U.S. PRESIDENTS PLAY Mr. President! (Ai voices)

the following video was made for entertainment purposes this video is not meant to represent the real individuals involved in this video all voices have been AI generated please enjoy what it is everyone it is I Barack Obama here with Donnie and bidenator to play some mystery what the [ __ ] man hey whoa whoa Trump I thought we told you no swearing allowed oh yeah I forgot this is supposed to be a family inclusive Channel my bad settle down gentlemen this is the first video on this channel after all so we can let that one slide I will admit this is going to take a lot of getting used to wait I just realized are you bald Donnie hey that is rump not me all right I don't know Donald he definitely takes after you from looks alone I'm going to create a Mr President the prequel and just slap you in the game and claim that's broccoli owama okay okay I'll actually save you this time please do everything in your power to stop associating me with rump okay okay rump you got it buddy tonight see it's fine Trump we saved Trump you happy a little bit yeah but for now rump and I are two separate people period okay that was unnecessary right there what happens if you jump into the crowd do they parade you with hugs and kisses for saving rump no you kind of just collide with them except they're the unfazed ones you know it kind of makes me wonder if they should be the bodyguards instead good going Bozo now you sent him flying into the softest sets of bricks I've ever seen sorry I didn't expect the bullet to come so soon maybe rump should have moved out of the way next time I'm more fascinated by the fact the crowd still seems cheery despite watching Trump I I I mean rump getting shot like that I'll let that one slide for now I seriously wonder what the crowd is made of throwing your whole body into them doesn't scratch them they're probably made of some sort of vibranium like Captain America's shield or something like that I'd be terrified if an entire Society of citizens are made of a certain metal that not even gunshots can damage at that point might as well send them to the military if they're incapable of dying also what is happening to rump's legs bro it's almost as if they're having a stroke of their own or something I don't know Joe but for now let's press on to the next mission holy moly that was a fast bullet and a half Obama may I suggest you throw your body at the bullet if possible wow seriously God look at that body go bro but okay this is getting frustrating do I really have to catch the bullet or hey whoa language buddy sorry about that Donnie your counterpart just needs to move out of the freaking way in order to live one more second maybe if The Bodyguard catches the bullet then Oop There you go man finally done with that level finally I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I am not in rump's shoes right now even if I could move out of the way a threat of an assassin onto me is kind of unnerving you know actually come to think of it why are we playing Mr President and why is it uh rump apparently none of the other imposters on YouTube have played this game so Obama told me he suggested we give this game a shot mainly because of the goal being to save rump who everyone believes to resemble me in such ways even though I'd never stand there and willingly take a bullet to the stomach like a [ __ ] yeah I'm glad you don't cause then I wouldn't have to save your freaking rear but what about the why because this game released in 2016 during the election of that year Donald Trump was up against Hillary Clinton remember so glad I got her sorry but out of the election or else she would have single-handedly went the entire country I accidentally pressed the reset button guys great now we have to relive this torturous moment again foreign this game is really pulling my leg here wait I did it golly I thought I grew a beard watching that finally we can get out of here okay wait what in the world is happening here why are you acting like

as if I have done this myself I have no clue what's happening from the looks of it you got way too much cash for your own good if it is all being poured into your mouth what did I say about associating me with rump Mr Obama my bad sorry about that do you think anyone has ever attempted stealing all of the cash that's just on stage lying around on the floor [Applause] probably knowing the civilians down here why and how was I sent flying like that maybe because there was nothing to break your speed well at least you got rumped that time I'm starting to believe that the crowd in the room or the fakest I've seen in decades never have I ever seen them only produce one sound effect the entire time even when rump dies Donnie this game was likely produced with a budget of like fifty dollars I'm pretty sure the individual who made this didn't care to program something like that I hope if there's ever a sequel to this game my crowd would be realer than uh rumps I'm sorry but why on God's green earth did my guy just fall down the stairs come on you're a bodyguard walking down the stairs should be a baby's level difficulty maybe if you'd stop slamming yourself into the wall this would be a bit more of a breeze if you ask me Trump what can I do to get you to handle the controls of this game you can let me play this garbage Garb a bodyguard who can take a bullet with his bare hands is incapable of not dying to anything that touches him are you allowed to hire a new guard or something gosh come on I'm right there just let me knock his stupid rear already never have I ever been so sick of the stairs I can tell Barry's doing everything in his power to not cuss in this video Yeah surprisingly cussing is way more a part of our language than we even realize although I find it kind of funny when we have to find words to work around the cussing at least your guard's got some moves though [Music] I press the red tree button again I swear you're about to make me the richest on Earth with the amount of times you keep restarting on accident well at least it wasn't a failed attempt like last time what the are those actually Bombs all right who in the world is throwing big massive bombs on stage and no one in the crowd is seeing this or doing anything about it I'm just as shocked as you all are why on this game soil is rump only called for one security guard and not multiple times the stinking crowd was going to throw bombs is no one going to talk about how the bombs just destroyed the rump statues made of gold 50 game Joe remember that try knocking rump by his left side and see if that'll avoid the bomb explosion radius thanks Donnie you're welcome Barry anytime bro wait before we move on to the next level can I see something real quick what is it Joe I noticed rump is still moving on his own so I want to see what I'm suing whoever made this game why I thought you were Trump not run shut it alumni this might be one of the best things I've seen in my 80 something years okay seriously why am I placed in some empty Dome and have to crouch to escape to save rum I wish I could answer that question myself but honestly neither do I know nice jump bro nice going let's get on with the next stage Trump why is your counterpart just waving at the wall now I'm not associated with that numbskull wow how amazing rump's got so much money he was so thoughtful to put it in my way to make it harder to save his butt I'm truly praying to God people don't actually see me as they see rump because on God would I let him get assassinated if this happened to me I don't know why but I feel you need to watch your tongue there when you say something like that welcome to another episode of I can't walk down the stairs because I'm rump's bodyguard and I belong in a game with no budget behind it at all [Applause] I hope you understand how frustrated I am with this game Joe sorry something about that was just funny thank you whoa nice Berry amazing job at sweeping his legs to save him thanks Joe I seriously hope that was the last level for you because I'm actually getting sick of seeing rump and that annoying face of his the irony of that comment ah good one okay that's going to wrap it up for this video despite my suffering I hope you all enjoyed this video this was kind of annoying to play not gonna lie if any of you want to see more of us playing whatever games we get on our plate please be sure to like And subscribe for more it helps us in Jared gaming to produce more of these kinds of goofy videos don't expect these videos quite often Jared and us already have a lot of business to attend to especially me as always take care and God bless you all thank you

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