Ukrainian President Zelenskyy holds joint press conference with President Biden

In a surprise visit Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky arriving in the US after leaving his country for the first time in 300 days when Russia launched its war on Ukraine. Zelensky first staying at the presidential guesthouse before holding his private meeting with President Biden. Zelensky blanketed with a high level of security, including his own Secret Service detail described as head of state treatment, sending a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Following their meeting at the White House, the two presidents held a joint press conference. I want you to know that all the people. Ukraine to know as well the American people will be with you every step of the way and we will stay with you. I came here to the United States to forward the thank the word of thanks to the people of America, people who do so much for Ukraine. I am thankful for all of this this today the Biden administration announcing a $2 billion Security Assistance package for Ukraine, which for the first time will include Patriot missiles that Ukraine has long been. Requesting to help them fend off Russian missile attacks targeting civilian and critical infrastructure, speaker Nancy Pelosi sending a letter to all members of Congress formally inviting Zelensky to address a joint meeting, saying democracy itself is on the line. The meeting comes as lawmakers consider an additional $45 billion in funding for Ukraine. Republicans will take control of the house, and some members are skeptical about providing new aid to Ukraine. But in the Senate there is bipartisan support continuing our support for Ukraine.

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