Top 25 Xbox One RPGs of All Time

[Music] rpgs are a mainstay of gaming whatever console you're on but for this list we've narrowed down all 534 xbox one rpgs into the top 25 of all time arranged by playscore you can find the complete list on our website it's linked on the description box below be sure to like share and subscribe and don't forget to hit that notification bell 25th place is world of final fantasy maxima nothing like a familiar name to start us off while this isn't one of their classic titles it's still a charming take on their age-old jrpg formula put yourself in the shoes of two siblings as they go on a journey around a mysterious land in search of lost memories see some of your favorite final fantasy characters in this story fit for small adventurers it has a playscore of an 8.2 24th on this list is bloodstained ritual of the night koji igarashi is best known for creating castlevania symphony of the night which reinvigorated the series with non-linear gameplay and the introduction of rpg elements with the help of kickstarter and a lot of feedback he finally made his return with this new masterpiece customize your skills depending on your play style and help the cursed miriam find her way up the evil castle it has a playscore of an 8.23 23 final fantasy 8 remastered just before the release of the final fantasy 7 remake we had this no it's not a full remake of a title we once loved but it's the perfect way for fans to get their first contact of a game first released in 1999.

It may arguably be shoddily done remaster but it still deserves some credit for bringing back a game that was seemingly forgotten in the old gen it receives a playscore of an 8.26 22nd on the list is children of morda breaking the convention of having one single character 11 bit studios as rpg lets you play an entire family it's a roguelike game where you go hacking and slashing through an ever-changing dungeon filled with monsters and mayhem despite the monstrosity it always keeps up with a family friendly feel with the themes of love and hope like they say a family that fights together stays together it has a score of an 8.26 21st on the list is dragon's dogma dark arisen the definitive dragon's dogma experience dive into their fantasy world that's struggling to fight against the looming darkness set out into their huge open world and band together with ai companions to fight together using their improved dynamic combat system this edition also brings together all of the game's previous dlcs and more to create the best experience yet it has a playscore of an 8.29 20th on the list is indivisible an ode to the japanese rpg valkyrie profile lab zero games as metroidvania action rpg is a quirky but delicately mixed fusion of a lot of things follow their main character ojna as she embarks a global quest to trace the roots of her power while it wears inspirations on its sleeves indivisible has plenty of its masterful strokes embedded in their lush ancient world it has a playscore of an 8.29 19th is valkyria chronicles 4.

Released in 2018 this fourth installment of the valkyria chronicles saga isn't news to fans of the genre but what made it earn its spot here on this list is how it returned to its roots in presentation and gameplay returning with new characters in the same self-shaded graphics dive into the tragedies of way with the game's addictive turn-based combat and tactical freedom it has a playscore of an 8.31 number 18 is fel seal arbiters mark something a little more recent is this title from 6i studio this game is also a turn-based rpg that jrpg fans will definitely enjoy set in a medieval steampunk universe control your own group of customizable arbiters who are responsible for fighting off evil and corruption with a variety of classes and an array of items you'll be able to personalize your strategy throughout this fantasy journey an indie tactical rpg gem it gets a score of an 8.35 17th place goes to final fantasy xv the remaster of final fantasy vii hasn't quite reached the xbox one yet but those on the microsoft console make do with this gorgeous entry 10 years in the making still one of the biggest open world experiences from the series yet follow prince noctis as he goes on a quest to rescue the crystal defeat niflheim and reclaim his throne get lost on a crystal laden quest with a playscore of an 8.35 at number 16 is stardew valley far from the combat and adventure filled titles stardew valley is an rpg that combines quests crafting and resource finding into one quaint farm life adventure a labor of love by one man team eric barone it was his own answer to what harvest moon lacked combining it with mechanics from animal crossing rune factory and minecraft as a result we got the ultimate farm life experience from crops animals and marriage to crafting combat quests and a playscore of an 8.4 we are down to number 15 with outer worlds the latest rpg from obsidian entertainment has all the markings of their previous hits taking players to an alternate future controlled by mega corporations it has that familiar sci-fi setting that fans of fallout new vegas loved add that to the vats like time dilation system the character customizations and the biting width of their cast the outer worlds almost feels like a second home maybe familiar to a fault things have turned out well for those who loved obsidians as rpgs it receives a score of an 8.43 at 14th place is child of light while it's inspired by classic fairy tales and medieval myths ubisoft montreal's turn-based platformer is no ordinary storybook adventure princess aurora's journey is an experience to follow as we assist her in her face-offs against monsters both big and small what stays consistent is the wonders of the world of limura each stage delicately designed and packed with intriguing puzzles it receives a playscore of an 8.43 lucky number 13 we have hyper light drifter covered with a thick purple color scheme heart machines is pixel perfect in the action game looks and feels like an rpg gem showing off a beautifully dilapidated world of death and treasure plays a drifter on a pilgrimage to uncover the truth behind its world a hybrid of classic 16-bit visuals and modernized combat mechanics it's a cipher soris and it has a score of an 8.49 did you know your reviews can influence the playscore register now at and start reviewing games link on the description box below twelfth on the list is tales of esparia definitive edition packed with two new playable characters and full voice acting this definitive version makes the tales entry feel more alive than ever just like elder scrolls its high definition makeover has made the world of turka lumires feel fresh even on the new platforms now old fans and new have the opportunity to experience its battle systems and compelling narrative once more it has a playscore of an 8.5 11th place is the elder scrolls 5 skyrim special edition a ubiquitous name in the rpg world the xbox one has definitely not outgrown this installment of bethesda's elder scrolls series revitalizing the experience with smoother frame rates hd textures and all of their dlcs it was this edition that made skyrim feel at home in the new generation and for a whole new audience too it gets a playscore of an 8.5 tenth on our list is salt and sanctuary scott studios fourth game is a cleverly crafted 2d action rpg that challenges amateur players with a brutal difficulty of its metroidvania action it becomes an addictingly visceral adventure with its combination of complex combat and seamless animations taking a while to make it to the xbox one it is now a certified rpg stable on the console with a score of an 8.51 ninth is dark souls 3.

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