Top 10 Monday Night Raw moments: WWE Top 10, May 15, 2023

[MUSIC] What the hell, is that Ronda Rousey? [MUSIC] >> [SOUND] >> Veer perched on the middle rope. Good night, you can count to 50. >> One, two, three [SOUND] [MUSIC] >> Yeah, and everything's just going
great, are you listening to me? Hey freak, hello, look at me. >> Hey, don't talk to her like that. >> Excuse you? Wait, where's your little family,
your little weirdo family? >> Excuse you!
>> They're out here somewhere.

>> Excuse you! Do not talk about my family ever again. You know what,
we don't have to do this right here, we could settle it in
the ring if you'd like. >> Perfect, see you next week. [MUSIC] >> Xavier Woods. >> And Rhea pulling Dom out
of harm's way for the moment. >> Just like last week but
Xavier Woods isn't hanging around. >> X gon give it to you. >> [NOISE]
>> [LAUGH] and Dom taking advantage of the distraction. >> On the SmackDown Women's Champion
now with a cheap shot on Xavier Woods. >> One, two, three. >> Dominik Mysterio! [MUSIC] >> Here we go, Miz out of the way, just in time, great ring awareness by the Grand Slam champion A-Lister. >> Wait,
what does The Miz got planned here? >> Man, brilliant, Miz went to the eyes. >> The referee wasn't looking. >> Skull Crushing Finale. >> One, two, three. >> Is that enough now for The Miz? Shinsuke Nakamura gets
the foot on the rope. >> Luck is on the side
of Shinsuke tonight.

>> [NOISE]
>> Nakamura, just close enough to get his foot on the bottom rope,
to keep this match alive. >> Nothing lucky about that,
Shinsuke Nakamura. >> It's a [INAUDIBLE]
>> He's got the awareness in the world and now can he finish The Miz? >> Kinshasa. >> That's gonna do it for Shinsuke
Nakamura, can he get there, yes he can. [MUSIC] >> [NOISE]
>> I don't think Raquel's finished just yet,
cuz Rag Doll in green, back and forth.

>> Let's go. >> [NOISE]
>> One more for good measure. >> [NOISE]
>> Wearing down Chelsea Green. >> [NOISE]
>> Crescenton crushes Green beneath Rodriguez. >> [NOISE]
>> Raquel now. >> And there it is, Tejano Bomb. >> It's gotta do it,
Raquel Rodriguez gets the victory. [MUSIC] >> What the hell? Is that Ronda Rousey and Shana Basler who
were both drafted to Monday Night Raw? >> Raquel Rodriguez everybody,
your tag team champion.

>> [NOISE]
>> Hey champ, I got a question for you, what are you
supposed to do with that title? >> Get away from me-
>> It's rhetorical, okay, defend it. >> We are done waiting. >> And you're going to defend it,
with or without Labor, you're gonna catch the same exact
beating every single week until you do. >> [NOISE]
>> One more thing. >> No, enough is enough. >> [NOISE]
>> We're in this crazy synergistic experience with the
WWE Universe, I get to experience it for the first time in my career,
the most authentic version of myself. [MUSIC] >> Over 75,000 singing along with
Seth Rollins, and they're not done yet. >> And why do you think that is, why now? >> Man, maybe it's the equity, maybe it's
the time, the hard work, I don't know.

But there's some organic relationship for
the first time in my career, I'm not the one forcing the change, the WWE Universe has been the catalyst for
the change in me. >> [NOISE]
>> Rollins being serenaded by the WWE Universe, and tonight may just
be the night that Rollins needs them most. [MUSIC] >> One, two, three. >> Rollins has done it, he has advanced to
the World Heavyweight Championship final. >> Why is now the right time for a new
World Heavyweight Championship in WWE, why is Seth Freaking Rollins
the guy to hold? >> I hate to say it but,
we need to change again. I don't feel like anybody at the top
wants to take any risks with the titles they're holding,
I think they're more about protecting themselves than about
pushing the industry forward.

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