Trailer: Warm on a Cold Night Will Be Released on February 25 Only on iQIYI | 九霄寒夜暖 | iQIYI

[Warm on a Cold Night]
[From February 25 Only on iQIYI] You all saw it, right? Just like the first two bodies. The heart was ripped out from here. Su Jiu'er. Why are you here? I can still investigate the case without you. Young Master Han. Young Master Han. [Presented by iQIYI]
[Co-Presented by HERO KIDDO] The three-scar Qi man has dumped the body again. Right at Flower and Willow Hall. Someone is dead! Inspection Bureau takes over now. People not concerned should step back. You must solve this case within 7 days.

How are you going to find the Qi with three scars? Without my nose, can you get the clues you want? I came prepared. If you agree to cooperate with me. He has been beating around the bush. You go wherever the murderer wants you to. You're indeed a good son of the murderer. [Strange cases with hidden danger] There's a monster! I've never seen such a way of death.

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