Trump Drags Ron “DeSanctimonius” at Rally, Midterm Elections Are Upon Us | The Tonight Show

-Welcome, welcome,
welcome, welcome to "The Tonight Show," everybody.
You're here. [ Cheers and applause ]
That's a hot crowd. Guys, I hope everyone's
having a good fall/summer/sauna. [ Laughter ] Yep, here in New York City, the temperature was up
in the high 70s. Yeah, apparently, we turned
the clocks back an hour and the calendar by four months. [ Laughter ] Usually when you hear "November"
and "mid 70s," it's about every candidate
running for president. [ Laughter ] Well, speaking of New York City, this weekend was
the New York City Marathon. And congrats to any of the
runners out there watching. [ Cheers and applause ] Anyone in the audience
run the marathon? [ Cheers and applause ]
Hey! Congratulations. You had a lot of support
out there — people handing out water,
Gatorade, bananas, I saw. I saw a lot of people
with signs, some signs
I've never seen before.

It's kind of odd.
I took some pictures. Take a look at this.
This one said… [ Laughter ] -Wow. -Then there was this one.
It says… [ Laughter ]
Why would you — And finally,
I saw this one that said… [ Laughter ]
You know that's not — Doesn't help anyone. -I think he knows.
-Let's get to some news. Big week in politics,
'cause tomorrow is Election Day. Yep, as we speak, Instagram is
being flooded with two things — marathon medals
and "I voted" stickers. [ Laughter ] That's right,
the midterms are tomorrow, which means
you're gonna see a lot of people walking around with their
"I voted" stickers.

And this year, there's actually a bunch of voting stickers
to choose from. For instance, there's the… [ Laughter ] Next, there's… [ Laughter ] Next up… [ Laughter ] Next, there's… [ Laughter ] And finally… [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] Yeah, but it —
[ Both laugh ] Speaking of midterms,
on Saturday, President Biden, former president Obama,
and former president Trump were all campaigning in
Pennsylvania at the same time.

'Cause there's no better way
to win over voters than by shutting down every
highway in the entire state. [ Laughter ] And during his rally
in Pennsylvania, people were talking about
how Trump came up with a new nickname for
Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Listen to this. -We're winning big, big, big in the Republican Party
for the nomination. Trump at 71%. Ron DeSanctimonious at 10%.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
"Ron DeSanctimonious." [ Laughter ] Trump doesn't even know
what that means. He thought he was casting
a Harry Potter spell on him. He was like,
"Ron Expecto DeSanctimonius." [ Laughter ] "Expecto Sanctimonius!
Ron. I should've just went
with Ron Weasley. That was right there.
Why didn't I do –" [ Laughter ] Well, with
the midterm elections tomorrow, there's not much time left
to learn about the candidates, so we thought we'd help you out
by showing you all of their
campaign ads at once. It's time for a "Campaign Cram."
Here we go. ♪♪ -Hi.
-Hello. -Hey.
-I'm running for…Congress. Because…in this country,
we…make breakfast. -And…I shot my…mom…
for no good reason at all.

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