VW ID.3 (2023) – Was ist NEU? – Update mit Wirkung? – Weltpremiere 2. Modellgeneration

hello and welcome back nice that
you are here again today I am really happy because I can welcome you today from the
VW studio and introduce you to a really nice new product we are talking about
none other than the new VW ID3 which is now new on him is what technical features
he has with him we will find out together in this video so I wish you
a lot of fun with the new VW ID3 and I finally have the new VW id.3 next to me
in the second model generation overall It is said that its performance
has remained quite similar, but it has really been sharpened optically, inside and out, but
first we go to the performance data of the VW ID3, it will continue to be available as ID3 Pro
and as ID3 Pro 3, the difference between the two then actually only in the battery and in the
range the performance is the same they both have 204 hp 310 Newton meters maximum
torque the ID3 Pro S then sprints to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and the ID.3 Pro
in 7.3 I have As you have just said, due to the different large battery capacities here, once
with the 58 kilowatt hours and once with the 77 kilowatt hours, you just have a
range of around 426 to 546 km, which means that there is simply the right drive for everyone with
the right range Depending on how you want to move the vehicle in everyday life,
yes, and otherwise you can say visually it's also pretty much sharpened, it's just
grown up a bit and is a bit more sporty, which you can see here
at the front right away at first glance For example, there are
new bumpers on the side that just give the whole thing a little more sportiness.
Overall, the whole bonnet seems a little longer.

It's not really longer in the external dimensions,
but due to various design elements, it now seems simply
elongated, for example, it's missing here in front now the black bar of the bonnet that was on the
models before and now also here such a small contour and that just creates
a bit more grown-up face I would say yes the exterior color is really new here too
nice metallic olive green I I think that suits the vehicle incredibly well and is currently
only available exclusively for the VW ID.3.

Yes, there are also optional
Matrix LED headlights at the front, the LED headlights also come with a high-beam assistant as standard,
but there are also options another adaptive high beam assistant which then makes
the vehicle even safer because it prevents other
road users from being dazzled or just only illuminates the road sections that you
really want to see, which means the IQ light breaks the matrix LED headlights
I think personally always very very sensible the whole thing is then nicely pulled through or is
connected then the whole thing is then again here through the light band I really
like it, too, if we then go a little further to the side it is also noticeable here that we
now have relatively large wheels With this 20 inch vehicle, you can then choose between 18 and 20
inches, and also between different rim designs.

In our case, we now have a relatively
closed rim design, which of course works really well with an electric vehicle.
If you then look at the side, there are also here again such a small design feature
that is new and namely this aluminum strip which then somehow separates the roof from the body a
bit optically and here too the lines are somehow underlined
and gives the vehicle additional sportiness by the way the roof that is always
black, which is no longer black, it's just the bonnet, I think it
looks really good in the vehicle, which you also have to say with the ID.3 Pro, there's also a
panorama roof with the ID.3 Pro S, just not Before we now look at the wonderful rear design,
I would of course also like to tell you the vehicle dimensions because even if the vehicle
appears visually longer, it really has remained the same in terms of dimensions, we are here with
a vehicle length of 4 m 26 and a vehicle width of 1.80 m and a vehicle height of 1.56 m and
before we look at the rear design, I would like to show you the charging flap
because it is here on the left at the rear and the new ID.3 also has the function for
fast charging, it is called this vehicle can be charged with up to 170 kW, which means you then have
a charge level from 0 to 80% in about 30 minutes, exactly if you then only charge with 120 kW,
then it probably needs another five minutes, which means we are at
one Charging time of about 35 minutes to the 80% charge level and so we get between
426 and 546 km depending on which variant you have chosen from the ID.3 on top of that he has
a bit more skills here as far as loading is concerned he has e.g a plug and charge also
means everything annoying about charging as far as the smartphone card is concerned is omitted here, which means you
have the option of simply driving to a charging station and no longer have to hold anything up to the charging station,
but the vehicle and the concluded contract then recognize
it independently it means it's just a simple vehicle to roll back plug in again yes
he can also feed in additional energy at home that may
not work quite ideally yet because you just need a few regulations from the state to then have
the energy perfectly at home to be able to feed yourself yes of course we would also like to take a look at the
rear design on the one hand there is a really nice sporty
roof spoiler up here which is also painted nice black and above all in combination with the dark
panes i.e.

With the privacy here at the back it works I think it's incredibly young
and to the point I also think it's nice that you then pulled the tailgate dark through here to
the back so the vehicle simply gives a little more length overall yes that we
then bordered here on the left and right by the taillights, too look incredibly good
I think by the way two reflectors were previously attached here and now they have just been
replaced by another small extension of the rear lights I think it's nice also
the rear lights can now also play a nice animation I'll try to
capture it for you looks really strong yes, the ID.3 also has the option
of a bicycle coupling here at the back with a vertical load of up to 75 kilograms, which means you
can now take your bike, your electric bike, mini scooters, everything on the back here, which
is just super cool, yes Of course, there is also a bit of storage space in our ID.3.

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