the **** Here. Drop your money. Husk. I'll buy as well. Yeah, he's I'm cheating. He's **** cheating. Where's the house that I killed that? I'm going to try to get up on the hill right here.

I just cooked one of these kids on the right side. What the **** was that? But this one I'm going Uh oh. No. Get an angle. Oh, I got an angle. I got one of them knocked. Knocked on the window. That's Hold one of them. I **** hate this game. Oh, let's boy. Knocked one up there. Heads. There's one more in here or Oh yeah, he's up here. Top of the ladder. On top of the ladder. Nice. Got him. I'm going to clean it up. He probably had if I had to. guess what? It's another guy. Oh my god. I got him. Nice. Nice. What are you using 10? Nine millimeter Smg sniper but uh it look like it's kind of fry in there. I got you. Sorry. No, it's all good. Thank you to uh I like this thing a lot. I just wanted to, you know, it's fun to run around with but the pro's the ammo, it fries but yeah. Oh, I see him aiming at me, bro. I got jumped off.

He's going to be over that hill. Another in the vehicle. One shot in the vehicle. One shot. Everyone's a look. the table. Still got load up. Oh, Timmy, you you missed that. That's embarrassing. I know. it's you got to do. That was just crossing there, right? Yes. I think there's still might be a team on the big red building. I was sniping somewhere on big red before all this went down. Yeah, he is. He is. He's sniping. Big red. If you get a ping on him, let me know. They're jumping down. They're going to be on gas station. It's close. I guess I'm in the other one explosive.

I dont think it's just a **** god. convenient for me. Oh **** One more on this I'm I'm complaining the show. I can't wait. I think they're right. I just got shot from. Are you sure? it's 124 is moving in. I'm telling this down if you want. I'm chilling. Where they are. You sure? I'm going to to go far left here. I got a snipe. So, I'm going to try to keep my distance They're right up here on marking. Alright, let's go boys. Oh, one that probably up on the top. huh? Moving all the way over. I'm in a pretty **** mean spot. Oh yeah. You're in a really good spot. See him jumping in the **** mean. They're going. They're going far left. I can't. Top of the hill. Nice. They're actually going to be in a pretty nice spot as well. Can I climb please? I kind of want to get to this rock before they do I might have all wrapped left already. Hey, one of them definitely did already. I'd literally put my bank account on Youtube.

First. Is this for? Yeah, this is a good start. Yeah. Let me see something to let me get there. I'm on. I'm right there. where the disappointing. You know, He has two down. Yeah, I already have two down. I should've called that. on. I'm about to double my back. Let's go. Amy. Let's **** go. Double the bank account. That bank accounts. Good job, boys. Gg. What a nice way to end that one is diapers support or is a sub.

It's kind of hot. I hate that gun. I **** hate it. Wait, what? What? what gun? Do you like it? I don't like that gun. The EM two M two. Oh, are you talking about Is the AR? Or maybe maybe it is because I've only tried it as I just feel so slow with it that I don't enjoy using it. Yeah, but you gotta you gotta use to build aiden II saw you. I dropped the Fifty-six with that the other day. It's a **** insane gun. The EM with a sniper. Yeah, I think I was using the one that that I think it's a weird one. I thought you used the one is the I used it as like a kind of a SMG.

I put the micro reflex on it. I put a forty round mag. Yeah. Yeah. forty Round mag uh task force barrel, No suppressor. Uh I think I used I think I used the serpent wrap to make the ADS speed really nice and then a Raider pad or some **** Gotcha. It's not the last one is pretty much the same thing. I'm not using task and I'm just using Tiger Team Oh You're moving around. Um like I use as a. yeah. Do you like it a lot right now or you kind of meaning it or? No, I think the OTS is the best. It's better. Yeah, I agree but it's agreed. It's really good. Like if you got, if you got Nerf, I might I would maybe use it Oh **** It was a fifty-eight. now Fifty-six. Yeah. Can you stop flexing? So no, no, no. I just wanted to make sure I got that right. I just want to make sure I got that right. We get it bro.

You're No, you're fine. Okay. okay. I get it. I'm a 31 year old father. I could barely keep up anymore. god. I told you I was just getting angry because I forgot. So, these kids these days, you know, how old are you? You're mad young, right? Yeah, I'm Twenty-two. I don't know about you. and I really have thought about you. Slide cancelling in real life. That clip. Oh my god. Multiple times. I love that. Just randomly, I'll do it for you. It's just like randomly like crossed my mind like day to day. You know, I'll be at the bar like having a beer, watching a football game and nothing No thought about you or slide cancelling or warzone at all and then that image will pop into my head of you slide cancelling and I just laugh. It's like what comes into your head more slide cancelling or the one on the sink when I have no shirt.

This cancelling. I know. I love you should not post. That only appears in his nightmares. Not when he's thinking about good **** The fact that you look at you, look at that. You're like, yeah, I'm going to post this. I'm out. I really was Oh my god. Oh. and people are telling me, Tim recreate it. I'm like, no. Yeah. Oh, yes. I'm waiting for those man. You guys let me down, homie. I'm 31 with a kid. I can't let my kids see that in the future. Yeah, it's all good. man. He get bullied as **** kids The school will be like, yo, is this your dad? Yeah, I guess I didn't think of it. I didn't think of it like that. father, son challenge able to get the 200 Stars, baby.

Yo, are you on YouTube now? I mean, what? Come on, guys. I put two and two together. Rob, thank you to 500 Stars as well. Joshua with 100 Carson with the fifty stars. Manuel with the fifty. Thank you very much you guys. He's probably really smart. Oh my **** goodness, dude. just landed here and they all have missile. I'm going to hit it. I'm Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Oh yeah. There's two here. Three. How the **** are there three more people? They just run in there II. Don't know, man. I think that's two separate teams. Dead **** I don't have a gun to help you ask one sec. Oh, dude. I've done two Dude, I **** this gun sucks. The the gold pipe Sixty-three aims downside. Oh **** **** bro. What do you mean The Mt. Mt? What did I say? Yeah, Etc. The gold type 63 is actually nasty. You're that thing fries and we really just got ripped off like that. I got okay. I'm just. you cannot win. Okay. No, stop. Okay. I actually think I'm one more Gulags this session. I think you have. I think you have Let's see if I win this one. Probably not. I got your card.

That clap. Nice. Vladimir. the 90.9 Stars as well. I'd say, get your money back when you're playing a free game, **** Uh Phil to get a fifty stars to get the 45 as Timmy about his little car crash with Doc. I saw that on Twitter the other day. man. it's pretty funny. we can hit it. It was definitely pretty. a free daddy. landing on the roof. We got two daddies. Okay. threes Are you still playing? Seven. Seven. Uh Aiden. Look at this guy. Look at this guy. Oh, that's galore, dude. I love that. What did you just say? Yeah, I got I found two dead. He's down low also. Dude, I love throwing Betty's in the middle of the road. Welcome. Yeah, I bet you have a lot of that.

I guaranteed fourk. You really are that guy. Yeah, I give a **** on, you know, pathetic. I need this. That's there for you. I would like to I see Aiden. You **** suck. I'm sorry. Oh, come on, Husk. Oh, nice. Holy **** I got him. Nice. I was, that was sexy. That was a good shots right there. Those were good shots. Do we have enough for everything? I can't do that. Wait. Yeah, you do? Yeah, you do. not bad. She's a head out of his **** I'm sorry. Give me daddy. Um they're fighting neighborhood. I am inbound. stopping in. I'm landing up. Literally landing on us. they'll come. I'm surprised me. Yo, Rob, think of a thousand stars. Oh, he did have cons. Okay. but he flew back to tell you that you killed him. He said, kill me pussy. **** you, Aiden. Uh I was here. I mean, I heard gunshots. Oh yeah. They're on that Tv. Okay. Oh, that's convenient. I'll see you guys down here. UAV overhead. Dude, there's another Heli coming in.

That's definitely a friendly. That's definitely a friendly coming in. Hey, come here bro. I need a evac. Come on, Lay down. Let's go. Come on. Oh my god. What is this? You need to learn how to do this faster. Okay. Oh **** The little house I think are on the roof of this house. Catfish. Yeah. Alright, come here. You got something. I need you to fly the helicopter. Oh, I got you. Hold on. I'm grabbing some ammo and then I'm on the way. They bought over here. Uh I'm just uh this ain't my fault. Oh, um yeah, they're down the hill close to you. We're on, we're on the way, boys. We might. yo, maybe put me here. I got the Tundra in here. I'll put you on green. Put you on green. Okay. Yeah, I hopped yours. So, let's let's see. I'm I'm coming. Oh, I can get him every day II missed every shot. It's a shot on a down guy. I'm in agony. I got my baby. Hey, That's it. I want to take my dead silence please.

I got a trophy for this. Uh you're what? No, no, no, no one take my **** daddy. It's inside. Do not touch it. Huskers There's a trophy right there. You can put it on the heli if you want. Okay. Aiden. Aiden's about to comment your helicopter when I get in. Nice job. Alright. Do you trust the Controller player to fly? You want to see some crazy We bring us to the train tunnel Yeah. That's why you don't. I got a Cfour bro. Bring me over.

Oh, okay. Yeah, I have AI. Have a Cfour. I've we got the trophy first but he's getting out on the train. He wants to die. I'm going to execute him like actual. Wait, where'd he go? We say Gg man. I guess really sniping. Oh, really? He's going to leave like that, huh? Yeah, Hayden, I want to come back. No, no, no. We gotta be the **** you. No, **** you. At this point, it's in the now. Oh, okay. It's alright. Did you down him? Oh, I'm coming. **** thing Indestructible. Oh my god. Timmy, you can do it. It's a it's a mute here. Tim. Let me sit still. See if that's what it is. Yeah. there we go. What the He's on the SOS. The very right one. I'm in and out and that's like the one next to us right here. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, he's on the left side. The left door though like over there Who's there? He's right here.

Oh, there's one in the middle one as well. I down that guy in blue. I'm getting I'm getting the one on blue mark. Hostile dropping a going up. Hi, was beautiful. It was hot. If I die to that guy, I know you This guy's running. a tractor. lighter. Uh super I'm about to go there.

For the helly in the sky. Yeah, I'll hit a real quick. Oh, that's a full. It's a full. That's a juicer. Oh, but they're shooting me. I might just throw my hell in there. Knocked one of them. Knocked one of them. I missed every shot on that. There's people under UC because I'm at work. Yeah, I know. I just want to **** Here we go. All these kids. Here we go. Get him out of here. He's at the front part. We need I'm doing this for the boys. That's good job. Me. start cheating really quick. Hang on. Taking fire. No **** shot. You're dead. That could've been bad. It was almost bad. Nice clip. Thanks guys. Be sure to drop a like. are coming. I think it's at the back of super lasting on UAV Rather enjoy it all. I'm coming to fly that.

Oh yeah. You got that in beautiful I'm not punching that kid but it's only one kid I got another UA. I'm putting it up. Hold on. I'm dropping on these kids. You bought him? Oh no. He's going up the heck. Oh my god. He's a Timmy. Jimmy. Oh, wait a minute. I can't say that anymore. We're playing with Tim today. Yeah, that's some **** That's not fair. I'm not talking about you. It's all Timmy's except for you, Tim. I just missed that.

I got some dog **** Oh, wait a minute. This guy train is either a professional. No, he's cheating. Ticktock. Come on. He's cheating. Is he cheating? Do Was he cheating or not? I got out of my house, that's what that feels like. What'd you say about Ihop? Oh, **** It's a sniper. Alright. so you show me what people get inside. I'm on ZLANER. **** this kid up, bro. Wait a minute. Yes. You're okay. Put that on your **** Tiktok. Oh my god. **** dunk on him. Down the roof to you. stun grenades. They're **** amazing.

Going back in. it permanently disabled. Love it. This guy's under me. Yeah. Yes, he is surprised. He's gotten so good. It is super good. It's gotten so good. Needs to be nerd. probably II just like hit fire nerves. That's why I don't use it but it is **** disgusting how fast people die with it. He's biting you. is you're baiting. I got I got insane patients. He hasn't never seen this kind of patience for Oh my god. What was that? You see what I'm saying? He's he's in, bro. That was a stream sniper. He sacrificed himself for Timmy Tenders. These guys are **** something else, man. I think it's going to be Tiktok, bro. Good luck. The first guy that got world Star. Oh my god. You biting him. I'm going to see another bite. Oh, he's under you. I think he's under you coming up or above you. Yeah. there he is. It's not a but not an absolute clinic right now. I know you're on pace for like fifty but you can get me the **** up.

I'm getting you. Oh my god. I haven't stopped **** fighting. These kids will not give me a break. They are 100% stream typing. Let me go get you up. It's a good looking at. Oh, that's a random. Hey, **** you co dumb **** I ain't **** like that. I'm going to get off and don't try out bass and a business. That's a freebie. Okay, let's not talk about that. You're a cheater. You missed a lot. Yeah, let's not talk about it. You have have back and forth players are when it's like past thirty meters in a buffet. Yeah. I think they need a buffet. No shots. No shot. You're getting that box.

UAV over here. This ain't the move. See Timothy. These guys are streams. Why do you go to the highest risk by stations? Timothy? I mean, uh you know what? If you're you're live on Facebook, I'm here. I believe he is a trust me. Trust you. Oh **** These guys are down there, bro. Two. They're getting a lot of **** clout right now though. I'll tell you that. What did I tell you? Oh my god. I trusted you. You're my boyfriend. So, I trusted you. If I die at this load out, **** chalk me. Okay? I have four C's on twenty.

I hate my life. be like that sometimes. Got the right here. I believe I'll sniper, disregard Thank you. I'm like 90%. Sure. Yeah, I did. Where Yeah, I'll push him with you. That's No, your **** teammates Sniper. I can't hold him. He's in the room. If you can get that guy, I'll kiss you. I'm going to get him. He's oh, there's two. Oh, that's I got I got plates com. I'm live. Oh my god. I got two Nice. He's coming to the roof. I can look. I'm good. I'm good. I got work. He got work. Let's go. Beautiful. You're so **** hell. Oh. Use. Did not have it bro. Thank god. Was there more people fighting factory or something? Remember that guy that flew in that you didn't that you know, here's where II know I killed that.

I ended up killing that guy. Yeah. But it wasn't a team shooting at him. He was there was somewhere around that area. Yeah. UAV entering the nothing on the over here. I'll There's an airstrike on this guy over here. If anyone needs it. I'm getting the bounty I'm not going on it right now on the front of illumination. I'm going for that bounty. I'm here. Oh, there's Thirty-three people at. What the **** Yeah. What happened to this lobby? to He he he killed them all. I think I'm hosting. No, it's him. It's hosting so let me give you the wrong. I get pretty for Aiden. We'll get. Yeah, Aiden probably gets pretty bad ones too. They're to hosp Be ready. Aiden. VPN. So, we should let him host. I'm going to uh if you want, I'll get a cluster and you can take a zip line up. Oh, **** how good he is. Low overhead. The inbound. Someone down here. Us. Uh it's over here.

Almost knocked one up there. I'm going to have precision and zip. Come on. Do you want to go together? Stay away from me. Away from me. You want to see the opposite at the same time? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You could, you could uh airstrike this time. I can see it. Okay, I'm going to do with you. Okay, Go. Go. go. I'm going. I'm I'm there's multiple up there.

It's not just the crown, not just the crown. I'm dead and pushing this kid. There's three of them. Nice. Well done. Very well executed right there. Nice job. That was pretty sick. Chad. Everyone's saying cheater. this cheater that let me just clear something up. I have the aim bot. Okay? Oh, I'm **** dead. I just bought a UA. I just I don't want to drive. You want to drive? I gotta get clips. A lot of people here. We're going in the thick of it right here or we can go. Yeah, we'll go. We'll go. There's three. There's three. I'm holding the ladder down. These dudes ain't doing **** We're on the way. All the way. All the way down there. They can stay the **** down there, son. Be advised, UAV is bingo fuel. I'll I'll start shooting my pistol at him. in that back room. I think I'm right to the one. One more in there. Day. Day. Day. Day. Wow. Oh my god. don't know where that was from.

I'm going to hurt There's someone on top. There's someone on top. No, that's me. brother. Where am I getting shot from? Is there someone that is there a guy in the wall? are. You guys are hearing those shots, right? Yeah. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. Wait a minute. There's someone in the wall. You guys hear that? What the? Where the **** is this guy? Dude? What the **** is he in the tree? What? Okay, Are you guys trolling? Is someone trolling me, right? What? That? He's invisible. No, dude. He's invisible. Yeah, he's invisible. Oh, bro. What? Where the **** is he? Dude, I hear it's like he's in my **** head. It's like I'm shooting. Yeah, that's what it sounds like for me too. Maybe it's just a great dude. He's behind the wall. I thought it was a decoy. Husky's using that stupid **** bearing. What? I don't know what you're talking about right now.

Oh, it is Husks. you little trolling rat. That was good. Oh my god. I forgot that was even a thing. What is that? The EM two? No, the bullfrog You shoot with the bullfrog, your team. Here's the **** Yeah, it sounds like it's coming out of your gun. Yeah, you can go ahead and drop that **** What the **** You guys can go on my my OBS is I gotta fix that. Okay. Okay. Oh, on top of uh on top.

Right top, right? Is he hit me, bro? Um that just made me angry up White House to jump to us. Anyway, I'm going inside here. Tim. go ahead. I'm in Where are these guys at? On the roof? Uh top. White top. White Uh oh. **** One's down low. No, I'm dead. Oh my god. I got one top way. I'm going to try and cluster thirsty for Aiden's safe.

Are you talking about this way? Yeah, that way. I'm looking. I can't see him. Oh, that's a no. I just knocked a guy on our load out. Yeah, he's a cluster on top of the roof above me. Hospital. Oh my god. One shot. Uh Top. White's still going to be up. Aiden. Oh, that Alright. isn't going to try it out. **** off, bro. Little **** I don't have any. is sniping me. I think I got that guy. Yeah. Yeah. I think I was the one that's right there. There's one right here. Yeah. Oh yeah. He's gotta jump. He's going to jump. I got it. And there's a team like he's dead.

Yeah. Yeah. I think so. Oh my god. Get **** shot. Thanks, baby. No, you killed the guy that was top hospital. Uh well, he, no, he was on the part where I am. I think jumped off top hospital though. Yeah. that's on top. There's a top shots. I just now I don't want to bet. I'm just like Pepper him down. I'm down the the green ping bro. Right at that rock right there. because I'm goated Oh my god. There's a guy on the roof. I think on the roof. Yeah. On my roof. I think I'm here. Oh my god. This guy almost Cali. Me. Couple of guys on his birthday by the way. So, there's a team on the birth and unknown. I'm going to fly that bro. I'm at it. I'm in. I'll fly with you when I say that I am. What was that? I run this **** over bro. Run this **** kids over. I'm sideways floating to it. This is like a **** this bird is over weight capacity, bro.

We can't get up the hill. Oh my god. Oh, what the **** man. Timmy, get out of my **** way. guys. I'm stunned. No, no, dude. a **** bet. I'm stunned. I got precision. I'm running distraction. for my voice. Yeah. Let's see. Okay. You don't have to, you know, look at that. That I found one II. Found one. Oh, wait. that's me. The precision killed me. I'm dying. Hold on. Hold on. I'm I'm I'm plating and I'll be right there. I'm sorry. I'm crawling. They don't even know they're down me, Dude, I almost knocked one. Oh my god. There's a lot, man. You got money. I got one. is mine. This is mine. This rock I do that. Put him down. Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah. 100%. I saw him out there. I have **** walls. What are you talking about? I killed him. Oh, never mind. Okay, I'll take it back. He's down on our load out. He's got a he's got a come out. My walls didn't work.

He's down here. Is he like on the wall or something? He's behind the wall. He just finished me. He's he's uh I'm walking up to the tree. That's the last guy, right on the the Huskers. You can it. Let's go, baby. Oh my god. There's another W. back to back. Back to back. Beautiful work. like winning games is so easy with the squad like I don't really ever play with the squad. This is just so easy. I mean, actually, you did drop like **** a nuke just to get us I mean, he killed like like a quarter of the lobby. That's why that was probably easier. Yeah, we don't really do all that much. It's all good, man.

No, I was, it was a great game. Alright, I'm going to do one more and then hop. So LG for me. That's it. Let's do it again. back to back to back boys. Back to back. Gg's baby. Nothing to fifty stars, man. Abel with 100 Stars. Let's get a GG spamming up in the chat. Ladies and gentlemen, if you guys enjoyed that game, we also have 10 thousand viewers in the stream. Make sure you take a second to go ahead and hit that like button. It only takes a second. It's completely free and it helps way more than you may think.

We're at 3900 likes right now. Let's see if we can how quickly we can break past 5000 likes. Literally if everyone took a second to hit a like right now, we've been hit 9000 likes. It's that simple, man and it's completely free and it helps to stream a lot and if you like that Thirty-six kill game, Take a second and do it. Also, take a second and hit the follow button If you're not already following the stream and you'd like to become a part of the GM today, go ahead and hit the follow button and last but not the least, hit that share button while you're at it again. Another thing that only takes a second to do and it's also completely free. We're at 141 Shares. Let's see how quickly we can hit 250 baby. Boom. Um Gigi's. What a great game right there, man.

What a great game. What a great little game. Baby. Baby. baby, baby. an aerial unreal. It's crazy, dude. What a great game, Jordan. Uh I think of the 11 months of being a supporter as well. Appreciate it. Brandon of the 90.5 Stars, Chris to give the 200. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. What a beautiful game. What a beautiful game. Alright, I said it's icy because my hands are getting cold. My nipples are getting kind of hard. Are we in it? Is this it? Yeah. It's just going to be the **** inside the default. forty-eight with uh ball sack Kilo. Alright, we're dropping 100 plus kills Timmy and I've uh put a ping What is your penguin when you're when you're on those Fifty-four? Oh, I'm on fifty. and it's not damn for you. It's for me. It um I get fifteen ping on. I'm on thirty ping. You get fifteen ping on those **** Yeah. because he's freaking Texas dude. Oh, That was central servers. Oh yeah. Yeah. okay. okay. Yes.

Crazy. Crazy. He's little baby. Oh yeah. Holy **** I'm feeling a strong sixty-nine. At least 69 kills this game. Love that. Let's **** go. I'm going for the tally. I'm going to do it if I can **** have something to say about that. Oh **** son. The three-way race. You guys want to play gifted on it three way. Oh, dude, I **** hopped so late. I'm just going going to hop the **** Yeah, we're all going.

To Oscar's just going to **** get this. Break your legs husk. Oh, **** Oh, someone else brought your legs. Got a guy right here. Gotta do that. I'm going to splat. I got the gold OTS on. I'm **** sending this **** I broke him if you want to fight him. Got him. I need to find a gun. You. Yeah, you better not take my legendary crate.

I'm right above me. Where's that Aiden? Oh, **** Did you hit that? I'm **** **** That was kind of hot. My left nipple is kind of hard right now. Yeah, he's down up here. It's pretty stiff. He bled out. He's **** embarrassing. Oh, he is. He didn't want to get finished. Hey, I just heard the door open. I think he's under me. I just found a heartbeat. Check that. Yeah, three of them. Three of them. Oh, I got a recon on. Who's that? What the **** What the **** One more on me. One more on me. I have one knocked. He's going to go for the rest. Probably. He's sliding aggressively Slide. cancel, bro. Yeah. One one here. I will not. I will not. Nice. You played your stuff.

I think he's he's a. Oh, he's down the hall. Got him. Oh my god. Oh my god. He's here. It's too close. Okay. Uh we can go by gamers. The beast. might be able to get a sniper. One of them. Anyone got more plates bro. I'm like, yeah, I got some I got a singular plate. I can buy you. Uh we're going to be here. We're going to be on the dude. Yeah, hold on. I'm sorry II don't know. Chop chop chop. Yeah, **** it. This I'm just, I just bought him straight up. Okay, I got there's one extra there too. Wow. He's one shot Unfortunate.

Let's try this out here. I'm on the he's got a right field, bro. These kid's not letting me in. Oh my **** god. What I'm saying? I don't know. know. He's got a right dude. I'm happy for him. He's pulling me. Yeah, I get, I'm getting any tender just right here in my full You got it for you. Oh, I had another guy, A bullet. I can't remember if I'm not That's all you look. I knocked one. I knocked one. I'm trying to get over on top of the hill so I can finish these kids. Alright, these dudes are annoying as **** I'm, can you take this chopper and kill this train team? Yeah.

You want to come with me? I'm about to I'm about to kill him right now. We're going to look over the top and **** uh I just want I want them. I want to watch them get eliminated. Oh, they're about to get eliminated right now. One shot in the hell that's coming towards you guys disabled it. He's going to hop out and he's one shot. I'm right here. They're not peeking me at all. Oh, I remember that kid. I got one of them. Not one of them knocked Nice. Get out of here. That's what you get. Alright. y'all can **** right off. You're doing a scavenger hangers. okay? You know how I killed. I killed. buy me a car. and now you gotta buy a car. Good luck. Yeah. Yeah. Gab right here. I'll have you What the? Oh **** He's already there. Maybe it's the only one. No, it's not. Hey yo. what is happening, bro? **** Hey, there's a bunch of people over um near as well.

It's kind of like body. Yeah, that's really good. Yeah. I'm using uh ammunition. I don't know if any of y'all need but I need a bed. I'm chilling. chilling. I'm driving. I'll have I'll have I want to be in that **** Uh we might get, we're here. I'm no, I'm no, I'm going to them just like pissed me off. Was that a safe? Bye. I don't know but it pissed me off too. So, I'm down. one. Oh, they're at hangers. One and two. One guy's crossing the whole thing might be two teams. Straight up. at deployment. on my wall. Oh, on the hill to your right. Kind of He's dead. He's dead. Thank you. Got you. Uh how he's flying at me? I don't know what he's doing.

uh Huskers kids over there in the hanger. It's in the hanger one. now, you're on my car. I'll be your car. I need you to be a little more like you know, vocal. It's you coming in like that. Okay. but they just they just buy right here. My high UAV. overhead. He did I just heard a guy on fire. I'm coming to you too. You're good. I'll try it. I'll put one more here. I mean, he he got ball. Oh **** Right here. What the **** Yo. Full full. Oh **** I'm disabled. Disabled Rex Rex. No, man. Got one. Nice. I'll try. Let's go, Timmy. Oh yeah. Uh if you can And then I got you. I'm I'm in a. I'm coming. Yeah. Grab it. Grab it. I'm in. We're coming out. Bingo. resupply. What's right in the middle here, Tim? Give it to him, baby.

Give it to him. Get him a lot. He's one shot. Oh my god. This OTS is **** amazing. cheating. Another on This one shot. Oh, it's alright, man. I understand. I **** suck. and **** Falcons me up. It's all good, dude. That's it. is a car coming at me. I'm going to, I don't have a Cfour. **** He got it on the hanger. **** it. I'm driving. I got back door. Yeah. Yeah. Bring me. Oh my god. There's one guy in the car. One. Yeah, just try it. It'll blow up. Oh my **** god. Oh my god. Up to him. My god. Timmy's on for his PR right now. Oh my god. He's flying away. He's flying away. Hey, look at this **** dude. That really you're going to tell me after show me your Craig. Okay, Mp, bro. What's up? That thing is actually really good II.

Because you're kind of a no. You just have everything I'm going to load it. go live. uh I'm going to Pop UAB. I'm going to I'm going the bounty. If you give me the rest, you want some of this? Holy **** There's a couple of kids. It's super my money on by four. Okay, thank you. Can give to those guys. Just landed right there. Literally. Hey, I'm coming to the where you guys.

Just me. They're fighting. Got him. No. just uh Oh. I got one kind of low bro but I had to unpack unlucky. I want to Hey, you. No, I'm dead. Relocating. You guys need. we're counting the husk, bro. Okay. That's how I die. If this guy's on the right here and you return to the front line, you Time to work. I've cracked three of these guys. I have an idea and you have like uh you have a shitload of kids right here. Yeah, I'm pushing him. I'm getting deep in that **** **** Okay. Oh **** I need you. I need you to look back at me. if you're, I'm I'll give you a hand. I'll give you a hand. I'm going to. It's going to take me a second to get there though, brother.

I mean, you're good. I'm just trying to get to this house, bro. These dudes are annoying as **** Yeah, I have no ammo. no plates. Bounty is I'm going to buy plates. I'm coming to you if I can meet you here, I can get my fully loaded. Hang on. These guys are chasing hard. I'm here to help. Wait, munitions here. Come here. You got ammunition. Nice. I'm going to come in here real quick. Hang on. Yes. Uh you might moving that mark as well. Once you do. Thank you. Make for Target. taking a peek up there. I see one of them. I touched them. I'm not sure when I say I broke him like four times bro. I got one of them. I think I got one of my kills. Did I have a try? Your teammate got a proper.

So we're uh I think uh I heard an explosion up there. I blew up the car. I thought they were going to try and chase with it. Here you go, Tim. I'll give you money on his body right there. Okay, I drop money. I'm going to go. I'm going to go push these kids. Yeah, I see one of them. Yeah, this guy's flying in. He's dead as **** Oh, he's broken. Wow. this is so good. Huge help. Huge help. Got him. right here. Yes, I'm pushing him. I'm scared of the fire. He's pushing your left.

I'm pushing his left. I broke top and these dudes are annoying as **** That one's like right on me. Gotta get an angle on you. got him. That's two. Yeah, there's another one. This is the one they rested. You didn't get the sniper out. Oh, he went back and rest. He went back and rest again. I'm putting so much.

He's pushing up. He's he's got a push up. He's gotta push up. Someone's coming in. This kid's about to get real. Right side on the quad. for a TV or broken. Broken, broken going up here. All you Timmy. boom. I'll drive. I'm out. up top, bro. Dude, I'm looking at him. He's like, I've been fighting them for 10 days. I can't see him. If you've got a lot more. I see one. I see one of the other kid's off the bar Here. pick me up. Pick me ups. Let's go get him. Let's get him. Yeah, let me, I gotta reload this. Go. Go. **** guys. loaded up. everything. You can hop out here if you want. I'll keep going around up here. we're going to be focused on me aggressively. one just cooked me husky. If you can look at me. Oh no, I'm plating. Yeah. It's like over that bridge. Is he weak? No. No. Got 24 meters in front of me. Two of them right here on that two down.

Nice job. finish. There's another one left here. I don't know. Oh, **** **** They're targeting me. Oh, the OTS at this ring sucks. I do have a gas mask. I might be able to crawl on the zone. Hold on. I got you. You see this kid? Do not have a mask. Oh, **** Sorry. I look to your right kind of I'm in agony right now that those guys killed me, bro. Agony. is closing in. Relocating in the safe zone. Oh, I don't even have enough money. Okay. You can do it, Aiden. No way. the way. No. Okay. This guy's No, I missed one of the shots. Nice shot. Nice shot. Oh, bro. That **** team that we run into is just slowed the **** out of that whole game. Um I have to put no more. I'm like two. Yes. Yeah, Timmy I love it off dude. I **** cracked those guys like if I had to count it probably thirteen times, Hey, congrats on four million Timmy. Thanks, bro. It's **** insane. We just said that. I gotta do one more of that **** That's crazy.

What's your stoner setup? Uh here's my stoner folks. If you guys want to take a look at it, Unbelievable. That was that's going to be a great Youtube video. The one before that game where I dropped the Thirty-six with uh Tim and it's going to be a great one. We had a nice, nice, big clutch up moment too. It's great. Uh let me see here. Jordan Proctor. Think of the 11 months of being a supporter. Much appreciated, baby. Let's get it.

Alfonso. Think of 100. 10100 Stars. Gyro with 100 stars as well. Kenny Tucker with 100 Stars Gyro with 100 Stars. Appreciate it guys. Ryan with 100 Mitchell with the 830. How is the Ironman going 0 SRS. Have a great day. Have a great one. I actually haven't been grinding, man. Honestly, I only log in like once a week for like 15 minutes and then I get off because I just have no time. Man's is one of those is one of those games where you really have to put an insane amount of time into your account. I mean, not not okay if you if you want a level 36 bro and II don't fully know. I wish I was showing my chat so I could see the clip that look sketchy though. name. No, I didn't see it. I just saw the kill cam quick and I saw his level. That was it. damn. Oh, we can run it back just to be safe. down for whatever. Uh Brandon, did you get the one gifted as well? Thanks for inviting me to play by the way, guys. and II got like 3 billion messages. Hayden wants to play.

So that's another another another everyone in my spam and hackers as well by the way. So, I think I might have also died to them while I wasn't looking. You know what? I'm just not I'm not you know, I don't want that one to be my last one. No, no. Try again. Try again. stars. Maybe that team just just tilted me. Hey, He hit fired with a kilo. Okay. right There was a hacker lobby. Gentlemen. Alright, let's go Chad Trenton. Think of the fifty stars, man. We need a Fortnite Daisy. Oh, man. Throw it back to the roots, huh? Throw it back to the roots. Hey, let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Alright, I'll even if I get like **** fried. I'm like hungry and I gotta see ruin stuff. Eric, think of the 200 Stars. Are you grilling No, not today.

I got like a little some I don't fully know what though to be honest. Hey, are you are you're in your own house now or are you living with like, no, just me and my girlfriend. Okay. Yeah, that's pretty nice. How's that feel? Uh it feels crazy. Doesn't the owner Yeah, that's weird. It's definitely **** weird. It's a great feeling. Yeah. Husk just got, I think husks in the same boat too. I think he got out of the house tomorrow. Yeah, 4 months ago. Nice. the area. Okay. So, I'm going to buy me a car in this game which is a good sign because he always lobbies. So, time's you're going to the **** up. What's up, bro? All he does is stream snipe and die. Alright, let's go. Uh Brett, you get the 1200, man. Can you show the OTS class after this for us please and thank you bud Brett, real quick. If you don't want to wait, you can't I can't show it after the after the game but if you go to my YouTube channel, alright, if you go to my YouTube channel, uh I have an OPS.

Uh I want to but I have an OTS class setup video just a few videos back if you go to my YouTube channel and then you scroll back a few videos, you'll see an OTS uh class video and it has it there. I'm not buying him a car show. Uh Luke the Stars think it'd be 1200 Axel to give me 300 stars with the 200. It's like a used car and he said, no, you know that really? Like he said no, like that wasn't enough for him. Wait, isn't he a kid though? I'm I think he's sixteen. Oh Like who? Who are we talking about? His name is buy me a car and Dennis said he was going to buy a car and it's been months and months and he never did and then finally, I was spectating him in one solo match and I said, you win. I'll give you two grand towards the car like as a payment and he said, no but it wasn't good enough for him.

I sure couldn't believe that. Low key. Want to throw that box down. Nice. Yeah, I got it. Alright, we got some people here that know what's up. One boy Ho down. Aiden one I'm I'm out here with you. Yo, they're **** going crazy here at the front row. Holy **** There's so many people down there just going in right now. in the window on top. Come on. I don't know what's happening right now. I'm so shocked. I just killed this kid and he shouted Aiden. out. This kid's a **** bot. Right here is a bot. Try it. I stop you. thank you. If you got, if you guys hold hands, you should be good. I don't I don't think this lobby is very good. So many people right there. That was a cluster. **** launched an advanced UAV. We're exposed. UAV overhead. I'm going to go buy Lodi. Yeah, I'm coming with you. Okay. It's going to be a good game.

The guy depleting here. He's oh my god. I see him. I see him. I see him. Hold on. Hold on. I can't. I can't see him anymore. Yeah, he's trying so hard to pull me. I have no angle. bro. That's so stupid. What a weirdo. Hey, was that kid that can't have T TV to say no, He's he's laying down. He's one shot. Oh, I missed self revived by the front door. if you guys want it, you want to grab it. It's right to your right in the corner. I got it. find the right inbound. I hear husky if you want to try to get them back. Yeah, we'll see if they win the goose.

Oh, they're going to they're going to deployed. Oh, okay. Okay. This is going to be a good game. This is definitely the lobby. This is definitely a my god. You're fine. **** it. You can grab that bounty too while you're at it. Yes. Here. Here it to me. Welcome Yes, sir. Just about each other. are UV going up. Where's his bounty at? He's at the top of this building and he's one shot and he's sniping. He's got a small penis. explosive. I've been been there. The last part was kind of unnecessary and really neat. Well done. Um there's people. laying on top of this. I'm going to do your thing. Are you **** kidding me? And now you just pissed me off.

No. No. Uh uh. You got him. I'll kill him. Yeah. I think he's on the opposite side of me. The opposite side of me. UAV over. He jumped off right there. No, did I think he did? Yeah, he's jumped off the other side. Yes. He's only one shot. You don't buy me a car. Of course. out here. Hey, I got you. Give up. Uh I mean, if we actually, can I fly to you? No, this guy's coming up for me. I mean, you could come get on their **** **** I'll just bleed out. Are you on the buy? No, **** it. Just go. You can kill these **** He's going to rest right here.

He's resting right now. You're good. No, I'm just and then you can land and we'll fight that together. Yeah. Here, I can I can fly this for you, Timmy and then I'll, yeah, I'll grab a UAV here. I got him. I I'm giving UAV and Pop. Yeah, I'll grab a UAV and then here you want to get a you can get a selfie too.

Yeah. Your money Give me give me your money quick. Okay. Okay. Alright. Never mind. Never mind. I could've gotten another UAV as we're we're we're good. I'm going to kill these kids first. I'm going to kill these kids first. Yeah. Yeah. Hey. hey. and hang out bro. I'm waiting. Hi, everybody. He's in the sky. a literal responses people that um uh people at Automotive want to fly over There was this **** I'm **** doing it.

I don't care. We're right here on the ladder. on the ladder on the left side. No, lay down. I'm **** overweight, bro. No, don't risk me. **** dude. I just, I just couldn't resist myself. Don't arrest me, man. I said this one out. It's okay. I don't understand the **** stupid. Shut up. Yo, can you pick me up? Can we just fly these guys? I'm going, I'm going up on him right now. Yeah, I tagged one up top a little bit if you want. Enemy soldiers incoming. I got down down a man. I lost Amos Explosives You down or he said, okay, I somehow. okay. I swear to god. I'll wait a minute. guy right here. Right down low. He's right here in the open.

Run into the you got me. I just ran in a **** circle. Shut up. Oh, forgot about to get some. I got shot ammo. I hear you. nope. III. do I got I got some I got some. No, I'm going to get out of here. Get out. Thanks guys. Thanks, bro. Why do all the pubs use the Sixty-five of the Because Jay got probably told him to. Oh my god. one of them. Exactly. No one's over here. This guy's on the run. I was kidding. I'm **** stunned again. dude. I'm here. I'm here. This guy loves me. You get this guy Husk. Yeah. I don't know where he went. That's gotta be him right over here. Oh, **** I mean **** Oh, right here on Husks. Why are you using the **** fire shotgun again? I miss him. It's meta. Come to us. OTS. It's just, I'm getting I'm getting this. It's going to get **** on.

He got he got work. I got you, baby. Mwah. Hey, bro. There are there are two separate teams that **** so we're about to like get it on. So, uh let's get it on three teams. relocating in the zone. I'm going. I have no choice. Alright, that's going to **** smash these kids, dude. We don't have a right. Ellie right here. Do you have a uh. Oh my god. I don't know where to you my man. That's probably a friendly. That's probably a friendly. Yeah, he's not anymore. What? Oh, hush. Give us a ton of people out here. Actually. Let's go out here on my mark. There was a bunch Holy **** I'm I'm getting what? I just right on the wall over here. Husk right here. Right here. Right here. Is it? Are you **** **** I know.

I'm going to jump here. I think there's people in here. Yeah, they're out there and run me over. Is he going to be back in here or something, right? Yeah, I don't know but he is in here. I want you to **** go in. Oh, Oh my god. Husky. You Oh **** This kid just got **** work, dude. **** out of him up here and nice help. I don't know how I'm not dead. He ran over it but here we are. I didn't pull him. I just let out. There is definitely more though. 100%, I like this but they're still fighting. I can't wait. There's no buy here.

That's for sure. Some more. I'm going to grab the La. Alright. Oh, wait. It's right here. They're They're right here. They're in front of me. Yes, I'm coming. right. One down one. down. Another one. Shot. It didn't take any damage That. No, not a bullet. Nice. Team white. You **** rats. Alright, give me a little Eva. Aiden. You're **** rat. Oh my god. Let's go to the by the uh load out because I gotta grab that **** Aye, captain. Holy **** I was joking the **** out of these kids. I'm going to drop you my money. I'm not laying back on him. I don't. I am too. But the show's kind of closing in on her stuff. Oh yeah. He's got thrown at it too. Uh I might just land on loading There I am. dude. I got a UAV in pocket A. Let me get ghost real quick. Okay? And then we can go. Mm hmm. Let's get it and then we can push up.

I'm dropping you guys plates on the thing. Am I going to do with this **** It's uh someone's stoner here tonight. Yeah, you can take that. Thank you. I'm a stoner. I'm a stoner. Uh we got plates and we got oh there's some here for both of you guys. A couple. Oh, alright. When we start going on, I'm out here. you know, **** it. Yeah. these kids all going to cross. Are you **** kidding me? He's one shot. Oh, my bad. There's a whole team on top of that. It's cracked up tower. He's going to jump He's already flying and guess what? Uh yo, can you finish this kid? He's still pressing, pressing, self pressing. I got, I got him. Nice. I just missed every shot that **** boys. I should have grabbed this guy. Oh, I'm getting sprayed out. I'm coming. The last thing on the UAV right there. I need a Eva Eva. There he is. me. my Uber dude. That would be sick if I hit that coming in. Oh my god. I've I broke the live, bro.

Okay, this is about to be hurry up now. There was a solo Shoot me like he's going to be like right here or right here. Right here. Right here. This thing's down. **** kill him. Kill him quick before he. Nice. Yeah, he's going to come back for this man. So they're aware. maybe they they might not know about Youtube gaming though. So they're trying to pull it up. You know, we might look out. Yes. I see shots over here. They're the Twenty-five. new people. Let's go. Where did that come from? Oh, uh top topper. Okay. What? Enemy dropping into the aisle on top. Green. You really did. You know what the for us. Got **** smoked. swapping too. is inbound. Don't worry. I'll I'll avenge you if you mark me to buy a house. I'm pushing this tattoos.

Oh **** Nice. It's on the right over here too. I'm going to actually go on that. Yeah, I'm going to go on that. You dude. This guy Oh, he's looking right at you. See, you're going to get fried. I'm getting shot from the Virgin Towers. Yeah. right on the SOS. Well, I'm about to push his dumb **** and and back Shooting me. What the heck? Who **** looted my body? I can't believe you're used to do right now. Yeah, it's my baby. I'll take the wheel. I'm at Ninety-two frames all of a sudden like my computer's like, I think we've had enough. Do you want to fight to? I have stunts and I'm I'm going to wait because you're going to jump off here in a sec.

No, No more realistically. Oh yeah. you're right. You're you're right. I'll just wait for him to come and just play off. **** these idiots. Yeah, I really want to make him. I'm going to stop guys. life. I can't move. I'm coming to help. that guy's one shot. Nice. Oh yeah. These kids are not going to want to jump off. I might even go to the left a little bit here just in case they jump off the back. Oh one actually over here. Down low in the building. I'm going down at SOS too. You guys heard one? Yeah. Yeah. They're jumping off the backside. Timmy's Thanks, Hoss. You save me. Thank you. You are a straight **** Hey, that guy was angry.

Yes. Yes. Yes. It's going towards like they're going towards like pool. I already got that far. Yeah, they jumped pretty far. Yes. They should be coming out of the front of the pool here any second? Dude, they are going. Oh, one's actually on me. They just bought a train. I got one of them. They bought it at Ihop. We want to push it.

Nice. Coming out of the pool should be coming out of the pool. I don't know. One's one's wrapping. Alright, Like what? Like, I mean left like way that way. Holy **** Dude. this guy is like Usain Bolt. I think he's trying to swim the right here. They got out at uh Wyatt or electric I hate that this dude got around. and I hate how much I don't like that guy.

He's you know I'm saying? I should be another one there. **** I have two down by the ladder, **** It's definitely one more left but and I really like this uh radical you have on the scene. It's kind of nice. You see that car that There's more right over here. looking at me. I have high alert. I can get a UA. Here's you. Are you on top? I I'm stuck. Oh, wait. I just got shot from all over. People buy as well. I'm in the UAV. I'm a as well. Nice. That's tough. Hey, this guy's right. Yeah. No, he's not. He's right in front of us on this wall. Oh, you made the wrong decision coming out of there, man. Husky. You gotta get uh I mean you gotta get Aiden. Yeah, I'll get him out. Let's fight up here and then we go from there, I guess.

Yes. That's lasting by the way. Recon inbound. This guy is they're both ground level. I think one's in the plane. I'm not a mistake. I might die. What? One shot on me outside. One shot. Oh my god. This guy's a rat. Wow. What a **** Oh my god. I got a stun myself. Nope, that's fine. That's fine. Uh is there a buy? Where do I go? Uh you could go back to that one. You do have time. You do have time. Okay. Of course, uh I can buy one person back. He's on. he's got the most kills. Isn't this I would assume so. Yeah, I don't I don't. I have an eight grand. I had eight grand on me. I don't I don't think it'll be enough. Yeah, I think it only spawn like oh bro, that's the **** kid from a holy **** I want to go back to my **** I think you can.

I think I can. I don't think those kids are going to push the building. I got sucked by hackers. I'm right. You did. Oh my god. I didn't even see that guy. I'm going to kill this kid for you, Tim. Don't worry about it. on the ledge. to the exclusive. fam. Oh my god. I would have been nasty if you could have done that kid. See? like that's where I'll be. That's why I missed. You. See that? It's up to you now. That's what they are. You're smoking those kids. Yeah, he's ghosted. See this kid's ghosting on the left or the the kid to kill me.

Cap. Yeah, he ran to the far left and this boy, I think I think that's him. Someone else. Someone also just landed on my right. You like my radical or no? This is what I do that you do. I'm starting around with the doughnut radical. **** it. That car's going to run at you. Cfour just like you **** put me down in that tournament the other day. **** you. You know, I don't even like you put those stupid **** things away. Mm mm mm mm. Never. I was the guy that was on top of that overhang.

Super Nice. There's another kid that landed behind me. Guaranteed anything. Maybe. Did he go right right there? Maybe you think that might be him? Where? Like, do you think that was maybe him? Maybe he just went to the right side of you III. Don't know what you mean by that. I like I think maybe that no, like I'm saying that kid that just killed that you don't think that was maybe him. Well, there was a rose came back there. Maybe this guy killed him. I don't know. This guy probably killed him. I would assume Uh how many were over here? Us. There's a good amount. I can just get across. Oh, it's going to be a very hard rotation.

Let's go Zoolander. Let's go. Let's go. Zoolander. Let's go. I hate this perk with a passion, bro. This perk is so dumb. We've got moving in. I need to put one of these kids down. That's really where this guy's shooting me from. No. I had to have been one closer. Yeah, he's **** nice, man. I'm so dead. If I'm so dead, you have a gold mask that you can finesse with. Yes, you're right. I guess you tank and flank, right? Right. Maybe plank left. They might not expect it. I don't know. Good luck. Oh my **** goodness, dude. Are you kidding me? Holy **** I think you're going to have to go right and **** I don't even know. I actually II think left he's guys. left. I don't I don't know. It's because of timing on zone but you're probably **** shocked.

Either way, these guys are still **** nice, man. Are you serious? I'm oh my god. There's nobody going to shoot at these guys. Yeah. No one. no one else cared. They just wanted you to die in zone. Oh, man. Hey, Well, Gg's. to me. Fun games. Y'all take it easy. Have a good one. I'll see you all later. Alright. Enjoy your trip. She's a bunch of little **** rats, dude. I'm like a rat. of rascals. Alright, who's hosting? II can host if you guys want. Look at that **** T bag. I think Aiden should have. You want Aiden notes? Yeah, we can let him in. I don't care. Let's do it. And then where is I think the might be joining in too. guys, remember when we **** destroyed everyone's **** in that trio tournament? Yeah. Those are the good days, right? It's like it's forever ago.

It really, it was then. And how long was that? Six more integration, dude, that was before the Cold War. No, it wasn't. We were using a ten. We're using a **** back then. Yeah. I think uh yeah, it was right at the beginning of it. We're using a tens with like field agent grips and **** No, no Raiders. Yeah. it was like it was like agency suppressor, task force barrel field agent and that was when the Mac was even more broken like you didn't even need a fore grip but we're still using one. Yeah. Yeah, we were like shooting across the map with that thing.

Yeah, it was pretty pushed it pretty busted. Uh let me see what he is saying. Oh, wait. was that No0? No, that was There he is. Party notable. I'll send an invite if he joins. Alright, I need to I need to get AI. Need to use some random guns for some. Yeah. same here. I'm about to be gone for like three 3 days. So, I need some Youtube content. Nice. What should I use boys? New OP Meta. Maybe I'll use the Ak seventy for you isn't good because it's like the meta on. I'm surprised that's not good because it's not because it's a meta on Cold War.

You know what I mean? That's so funny. You just said that. I was just about to say, well, I just said as soon as he's 74 you I said Seventy-four you I'm going to put it on reusing it. I'm putting Tiger Team Task Force. They changed the suppressor on this thing. They changed the radical the way it looks. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It looks better, right? Looks a little bit better in my opinion. Yeah. Okay. Wait, hold up here. What are you going to use? I'm probably going to use, I'm probably going to use the same thing as like a ten almost like Tiger Team Spotlight Task force suppressor, fifty round mag and then a Raider stock or skeletal stock. Does it need fifty for like I feel like the ADS speed on.

It's still pretty good with the. Oh, it's good. Okay. It's not like awful. And then, what should I use as a primary I'll probably just keep using the this bad boy. I love my Craig. You like the more than the stoner? I don't know. No stone is pretty busted. You just get cheese kills with the stoner. Yeah, the stoner is just overpowered right now. I feel like I think in wages and I like the stoner but for like just fun pubs. I like the. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I guess I'll try the fifty round mag. I trust you. I'll give you a shot. Oh, D's.

Someone said D is coming. Uh I don't know. I don't know if they're capping. I think they might be capping because he just texted me and said he's playing games with Belk and Jay, right His brother right now. Oh yeah. I wonder if like the RPD would be good with a Forex I feel like the thing about the RPD is just, it doesn't have to reload.

Speed of the I feel like the reload on the Stoners pretty quick. Yeah. In comparison to the RPD. You don't have to run uh a mag which means you can like a DS much quicker with the serpent. Yeah, for sure. He he Here's the RPD for the next vid. Uh Brad. you got 100 Stars, baby Cliff to get a 1000 Mike with the 89 stars.

Spencer with a 500 Ray with the 100 Stars. Brett with the 1200. Much appreciated you guys. Tyler with the 200. Luke with the fifty. Appreciate it. You guys on the LM G's and **** and take a take a look at this iron set. I think it looks much better than it did before even though even though they didn't change much, they just added like these two little lines on the right Who the **** was that? Who was that? Who the **** was that bro? That guy that's sound like a **** door or something bro. Oh my It's a gnome. Oh, it's my little gnome. Hi, little gnome. Here we go, baby. I'm taking 100 Stars. Uh I think of the 500 as well. Yes, sir. Uh yeah, we do. Actually, I'm not quite as big as Timmy T's but yeah, I can play.

Oh wait. The ADS is pretty fire on the still. It is. I know. Uh actually I don't know. Uh should we back out then? Yeah, we can back out if he's ready. Alright, yeah, you're ready Reese? Yeah. Yeah. Alright, let's get it on the shores as well. The Bullets get below the tip of it. I feel like you see that it Only with the suppressor or it's just a gun.

It's just a gun. I'm not sure. I feel like the 50s is definitely nice though. The Ots, I feel like the reason why you can get by with the 40s because of how quick the reload is the reloads like **** super fast. super fast. super fast. Stewart to get the 500 Stars, man. You a Cold War Akc. Oh, I might do that as well tonight. I feel like you can't use any of the modern warfare compared to the Cold War. A Rs are just nuts.

I feel like. oh yeah, It's not even a question. I saw Joe using the during my toy the other day. Joe was using the AK with a three XI. Might put that on after two and do a video with that. I saw, Yeah, I saw some people using that Try to get a little video. Got moist by your side. What? Moist? I don't **** know what this guy's saying. I think he's saying it has a nice iron sight. What's that? I'm going to do it right now. Apparently, the sound suppressor on the Seventy-four you is what? It's a different size. Oh, it is a different side. Yeah. it's just a single. Oh, wait. Maybe they didn't change anything. Maybe I just used to use the sound suppressor on this thing. Yeah, it's just a single line. I feel like II never like running sound suppressor. I feel like taking away range on yourself. Just it's not good but yeah.

Yeah. Yes. I'm going to try the forty round mag. two Alright, let's go Chad. Uh Gg, Gg, you the 500 Stars. man. He had the Xm four primary bill. I want to see you shred with it. Yeah, we might, we're going to try a bunch of different guns here tonight. I'm going to start with the, I'm going to try to get a video for the AK 74 U first and then I'll try. I kind of want to do the AK Forty-seven as a primary as well with a three X and then yeah, we'll see where we go from there. Maybe we'll do the uh XM for after that I don't know. I feel like the ADS on this uh with the 50s. definitely like super good. It's feeling nice in the hands right now and it's kills pretty quick too.

Yeah, I think I get greedy with ADS like Yeah. I think you need the fifty. Actually, I just ran out of ammo. so quick. Yeah, I'm going to switch to that. Let's go, baby. Alright, let's go boys. Let's go. is Aiden. Yeah. this is that thing for me. Have you guys hung out now that you're both in **** Texas? Actually, further away than we did before. Wait, really? Yeah. Now, we live 3 hours away. Oh, **** I thought you moved the same city. Nope. That's what everyone, everyone thinks we've moved in together.

We lived together. Low key. You have a little parties on the weekend. Yes, sir. You like me to it's like we have our next to each other so like we can look at both each other's, you know, see what they're doing. I got. Wait, who the **** shooting you? Is he on here? Dude, he's **** on the heli and he won't get off. I've just been playing on **** EUP for the last 2 hours. Oh my god. I'm getting orange boxes. It's a lot. It's a lot. I think I'm like, oh, okay. Yeah, I'm lagging too.

Oh my god. Oh, I just took like 4 seconds to get out of the chair. Oh my god. I literally can't reload. Try back out. That's the. hey, hold on for a second. See if it see if it goes away. See if it goes away. I'll fix this. 100% right there. I think we're good. We are not good. No. Oh no, we're back. It will fix itself. It just depends when I will for deployment. Me. me. I can't move. Oh, I think I mean, it's not bad for me.

I think it's stopped now. UAV overhead. It's still a little bit weird but Oh, **** dude. What a I'm so excited to get off of her dance and play a new **** map. Uh you drop me your going to be refreshing for sure and a bunch of new guns. Hopefully that hopefully the this time around they don't **** up the integration and they make it insane right off the rip. Yeah, that'll be oh, I'm so excited for I really am too. It's anything like last time. it's going to be trash but hopefully they fix it quick. headed your way. trophy. Oh my god. Yeah. the lag. UAV overhead. Got it in U. Oh my god. You can just go. Oh my have a lot of money. There's a kid up here on this Heli Husk. I'm going to drop you on him.

Oh, wait. He's got a combat. Be careful. He just blew up our shopper but we have his. **** it. I see a kid flying in. Hold on Top shredded him. Stoner. So good. Oh, white flag. with the deposit. I have no it's my god. you **** pussy. I'm lagging so bad. So yeah, I'm lagging is definitely in the air is like warping back and forth. surviving. I think it's everyone in the lobby though. It's not. It definitely is. Yeah. I have so much money. I want to come to you guys. I guess. I don't know about you but this AK Seventy-four is **** pretty good. It's shredding for the launched a we're exposed. Oh, wait. You guys. I'm **** trolling. Good. I'm going to get you guys.

a teammate has been cleared for deployment. There's no way you can see that load out, right? Yeah, you can hit it. Well, which one? The one you just took away? Yeah. Oh, there's a guy on me. No, I dunked on these kids. I got one guy. Welcome to the Gulag. If you Zeke Roberto, they get a 500 Stars.

Man. What a play. What up, Roberto? Look at the 501st time star. NJ. I think of the 500 again. Stewart, thank you as well for the 500 I'm kind of liking this Chad. I'm kind of liking this. I can raise your baby cakes. my god. You're so hot. a lot. East up here and uh there is for sure He's getting torched. I feel like We got people probably laughed when he was lagging. Yeah, you're probably right. UAV over here. I'm your realtor. Be advised, there's an enemy. Got you my little muffin. This guy's got a wrap, right here. Right for you. No. Oh my god. Oh my **** god, dude. and he's going to hop hit in the wall. Uh don't even mind. I'll be right back. I need the **** noobs using variables. Zoom I'm a noob. right back right back. Uh Chad to get the 200 Stars. Rick James, **** thing in the fifty stars ever with 100. Appreciate it guys. Thank you. Don't mind me by the way, I'll be right back. There are people on the loading.

I'm going to now. Husk. Is there people on the uh probably. Oh, I'm landing on it. **** it. Oh my god. Oh, I didn't hear these guys. They're all over that one. sweet Jesus. Reese. I didn't know you were joining us. I thought you're going to. You're playing wagers. So, I was going to wager with Ben You want me to, do you want me to hit him? Oh, really **** Yeah. I was. I thought you were doing majors. Yeah, I was playing one. Oh, I didn't know.

Which which went on for and ended up being cancelled because we wanted to nearly every single game. Really? I have no barrels. The wave is it I don't know. I just don't think that's Seventy-four is all that good? Let's use the Psa. I feel like I haven't used that **** in forever. Is it even by just we can get like a people. I'm just going to like a man or like they play us. So, we like That's a good question. Wait, let me back. Oh, **** Yeah, I actually don't know. We're for deployment. Now is a good time to warm up. Well, there's a uh Oh and then we have a twenty in 2 days. We're **** we're in today's. I don't know about that one. What is that? It's the one who texted me about. I don't remember about it. I'll text you. Oh yeah. Just say it. No, I mean, you're going to be in it.

It's a quad customs, right? Gary's one. Oh yeah. They go. Gavin. And then who's running is Joe, right? He's running the uh of each. I hope that your situation is inside. inside, bro. I don't know if it was just bad because it was like like you because I was just playing on the US. So, maybe it's not maybe it's literally like one every map bro. and we haven't really gotten any today. Uh it's time for the real thing. Yeah, I called earlier and now I'm playing because he's got loads of views.

I'm diffusing. Okay. Let's get a chat. is approaching your position. Uh Chad to get the shorter charts, man. Again, Alexander with the 2 months of being a supporter. Appreciate it. I was a banger with this uh AK. seventy for you. I mean, we could probably play uh scum and then if you want to wager well, you can play can play with it if you want. I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, I don't really care. you there. Thank you. What the **** You missed me. He's in it. I learned so many words. What did you learn, Bev's and Pint. Oh yeah. Okay. Wait. Where did you let that Lennon get to work. yeah. He caught me some funny words.

There's some other ones I can't remember. They're really good. **** Sean. Just a La Yeah. Holy **** surviving. I just got asked for a TV by buzzing. Yeah, I'm down to play. Here we go. Let's finish this stuff. We got enough to buy. I'll set out. I just got some mad cheddar out of here. If you want. I need to reset my PD after this. It's doing that **** Oh my god. Daddy is in my chat. **** me. That's **** father. I dropped the UE and a precision there. I dropped the UE there as well. Come on. I'll just pop on and buy then. I mean, pop on and grab one. it. Didn't get me here. Someone grab a pop. Do you have AI already got one in your pocket? Oh, there's precision.

You **** Maybe. No, there should have been one. There was two things on the floor. Yeah, I already got one. Oh, my bad. I didn't know. Okay. Have fun. I'm going to go for the bounty. Never mind. This guy's shot at me. I'm mad. your teammate. I just got sniped by you. god. Holy **** Yeah, dude. What the **** Just jump down. Nice is they want to play for 150. Alright, that sounds lit. Yes, sir. That's sounds lit and I am talking. No, Travis Scott on God. is there We can't overly inbound. Bounty is well done. Entering the Ao. PPS. Http is actually feeling pretty **** solid.

You're already done with the AK, huh? Yeah, I didn't, I didn't really like it all that much. I felt like I was trying to make it good but it just wasn't that good. No, a bingo fuel. RTV for resupply. Oh, they RB is the only Seventy-five me Good to go. Everyone is in safe zone. Target is down. Well, you ain't got a UA. don't want to get one shortly though. I'm about to get a UV and like this That's you. Hey, what? There should be money on the buying **** Okay. Somebody call an advanced UAV. I'm going up. Oh, what am I going to do? A entering the holy **** I fell down. Oh my god. There's a bunch. bro. There's so many like people scattered. Yeah. like one of these houses. I think I'm taking fire. Be advised, UAV is bingo fuel, RTV for resupply.

Let's go. I'm going to pop you. I haven't advance whenever this one's out. Oh, okay. This guy's got a peak, right? here. I got the next UAV in I'm going to just surviving. Nice. UAV overhead. your teammates. You guys are so **** **** No0. My god. No. Please. No. Please. Oh my god. You're **** dog water. UAV over here. Thank Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, holy **** The whole thing with you. the movement, the movement. Look at the place. Look at the moves. Wow. on the us. Yes. Yes. Mine's going up. Up. There you go. I got another in the pocket as well. Where was everyone in the advanced I'm fighting a team while I was up.

Be advised. Sorry. I'm like **** focused. I can't talk on. Hold on. I'm a little wiener. Got another W. Uh I don't I think they're all spread to be honest, dude. Yeah. How to you? By the way, I have a little challenge for thirty gifted or uh thirty bomb. No I get close. I might need a little He said next game. No, this game. Uh what's that? What is it? Uh I just I like thirty kills. Is that you gifted? Oh, so we feed you. Is that what you're saying? No, no, no, no, no, no.

It's like I'm coming prioritizing my reds over like Reese for instance, if we're both dead, I will. It's a good way to get we're not That's actually a really good **** strat actually. Yeah, I got **** I got 1000 gifted right now. Boys. me every time. **** Huskers, bro. I was gifted for 25 kills. What's up? UAV entering the Ao. The **** is this other kid go. UAV overhead. These people just keep coming back to airport. Oh, nice. Be advised, UAV is bingo fuel, RTV for what the **** so bad. dude. We laid out just in the **** range, bro. See, I was waiting at the buy for you because I know you have a challenge. I was just sitting there with a great teammate. You are I have another UA.

If you guys need guys, just all become ghosted all of a sudden. What the **** Watch the skies. Why would he shout out? Oh, think humans but you're not me, **** I got you baby girl. designated. Have you see? I have no more money guys. I'm still loaded. So, they added a little gap here. What the hell? It's gotta be new. I just found one of these bad boys. I'll be scanning for it.

You got him. Hi. Yeah. You're under me. What the **** UAV is bingo fuel returning to base. No. I have an airstrike. I keep forgetting about airstrike designated. This is three one. Good job. It is inbound. You Anyone got another UA? No hits on that. anyone want to kiss right now? I can get one on the side. You got forty.

45. Going back in. two different teams over the house. UAV overhead. have another W. I'm popping right now. A nice Oh my god, dude. Top uh top uh dealer dealer. not top like where the window is down the staircase. I'm going to try to help you out. I might be able to get him. Hold on. Holy **** There's three over here by this car. by the hill. Yeah. Top top. Top green. Oh my god. Where is he shooting from? What I'm melting.

I'm melting. Oh, this game is **** dog water. Don't fight for a chance to deploy. It's got whacked in the back. I just auto mantles over the wall. Look for it. It's great. to deploy. Still got the trash cans to me. It's uh John. They get the 200 Stars, man. I did the 500 passing with 100 Stars, chatting with the 200. Appreciate it, baby.

Up a single like looking towards you. I appreciate it. That's ridiculous, man. Three DQ. No, no, he's trying to hold me out or some **** You can practice your aim while we're there. Oh yeah, I see him. at it. Hey, I want to get to you because they have to jump off. Get ready. You're next. We're here and you return to the front line. You lose, your fight is over. Time to earn your freedom. Stand by for deployment. I jumped off right crack on the top. See I'll meet you at the loading if you want. I have a I'm on the way. I jumped off, right? It's going to be like graveyard.

Reese. John. I think it's a 200 baby's to get the 500 again. Yeah. graveyard down the graveyard. Jump over the wall. The grave. Okay. Yeah. relocation. Yeah, he's right in front of me on this. Uh do you get a play date or like? okay. No, right here. Right here. Right here. I killed this guy earlier. Oh no. like that. Oh, behind me. Behind you. I got one. Oh, thank you. Want to buy some Es here? Yeah. I came back with eight grand. Holy **** We just completed a. Oh, okay. Yeah, I'm high. I'm going to buy one too. Four more. You can pop and then take my money. Oh, wait. no, you have enough for? Yeah, I'm going to buy. I'm going to pop and then I'm going to buy it. Okay, I'll be entering the We go back over there where we die. There's 100%. 100%. Uh no friends. You get a thirty stars, man.

I promise you guys want to go check. Yo, Chad. uh yo, listen, If you're not following the stream, make sure you go ahead and hit that follow button, baby. There's fourteen 1414 hundred viewers right now not following the stream. What the **** is wrong with you? I want to see that 1400 number drop down to 1000. I want at least 400 you to hit the follow button right now. Come on. Hey, Chad. Hey, Chad Peer pressure them into following the stream. everybody peer pressure into someone's of them following the stream in a nice way, in a nice way. Uh they all have ghost. It's like a team player. I think I was just talking to my mate I don't know if they're fire or what? They just disappeared.

I'm going to go on top of this building and look down and shoot these kids in the street. I got one top Ihop. One's in the streets. He's knocked right next to you right here. Uh Aiden. I'll get it. I'll get it. Oh, I got him. I got him. I got him. No, wait. There's three. Oh, I need to grab this guy's ammo. There's a three more. I'm going to get two more. I can actually. I already have a. Yeah, you can just rest. I have one too, I guess. I don't know. Heck yeah. I need they're able to kill. you can land on your **** Oh, I'm getting sprayed.

I'm looking at you. Hold on. Here She's on the right. Yeah, I see him. I see him. He's weak. One shot completely. one shot on that bridge. All you, he's under He wrapped around over to your car. Got him. Uh I don't know. This kid's **** joking you out. I know for real. When I get these kids over here. Yeah. A bunch of kids in the sky. Uh I'm going to shoot him out if they come down. one. What are you doing, bro? Oh my god. And freaking UE equals wall hacks. That's new. That's a new one. Yes. Hey, why did I Uh I'm coming. hush or maybe if he doesn't call me. Where are you In the window. Oh, **** Wait, I wait. I couldn't hear you. Did you call that out? Yeah, you need one more kill, right? Husk? Yes. Alright. I was about to full on that team but I'm going to be a nice guy, dude.

Oh, wait. You need a thirty bomb. I thought you said forty Did he say forty? No, No30, right? Yeah. Okay. What's a 450 gifted? Like Something like that. Oh my goodness. I don't know. They definitely lied so we can get all the rest. dude. I know. No, no, no, no. He said something like that. Okay, These guys, I mean, uh Sean to the 45 Stars, Adam to give you the hundred stars as well. John with the 212. Appreciate it. Got that one already. right here. Yeah, they're **** everywhere. Enemies. I shouldn't got out there to be honest but I don't really care because I have a little wiener. need one measly kill. Don't choke Huskers. I'm going to run over here. away from that team. They they honestly weren't like insane.

They were kind of just **** Tyrese. Yeah. again, it's Yes sir. Is Is that PPS. Http is actually pretty **** good. Like I think I like it more than the Mac and the Bullfrog. I don't know. Yeah, they're watching our game. Oh. Oh my god. There's uh there's more chest in the plane too. Oh, you need plates for this one? Yeah, there's another chest in there if you want to load up.

Damn, Chad, this is a nice game. I'm not going to lie. Not going to lie. I wish I didn't die. Look how many kills we have, man in the AK 74 U is absolutely slapping right now. I might think it's 100 Stars. Sean think the Forty-five. Appreciate it, baby. Uh Husk, I'm going to land on the load out. I think I'm going to hover over. Oh right now, it probably won't work anymore. No, yeah, they're broken. There's so many kids over here. Let's go. Uh I can't take these kills, can I? You don't need to win the game. Do you just need one kill, right? I just need to kill. Oh, I need on over to me, buddy. Alright, I'm on my way to one shot. Nice. Yeah. Kids in this hanger for you Husk all you He's running on the far left side or left side of it.

Oh, never mind. I feel like this guy's. Oh no. I just got arrested on me. I can't. That's an awful angle. Let's go. Come on, bro. Do you feel about already crossed to the left building? Last one's all you husk. Easy going back. There's still another team. That's the one. Oh my god. I wish I could just aim with my arm. Are you using the Bullfrog Husk? Yeah. the door to door. Imagine naming with your holy **** **** eight bullets in a three bullets, brother. That guy's **** actually, I think he's rising. Yeah. Oh, nice. Oh, nice. You can ride him too. No, he doesn't have a mask. He's dead. He's dead. I need to **** loot. I'm not going to lie. You can take my loot and I'm in it. Oh my god. One V one. Oh, no.

Wait. They're all going to be in the air. He just got the crown finish. Oh no. That unless they already came down. Yes. he's let's go. The cavalry. Nice. One more in the air. Nice. You have a Cfour as well for that That he feels like he's **** doing something. I just get you. Get them free plates. What was that guy thinking? They're going for their first win.

If he's a light in their eyes, it's just one guy. Yeah, I got that. Yeah. He's in the grass. the **** You got a guy above you. Why does it sound like he's walking on your grass? I think it's because he's uh. That's weird. I think I just saw that guy's gun. No. No. Are you kidding me? pistols. Other guy just jumped off the roof. I'm just going to. So, they both have pistols. We're chilling. Don't be getting gunned now. He's on that check. Yeah, for sure. He's in his birthday. Oh. Uh oh. The versus Bertha. That's why we **** UC four, buddy. We got ninety like one **** seventeen innings. That was a nice game. I think 117 Damn. I got the damn Have a great wager, gentlemen.

Some cherry. win some cheddar. Thanks for the good luck, dude. I need it because I **** suck at the video game. GG's guys. Gg's. Why do you say GG's? That's another great Youtube video of the AK 74 U. Wow. Mike, you get 100 Stars, man. Sean, think of the 45 as well. Adam taking the hundred stars. Appreciate it, baby. Get away. Look at this. Oh my goodness. I want it. I can't. I can't. I'd almost be down but I'm also trying to to get a bunch of content for uh I'm going to be gone away until Friday. So, yeah, I'm going to get, you're going to get a little Youtube content Uh we're still in Aiden's lobby. You want me to send you an envy? Yeah, I'll get you in here. Where is your name, brother? Alright. what gun am I using now? Probably the. Oh yeah. the Ak Chad. Now, we're going to use a different gun altogether. We're going to use the Ak. We're going to use Oh, wait.

This is a modern warfare. A lo Boom. Do I have that? one that Joe has. I like that one that Joe has with a little lizard on the side of it. Let me see where that is. These ones are all kind of cool. Oh, this one right here with the lizard Chad. This one with a lizard. Yeah, I don't wait. I have AI. Only have 100. Wait. Yeah, I'm not doing that right now. I'm not for the AKA, bro. I'm not for the Ak. I don't need it that bad, man. I don't need it that bad. I'm just making a real quick. You know, I know about Gary's tournament. What's up? You know, info about Gary's tournament.

It's in 2 Days. Reese was saying, I didn't know it's I'm not even going to. unfortunately. **** I'm not even going to be here. Oh yeah. You're not going to be here. It's probably, it's probably not big. probably like five or ten K if I had to guess Alright, let's go Chad. I'm actually going to put this in trio so we can get some easy game plays so I can get these videos knocked out. Okay, I got two done. I'll do the one with Tim with the Thirty-six kill. I'll do the Yankees for you and I'll do the AK Forty-seven. That should be good. That should be good, man. Uh Jake the 310 Stars, man. Appreciate it. Uh Cami. thank you so much for the hundred stars as well. Simon with a thousand. Try the CX 923 uh barrel five millimeter round of sled hand.

It stacks up against other Smg the CX nine. I don't even remember which one that is. This Oh yeah. I've tried it. I don't really like it. Honestly, I've tried it. It's okay. It doesn't kill nearly as fast as the Ot. The Ots. it like it's not even a question right now. OTS is the best. It's the best SMG in the game. Ronda Rousey in the chat. Are you being serious right now? You guys are joking, right? Rhonda. Rhonda. My mom. My mom's name is Rhonda for the exclusive fam. My mom has the same name as a cold blooded killer man. Hey, thank you for tuning in. Uh if you are, if you are here, Ronda, appreciate it.

And congrats on the switch to Facebook. I know it was a long time ago but I don't think I've ever been able to say that I don't think you've ever been in the chat. So now I can say it. Alright, let's go. Let's go. Who is the playing with right now? He's playing with Belk and his brother and someone else. somebody else. We're going to hosp. Let's go Chad Battleroyale. Alright, is on your position. Suggest you get moving. I'll go hosp with you. Alright, choppers. All you. I'll go land top hosp. The watch the skies. Apparently, Ronda Rousey is in my chat right now. Oh, oh yeah. I think I've heard that she plays Warzone like watches it and she screams on Facebook too. Are you **** me? Holy **** Hush.

There's so many people up top. Holy **** Holy **** Holy **** There's get in there. Get in there, baby. No, dude. What? There were so many kids out there. How many did you get? Two. You got more than that but you didn't get the full time that I down like two or three more. You win this fight and you return to the front line but if you lose, you're done here.

So, we capture the objective. Oh my god. This time he's spawn is in a nice place. Okay, I'm getting this alley and then I'm getting a loaded Uh Liam. I'm thinking of the 90.9 Stars. Zach, think of 100 as well. Chris of the seventy. Appreciate it. Uh Sheldon Williams here with the 200 Stars. Want to give you a big old kiss. Mwah. Your teammate is deployed. Stand by. I got this bounty right here. That's what I'm going to do. What about it? What about a loaded I'm grabbing this bounty. I'm going to kill him and then we're getting loaded. He Just grabbing the AK. I'm coming to you Husk. Nice. Was that it babe? Oh, no. I think there's more. I Tech nine here. We almost have enough.

I got this other bounty I'll pick you up. Let's go get him. Wait, we might just be able to get one. Hold on. Uh check out there. I'll check this. We have no, I'm just going to throw the trophy on first. trophy. Alright, let's go. uh by station right here. It's loaded over there too. It's perfect. um money on. Oh, okay. I got it. I got it. up. inbound. Does anyone need this? Boom. guy running to the track there. Yeah, I see that brother. brother. I broke my legs, brother. I genuinely thought I was on top of the house and I didn't even pull my shoe.

Didn't even look at the ground. **** me. I just Hold on. I don't think I have. Yeah, take your time. Oh, there's a **** Are you kidding me? He's using a three X Fa. or sorry. Fr. Oh my god. Alright, Chad. We're not going to talk about that one. Okay. Are you seriously using this thing? Oh my Are you serious? You just shocked your. He Oh **** Hey, what are these guys doing, man? We're on the the bounty move to the by. Oh my god. These guys are annoying. Yeah, I might be running this one back. Oh, baby. Baby, baby. Come on. Give me those heads when he repeats. You got some stunts and semis.

don't think that Nice Reno. like this. I like this. I like it. We're still in it. I like it. Come on. Give him the money. Oh, big stack behind you. You didn't pick it up. And you didn't lose the guy on the left. Oh, you have enough. Anyway, They're beautiful. I'm going to lay back on my own **** Uh and they get the five gifted subs, man. Much appreciated. Ladies and gentlemen, make sure you guys check your notifications. You may have received a free month of subscription from a goat named Andy Chris of the 2200 Stars as well.

Appreciate it, man. Oh, can I get the satchel? Yes, I can. Got you. Come on now. Come on now. Come on now. grabbing this extra plate. Oh, wait. What's this guy? Plates. No, he didn't. Okay, I'm coming. Let's get it. Get it, Chris. You get the 500 Stars, man. Learn a lot from your game plan and love the content. Keep with the Griz. Yeah. Did you learn how to just break your legs right back there? Huh? Is that what you learned? That's all I'm teaching Apparently today, Chrissy, the 500, man. I with the kind words as well. I'm glad you I'm glad you uh get a little bit of a war zone 101 too and I appreciate it.

Oh, **** Behind us. This **** RPG guy. I broke one. on the way. Oh, that's all. I think that's all three of them. Don't just splattered. Oh, there's still 100 players in this lobby. What is going on? I'm on a triple double. I've got you brother. This is an insane lobby. It's an Rpg. I love it. quite unfortunate that guy with the RPG. Yeah. Yeah. and you're muted unless you're really. Oh, I am. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, this kid's landing on loading. He Tell you he's broken. Okay, guys. Why not? Let's roll, baby. I see that he's flying towards that. I didn't just run him over. Oh, there's multiple **** kids here. Hold on. Ok. Knocked one. You go all the way up top of the tower as well.

It's not just another or got another The guy on top is a one shot. Wow. The AK is actually not bad with a three X. Holy **** Actually, I kind of want to try it with the Forex. Oh, dude. That's what I should be trying II. Really like the Forex. The Forex is kind of like the the way the three X used to be on the Cold War guns. This guy jumped off Oh yeah. The AK is slapping for sure. He's watching it. Uh he won't. I think he jumped. I think that was it. Unless there's another one up there. Nope. That was it.

Oh, I just got sniped from my thing. Uh top of the this building I think. Yeah. Also top Noga to me. Oh no. There's thing's on me. Oh my god. We threw that. There's another one. Oh, I see him. He's on the glitch right here. He's not a mean little **** head glitch right on the blue crease. Nice to see That was a mean little head and I can barely see him. Throwing this play box down real quick. precision from love to get a UAV going. Yeah, I'm about to buy one right now. I got mine. UAV over here on me. Oh **** Oh **** Oh **** Oh my god. They're all ghosted. There's three. There's three ghosted kids in here. I killed uh one of them and almost knocked the other **** That's they're all down there. and then there's like one non ghosted guy up top. Oh my god. Wait. No. There's literally two. Oh my god. There's six people on My to six people.

I'm going to go back there. You guys are being wieners. bottoms and stuff. Oh my god. I'm going to force him for my guns and if I don't get him, whatever, I'm dead. Oh my god, bro. Oh, there's literally **** on top of them. Holy **** uh brief of the 3 months or five or I'm scuffing. I think it's 3 months being a supporter uh Daniel to get a 532 Stars Roy Hall with the 100 Stars Bjorn with the 200 Florian with the fifty stars. Appreciate you guys. Thank you. Get back out there. Alright, I've died 500 Times this game These kids are going to know. I'm going back and I do not care. UAV overhead. Dude, what is that? What the **** is this dude? Zero flinch. Literally beaming him with a **** star Http, bro. Holy **** man. is inbound. Marking you safe zone. Only iron sharpens iron. You guys are **** rats. you. Are you this team? This team, This team Dude, the passion is just like out of this world. Oh my god, man. Uhhh. Think of the 890 Stars.

Love the content. You and Oscar. probably one of the most deadly combos and warzone to keep it up. Greetings from Norway. Hey, of the kind words and thank you for tuning in to the stream, Brian White or white as well with 100 has nothing to say. He's just an absolute goat. Thank you. would you say? Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. stuff. Oh, that's good. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Check your gear and weapons are ready for deployment. Sheldon. The 200 Stars, man. Adam Kelly. I think the 190 as well. This is. Can I get a much love baby? Keep it up. but I'm still in I don't mind. enough time for the real thing. You'll never take away. Garrett Stringer. I think of 100 Stars, Colton to get the 150. Appreciate it guys and gals. Appreciate it guys and gals. Oh four X on the AK. Oh **** Oh **** I forgot the four X on the Ak I'm going to pull us.

What happened? I forgot to put the Forex on the Ak. I know I can do that in the pregame but I forgot to do that as well. So, I want to I want to try that too. Forex is mean. Alright. Well, as 45 round. Yeah. Unbelievable. Let's try this. Let's take this Forex for a little spin chat. Let's take this Forex for a spin. Get yourself a proper warm up. We'll be deployed soon.

Let's try it out in the pregame. Let's give it a little shotty shot. get a feel for you right here. It feels nice, huh? Hey, that's pretty good actually. it's got like a little kick and like an initial kick. Can you first shoot it? I kind of, I kind of It's my first few shots but Oh, he's like, I think it was lagging a little bit. possibly something is something feels weird. Yeah, I'm getting yellow boxes. Oh, I'm lagging badly now. Yeah, I know. I'll see. I'll see if if it gets better when we jump out. If it doesn't, we can you back up. Yeah, This uh this is actually really nice. Hey, Corey Smith with the wait a minute. Battle royale. Corey get a $10 donation, my friend. I appreciate it. helicopter here. I'll see that again. Alright, we got it. Smoke them dude. A pancake. Get it. Yeah, it's fun as **** That's how we know we're in a husk. Yeah. it might be worth freaking dealing with the black Oh my god. Yeah. It's actually kind of.

I'll do. It's pretty bad. Yeah, we have enough. Uh we have enough. Oh, there's a kid going down low on me. Hold on. I'm going to go for that bounty. Oh, that guy's an Ai. No, behind you in the window of the bridge. The window of the bridge. It comes I don't see him anymore. I think he when it dipped. Oh, it's going to be one more of me.

The reload was so slow. Oh my god. Oh, that plate was so slow. down. Alright, now, let's get loaded. Drop the bomb in the lat lobby. Bounty identified. I'm here to my son. Let's go. yesss. I'll grab U got you. Rest in peace out of my he he just slide that far. Uh I think the lag literally just made it slide far into like that truck. Yikes, dude. UAV overhead. They're on the bar over here. They might have popped the UA. I'm popping mine. Oh, they **** dead. I'm dead. if you can. These **** kids. I should have known. they popped that UA. Literally called it.

Uh Randy, you think he's 100 man? Aaron the 90.9 Stars uh and Bernardo think the hundred stars. Mikey Green, thank you for becoming a supporter of the Controller is compatible with the Ps five. Uh you to the front? I don't think so but I actually do not know the answer to that. I gotta get that answer Anyone in chat? No anyone who know the answer to that, I don't know if it does. I don't. If it does, hopefully, they're going to be coming out with the PSfour. I'm assuming they're going to be coming out with the Ps five controllers sooner or later. Oh, it's got a dead and the WA dude. the over here by the way. Yeah, I'm going to it. No, they're not. Oh, wait. Yes, they are but they don't make the Ps five controller yet. No, it's not compatible. I'm hearing a lot of mixed signals in the chat right now. A lot of people saying that it is a lot of people saying that it isn't.

I don't know what to tell you. the way over here. UAV. Oh my god. I thought he was going up the stairs. What the **** Hey, what you cooking up over here? You can have a, you can have a couple of him. He's and Jimmy's Double it. tenders, dude. Double Timmy tenders. Oh yeah. This guy's that's going to be tender. I have the lobby fixed itself or the lag because this is a beautiful lobby. Is it is it not working for you? It's better for me. I it might be a little better now. It was pretty bum cheeks earlier though. These kids are ghosting on me. dropping into the A. Oh my god, dude. Bro, I just ran into two full **** I thought there's two people in here, man. Your team has the surviving the deployment. Your teammate got a proper. We're sending them out. Nice. Your team is. it's up to you now. I think this guy's going to peak once I buy you. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good.

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