Tips to Limit Birth Anxiety + Developmental Milestones for Preemies: OBGYN & Pediatrician Answer

hello welcome back to our weekly Sunday sit down 
q a where we answer your questions yeah this   week we are talking about birth anxiety and also 
developmental milestones and how to track them if   your baby was born a little bit early if this is 
your first time meeting us I'm Sarah I'm a board   certified OB GYN I'm Kurt I'm a board-certified 
pediatrician and we are the doctors bjorkman so let's get to it this week our first question 
comes from Alex s she said we are so grateful for   you guys any tips on coping with birth anxiety 
for a first-time mom currently in counseling   but wondering if you have any other tips to ease 
a worried mind thanks so first congrats yes and   it's awesome that you've already said hey I need 
help I'm going to talk to someone about this yes   so my first tip is always get professional help 
see a therapist or a counselor um I feel like   everybody should have a therapist and so normalize 
getting and taking care of your mental health   um so you're already doing that and that is 
awesome some things that help me and seem to   help other moms so you mentioned you know I'm a 
first-time mom I have this anxiety there is this   fear of the unknown if you aren't in medicine 
you kind of have no idea what to expect and   if you don't have other mom friends or people 
kind of in the same season of life it may not   be something you talk about what really happens 
with birth what are the different options for   birth you know what is labor what's pain like 
what's recovery like and and that fear of the   unknown or just not knowing is really hard to 
wrap your mind around and so everyone's flavor   of anxiety is a little different but many many 
mamas find that getting a lot of information   feeling empowered is really helpful so they know 
what to expect and that takes some of the fear   away and you can do that by a checking out all 
of our videos we talk about a ton of first-time   parent topics to try to get you through that and 
kind of what we experienced um Talk openly with   your girlfriends or other moms you know or parents 
who have gone through birth and what it was like   for them if you can read lots of different 
books um one of the ones I really like is a   book I edited by motherly the Guide to Becoming 
Mama it's a great pregnancy and postpartum book   for you um and really important is to really talk 
with your OB or your Midwife or whoever that is   um I find I feel more comfortable when I 
really trust the person who's taking care of me   um and then you just know you have someone on 
your team who's going to be there to navigate   you through that process and that is what your 
OB or your Midwife is there for that's their job   they want you to feel comfortable and they want 
you to have a good birth experience so talk to   them about these fears hey I'm a first-time mom 
I have all this anxiety about birth how could you   talk me through this maybe you can get a tour at 
the hospital I know now kind of as we're moving   through this season of covid things are opening 
back up again maybe you can go in and see a room   maybe then there's some birth class there at the 
hospital so you can meet the nurses and understand   hey do they have tubs here or balls or you know 
what are the different things that are expected in   during labor you can see the hospital you can 
touch it you can feel it and it's a real thing   you know how to get to labor and delivery so 
just trying to make yourself familiar with what   is going to happen really is empowering because 
they're like oh I know sort of what to expect   and then I always say expect the unexpected 
labor you never know what you're going to get   and so that goes right back to make sure you trust 
that team taking care of you to guide you on this   because we want you to have a good experience we 
also want you to be safe and we want your baby to   be safe and those are always kind of those three 
goals safe Mom safe baby make sure we're having   a good experience and everyone kind of knows 
what's going on so I wish you the best you can   do it you can do it um learn as much as you can 
in the next few months and you'll be ready to go   good luck okay next question this is coming from 
Paige Schaefer and Paige says I have twins who are   born six weeks early do I start introducing baby 
foods based on their actual age or their adjusted   age there are currently 12 weeks old awesome 
well congratulations on your twin babies how   are you doing hope you're getting some sleep 
I'm sure you're very busy with them so when it   comes to children born early in developmental 
Milestones okay so the first thing to say is   that there's some really nice information 
that I can we can link in the description   about developmental milestones and tracking them 
for your child and kind of what to expect at each   stage for children who are born kind of in that 
term weight preterm stage so this is 37 38 weeks   along generally you're following pretty much the 
same developmental Milestones as if they were born   right at 40 weeks we say if they're born more than 
three weeks early or more than that then it's good   to use a corrected gestational age so that's 36 
anything before 37 yes exactly okay yep so say   your baby was born six weeks early as you said so 
then you would say hey when they're 12 weeks old   you're actually going to look at milestones for 
someone who is a six week old so instead of being   12 they if they were born on their due date they'd 
only be six weeks old so that's their corrected   gestational age and you correct to the due date 
yes okay and then using that as a reference for   developmental Milestones okay having said that I 
think it's also really good to be aware of that   the developmental Milestones are not set that 
oh your baby must crawl on this date they must   walk on this date they're going to eat salads on 
this date those kind of things and so for instance   thinking about it starting solids we're going to 
say between four and six months most children are   ready for that first kind of Taste and to start 
working on some solid foods some children well   within normal may not start solids until maybe 
they're seven months of age now your children who   were born six weeks early so then maybe that four 
to six month window is actually going to be five   and a half to seven months seven and a half months 
of age and so the biggest thing with that and even   if you go back to our starting solids video that 
we did a couple months ago the biggest first steps   is really just that your baby's showing interest 
and that they can kind of do the other things like   sitting upright have good head control and so 
it's not so much about how old they are but the   things that they've already been able to do yeah 
one other plug if you are a parent of a baby who   was born early it's always great to be checking in 
with their pediatrician you can ask them hey how   do you feel like they're doing are they catching 
up where they add on that and then also early   intervention programs to help make sure that 
they're getting speech therapy Physical Therapy   occupational therapy if that's something that 
they're falling a little bit behind or if they   haven't caught up on their Milestones generally 
say following the corrected gestational age about   two years of age is kind of when everyone kind 
of meets that same thing so that was my question   when when are they supposed to catch up so they 
can get their driver's license when they're 16   years old they don't have to be 16 in six weeks so 
generally by two years of age is when that catch   up we say hey everything's probably normalized 
and that little bit of effect from being born a   month and a half early and it's negligible by then 
nice awesome well hopefully that was some great   educational content for you this week we are so 
appreciative of your questions and look forward to   answering a few more next week stay tuned for this 
week's episode on Wednesday where we talk about a   question that we get once in a while of is there 
anything you can do to influence whether you have   a boy or girl so we're gonna do a whole episode on 
that one on Wednesday see you guys next week bye we're doctors but not your doctors 
anything we've said in this video   is for education or entertainment 
purposes only it is not medical   advice any specific medical questions you 
have should be directed to your provider

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