W Dubai the Palm, 5-Star Luxury Hotel & Resort, Marvelous Suite (full tour in 4K)

This is a review of the luxury hotel "W Dubai The Palm" in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The suite we stayed in. Pool, beach, gym. Dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. Breakfast. Please enjoy. The hotel is located on Dubai's popular artificial island, Palm Jumeirah. This hotel is located on the edge of Palm Jumeirah. There are W Hotel and Residences. It's a 6-story hotel, so it's not that high. The hotel is one of Marriott International's "W Hotels". W Hotels are positioned as Marriott's premier luxury and lifestyle hotels. The W Hotels are known for its gorgeous design, and the entrance to this hotel is also gorgeous.

This W Hotel opened in January 2019 and is officially considered a five-star hotel. Let's go inside. There is a reception desk on the right after entering. A large lobby area. The red objects above catch my eye. The ceiling is high. The Christmas tree-like object is beautiful. There are portraits of Arab royalty. Let's go inside. This is the elevator hall on the ground floor. There are buttons from the 1st basement floor to the 6th floor. This is the elevator hall on the first floor.

The aisles also have a design on the floor. There are many small windows on the walls of the passage. The window overlooks the lobby area. It's amazingly built. It's an interesting hotel. This time we will introduce two rooms. This is the first room. First, we had booked a Spectacular room. The cost is 1,912 AED (520 USD) per night. First, let's look at the entire room. Dining and living room. With terrace. Next to it is the bedroom and bathroom. The room we booked was a standard type, which was supposed to be 50 square meters (538 square feet), but it was obviously spacious. We realized later that we had been upgraded to a room one level higher (lower suite?).

Air conditioning and lighting are touch panel type. There are many outlets which is helpful. The ceiling lighting is different from normal hotels. The mosaic tile walls are gorgeous. Blue sofa and green cushions. The legs of the table are also intricately designed. Next···. It's a minibar. 4 bottles of water, cups and glasses. There's a phone below. Mugs with the letter W written on it. There are also mugs next to it.

A coffee machine made by an Italian manufacturer called Lavazza BLUE. Jacob Jensen electric kettle. Lavazza BLUE coffee capsules. W hotel package sugars. Arab teas called Arura. The living room has a vaulted ceiling and has beautiful indirect lighting. The TV is made by Samsung and is built into the wall. In front of the TV is a table and stool. The TV remote control is simple. Sofa side table. Big sofa. The pattern on the wall is unique. Green letters. Is it Arabic? Before going to the terrace, we will look at the counter table. Memo paper and ballpoint pen.

Christmas events are written about the stay during Christmas time. Spa information. The good thing is that there is a lot of bottled water. There is a cocktail set. Is this a room for parties? You can view the in-room dining and bar menus using the QR code. Dubai potato chips. Hotel package snacks. Dubai chocolates. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. All fees apply. To the terrace. Over there is the outdoor seating of the all-day dining restaurant. A view of the beach opposite the entrance. There's a pool over there. We can see Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah in the back. We can see the 7-star hotel "Burj Al Arab", which is a symbol of Dubai. We can also see the world's tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. Palm Jumeirah can be seen in the background. We can also see the luxury hotel "Atlantis The Royal" which opened in 2023. We can see the terraces of other rooms. The terrace is large and has plenty of chairs and tables to help us relax.

Next is the bedroom and bathroom. There is a bathtub diagonally in front of the bed. There is a sofa next to the bed. On the side of the bed… In-room dining breakfast menu. Outlet and touch panel lighting. It's a double bed with soft pillows and mattress. There is also a TV here. The air conditioner seems to be built into the top. A telephone and TV remote control are placed on the other side of the bed. This is a vanity table. Uniquely colored walls, table, and chair. The design of the walls is also elaborate. There is a scale under the sink.

The bathroom has twin sinks. Alcohol tissue. Shaving cream and razor. Nail files, etc. Both men's and women's toothbrushes are pink. Vegetable soap from Davines' Skin Regimen series. Cleansing cream and body cream from Davines' Skin Regimen series. The cups are light purple color. Shower room with mosaic tiled walls. Hand shower and rain shower. Shampoo, body soap, and conditioner from the Davines MOMO series. Body sponge. The water pressure of the rain shower is sufficient. The walls are stylish so we can take a comfortable shower. The water pressure in the hand shower is also sufficient. This is the toilet. It's wide. There are 3 closets. Safety box. The holy book of Islam, the Qur'an. Shoe horn and shoe care set. Aliseo hotel dryer. This is···. Hangers with W Dubai text. Bathrobes. Laundry set. Indoor slippers with W Dubai lettering. Iron and ironing board. There's nothing in the drawer. Next are the other rooms. There is a beautiful ocean view from the hallway window. The next room is a larger suite. A room called Marvelous Suite. 4,301 AED (1,170 USD) per night. The room measures 183 square meters (1970 square feet). This is a bar and party room.

There is a jacuzzi on the balcony. Living room. Bathroom and bedroom. Wash basins. Shower room. Now that we know the floor plan of the room, let's take a closer look. This is the toilet. The walls are gorgeous. The toilet is normal. The amenities are the same as the previous room. The living room also has mosaic tile walls. There are various tables. The purpose of the red case is unknown.
Should we fill it with ice and put a bottle of Champagne in it? This is a facility in the room.

It's a great stand light. Also, the mosaic tile walls are unique. This also has a folded ceiling. There are 6 chairs at this table. It looks like it's for a party. There are more bottled water in this room, there are 6 bottles here. This table also has gorgeous gold legs. It looks like a staircase and we can climb it. Probably shouldn't go up. This is a bar. There are various alcoholic drinks. There are golden objects and books on top. Lots of cups and glasses. Red faucet. A cocktail set is also available in this room.

Six more bottles of water. There are 12 pieces in total. The coffee capsules and machine are the same as in the previous room. There is a wide variety of coffee and tea available. Soft drinks below. The room itself is large, so there are a lot of them. There are also many chocolates in Dubai. Beers, wines, champagnes, etc. are available. The snacks are almost the same, but there are a little more. There is something like a paid bag placed there. Living roome. This is an interesting shaped sofa. This golden object is heavier than I expected. It's a wonderfully designed chair. Let's take a look at the balcony. There is a sofa on the right. We can also see Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah from here. 7 star hotel in Dubai. Second time today. View of Palm Jumeirah. We can see Atlantis the Royal and the water park.

Atlantis the Palm. This hotel is a symbol of Palm Jumeirah. We can see an Italian restaurant below. It's a very large balcony. This is the jacuzzi. The water temperature is warm. The jacuzzi is in a very good location, with the beach and sea right in front. The room we are in now is on the first floor, but there are rooms on the upper floors as well. The balcony doesn't end there. There are also table and chairs. There is W Residence on this side. W Hotel and W Residences are in separate buildings. Next is the bathroom and bedroom.
Although it has a flashy design, it does not feel cheap. There is a space next to the bathtub where we can lie down. The bathtub is not that big. Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are the same. The walls, rug, and cushion are all red, giving a sense of unity. The lighting is the same, and there are several modes available.

There is a cushion with a W written on it. I get the impression that even though the rooms are larger, the basic design remains the same. This is also a twin sink. Amenities are the same. The shower room is larger than the previous room. The red chair and red walls are distinctive. It even has two showers. Next is the closet and vanity. The color of the writing (Arabic?) on the wall is different from before. Closet opposite the vanity. The safety box is bigger than before. Bentley hotel dryer. It's different from the previous room. The toilets look the same. It was a very large room. There is a gym on the first floor and various facilities on the ground floor. The lobby is on the ground floor. Let's take a closer look at the lobby. It's shining a lot. Golden chairs with an unusual shape. Numerous windows. Indian Premier League Championship Cup.
2012 Kolkata Knight Riders Team. Is the situation at that time being broadcast? There are plenty of chairs and sofas near the reception. The sofa and cushions in the back are similar in color to the room.

There's something amazing about it.
Not sure what it is. Some necklaces are on display. The counter is also a flashy color. This is the bar in the lobby. Sweet drink. It's a cafe-like menu. It seems like a good idea to order when you're hungry. Tchaba tea. A tea brand that started in the UAE. This is the bar counter. Coffee can be ordered during the day. 7ART CONCEPT STORE. There are stores in Paris, London, Miami, and Dubai. Chanel and Hermes bear figurines. Louis Vuitton Mickey. Dior bear. Chess, etc. Louis Vuitton bear. Most of them cost around 4,000 AED (1090 USD) each. Chanel bear. Ferrari bear. Hermes bear. Disney art. Avengers art. 25,000 AED (6,800 USD). Eiffel Tower art. 10,000 AED (2,722 USD). Wonder Woman's bill? 2000 AED (544 USD). Next, let's take a look at the outdoor area. SUNKISS sunscreens are on sale. The beach and pool are open from 8 a.m.

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