US men’s national soccer team’s success in the World Cup sends soccer fans into frenzy

Well, just hours ago the US won against Iran in the World Cup. The match was politically charged because of anti regime protests in Iran. Beyond the politics, the game came with a lot of stake for the US. Go big or go home. Our Ryan Henson was on hand at Amsterdam Tavern in South Saint Louis as the red, white and blue advanced. The golden Goal from Christian Pulisic that pushed America into the next round.

A moment that is sure to draw in more players on younger levels. It's a great feeling and and it's just because I'm obviously biased, but I love the game and for me it's brought so many wonderful, great things, mostly so many great and wonderful people's United Soccer Club coach Paul Zarky says he's noticed an increase in players coming out each year. The Saint Louis Youth Soccer Association, or slice, that says they will receive 5000 youth games. The season Zarki says non traditional soccer powerhouse high schools are climbing up in the ranks assign the talent pool is getting deeper in Saint Louis while the Catholic schools have still maintained a really good level of play in technique. You know, abilities. But the public schools have really, really come along another way to gauge interest, just take a look at some of the big crowds at Amsterdam Tavern, even with the midday kickoff.

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