okay so it's called it's called Spike planting can you even hear us with the headset on when they're pushing I can hear exactly where they are my position is not going to be the best oh my God I can tell as a pro how are you finding the h9s that what I just did there I wouldn't have done it with another headset hello everyone and welcome to the brand new series flavor Pro presented by Sony Endzone in this series you can expect to see a lot from myself flow ascending vigstar rumathrow how to Noodle and our two professional players from Excel Nelly and Peri will be teaching us noobs how to position and move correctly so that one day we can be just as good as they are in a game of valorin whilst using the Sony Endzone products to help us along the way have you ever played this guys no you tell us okay so it's called it's called Spike planting so what are you doing right now well I'm looking for the Bots because as long as they're alive I won't be able to plant whenever you want to try to take A or B bomb site you want to be able to try to position yourself in your own Advantage which means that I'm not gonna go into the wall and peek like this because that's going to give them the peakiest advantage because they might already be holding this angle so the way you will peeking then you're making it so you could only get shots from one place at a time exactly you want to try to take 1v1 so right now you've got the full 360 spatial sound so you can hear it exactly which means you know you're safe to plant they're not making much noise right now so I'm just gonna check everything and you'll be able to hear the distance they're out when they do move yeah with this headset I'll not only hear them but also hear with how far they are from me so we're good I don't see any I kind of forgot to use my util but I'm playing so I've got the headset you don't even need to okay I'm sure so I I could hear this one coming from rain he's already out and the last one is already on the side diffusing okay let's hear us with the headset on sorry let me just put Ambience model I'm sorry what did you say oh I was just asking if you could hear us with the headset on if I have noise canceling not really but there's a button on the headset that puts it in Ambience mode Okay cool so are you now listening for them yeah yeah yeah yeah and can you see exactly where they are I mean honestly with this Sony H9 I can literally hear that this guy is right here like he's really close to me yeah I think it's really hard to position yourself right when multiple people are retaking right because you don't really know where they're coming from and I think a good headset is really nice to hear where they're coming from right so you just ended that round with two kills on Bots that you couldn't even see as a pro at how you find in the Sony in zone h9s honestly they're really good that what I just did there there I wouldn't have done it with another headset makes a difference okay guys I think it's time for you to have a go all right put us in let's do it do you know what you're supposed to do you're supposed to kill them just in case okay to the site right when they're pushing I can hear exactly where they are even Behind the Walls I can hear true okay so you probably want to not spray it's always better sorry I can't hear you one second I've got the noise canceling on oh yeah true okay there

we go so yeah you maybe don't want to spray and maybe try a tap tap that's your challenge okay okay let me see I can see that you heard that one so it's it's I did hear them yeah I can hear exactly where they're coming from so I played neon so I kind of just holds W so my position is not gonna be the best oh my God yeah okay so I can tell thank you all right so I've gotta make sure I don't expose myself where are they oh my God I think let's get this slower no all right that was messy but I didn't die you guys are synced so watch this position off site and then listen for them you can either play it aggressive or just hide I'll play Passive I'm using it back in zone hey it's no I could hear it there you go and there's one close on the right here you go one more left there we go I'm gonna peek for the left yeah I'm a teacher here remember what I told you about taking the 1b1s yeah yeah oh okay you should be able to hear now exactly where you're coming from but here one coming from Lane right oh two from Lane oh he's also coming Lane should I be a cat yeah I should not be pushy though no when there's a 1v1 and you know where the person's coming from you just play it safe you have all the advantage okay I say you're not that comfortable with drinking so maybe maybe play safe angle so they're usually in the corners so you maybe want to pre-fire some like you just speak while shooting and you'll probably get a headshot and you'll be happy about it I got the spike down you'll have one left yeah okay there's one on the left I know he's on the right he's going right I hear him he's there waiting for the peak how do you feel about the Comfort on each night okay so I'm really trying right now to focus on the position okay I've noticed that it's really comfortable like the cushions really good when you play long sessions you need to have comfort you don't want your ears to hurt okay next challenge you're taking it off yes let me see still on the left I hear him come on Peak me you won't I can hear exactly where you are you know it's a good thing with the op is that with the H9 you can actually hear how far they are yeah I know yeah exactly let's go I didn't even get to finish that that he instantly proved it there's one more he's scared he's terrified yeah exactly where he is exactly I'm inside his head he doesn't want it okay well you got the spike to blow up so you won we took that as we take those this headset it's like I've got my own radar okay I want to see some City drawers that's a good one it's a good one tap yeah into a sage wall okay I want to see how creative you can be with the same I'm comfortable with sage walls okay okay I can see that you heard that one so I'm gonna go find the last one I think he's probably he's probably behind the wall probably is right he goes there we go nice easy so how do you feel about the comfort of the headset okay I've played from back side now so there's noise cancellation on them so that's probably why he doesn't answer okay one on the side already okay diffusing and here's the other one refusing as well nice nice see now you take the 1v1s great job so do you guys know that with the Sony in zone H9 you can actually take pictures of your ears upload them to the end zone Hub and it would make you personalize sound profiles wow it makes your whole game more realistic more immersive and more accurate I can already see a new gameplay so let's go all that pushing together I hear them all oh come on so there we have it we've learned a few tips and tricks on our positioning thanks to Sony and zone for the really cool products and lastly make sure to like comment and subscribe foreign

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