WALT DISNEY WORLD Vlog 🇺🇸 Day 1 | TRAVEL Day & Checking into ANIMAL KINGDOM Lodge | March 2023

we are officially at Orlando Airport MCO oh my God I can't believe it definitely are going to be buying some pins I did not expect to get such an amazing view hi everyone how's life and welcome to a travel day but not just any travel day of Florida travel day it has been a few years since I was last in Florida Orlando my last Vlog series from Disney World was in February of 2020 literally about a month before the park closures because of course covid um but yeah my first time back post the pandemic I'm very much looking forward to it I'm currently at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 and everything went really really smoothly I am flying with Virgin Atlantic and yeah the security very very smooth very quick probably only took about five or ten minutes despite there being quite a lot of people there so great organization actually at Heathrow checking in my bag was very easy and yeah and now I'm just waiting on the other side for my gate to be shown in case you're wondering by the way I only checked in one bag which was my large suitcase but I also have this small carry-on it's actually literally very very small probably one of the smallest carry-ons I've ever owned but it's quite um white which makes it really easy because you can fit quite a lot of things in there I've got my laptop in there and then apart from that I've also got this small camera bag so that I can put you guys in there so yeah nice and easy small carry-on bag small camera bag and this camera bag is like I said literally Circle my camera for you guys and also I've got my passport in there and just little bits and Bobs like um hand gel things like that we haven't got too long until my gate is shown only about another 10 minutes or so because the flight is at 11 30 in the morning but we'll have to wait here I thought I'd quickly give you a pan show you some of the shops that they have going on here at Terminal 3 in Heathrow they've got a super dry here they've got your sushi in terms of food options there's also a pret on the other side which was very very popular there's also wagamama's right next to the prep so on the left hand side of it which if I'd come here a bit earlier if it was a bit later in the day obviously lunchtime because I feel like it's still morning it's not really time for wagamama's although I think they also do breakfast food here actually let's have a look this is a menu for breakfast I've never had a wagamama's breakfast but you can see what they serve here it's quite cool they even got a full vegan breakfast option for 12 pounds 50 and yeah maybe one day I'll have to come and actually try the wagamama's breakfast but there's plenty of restaurants and shops to enjoy as you're waiting for your flight at Heathrow Terminal 3 there's even a Harrods here so if you want to buy a nice souvenir for yourself or a present for somebody they do have a little small branch of Harrity and they seem to have quite a lot of Easter stuff going on here because it is the end of March at the moment oh yeah I don't think I actually mentioned today is the 22nd of March 2023 big shout out to my friend Rebecca it's her birthday today but yeah this is the day that I'm flying 22nd of March and I think I might get myself across on or something from Cafe Nero over here and perhaps a bottle of water as well for the flight well I got my bottle of water and a croissant and looks like we've got our gate number for Orlando and it's 32 and I think that's about a 20 minute walk so we should probably start going soon oh well I am at the gate gate number 32 and it looks to be quite a busy flight I am flying economy which is what I normally tend to do when I'm flying to Orlando Florida but I'm also a Solo Traveler so I'm not sure how much I'm gonna be able to film of the flight but I'll try my best also if my face is a bit wet is because I literally just went to wash my face so there you go let's head into the flight foreign bellini is our flight service manager she's charged off fantastic crew that we've gone for today we've got 10 cabin crew in total looking after your safety and Comforts all the way to Orlando on departure uh we're heading out straight across uh pretty much down the M4 Corridor the UK from there out towards South Wales across the back of beacons across the RSC heading out towards Wexford in Ireland and New York and then all the way down to Orlando our flight time today is nine hours exactly and we've got a just under 4 000 miles to run so we should be we should be pretty quick today we are expecting pretty good and speeds flying conditions on rings so uh no turbulence expected however it can be unexpected occasionally of course and we would recommend if you are seated just leave the seat belts at least faster than just in case we need to put the belts on but then I'll sit back relax thanks for choosing the flying version and enjoy the service we are about three hours into the flight we've got just over five hours left it's gone quite quickly to be fair and the seats are okay obviously there's economy so not much space and I do have somebody sat next to me which is why I haven't been filming too much but um I think I'm gonna probably sleep for the rest of the journey um they haven't turned the lights off yet because technically it's about 3 P.M UK time and then probably around 9 or 10 a.m but all the time so it's not the time to sleep yet but um I've enjoyed wow it's very sunny it's about to say I've enjoyed looking at the at the views from here but yeah just a quick little update lunch was really nice I enjoyed it they had two options one was a chicken tikka masala or a vegetarian mac and cheese I went for the chicken tikka masala I would have probably enjoyed both though the girl next to me actually solo traveled she went for the mac and cheese and that looked good as well but um yeah my chicken masala was surprisingly good really really flavoursome which is something that I haven't really experienced much with Virgin Atlantic Food so I was quite surprised actually pleasantly surprised if they're doing its economy food as well [Music] thank you [Music] thank you [Music] we have just landed the local time is 4 30 p.m so we actually landed about 45 minutes or so early which was great the entire flight was only nine hours long amazing it did go by pretty quickly as well to be fair I slept for the most part of it the first half of it I slept and that's a big tip that I have if you want things to go quicker especially long flight Journeys just sleep I normally try and make sure I'm tired before a long-haul flight so that I'm you know more or less guaranteed to be falling asleep even in uncomfortable speed like just an economy seat here with not much space you know with not being able to lie down anything when you're tired you're gonna sleep and that helps a lot at least in my opinion it does for me and then the last couple of hours of it I just played games on my phone I looked out the window it was nice to have a window seats we are just waiting now obviously to get off the plane but it's a nice flight a very very full flight like I'm pretty sure every single seat was taken when I booked to my seed when I chose my seat about a couple of months ago there was nobody next to me and then I checked about three or four days ago again no one next to me and there were also a couple of other seats that had like single seats um empty but then I checked last night and it was completely full so busy flight um like I guess loads of people want to go to Orlando at the end of March 2023 I guess because the Easter holidays are coming up as well but um yeah the flight was nice really really comfortable as well no turbulence just a very nice flight also shout out to the people that work it virgin staff always fantastic so big shout out to them [Music] that was our plane over the lady love it says I knew it that was honestly such a lovely flight I really enjoyed it and it feels so weird to be in Orlando it's been like I said three years three years and about a month February of 2020 was the last time I was here with my aunt and cousin and this trip was actually meant to happen earlier than March of 2023 but as you can imagine with everything that's been going on in the past few years um things have had to be postponed quite a few times and I am finally now here in March of 2020.

I'm going to go through customs and passport control in a second and I'll speak to you afterwards [Music] thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and here we are Orlando International Airport MCO you can see the American flag there behind me the Hyatt Regency Hotel as well which my friend Eddie actually stayed at last summer when he came and said good thing so maybe one day only try out I don't know I'm just so so excited to be here like I said the flight was very smooth everything just went very smoothly and so now I've always wanted to do a solo trip to Walt Disney World this is my first time doing it it's my very first Walt Disney World Florida solo traveling trip as I mentioned earlier this trip originally was booked quite a while ago in the beginning of 2021 actually I want to say in April of 2021 was when I originally booked this trip and originally it wasn't meant to be a scholarship but meant to be me and another friend and then because we couldn't actually do the original dates because of covid um then it kind of just uh could pick up postponed we're still gonna do that trip one day that friend of mine and I but um yeah it kind of got across one again and then eventually it just ended up being a solo trip and I am so excited about it like I said it's been something that I've been wanting to do for a long time I go to this vampire style on my own quite a lot and yeah it's gonna be amazing to experience this amazing just City and of course mainly Walt Disney World I am only going to be in Walt Disney World on this trip but yeah I've got 14 days as well which has it's been a long time since I've been here for 14 days two whole weeks but because I had to postpone this so many times including the last time I had to postponents was actually in January so this was originally meant to happen in January of this year two months ago but as most of you know my mom ended up being a hit and run accident a very terrible accident she had to have emergency surgery Hospital stay Etc so obviously I had to postpone this again from January to now she's doing much much better now the recovery road is still long but obviously she's past that really delicate scary stage which would have been the first couple of months of the surgery but there you go I cannot wait and yeah I want to show you a little bit of the area first before we go to misconette because Magical Express unfortunately is no longer a thing last time I was here in February of 2020 they still had the Magical Express my aunt and cousin and I enjoyed it and I used to use the match questions every single time on my previous trips to Walt Disney World this is my first time not using it because it just doesn't exist anymore Miss connect however I believe is the exact same thing it's just you have to pay for it it was something like 15 for return not bad it's just not going to be magical it's not going to have the Disney elements on it which is fine but like I said before I even head there got my luggage here it's very warm so I've taken my hoodie off got my two suitcases you can now see exactly what I traveled with once more carry on one suitcase here and I've actually got some huge stickers on them as well so I recognize them because it's just a black suitcase I've got Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Simba Ariel and Snow White just to like you know customize it a little bit because like I said it's a black suitcase although to be fair when you're traveling to Orlando I feel like most suitcases are going to be Disney anyway so if you have a black suitcase it's actually probably going to be easier to find it in any case um Customs only took about 30 minutes as well not bad at all I was expecting it to be much much busier because of how busy the flight was but only had to wait in the line for about half an hour something interesting that happened is that we had a dog come in like sniff everyone's bags which I don't think I'd ever had in the US before not even just in Orlando but any parts of the US that I've traveled to I've never had a dog come and sniff it and this happened whilst we were in line but it was a very cute dog and I'm not even much of a dog person the dog was cute so yeah let's have a look at the area look at that huge fountain in the centerpiece of this area and of course that's the hotel over there and then look at that Mickey and Minnie's runaway which it's very difficult to write to say look at that 50 50th of Walt Disney World it's actually only about um two weeks left now of the 50th celebrations but yeah I've not been on this ride yet so I'm really looking forward to going on this hopefully on our first day at Hollywood Studios I'm tempted to go inside the Disney Store just for a little bit but I feel like I might as well just wait you know I'm literally having two full weeks at Walt Disney World there's no point in buying anything or even looking at anything yet but they do have this uh Magic of Disney shop here at Orlando Airport in case you want to buy something obviously either coming in or coming out as well and look at Mickey on the floor that kind of reminds me of um Disney California Adventure which if you haven't checked out my California Vlogs I do have a whole Vlog series from back in December of 2022 and then right across the Disney shop of course on the other side they've got the Universal Orlando resort Shop Harry Potter stuff um yeah exciting again as I said I'm not going into Universal at all on this trip I wanted to focus mainly on Disney especially because the solo traveling trip as well it's easier just to say in one place but I have been to Universal Studios before and of times and I do have some Vlogs for that as well and hopefully I will be able to go to Universal Studios next time I'm in Orlando which hopefully won't be too long it won't be three years like it was last time but look at all the Minions here as well they look so cute it's just such a cute Airport MCO I love it it's probably cute to me because I obviously love theme parks and I love Disney and I love Harry Potter and I just love I love cute things but um we've got the castle over there as well 50th um Logan I'm actually so looking forward to seeing what the castle looks like with the 50th um decorations on it because I think when it first got released it was quite controversial a lot of people didn't like it but a lot of people have said that in person it looks amazing I'm not even that bothered about the castle like the castle in Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom it's not that dear to me I love Walt Disney World but it's you know the castle I'm not really attached to it so I'm really curious to see what this is going to look like in person but I am just chilling the airport's really not that busy at all and I do have a maze connect bus to catch I don't think there's a particular time they haven't told me to go at a particular time I just literally told them where my flight was you know what time it landed my flight number Etc from London Heathrow to MCO and they gave me a barcode to scan and I did receive an email actually last night that said um if your flight is delayed or if you miss your flight or something like that the Miss connect barcode should work for up to 48 hours after the original flight which is good it's good to know right before I make my way towards the bus so I'm quickly going to go here and just maybe buy a bottle of water in a couple of small bits because I didn't bring too much cash with me from the UK but I obviously did bring some for tips and whatnot but unfortunately it's only in um 100 bill so I want to kind of break a hundred dollar bill hopefully they should be able to do it here but look at that they've got loads of cute souvenirs just Florida souvenirs here as well if you want to buy something for people also look at the selection of crisps they've got going on here just in this small shop at the airport I like those the barnums animal crackers they look fun got the goods they're in this bag I find it's so funny how they easily give you plastic bags here in the US we whereas in Europe it's all about being environmentally friendly but to get the means connect bus is literally in the exact same place as it used to be with the Magical Express and so you go that way you take the elevator or the lifts one level down to level one a staff member told me to get the elevators but they're all the way at the end and there's literally an escalator here it is a bit difficult navigating to suitcases and now a plastic bag as well but I think I should be able to do it I manage but now I'm debating whether this was the right place or not maybe I should have just got elevated maybe maybe there's a reason they said elevators and the isolators I hope I'm in the right place so turns out you do need to get the lift you do need to get the elevator you can't just get the escalator I mean what I did was fine I just came a little bit down but I still need to go even further down to all the way down to level one and you can only do that with the elevator whilst I wait for the lift or elevator I wanted to show you this poster where Health meets happiness from earaches to tummy aches Advent Health healthcare service help meet your family's needs so that's really cool to know right we should be going to level one now there you go we are now officially on level one that was nice and easy there's a Starbucks here ahead of me and this place is now looking very familiar I was here literally three years ago in this exact location like I said this is the same place as a magical Express used to be so yeah we just have to keep going all the way across so I think to the end of this area and then I'll let you know what the maze connect situation is like okay so I think this might be the queue for me as connect me shuttle bus it doesn't look too bad but there is definitely a queue and it's definitely not quite as magical as it used to be yeah there you go it says Miss connect Disney area hotels connection so I was just going to join the queue once again I was wrong and I have to say the signposts were very confusing because there was a sign that I showed you earlier about misconnect's line being there but apparently that line was actually for um car rentals loads of other people were also in that line who actually needed mirrors and I think now I mean I can see that one of the main buses outside so hopefully this is now the rate of the way because this used to be this literally this exact location right here in front of me this is exactly where Magical Express used to be as well which now makes sense because I've been told by those people that the location none of it has changed it's just they don't no longer have the Disney partnership attached to it so they go means connect welcome got your barcode which I do oh perfect I'm so glad I don't have to wait in that's like a really long queue because that line was long and I also I'm happy that I'm not renting a car because this feels so much easier we want to have mercy this place is quiet I don't think I've ever seen this area quiet before I wonder if people are just not using mace connect anymore or if it's just a quiet day today they told me to go to line at 12 which is for AK and there you go I am staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge on this day which I am so so excited about apparently the animal kingdom bus goes to Animal Kingdom kadani Village which I believe is a DVC part of Animal Kingdom Lodge correct me if I'm wrong and then Coronado Springs but we're in the main area of Animal Kingdom Lodge one of my biggest dreams has always been to stay in Animal Kingdom Lodge and the way it worked out on the trip I'll talk about it a bit later when we get to the resort I wasn't originally meant to be here but now I am and I cannot wait what is seven oh I love you just there just outside thank you very much thank you so much thank you oh everyone is so lovely here and looks like the bus is here ready for us my hair is an absolute mess but it's nice to actually be outside out of the airport and feel the Orlando air not too bad actually in terms of the heat just hopping onto the bus and the air con already feels so so nice Lord have mercy now I can tell the difference now I can realize how hot it actually is outside and I think I'm gonna sit on number seven because it's my favorite number and there's no one next to me which is amazing um you can see the Muse logo there I am very warm but also very happy the buses are literally the exact same ones that they were just without the magical stuff so I keep saying there's no longer any Mickeys you're probably not going to get any like Disney trivia as you used to but they're still nice and comfortable so hello are you excited to go to Disney World oh yes amazing amazing I guess I'm just gonna relax now and wait until we get to Animal Kingdom Lodge oh hello people love it people love Vlogs here in in Orlando so our driver for the days Thomas Smith there's a little sign that says it he's a legend he's hilarious and he just came to say that the first stuff will actually be All-Star Sports which I'm guessing most of the people they just you know they said hi to the Vlog that's probably where they're staying um yeah he did say softball team so it's a group of people makes sense as well right All Star Sports softball team um he said it's going to take 35 minutes for us to get to All-Star Sports and then I'm pretty sure he's at the next stop will be Animal Kingdom so it's interesting because obviously on that sign they put me um like you said Animal Kingdom Lodge kid Army Village and um Coronado Springs but I guess because it's so quiet they're just kind of merging everywhere on the same bus [Music] thank you [Music] we've just made it to our first All-Star Sports I love this white and blue Styles they're so cute the friend Marina actually stayed at the All-Star Movies Resort not the sports one but the sister Hotel All-Star Movies in 2018 the January of 2018.

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