Update improves security for Apple Airtag technology: 2 Wants to Know

Well, this right here is an Apple air tag. It's a device. It helps you locate things, like for instance, my dog Kona. I want you to see right there at the bottom of her collar. That right there is where the air tag is now on my phone I can pull up her location to see just where she is and today she was at doggy daycare right where I left her. You know the idea is to be able to keep track of things that can be lost.

A dog, a suitcase keys your purse. But scammers are using the small devices to now. Track people. They slip that small air tag into their purse or they put it underneath the wheel well of a car. It happened right here in the triad Elon police put out this scam alert back in January. A woman was being tracked by someone using an air tag somewhere on her car. Apple is now working on new privacy warnings during setup and for those who get that unwanted air tag tracking alert, they're trying to make new software that uses a combination of. Sound haptics and visual feedback to help locate that unwanted tag. The company also is pledging to improve its alert system so people will know sooner if an unknown artag is traveling with them. Now, this all comes out a little later this year, so in the meantime, what do you do if you have an iPhone, you'll get an alert of an unknown artag to hopefully help you find it, and then disengage it.

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