Top 10 Rêves De Chasse n°1 – Octobre 2022

hello everyone welcome for this first episode of the new serie top 10 the serie where you are the actors with your most beautiful hunting scenes I received a lot of videos, but please continue use wetransfer let's start in the drive dogs are working thick vegetation pressure is on not sure it needed the second one slow motion in the shoes ! hit ! nice first hit lungs a bit high second one is missed to my mind third hit lungs too but lower and last one I think column congrats very nice dog stop hunter is ready ! nice emotion nice scene took the shot shell! good one ! nice landscape bow hunting keiler ! on a tree-stand there are others a male that left the group nice self control it hit the middle of body it has been found a few meters after we can see the dog stopped 2nd dog very close shot the woodcock was so close we believe that it will land on the barrel ! so close! in Corsica on the shoes ! achieve shot nice hit hit again wow that is really on the shoes this is not usual I checked for the safety angle that's OK because with the go-pros it always appears further than in reality the boar is very close so the angle is enough with the beater nice emotion two straight missed no more ! nice double anyway he doesn't even watch the sow he heard that there

were several animals focus on the young head shot he forgot the second, focus on the third one perfect hit it could have been perfect but it is not easy I don't know where it hit maybe a tree on this last one he looks disappointed but it is a nice double in the drive again fight with dogs very dangerous situation, you need to keep calm wowwww this male is wounded front leg and charge, classical impressive you have to be very careful with the dogs in these situations he waited the last instant to have the angle on the ground watch that, there is a dog that is flying legs on the sky stuck to the boar ass the last one first one : perfect boom, 2 and 3 dead ! and the last one ! same thing all at the same spot! very rare and very nice shooting he has the hunting sling SH2 better rifle holding quicker reloading perfect head shot just behind the head close to the shoulder nice roll nice swing, he stopped and it is the wort hit of all 4 but still good congratulation, I'm impressed safety, quality of shots 4 boar at the spot, nice! this top 10 is ended rdv next month it has to be a reflex now like word star for fighting videos for hunting video it has to be reves de chasse now I wait for it see you soon !

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