TOP Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2023 (TIPS, TRICKS & TECHNOLOGY)

– So I've been looking
into my crystal ball to see what business and marketing trends are gonna deliver the
best results this year. That's a baseball. And I've come across some things that are pretty obvious, and others that are making me rethink my entire marketing strategy, like how some people claim that robots and artificial intelligence are trying to take over the world. – I'll keep you warm and
safe in my people zoo. – While new technologies like ChatGPT have burst onto the scene
and made quite the commotion, that doesn't mean that
artificial intelligence is trying to take over the world, right? Well, let's find out now
in this special episode of "What's hot, what's not, what you should be doing
but might have forgot." Starting with trend number one, the rise of the personal brand. Let's play a game, and take three relatively
well known people all at the top of their respective fields in order to see if you can guess what they all have in common.

First, Elon Musk, the
outspoken owner of Tesla, Space-X, and now Twitter. Next, Kylie Jenner, who
became a billionaire at the age of 21 through
her company Kylie Cosmetics. And finally "Bill Nye The Science Guy," scientist, educator, and
defender of the bow tie. – Wow!
– Well, if you happened to see the title of this section just a few seconds ago then I'm guessing you already know that the answer to the question of what they all have in common is their personal brands. But more importantly is how they've used their personal brands to
help them achieve their goals by creating and sharing content around their ideas, and
insights, and stories, and behind the scenes glimpses into their lives, beliefs,
activities, and missions. And that, my friend, is powerful stuff. Especially in today's age
where the general public has become more skeptical and cynical than ever before about big brands, and big business, and giant
faceless mega-corporations. But I hear you, what if you don't want to be on camera all the time sharing your deepest and
most innermost secrets? (pen scratching) Or you hate the idea of broadcasting every minute of every single day for the whole world to see, opening yourself up to judgment, and to criticism, and to
just plain old mean comments.

(notification whistling) Well, I've got good news, you don't have to share it all, because there's another way, a better way. So let me walk you through that now. You see, there's a lot of misconceptions and bad advice out there about what it really takes to build a solid and successful personal brand. I'm talking about the
advice to do everything, and be everywhere, and to expose every single part of yourself
at all times, no exceptions. (water splashing) But none of that is true anymore, if it even ever was, and there is no one size fits all approach to creating the perfect personal brand, because spoiler alert, a
personal brand is personal.

Which means you get to decide what you wanna share, and
what you wanna talk about, and just how much you
wanna open yourself up. For example, you may not
know and may not care that I'm married with
four kids and have a dog. How I enjoy long walks out in nature, on the beach or through the forest. And why the reason that I work so hard is because I'm trying to justify my value as a human being to myself, and I'm also deathly
terrified of ending up at the end of my life and looking back and having this feeling that I didn't fulfill my potential, and I wasted my life and
time here on this planet.

Oh, I've said too much. That said, if sharing that kinda thing is your jam, then go for it. The big takeaways here though are that number one, building a personal brand is one of the best things and one of the most valuable
assets you can have, as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a marketer or a creator. And number two, it's
okay to stay in your lane and talk about things that
you're comfortable with, that you enjoy talking about, and most importantly of all, things that by sharing enable you to help more other people. Help more other people? Help other more people. Help other more other people. Because that's the name of the game, because the more value that you provide and the more people
that you provide it to, the greater that you will
be rewarded in exchange. It's just how things work.

It's kind of like a universal law. I've got another important trend to share with you later in this video that's gonna give you specifics on exactly what kind of content you wanna be making to
build your personal brand, so make sure to stick around for that. Next though is a trend that you're definitely gonna wanna
double down on right now, and it's something that has the potential to turn your side hustle or your startup into a six figure business.

Your six figure business
into a seven figure business. Or your seven or eight figure business into a billion dollar global empire. So let me share that with you now. All right, that last game
we played together was fun, so let's play another. This time, see if you can guess what "The Hustle" worth
$27 million dollars, "Morning Brew," worth $75 million dollars, and Agora Publishing, worth a jaw dropping $1 billion dollars, all have in common. Well, if you guessed that they were all newsletter businesses, then you guessed right, my friend. And as big and impressive as numbers like 27 million, and 75 million, and $1 billion dollars actually are, this really shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, newsletters are
still one of the top ways that people like to get information, hear from brands, stay connected, and engage with interesting
people and content. And it makes sense from a
business perspective too. First off, as great, and as powerful, and as important as having a social media marketing campaign is, it's also kinda like building your house on rented land, in that
neither you nor I own YouTube, or Facebook, or Instagram, or TikTok, unless there's something
you're not telling me.

So those platforms are free to do whatever they
want, whenever they want, whether through an algorithm update, a policy change, or a complete overhaul of the entire platform. Next, when it comes to cost effective marketing strategies
that are able to deliver just a whole boatload of returns, well, email marketing
is one of the cheapest strategies to get started with, and often reports a positive ROI, or return on investment, of 38 to one.

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