Ultimate 2 Week Bali Trip! TRAVEL VLOG | Uluwatu, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Waterfalls & More…

So we are finally back overseas after two long years of Covid life. So we arrived late last night into Bali. Rolled in at 1am. And then we made our way to Canggu. And now we're nice and rested up. We are heading to Uluwatu. To catch up with our beautiful, beautiful
videographer and photographer friends, Justin and Ashley, which is how we are
bringing you this vlog today.

So they are going to be helping us teaching us, and we're going to be having
an incredible time full of adventures. And food, and food. So we have plans. Our Nusa Lembongan,
Nusa Penida, waterfalls, rice paddies. We're seen it all , we’re doing it all
and we can't wait to bring you with us! Hot tip if you need directions, put Bluetooth
headphones in your ears while you drive around Bali. We are at Boma Cliff's in Uluwatu. It's like the most perfect place
to come for sunset. It's actually like Sunset View Point. And we had the most spectacular sunset. We got incredible photos, there’s like a
cliff edge, like, up further that way. It's just beautiful. Hello everybody,
we are at the Boma Cliff’s. Welcome to Jurassic Park. Sup guys. So we are currently in Sanur we’re
about to jump on a fast boat.

30 minute ride. We heading over to Nusa Lembongan
for a few days. We’re going to go do some cliff jumping. So keen. Eat my weight in Nasi Goreng.
Yeah. And drink about a thousand Pina Coladas. And lots of scoot
scootin. And boot scootin baby. Yeah. No. So excited. And then after that,
we're heading to Nusa Penida, which
neither of us have ever been to before. So we’re so excited! Seen it all over Instagram
and just can’t wait to get there! Can’t wait to show you around too!
Let’s not miss the boat! It has been a hella windy day, so there'll be no cliff
jumping, sadly. But we've just arrived at the Blue Lagoon,
and it looks absolutely amazing! Bah! I was wondering where you were. Okay, so we're currently at Mahana. Cliff, jump and we're about to jump in.

The water looks insane. Are you ready?
There’s a bit on. Let’s do it. Let’s go! Just rolled in. Nusa Penida. Quick little 15 minute boat ride or so. Heading to our accommodation,
got three nights here and none of us have been here before. So let's go sus it out. Super early start this morning! We are currently at Teletubby Hills. We had to get up 5 am and drive here. We wanted to be here for sunrise.

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