Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event

[cheering] [man] I need Millie on camera eight. Camera six should be Henry. Ready? Camera two for Stranger Things. -It's time. -Let's get them ready. No person that sells… Hi! [woman] Ready? Almost showtime. Okay, we're ready. Okay, you guys… [man] Camera five. Someone tell Omar he's on a live feed. -[woman] Good to go in here? -Let the event begin. It's so beautiful in here. I almost forgot where I was. -Is it showtime? -Just about. Okay, great! I'll be right here. [man] Give me three. We are moments away.

Anyone have eyes on Hemsworth? -Aloha. -Aloha. [man] Here we go. We're ready. -[woman] It's showtime. -The Pogues will be reporting for duty! [man] Umbrella Academy on five. The Crown on seven. They're ready for you on set, Mr. Foxx. Oh, great! Thank you. [man] Okay, positions, everyone. Here we go! Welcome! I'm Jamie Foxx, and for those of you who know me, you know that I'm all about TV and movies, which is perfect, because that's what Netflix is all about. Most people around the world know this sound… -[Netflix intro plays] -Mmm-hmm. We call that the Tudum! And that sound lets you know that you've gained access to the best movies, documentaries, television shows, games, and original programming anywhere on the planet. That means today you are going to see exclusive first looks of never-before-seen footage, including appearances by all types of big celebrities. I heard one of the celebrities has an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, Grammy, BET, Screen Actors Guild, and a number one album. I don't know who I'm talking about. I guess you could say this show is going to be "unpredictable." Anyway, let's take a look at what we have in store for you.

Tudum is the global VIP event of the year, and I'm excited to get this show going. You've seen her playing the sister of Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes, and the psychokinetic and telepathic supergirl, Eleven on Stranger Things. Please join me in welcoming Millie Bobby Brown! Hello, Tudum. I'm Millie Bobby Brown, and I'm absolutely thrilled and honored to be back for another Tudum. After all the love we got from the first Enola Holmes, mischief and mystery strikes again.

Everyone you love is back in action. Henry, Louis, Helena, Susan and of course, yours truly, with tons of new characters you are about to meet soon. So, to give you a taste of Enola's next adventure, I'm excited to share with you Enola Holmes 2. Enjoy. [Enola] Excuse me. [man1] Stop running! [man 2] Stop that girl! [man 1] Come back! Get out of the way! Perhaps I should explain. My name is Enola Holmes. I started a detective agency.

-You're how old? -You are a girl. -Tell me… -Yes? Might your brother be free? [Enola] My brother… While I have not a single case, Sherlock's latest seems to be vexing him. [cat yowls] -Is it true you find lost people? -Yes. My sister, she disappeared a week ago. [Enola] At last I would be a detective in my own right. Worthy of the Holmes name. -[yells] -[thuds] Dare I ask? [girl] She's a detective.

God, another one. [Enola] I'm trying to save a girl's life. -And what can we do? -"We?" Is he looking back? Oh, good. He isn't. Are you involved in something dangerous? [Edith] You can't control Enola Holmes. She's a force of nature. -[Enola gasps] -[both grunt] [Enola yells] -You. -You. Why are you here? -Is it my case or your own? -Both. It seems our cases are connected.

Hello, Tudum and everyone watching around the world. I'm Gal Gadot. I'm Jamie Dornan. And I'm Alia Bhatt. We're so excited to be joining you from the set of our new action spy thriller, Heart of Stone. This film is going to be huge. -Huge! -But we can't spoil it for you just yet. So, for now, please enjoy a little sneak peek at Heart of Stone, coming to Netflix in 2023. Take it away. -[Gadot] Yoo-hoo! -[Dornan] Whoo! [woman] You know what you signed up for. No friends… no relationships. What we do is too important. [man] Action! Heart of Stone is gonna be extremely epic.

It's a super-grounded raw action thriller. It has these characters that you really connect with and feel for. Target approaching. Take it I'm no longer compromised. There's so much going on on a so big scale. We really wanted to make sure we keep it realistic so people can feel the pain. Rachel Stone lives off the adrenaline. She's addicted to it. Stone? Stone! [exclaiming] You have a beautiful Duke or Duchess who just wants to dance the night away with you. Wear the tiara. Now, don't go anywhere because later in the show I'll be back with more.

No one is stranger than the cast of Stranger Things. Join me and get to know us a little bit better. But in the meantime, it all began with the ever-so-elegant Daphne, that took a turn with the seemingly coldhearted Anthony. But where will it go next? That's right, I'm talking about Bridgerton, the family and show that has captured the attention of anyone with a heart, or a love for regency era drama. I'm both. Now, here's a once-in-a-Tudum chance to get up close and personal with the cast of Bridgerton. [Nicola Coughlan] Dearest reader, today is a most scandalous day, indeed. In honor of Tudum, this author has arranged for two of the ton's most intriguing siblings to put brush to canvas, to reveal how they truly see one another, all while divulging their deepest secrets for all of you to enjoy. Just so you know, I'm really not the strongest painter. Yeah, I'm not sure this is the best idea you've ever had. Nonsense. Two charming talents such as yourselves. I just know you'll create masterpieces.

And now, Netflix audiences, please enjoy Bridgerton: Sibling Portraits. -Oh! -Let's just dive in. "Why can't Colin see that Penelope is his true love match?" Because they met when they were so young, in the cutest way possible, when I was reading the book. It's such a lovely story, the way they met. There's a lot going on that he can't see what's in front of him, which is, for the fans of the show, very frustrating. And they take that frustration out on me sometimes. This is terrible! You should see what I've got knocking about here. "How does Eloise deal with being such an oddball amongst the other young women in the ton?" Bear in mind, I didn't write that question, by the way! -Um… -Oh, no! Why? What have you done? Um, I put too much paint on, and something happened whilst I've not been looking.

-But I love it. -Am I starting to droop? Well, I can't play a teenager forever. I don't know if Eloise thinks she's an oddball. She's lucky to have a lovely and supportive family, that I mostly think she's wondering why people don't feel like she does. Yeah. I don't think she thinks there is anything odd about -what she thinks. -No. Yeah, absolutely. I want to make something clear. I started out with a painting where one bit was going to be your hair. -It wasn't working. -Right? Looks like it's coming out of your leg. Might not make sense because you can't see it. -Doesn't make sense to anyone. -Yeah. This is good. "What part about finding out Penelope is Lady Whistledown crushed Eloise the most?" -The lies.

The lies! -Yeah. I think it's probably slightly humiliating because she now will look back at that time when she's been on these mad quests and altercations with the Queen, and Penelope saw all of it. -Are you ready? -I'm good. -[Jessie] The big reveal. -I'm terrified. Oh! Oh, my, Luke! What? I'm really happy with yours. -That is great. -Yeah, of course, because… -Yeah, but look. -…you don't look like a killer. My final words is yours is deeply terrifying… -Thank you -…and I can't believe -you see me in this way. -I apologize. You ready to see mine? Nic? How long have you been there? I've been here the whole time. I talked at the beginning. -Wow! That's ridiculously good. -Okay. -That's incredible, actually. Isn't it? -Yeah. I do have a meticulous eye for detail. For example, would you like to hear what I… I mean, Lady Whistledown has to say about Bridgerton, Season 3? -Yeah.

-Absolutely. -[Jessie] What's over there? -[Newton] Is that… [Jessie] That's been there the whole time too. -Oh, yeah, baby. -[Newton] Wow. Bridgerton, Season 3, Episode 1. "Out of the Shadows." -You want to hear it? -Yeah. "Dearest gentle reader, we have been apart for far too long." "At last, London's smart set has made its return, and so too has this author." "As the season begins, the question on everyone's mind is, of course, 'which newly-minted debutante will shine the brightest?'" "The crop this year appears to be rather dazzling indeed." "Unfortunately not every young lady can attract the light." -And that's all you're gettin'. -Wow. -Thank you. -It's happening! Excellent material, indeed. Season 3 is sure to have you reeling over the drama, scandal and romance.

And while you wait with bated breath, there is even more news to share. The kind of news so fascinating, it deserves its very own pamphlet. Well, hello, Tudum! Welcome, and what a pleasure to see all these adoring Bridgerton fans. Who, as we know, really just watch the show to bask in the glory of Queen Charlotte. Well, Her majesty is quite the character, so, Golda, wouldn't it be simply fascinating to hear more of her story? Yes. Yes. To get really in depth with Charlotte… -Mmm. -to understand how she became so elegant. So… humble. So regal, enchanting, charming, commanding, absolutely stunning. Good grief, Golda, why don't we tell them why we've come to this Tudum show? We are here to announce the Bridgerton world is expanding with a brand-new series about Queen Charlotte. A chance to learn even more about Her Maj. Ah, ah, ah, and a version of moi.

-Obviously. -[India Amarteifio clears throat] -Oh, my. Right. -Right. -And… -And… …most importantly, starring India Amarteifio as young Queen Charlotte. Hello, Tudum, and hello, Adjoa, Golda. -Hello. -Thank you for finally introducing me. Patience in this game is a virtue, darling. You must tell us all about your preparations to play a younger, yet no more charming, version of me. What was your feeling when you first stepped onto the set? Love from everyone. Real sense of community from the beginning. What was the most important part of your preparations? I think research, definitely. But actually, you said in an interview I read, not to do too much research because this is Shonda's world. So, Ms. Golda… -Ms. Adjoa. -…I've got one for you. What is your favorite part of Ms. India's performance? We have this wonderful kind of tag team, where we high five each other. Do you know what I mean? And the baton is passed on, which I think is a real beautiful metaphor for the older and newer.

-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -You know what I mean? It's really cool. I love it. And can I just say, as a compliment to you both, there is something so particular and fabulous about your whiplash, heartfelt, witty, sharp Queen Charlotte. India has absolutely grabbed all of that and made it her own and run with it. And when I look at India, I see Golda, I see young Charlotte become older Charlotte, and it's a beautiful thing. -Yeah. -I've done my job. And as it turns out, we actually have a very special look at India as Charlotte -to show Tudum. -[Andoh] Mmm-hmm. -Wowzer! What a corker. -[Rosheuvel] Stunning. Stunning. -Just beautiful. -[Andoh] Mmm-hmm. I can't wait for everyone to see you in this role. Oh, I can't wait for everyone to see the show itself. And I cannot wait for all of you to see them being marvelous. -[both] Thank you. -Thank you. [Coughlan] But you did not think we would simply show you a photo.

This is Tudum, and in true Netflix fashion, we have a final, riveting surprise for you. Hello, Tudum. I'm Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of Bridgerton and our brand-new Queen Charlotte-centered series. I'm beyond thrilled for all of you to see our new show. I wanted to make this show because I was always very interested in the origin story of Queen Charlotte and how she came to be the woman that we all know in Bridgerton. So this was our chance to tell that story. I want to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love you've shown us for Bridgerton. It's so rewarding to see how you've all jumped into the world we created, and I couldn't be more grateful. I hope you'll fall equally in love with the story of Queen Charlotte. So, now, in the spirit of Tudum, please enjoy this very, extremely early first look at our new series. [man clears throat] Uh, hello, my lady.

Are you in need of assistance of some kind? Uh, I am quite fine, thank you. You can go back inside and wait with all the other gawkers. I will. First, I'm curious. What are you doing? -Nothing. -You're doing something. -I am not. -You are. -I am not. -You are. If you must know, I'm trying to ascertain the best way to climb over the garden wall. -[man] Climb… -[sighs] Whatever for? Because I think he may be a beast. -A beast? -Or a troll. Who are we discussing? Oh, well, that is impertinent. None of your business. The king. No one will speak of him. No one. He is clearly a beast or a troll. Understood. You know, if I grab there, just… Perhaps you could assist me by lifting me up there? Uh, one question.

You do not like beasts or trolls? What he looks like matters? I do not care what he looks like. What I do not like is not knowing. Now, here. Just take hold here. With a lift, I… I believe I can make it over the garden wall. You want me to lift you over the wall so you may escape? That is what I said, yes. People will notice you are missing, will they not? I shall worry about that later. Now, if you please. I just need a little help. Come, make haste. I have absolutely no intention of helping you. I'm a lady in distress. You refuse to help a lady in distress? I refuse when that lady in distress is trying to go over a wall so that she does not have to marry me. Hello, Tudum, and hello, Grishaverse. We thought you might like to take a sneak peek of our characters in Shadow and Bone, Season 2. Are you sure that they're ready for this? Absolutely not, but we'll show them anyway. Well, go on then, without further ado. Here is your first look at Tolya, Tamar, Wylan, and Nikolai.

I know those actors. -Good to see you guys here! -What? -Hello. -Hi! -Come on. -We got Ben as well. -Hello, gorgeous! -Ben Barnes. God! Thank you all, it's amazing! -Hello, you two! You look amazing. -Hello, gorgeous! -I'm gonna sit on your lap. -What are you guys doing here? That was very exciting, seeing you all in costume. Don't they look great? We wish we could show you guys some more. Why can't we? [Mei Li] Huh? -Why can't we? Show 'em a bit more. -Well, who says? I do. Show 'em a little peek at the new season. Well, if you insist. We hope you enjoy the Grishaverse. [man] You're a symbol. I'm a sun summoner. Are you willing to sacrifice that which is most precious to you? [man] Buckingham Palace is issuing this statement. "It is with regret the prince and princess of Wales are separating." [female reporter] There's uproar in Britain. [male reporter] …after Prince Charles bared his soul to the nation.

But the Princess of Wales upstaged her husband. Speaking about her broken marriage, her life and her future. [female reporter] Allegedly, a long-time female friend. [male reporter] The tapes are filthy. They're disgusting. [female reporter] The palace has been left shocked and concerned by the astounding interview. [male reporter] The allegations against the royals were astronomical. This is becoming all-out war. Hello, people of Tudum. I'm Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from Netflix's Never Have I Ever, and I am so pumped to be back for another Tudum. I'm going to be popping in during the show to tell you guys what crazy amazing actors are coming up to bring you inside looks at their Netflix series and films.

Speaking of amazing, we've got a special message from the cast of Emily in Paris. Last season left us on quite the cliffhanger. Job offers, love triangles… And your girl here knows a thing or two about love triangles, so good luck, Em. All the way from Paris, here's the cast of Emily in Paris. Thank you so much, Tudum. We've just finished shooting the third season of Emily in Paris and cannot wait for you all to see it. We know Season 2 left you with a lot of questions. To give you some insider info on what goes down in Season 3– We've written a song. ♪ Which guy will she choose? ♪ ♪ Which job will she lose? ♪ ♪ Season 3, Em-i-ly… ♪ Wow! That's so beautiful. What about, we get all our fans together, and then we spray them with champagne? Nice! Wait, while we're at it, we should let them enjoy this Gabriel-inspired pastries. -Who made that? Where did you get that? -So you can taste Paris. I think we need to think even bigger. How about Emily in Paris sponsors a football team -and I'll be the honorary coach? -I like this.

Just putting it out there, I might have done a little bit of homework. I mocked up some shirts for us. -Shirts? -Jerseys. [both] Oh. It's the second season I've been with you guys. -Big screen. Check it out. -Oh, Lord. [others] Oh. Hi, Lily! Bruno! [all cheering] Hey, rumor has it you're looking for a fun and cool way to hype up Season 3, and we have the answer. What's more sleek and sophisticated than Sylvie's current lifestyle? So, let's get fans excited by revealing it in all its splendor.

No, no, no, no. Sylvie would never give a public tour of her private life. That's not tasteful, and Sylvie is all about doing things tastefully. So, no. -But we just… -What about your private life? -No, not my private life. -What about your private life? -You want to know my private life? -You don't want to know! I can give you all my secrets, all my tips! Okay. Time to go. Time to go! Bye, guys! I love everyone's passion. I like to have fun and push boundaries, but we should show everyone -a first look at Season 3, right now. -Really? Right here on Tudum. -You have a teaser? -Tudum! [Emily] This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

This is just something that I have to do. It's Paris. [exhales] Emily, no! [Gabriel] Are you okay, Emily? They're just bangs! Okay? Sometimes people cut bangs when everything's fine. Whoo! -You sure? -Yeah. I'm ready. It's just like, "Where's my cue?" -Sei Pronto? -Speed. We're ready. We're ready. Are you ready? Three, two, one… [all] Hello! So much better. So we are currently in beautiful Rome, Italy. We're here filming the sequel to The Old Guard. We know how much you loved the first film, and we've been putting in the work to make sure this new film is even better.

It's directed by Victoria Mahoney, and the cast you love is back. Plus, exciting new faces, Henry Golding and Uma Thurman. New locations, even more action and incredible stunts. So many surprises you'll never see coming. Thank you for watching the first one. We're so excited for you to see the second one, and we have to go back to work because we haven't finished. -Right. -Let's go. -Grazie. Thank you. -[Kenzari] Amazing. -Tudum. -Tudum. -Did you say Tulum? -No, Tudum. -Pretty sure you said Tulum. -No, no. -Is it from the sound of, like– -Yeah. Are you gonna go back to what you were doing? Hello, Tudum. I'm Jenna Ortega and I play Wednesday Addams in the upcoming twisted series, Wednesday. Prepare yourself for this supernaturally infused mystery that I hope you can't wait to see. We've got some surprises in store, so I hope that you'll join me at Nevermore Academy, and without further ado, I present to you a never-before-seen clip from Wednesday. [Spanish song playing] Hello, Thing. Did you really think my highly-trained olfactory sense wouldn't pick up on the faint whiff of neroli and bergamot in your favorite hand lotion? I could do this all day.

Surrender? Mother and father sent you to spy on me, didn't they? I'm not above breaking a few fingers. The fact that they thought I wouldn't find out just proves how much they underestimate me. Oh, Thing, you poor naive appendage. My parents aren't worried about me. They're evil puppeteers who want to pull my strings even from afar. The way I see it, you have two options. Option one… I lock you in here for the rest of the semester and you go slowly insane trying to claw your way out, ruining your nails and your smooth, supple skin.

And we both know how vain you are. Option two… you pledge your undying loyalty to me. Our first order of business is to escape this teenage purgatory. Of course I have a plan… and it begins now. Hey! Your flight number is 828. I just had a calling. They told us there's gonna be a Season 4 on August, 8, 28. 828. [speaking imperceptibly] Hello, Tudum and thank you to all of our incredible fans who helped bring Manifest back for a fourth season at our new home, on Netflix.

It's been a wild ride, and we know you've waited a long time to have your questions answered. We know you have a lot of questions. Like, where did Angelina take Eden? How did Cal get so old? And what's up with that crazy sighting of Captain Daly at the end of Season 3? Well, thanks to your overwhelming support and enthusiasm, all will be revealed soon. But in the meantime… Check out this exclusive trailer of Season 4 of Manifest. You've all been missing, presumed dead for five and a half years. Aren't you seeing things? -Hearing things in your head? -Save the passengers. [woman] You have some kind of expiration date? June 2, 2024.

[Ben] I had a calling, it was awful. Everything was swallowed by ash and destruction. [girl] It's all connected. 828 wasn't an accident. We're supposed to save the passengers together. [Saanvi] Our death date is in 18 months. We have to follow every lead. [woman] We're missing something. [Cal] Two years ago, I touched the tail fin and disappeared again. And then came back five years older. I need to remember what happened. -What is it? -It's not just a box. It's the black box. Another passenger was murdered. I think that this killer isn't close to being done. [female voice] Save him… Have we had this wrong the whole time? [Michaela] We didn't fly into the storm. It flew into us. It chose us. A direct link to divine consciousness. Whatever happens, we'll get through it together. [man] We are now beginning our final descent. Let's take a look at one of the most hotly anticipated epic sagas anywhere. Here is a special look at 3 Body Problem. Hello, Tudum, I'm D.B. Weiss. I'm David Benioff. And I'm Alex Woo, and we are the executive producers of 3 Body Problem.

We just wrapped production on the first season of 3 Body Problem. We're very excited, and we are hard at work on the post-production process. 3 Body Problem is a history of humanity from the point of first contact with an alien civilization all the way to the end of the universe. [Benioff] Cixin Liu's novels are some of the most ambitious storytelling I've ever encountered. We were awed by the sheer breadth and scope of them.

[Weiss] Things that drew us to these books were events on a scale that we had never thought about before. [Benioff] We've assembled a cast from 11 different countries, and we're very excited to introduce their characters to the world. [Jess Hong] People that have read the books will be stunned to see how it's been realized in the show. It's gonna be visually a feast. The people involved in making this will treat these books with the largest amount of respect that they can possibly give. We believe in the material, we believe in the producers, we believe in Netflix, obviously. It's probably gonna be one of the biggest, the most ambitious, the most complex shows that I think the viewing public have ever seen. And they're using technology which is quite ground-breaking.

One of the most beautiful things that they've been able to incorporate into the story is the human struggle. Seeing all humanity unite in one story. It might be the most universal show imaginable. We're excited to bring these wild cosmic events to the screen for you guys to enjoy. [woman] Has the universe ever winked at you? Aloha, everyone. I'm Jason Momoa, and I'm honored to be here taking part in Tudum. I'm especially excited to share my new movie with you. It's called Slumberland, and it's a thrilling adventure that will take audiences of all ages to magical worlds this holiday season. My incredibly talented co-star Marlow Barkley stars as Nemo, a young girl who discovers a secret map to the dreamworld of Slumberland. With the help of my character, the eccentric outlaw Flip, she sets off on an exciting journey in the hope that she will be able to reunite with her father.

Please join me in taking a special sneak peek at Slumberland. All right. We go through this door, everything changes. You slip up? Dead. You'll never see the waking world again. Okay. What are we waiting for? That's the spirit. All right. Welcome to my world, kid. Brand-new dream still under construction. Ooh! Elegante. Spanish for "Look good." I'm a flipping outlaw, so I don't play by the rules. But here's the rules. Rule number one, keep a low profile. You don't want to get caught messing around in other people's dreams. Trust me, if the dream pigs get you, they will… [pig snorts] Oh. My bad, buddy. If the dream cops catch you, they will lock you up and throw away the key. Doomed to rot in a dingy bureau prison cell for all of eternity, till you cease to exist entirely. So, blend in. Yeah, 'cause you totally blend in. Rule number two, stay focused. [whistles] We're not here to have fun, okay? We get in, we find the next door, then we get out.

Onto the next dream. Our one and only mission is finding those pearls. Rule number three, we're not friends, we're not partners. I am the boss, El Jefe. Okay? You do as I say. You got it? So, rule number three is just a bunch of aggressive statements? Nobody likes a smart aleck, Kid. Guys, I'm back. Our show is in its fourth and final season, and I'm freaking out. It's Devi's senior year, she's got, like, three different boyfriends, and things with her family are definitely less than perfect. But I wanted to bring you what you obviously all have been waiting for, a special look at Never Have I Ever. Check it out! Only the first episode and she already has her work cut out for her. Thanks, Dance. Oh! Hey, guys. It's Maitreyi, and the cast of Never Have I Ever is back for Season 4. We just got our scripts. -Are you reading this episode? -Mmm-hmm. Is it me or did Ben become a stud over the summer? Yeah, no.

I did not get that at all. Really? 'Cause it is definitely on my pages. Can we talk about that boink card? -Right? -[Darren Barnet] What up? Darren, what are you doing here? You graduated. Remember, cap, gown, speech? You can't get rid of me that easily. Paxton's back, baby. Yeah, no. He's right… He's right there. See? Oh! Did you guys see that there's gonna be a wedding? Whoa, that is not who I expected. -[cell phone vibrating] -Hey, who the hell's Ethan? Michael Cimino? Say hello to the new heartthrob at Sherman Oaks High. Hey, man. We got handsome nerd and cool jock covered.

Come on, Darren. Don't worry about it. -I'm more of a smoldering bad boy. -I'm totally the smolder guy. Damn, Devi's gonna have her work cut out for her. Uh, what, did you think senior year was gonna be easy? Sorry, Michael, uh, I think you're breaking up here, so… Did they just hang up on me? -Should probably block that number. -Mmm. Thank you so much, Tudum fans. I'm Emmy Raver-Lampman, with Aidan Gallagher from The Umbrella Academy. Since Season 3 dropped this summer, we've been overwhelmed by the support from our amazing fans, you guys. And we're getting a lot of questions about what it's like to be on set of The Umbrella Academy. Questions like, "What was the most difficult stunt to pull off?" "What's your favorite location to shoot in?" "How was preparing for Season 3 different from the previous seasons?" Oh, and then there's, "What's your favorite blooper?" Which can be tough to answer because, you know, we're professionals.

Oh, yeah, we don't make any mistakes. -The best. -Extremely put together. Check out what goes on behind the scenes of The Umbrella Academy. Kraa! -Nervous -Yeah. I'm excited. Oh, boy. [both chuckle] I had nothing to do with that, I swear. [grunts] -Oh, my God! -[yelling] Nailed it! I always wanted the Umbrella Academy to be like this, and it's not slowed down. -Those horrendous treadmills. -Oh, I hate that treadmill so much! You slay me, Chris. [laughter] Very unprofessional. -Gotcha. -Yeah, I always break. It's my kryptonite.

[Vanya] If you think I wanna go… with… If… Well, if you think… if you think. Well… -What did you say there, Elliot? -What's that now? Now, Chris! Sorry. I'm not… I forgot how to do this. Okay. To have to say, like, power up or kill them. It's hard to say that seriously. Robbie taking off his clothes as always. [Klaus] Oh, [ __ ], my little panties came off. Did we just see Rob's junk? Oh, is this Genny trying to get up in her suit? Oh, no. Oh, no. -Sorry, I can't get up. -It's a very stiff suit. -We need to talk about the suit. -The suit. Those suits, you couldn't move in them, you couldn't breathe in them.

And it is impossible to look cool doing anything in them. And every time you moved, it kind of sounded like a fart. [both mimic farting] Gather around, chiklen. Children. Chickens. -Chickens. [mimics clucking] -[laughter] -What's happening? -I just need some air. Where are you… [sighs] Yes! Oh, love a montage. It's $4 for a pho… -Just get closer. -[splutters] Excuse me. Sorry. I thought killing Viktor… Nope, didn't kill Viktor. I wanted to, didn't do it. -[elevator dings] -[all laughing] Look, people, we're alive. [chuckles] Look, what's my line? [laughter] [chuckles] -[FaceTime tone] -Oh. -I will come for you. -[phone ringing] Hello. -Hello. -Hey. Bonjour. Hello. How are you? Are you excited to tell people about our new romantic comedy? Oh, yeah.

The one called Your Place or Mine that's coming out on February 10th on Netflix? -That's the one. -Random question for you. If you could have done a romantic comedy with anyone in cinema history, -who would it be? -Cary Grant. All right. Okay. -Tom Hanks. -The Hanks? Mmm-hmm. -You know what I'm saying? -Yes. Who would you want to make a romantic comedy with? Anybody. Reese Witherspoon. [gasps] Ashton, that is so sweet. That is literally the nicest thing you've ever said to me. It's a great line. It worked on Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz. -It's a lady killer. -It really is good. In summary, go see our movie. Your Place or Mine, on Netflix, February 10th. -You're the best. -[snickers] I don't have a rubber spider. Hello, Tudum and Netflix fans, I am Guillermo Del Toro. This is my Pinocchio. To me, there's a valuable difference between stop motion as an art form and digital.

Stop motion in the early days, where you had the moire and the flicker of fur and fabric, even the atmospheric dust on the sets, and the imperfection of it was sort of gorgeous to look at because it told you how the thing was done. And I really wanted this movie to land in a way that had the expressiveness and the material nature of a handmade piece of animation, an artisanal, beautiful exercise in carving, painting, sculpting, but it had the sophistication of movement that research on rigs and puppetry making have taken us to. In terms of scale, we use different sizes of puppets for different needs. [chuckles] This is our Pinocchio, to interact with the cricket. In order for him to be the right size, we need the cricket on the shoulder of Pinocchio, talking to him, whispering in his ear, laying close to him. So we use this big Pinocchio, this small cricket, and then in certain shots we use this small Pinocchio.

[chuckles] Pinocchio is a tale that has lived through the centuries. A fable very close to my heart. And we are very sure that this incarnation… is a particularly beautiful one. What's up, Tudum? It's Noah Centineo, and I'm here to tell you that I've got something a little different headed your way. While the details are classified, my new show follows an unsuspecting lawyer as he's pulled into a high stakes, thrilling ride through the world of international spy networks. All the details around this project are strictly confidential. But what I can tell you is that the title of my new series is… The Recruit. In the meantime, we have a ton of additional announcements and first looks coming your way, and you'll especially want to stick around as we showcase all of the action, love and, of course, the drama coming out of Latin America and Spain.

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll see later today. Gracias. Obrigado. ALEX PINA, CREATOR OF MONEY HEIST AND PEDRO ALONSO TALK ABOUT THEIR NEW SERIES: MONEY HEIST: BERLIN [speaking Spanish] [in English] What do you get when you mix one of the hottest acts in music and one of the hottest people in film and television? Netflix has done it again. They got Kid Cudi, one of the most influential hip hop artists in the world, with Kenya Barris, writer, producer, director, actor, and soon-to-be studio owner, to create Entergalactic, a television event featuring an original animated story of two young artists navigating the twists and turns of finding love in New York City.

The star-studded cast includes Kid Cudi, Timothée Chalamet, Ty Dolla $ign, and a host of other talented performers that make it clear that this is no cartoon, but an animated experience. You did "Enter Galactic" in 2009. What made you say, like, I wanna make this a whole concept album and into a show? Coming up with the concept for this show, I was like, "Y'all, I want a song that truly, like, embodies the tone." And, like, "Enter Galactic" from Man On the Moon is a love song. It's about simply just about me meeting this girl that I like, and we're doing 'shrooms for the first time. That was the first song he played me. It's like the first time he sees the girl.

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