Upcoming Movies In 2024 That You Should Mark On Your Calendar

Can a psychological thriller work as a musical? 
Can a high budget action flick be successfully   broken into two parts? We'll be sure to 
find out once these 2024 films hit screens. If anything should put directors Anthony 
and Joe Russo's upcoming sci-fi epic "The   Electric State" on viewers' watchlists, it's 
the extraordinary cast. Millie Bobby Brown   and Chris Pratt are slated to play the lead 
roles, but it's in the supporting cast where   things get really enticing.

The film will 
feature an ensemble cast of actors in both   live-action and voice-over roles, including 
Ke Huy Quan, Brian Cox, and Jenny Slate. On top of all that, former "Seinfeld" star Jason   Alexander will also be making a rare major 
motion picture appearance in the feature. "Take me to your leader." Laughs. Outside of the cast, it will also be interesting 
to see how the Russos translate the striking   imagery of Simon Stålenhag's "Electric State" 
graphic novel into a film adaptation. The   images from the source material make use of 
evocative deep blue hues and feature massive   robots lingering around in everyday environments, 
leaving a lot of opportunities for the filmmakers   to produce equally striking cinematography through 
which they can tell this unique sci-fi story. Adrian Molina's days at Pixar date back to 
2007 when he worked as an animator on the   end titles of "Ratatouille." Since then, 
Molina has moved up in the ranks at Pixar   to provide additional screenplay material for 
"The Good Dinosaur" and "Monsters University." He also served as co-director and 
screenwriter on the 2017 smash hit   "Coco." Come 2024, Molina will move up 
to solo directing Pixar's upcoming title,   "Elio." Details on the project are minimal, but 
according to Pixar's official Twitter account,   the film will be a sci-fi yarn about 
a young boy who winds up in the far   reaches of outer space and gets mistaken by 
alien lifeforms as the ambassador for Earth.

"Coco" was such an extraordinary and 
well-renowned feature that the prospect   of any new production from Molina should be enough 
of a reason for Pixar fans to celebrate. It will   also be interesting to see Pixar's next 
take on the world of sci-fi storytelling,   a domain the studio has explored sporadically 
throughout the years to varying results. For example, "Wall-E" was a fairly resounding 
success when it came out in 2008. However,   their more recent attempt at a sci-fi 
story, 2022's "Lightyear," received   mixed reviews at best. With so many promising 
elements even this early into its production,   "Elio" has the potential to be another storied 
chapter in Molina's prolific career at Pixar. It's been a while since audiences got 
to explore the vast and imaginative   world of Miles Morales depicted in 2018's 
"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse." However,   not only is a sequel to that movie imminent, 
but a pair of follow-ups are also on the docket.

The second sequel set in the "Spider-Verse" 
universe will be "Spider-Man: Beyond the   Spider-Verse," which is scheduled to hit theaters 
in March 2024. Given how scant few details are   available about the first of these sequels, 
"Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," it's   no surprise that "Beyond the Spider-Verse" is 
shrouded in mystery. Most information about which   characters from the first two films will appear in 
the third is still not public knowledge, though it   has been confirmed that Jason Schwartzman's Spot 
will serve as the main villain in the 2024 film. Still, the vibrancy of this world makes the 
concept of spending more time in the multiverse   of Spider-people incredibly exciting.

the title "Beyond the Spider-Verse" suggests   some truly trippy storytelling possibilities 
could be in store for audiences. We'll have to   wait and see to find out more about what 
this particular movie has up its sleeve,   but if the quality of "Into the 
Spider-Verse" is any indication,   audiences should get stoked for what 
"Beyond the Spider-Verse" has in store. "Look, I made a promise. So, I have to keep it." The world of "A Quiet Place" is poised to expand 
significantly with the forthcoming spin-off,   "A Quiet Place: Day One." While details about 
this film's plot are still largely under wraps,   it does appear that new characters beyond the 
original "Quiet Place" protagonists will be taking   center stage, with Lupita Nyong'o and Joseph Quinn 
lined up to play two of the new film's leads.

There's also change afoot behind the scenes,   with "Pig" writer and director Michael 
Sarnoski taking over John Krasinski's place   as director. With such vast shifts in casting 
and leadership, this next installment to the   "Quiet Place" universe could offer something 
noticeably different from its predecessors. The title suggests that moviegoers will 
be returning to the very start of the   noise-sensitive alien invasion, a backdrop 
briefly explored in the prologue to "A Quiet   Place: Part II." Exploring how humans react to 
their suddenly changing world could certainly   provide a fresh spin for the franchise, 
especially since Sarnoski proved to be   extremely gifted at exploring humanity's 
ability to grapple with loss in "Pig." Ethan Hunt, the protagonist of the expansive 
"Mission: Impossible" series, has had to pull   off some incredible feats throughout this 
franchise. However, soon Tom Cruise's iconic   character will have to complete an especially 
daunting task: nailing a two-part blockbuster. The next installment in the "Mission: 
Impossible" franchise, "Dead Reckoning,"   is going to be split across a pair of motion 
pictures, the second of which will arrive in   June 2024.

As titles like "Divergent: 
Allegiant" have proved in the past,   taking one story and splitting it across two 
movies can go very wrong very fast. However,   if Hunt could climb the world's tallest building 
and survive, then it stands to reason he might   manage to make "Dead Reckoning" a 
satisfying multi-film experience. "How am I supposed to do this?" Glove smacks. One promising aspect of the second part 
of "Dead Reckoning" is that it will   feature some cast members that won't 
be around for the first installment,   including Nick Offerman and Holt McCallany. The presence of new faces indicates that 
the second part of "Dead Reckoning" might   just offer something unique, rather than 
act as a rehash of the first part.

That's   just one of the countless reasons moviegoers 
are on the edge of their seats waiting for   "Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning 
– Part Two" to show up in theaters. After dominating the Academy Awards, Bong Joon 
Ho returns to both science-fiction cinema and   English-language storytelling with his 2024 
directorial effort, "Mickey 17." Based on the   book "Mickey7" by Edward Ashton, "Mickey 
17" stars the endlessly versatile Robert   Pattinson as a man tasked with working on an 
expedition to colonize a far-off ice planet. From there, if prior Joon Ho movies are any 
indication, the film is likely to take some   unpredictable turns and project potent 
social commentary on the world around   us. There are still so few details on what this 
adaptation will look and feel like, but Joon Ho's   incredible body of work makes it difficult not 
to get tantalized by this project immediately. If the film's elevator pitch 
wasn't enough to excite you,   the rest of the cast just might.

Aside from 
Robert Pattinson taking on the lead role,   Toni Collette, Steven Yeun, Naomi Ackie, and 
Mark Ruffalo are all listed as supporting cast. Pattinson has always shown a penchant for working 
with beloved auteurs like David Cronenberg, Robert   Eggers and Claire Denis, so it's incredibly 
exciting to imagine what he'll accomplish as a   performer working under the filmmaker responsible 
for "Parasite." Needless to say, there are more   than a few reasons to be pumped for the release of 
this legendary director's next cinematic effort. "Furiosa" is a new George Miller movie. 
That fact alone should send it rocketing   toward the very top of any list of the 
most anticipated movies of 2024. The   fact that it's a George Miller directorial 
effort set in the "Mad Max" world, however,   makes the prospect of this cinematic 
experience even more appetizing.

This time around, the character of Furiosa from 
"Mad Max: Fury Road" will not be portrayed by   Charlize Theron, but by Anya Taylor-Joy. This 
leading lady has been on a hot streak with   her work in movies and TV, including notable 2022 
titles like "The Northman" and "The Menu." So, the   idea of her getting to work under the direction 
of George Miller sounds downright extraordinary. "Care for a demonstration?"

English actor Thom Burke will also   appear in the film's cast. While Burke may not be 
a household name yet, he delivered extraordinary   work in Joanna Hogg's "The Souvenir." With a 
background largely in British indies and TV,   it will be extremely revelatory to see what he 
can do with a much larger canvas at his disposal Beyond the cast, which also includes Chris 
Hemsworth, "Furiosa" is bound to be home to   a practically realized spectacle that only Miller 
would have the gall and imagination to pull off.   If he manages to capture even a fraction of the 
"Fury Road" magic, then "Furiosa" will be only   the latest example of why any new George Miller 
movie should be met with great anticipation.

The "Planet of the Apes" franchise has 
seen seemingly constant updates over the   course of the last few decades, which might 
make viewers think that this saga would be   running on fumes creatively. However, the most 
recent trilogy of features from this universe,   two of which were helmed by "The 
Batman" director Matt Reeves,   were some of the most exciting 
and daring entries to date. That's not to say "Planet of the Apes" is 
incapable of churning out a dud movie — Tim   Burton's 2001 film "Planet of the Apes" was 
certainly a lacking contribution to the franchie.   However, there's clearly a lot of creative 
longevity within this universe, which makes the   prospect of the 2024 installment "Kingdom of the 
Planet of the Apes" sound especially appetizing.

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