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hi everybody this is tic tactic I'm here to give 
you some tips and tricks on how to be a better   gun fighter just some basic knowledge as well 
as we're going to go through the settings some   of the ability cards and then uh some of the guns 
and everything as well so let's get started we're   going to go right into settings here and just 
keep in mind a couple of things I'm going to   break this down in the chapters and then another 
one is is that if I'm on Xbox but please know that   when you're on Playstation as well the settings 
should be just the same PC players on the other   hand might be a little bit different let's get 
right into it here first we're gonna go right   under controls we're gonna go right underneath 
to targeting and weapons and what you should   have this set up as as you can see I have mine on 
free aiming that and sometimes I like to do free   aim but you should have this under wide if you're 
gonna use the lock on mode you should always put   it on wide what this does is it gives you a wider 
range of NPC players and and whatever else you're   gonna lock onto and shoot normally it's on like 
normal and that's just a smaller window and then   there's even a smaller window than the normal and 
like I said everybody runs this on wide it's just   a better way to run uh the lock-on mode and like I 
said this is where you can switch over to free aim   as well aim assist strength you want to crank that 
all the way up to help you out with the auto lock   mode same thing with the mountain Vehicles we got 
that on wide Crank It Up we go under third person   I keep it standard look sensitivity as you can see 
I crank all my sensitivities up this is uh it just   works out really well for me for you painted black 
layers you may want to adjust this and actually   switch this around a little bit why I bring this 
up is when you mark a player you're going for   their head shot right so you're gonna you auto 
lock on the player's body and then you want to   scroll your targeting system up so you can get 
their head and what your your goal is is always to   hit that head as quick as you can you want to mark 
it and shoot the head and you may want to actually   adjust this slower and the reason why that is 
don't shoot above their head all the time a   lot of people just like to flick that joystick and 
they'll get that instant headshot now of course it   matters on the Range and where you're at and that 
but I know a lot of players they practice this and   actually adjust this like I said we crank all this 
up look in dead zone we actually turn that all the   way down that's just gonna slow things down when 
you're shooting you don't want that we want speed   that's what we're going for speed so you could be 
a better gun fighter keep going first person same   thing same stuff crank it all the way up get rid 
of the Dead Zone I have mine set to toggle run   Tempest is to hold there is another way of running 
I've tried it before I feel like it's more like a   Call of Duty kind of way if you prefer that kind 
of style you may want to adjust your running modes   and try different types out but I just uh I run 
it as a toggle run and hold here and then just a   good tip to know for fishing instead of using the 
joystick to reel in you can actually switch this   to a button just by turning this on so really 
good to know you're going to win a lot more uh   some of the free roam fishing events and stuff 
like that just like I said just it'll help a lot   of you fishermen and Fisher women and just fishy 
people so in general so all right so now we got   to the controls let's get into the display and 
right now we're under brightness of calibration   I create my brightness calibration all the way up 
uh at least for my monitor and everything even on   my monitor I turn it up a little bit this game 
just gets extremely dark at night time and it's   just it's it's best to be able to see so I highly 
recommend just turning up a little bit of course   like I said this is different for everybody I 
play at a monitor everybody other people that   play on uh TVs it's just gonna be different it's 
just you should really adjust your brightness and   calibration then we're going to go under HUD and 
presets and utter status icon this is really good   as you can see I have mine set to static I think 
normally it's like Dynamic but we want it static   if you look at the bottom left corner you're going 
to see my health my stamina and my dead eye so let   me bring up my compass here see how it's right 
above my radar now they're all highlighted filled   up and everything I keep that on all the time I 
love to see where I'm at for my health my stamina   Dead Eye like when I'm fighting in that it helps 
me know that if I need to take a Time helps me   know if I need to pull back to take a tonic or if 
I can just keep pushing forward because I'm full   of Health let's keep going I kind of the rest 
of this is kind of just pick and choose I keep   my subtitles off stuff like that some of this is 
dynamic I just like that kind of stuff let's get   down to the weapon reticle the weapon radical is 
about to bloom your accuracy Bloom around the DOT   show here it's probably best to show it with the 
shotgun so we're gonna pretend this tree over here   is a player see I have that bloom I'm gonna do 
it again see it kind of just around my small dot   there that's that's what this is so we could turn 
that off we could turn that on I personally like   to have that on and it's always set as default 
I bring this up only because a lot of players   like to turn this off especially painted black 
players and that's just a good tip so especially   when you're using painted black you don't need it 
because you're at a 100 accuracy so it's just less   distraction on your screen so you might as well 
turn it off but personally for me I like to keep   it on so I'll just got to keep it on SIMPLE you 
can actually turn it all off too if you really   want to get into more of a hardcore mode but I 
just like to keep it simple but like I said paint   it black layers you might want to just switch 
this to Dot and then I've tried it before and   done it's not bad and then reticled uh dot size 
that's what we're just talking about that's the   dot in the middle here of the uh Circle we could 
just make that small I think the fault is what   everybody has it normally is and this just makes 
it a lot smaller on your screen like I said just   more stuff you could see it's just better what 
most players actually play with it just not small   I highly recommend it alright so now let's talk 
about the radar I always play my my radar expanded   I'm going to show you we can actually adjust this 
at any time actually on the screen here as you can   see I have my radar expanded this is the regular 
radar as you can see it's super small it's just   it's not that good so pre on Xbox and I'm sure 
it's the same on Playstation you can just press   d-pad down and that's on you could bring that up 
and it really does it hinders you if you're not   using the expanded radar you can just see a lot 
more you can see the range of the players that   are in your NPCs that you're fighting that are 
coming at you and another tip and then let me see   if I can bring this to a spot if you press d-pad 
down again you can actually extend radar even a   little bit more so sometimes when I just can't 
see that player and I don't know where he is but   I think I'm getting close I'll just tap this d-pad 
just to see little bit more and I do it constantly   another thing about the radar is I know a lot of 
people they like to put waypoints down or these   little markers these red markers this wouldn't be 
so bad if the markers weren't red you know it's   just it's problem is is it's on your radar now and 
if you're playing you know if you're fighting fpcs   or players that are red and that it's just that 
it gets in the way and the less distractions on   your radar the better so honestly you should be 
taking these off as well as my settings I'm on   Xbox I like to use the Xbox wireless control 
Series 2 I just love this controller there's   probably no way I could play without this right 
now because I just love having those paddles on   the back uh my controller's name is hand of God 
it's a reference to a western movie uh it was   an outlaw if anybody knows the western movie that 
I'm talking about put it in the comments I'd love   to see if anybody actually gets that reference 
so let's go in here I just wanted to show real   quick what my button placements are just the two 
buttons mainly that I was gonna say on the back   of the paddle here I keep it uh my left bumper 
down here it comes in handy especially because   that's that's your weapon wheel I just need to 
bring that up really quick and I don't have to   take my fingers off uh the triggers a joystick 
as well as the a button down here too then I can   run around and and I can Gallop on the horse and 
everything one-handed it's I'll be sitting here   like chasing people and I can lean over and grab 
something to drink while I'm doing it because it's   on a paddle here so I could do it one-handed all 
right so let's get into the more important tips   for gunfighting is you should always be running a 
short range a medium range weapons and long range   weapons always at the same time so as you can 
see shotguns are usually your short range weapons   highly recommend it it's much better than having 
like some kind of pistols I know stuff people like   that for the short range but honestly the shotguns 
are always okay medium range weapons are going to   be your revolvers pistols and repeaters and of 
course the law long-range weapons are going to   be your sniper rifles the Carcano the Rolling 
Block as well as the Springfield and the bolt   action rifles that could be uh your long range 
he could even could probably consider like the   bow and arrow somewhere between there the reason 
why I bring this up is because you really do need   your uh short range long-range weapons if you'll 
see in a lot of my videos when I'm fighting and   that like just the shotgun when you get up close 
it not only stuns players in that but I just I   just put them down instantly but it only has 
a certain radius so then you need your medium   range weapon and then of course once you get 
farther back you're going to need your longer   so that's just a big basic to have to know another 
one is and let's go down here we're gonna go it's   all the way in the bottom right corner it says 
assign quick select and that's with the x button   on the Xbox and what that allows you to do is it 
allows you to pick whatever weapon you want to   choose so that way when you have your weapons away 
and you need to quickly uh bring out a weapon boom   you could just tap the left bumper or whatever 
bumper or that button is on your uh device and   it'll bring out your favorite weapon so that's 
all it is is we're setting our favorite weapon   so we always have it set and you should be using 
this because it's a heck of a lot quicker than   going into the weapon wheel and choosing and I 
know this sounds pretty basic with the quickest   select button but I see a lot of people don't 
play area use this use this as advantage and   we're just shaving off just a little bit of time 
and the reason why I bring this up is this is the   biggest tip honestly this is what helps me out the 
most when I'm gunfighting so I have the shotgun   right now and then if I tap left bumper boom back 
to my Navy's my medium range weapon but if I tap   it again it brings out my short range weapon my 
shotgun this comes in handy a lot and I don't have   to go through the weapon wheel to prep you know to 
pick what I want as an example let's use this tree   as it's going to be an enemy I know that I'm gonna 
push this enemy and I'm probably gonna get up   close to him so what I normally do is I'll grab my 
short-range weapon right away but then I'll switch   back over to my navies so now I have my Navy's and 
I'm into my medium range so I'm in my medium range   I'm in my medium range and then boom I tap left 
bumper and I got my shotgun just like that same   thing with the long range I'm going to have my 
long range weapon out and if I think it's going   to be a long range fight I'll switch back over to 
my medium range and then I'm sitting here and I'm   targeting targeting and then long range notice how 
I didn't go into the weapon wheel notice it was   just shaves off a couple of seconds here just to 
make things easier and another big tip is weapon   placement I always keep my car Cana on the bottom 
I always keep my shotgun to the left doesn't   matter which weapons you put in these spots keep 
your weapons in the same spots I always know my   left or my shotguns here on the left I always know 
my car Canal it's just muscle memory so that way   when I'm running around and I am fighting players 
in that I never have to think where my weapon is   on the weapon wheel I could just quickly get 
to it so those are some simple basic tips but   like I said already it really is it's basic but 
we're just cutting time off and we're just making   it easier for you to concentrate on the fight 
and less about your just your weapon placement   stuff on the radar that distracts you like I said 
even that bloom that some people may not like in   that that might be another distraction it's just 
these are just simple basic things that really do   add up typically I think everybody knows that you 
press the right bumper or whatever bumper it is or   whatever button it is to get into the cover system 
I don't use this very often I'm usually just kind   of holding the corner like this and using whatever 
is in front of me here as to defend me and that's   a big thing is always keep stuff in between you 
and the player that you're uh attacking or the MTC   just it's just a really good thing I see a lot 
of players just kind of run out here in the   middle of nowhere and that so and they just got 
nothing and of course they're Easy Pickins while   the other players you know maybe behind that tree 
or something like that but if I was going to push   this player behind the tree I mean you got these 
hay bales they'll block some but even like this   small little Bush now this bush actually might 
not be able to break the system but like this   bush right here this will actually if he Auto 
locks onto me like if he was just locked onto   me if I got behind this bush this and got into 
it a little bit it actually breaks the auto lock   just as Guelph is diving out of the way I mean 
like so I mean like but if I was in the middle   of here I would be diving diving diving and then 
you'll see I'll try and get behind this bush and   then he can't lock him now he can still of course 
shoot me through the bush but he won't be able   to auto lock onto me uh some pibs can get through 
like if he was a painted black player uh he might   be able to mark me through this sometimes he can 
sometimes he can't like look at this thick brush   right over here I'm mean this is definitely a 
really good spot you'll see a lot of players   they'll fight in the brush here especially pit 
players because they know they can't get marked   they're just holding back so this is just a really 
good way to hold your cover and like I said just   use anything and everything you can and you know 
as protection while you're pushing that player or   you know if you got to get behind you know you're 
trying to get away and you got to pop that tonic   and then let's talk about tonics by the way I 
typically use the potent Miracle tonic the most   it covers uh it's just it's a quick tonic that 
gets everything topped off for me there is a and   it's a level two by the way there is a level three 
uh Miracle tonic it's called the special Miracle   tonic even though it says it's a level two it's 
Peru and then it's a level three even uh I didn't   believe it at first and we were testing it out it 
takes maybe an extra bullet I think somebody was   shooting you you might be able to take an extra 
shot or dude it's really not that much more uh   Stronger Than A potent Miracle tonic so that's 
why you'll see me run the potent ones only because   they're cheaper and easier I don't even have to I 
mean you can craft these but I just go right into   the catalog seven dollars a pop I buy them 40 at a 
time for 280 bucks and just fill up my post office   I fill up the post office and my lock box here 
at my camp with these same thing I'll just like   I'll top everything off I usually like even the 
level ones the miracle tonic level ones and then   I'll just purchase and that just because if I'm 
fighting NPCs you know it just gives me something   I use my level three special Miracle tonics 
rarely maybe King of the castle not often though   it's just a has to be I I've never really found 
a really good time unless I really need it then   I'll switch it over to my special Miracle tonic 
here as well as I always have my binti game set   up here so I I rarely ever use my the other big 
gaming and and you should always have this prep so   then anytime I'm actually getting into a gunfight 
net all I got to do is quickly flip over here and   have all my stuff prepped and ready and then like 
even my level ones here I typically run my level   ones here for my Deadeye stamina but if I have to 
I'll actually switch over to my level two tonics   there you go but I like I said I rarely use my 
level three especially like if you're just messing   around here in Valentine taking down a posse 
and then I mean like why waste the good stuff   yet let's talk about weapons and what I prefer to 
run for particular weapons for particular ability   cards my Loadout here and let's uh let's bring 
this up here oh and by the way on the bottom right   corner ability Loadout I press y instead of going 
to press start and then going to your ability   cards right there you could just hold left bumper 
and press y or whatever button is on Playstation   play uh PC so I just press Y and then voila and 
then I could instantly change my cards quickly   and I do this often in gunfight so sometimes 
I need to switch over to Slippery bastard a   lot of times when I'm in slowed steady here I'll 
switch my Gunslinger card to Sharpshooter because   I know I'm out in the open just like where I'm at 
right now I mean this is going to be a lot more   open field we're not in town so I'm gonna need my 
carcino a lot more and it's probably best that I   to that card so like I said we run short range 
medium range long range so let's talk about the   ability cards that would run for slow and steady 
usually run gunslinger's Choice fool me once an   iron lung these two are my big defensive cards 
the number one would be the iron lung that one's   your main defensive card this is your second 
defensive card and then gunslinger's choice and   this one I actually swap out uh once in a while 
if I'm sniping I'll easily just switch this over   to Sharpshooter so that really comes in handy 
otherwise I typically run gunslinger's choice   because Navy revolvers are my medium range weapon 
and I need that a you're typically fighting in   medium range and it's just I highly recommend it 
I feel like it's one of the weaker cards out of   these three though and the reason why I bring 
that up is because there is a better card out   there called Peak Edition where it actually 
gives you more damage for all three of your   weapons my shotgun my Navy's and my cartoon the 
other the only reason why I use the gunslinger's   choice though is because it increases my range 
and accuracy and I need that I feel like that's   that outweighs that card I just barely otherwise 
I would probably run that one and if I wasn't run   Navy's uh maybe if I was running like the repeater 
or something like that and then I would have like   the sawed-offs and then I'd still have my car 
Canal rifle on that but and then that would be a   really good card to have back is the Peak Edition 
for my slow and steady Loadout this is what I   usually run is my pump shotgun and again shotguns 
are actually pretty all the same I know a lot of   players use the double barrel shotgun which is 
probably one of the better shotguns honestly but   the downfall is it's only two shells at a time 
and you gotta reload as quick as you can and I   personally just like having extra shells because 
I miss a few of my shots plus I like the pump   because I think it's got one of the farther ranges 
in it and then a good tip as well is regular   shotgun shells slug seems to be a little bit more 
damaging but I it's not true use just regular   shotgun shells so then I run the Navies for 
this build another one you could run is like the   volcanic pistols that's a really good medium range 
uh it's actually got farther range than Navy's but   they just shoot a little bit slower they have 
more ammo so there's some good size of bad size   but personally I just like the Navy's because they 
just they could shoot a little bit quicker for me   the pistols the rest of the pistols just don't 
have the range for being a medium-range weapon   for it what I prefer anyways again the shotguns 
we already talked about and then my long range   weapons are usually Carcano that I always want 
maybe a rolling Block and then good tip to know   is on the Rolling Block and Carcano Viper rifles 
you should be running the short range the short   Scopes so on my Carcano I run the short scope it 
just makes it easier for when you're moving around   notice it's just a lot quicker I could Target 
things around here um it that's all it is is   it's just quicker targeting where the long range 
weapon uh scope which I actually do use I put it   on my bolt action rifle let me bring that out here 
uh oh I don't know why I put explosive rounds but   I do have the long range scope on here but notice 
and the Rolling Block is a lot slower to scroll   around as you can see uh but long range weapon and 
and here's another good tip is the Rolling Block   uh sniper rifle is equivalent to the sniper rifles 
in GTA 5.

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