University of Utah Graduate School

The University of Utah is an excellent 
place to get a graduate education.   Everyone here that I've worked with from ENTs 
to professors to undergrads has been really just   genuinely nice and something probably unique 
to Utah in terms of just how nice everyone is.   There's a great community of graduate students. If 
you don't know something there's somebody around   that does. There's just so many resources 
on campus that the grad school provides,   but also research opportunities that 
are prevalent. In order to do something   creatively valuable you need to have time 
to think every day. I wrote a proposal   and I submitted it to the Graduate Research 
Committee and they gave me a fellowship that I   could actually start working on my dissertation 
without thinking about financial burdens. The University of Utah has really been able 
to change the paradigm of graduate education   in order to embrace the growing proportion of 
PhDs that are entering into industrial careers.   Because I did both the clinical doctorate 
and the research doctorate it's opened up a   lot of opportunities for me on the job market. 
You know I could go and work as a clinician I   could go and work as an academic researcher 
tenure line and i can also work industry.   Without a Graduate Research Fellowship doing 
this experimental composition was impossible.   I even took up rock climbing which I never thought 
I would do.

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