Timeline in Idaho Student Killings Case

>> And today that accused killer making his first appearance inside a courtroom in Idaho. And the lake County Courthouse in Moscow there. He is from my perspective seem relatively comfortable for someone who's facing a potential death sentence and all of this. I want to go back to the affidavit cause some significant significant cell phone activity digital. Footprint here's investigators and prosecutors are alleging that the records for the for the defendants fall show that the defendants phone was using cellular resources to provide coverage to the area of 1122 King road. The scene of the murders on at least well Cajuns prior to November 13th, which is the night. >> Or the early morning hours of the murders. All of these occasions except for one occurred in the late evening and early morning of the respective day. So he's he's right near the or at least 12 times prior to the murders. Then check this out this is unbelievable like total cliche here further review indicated that the defendants. Follow new cellular resources on November 13th consistent with leaving the defendants residents at 9 in the morning, traveling to Moscow Idaho, to the King road residents, the House of the murder between 9 12:09:21AM the following morning.

He's back there at least that's what investigators are saying that's worst phone is and then returns back to his home at 9.32. Doctor Carol Lieberman. I'm looking at this. What do you think's going through his mind. If this evidence is correct. He's presumed innocent when he returns to the scene of a quadruple murder, the next morning. There's no police cars. >> There's no crime scene tape is a way because there's nothing like nothing happened.

>> Yes, well first of all you know as you know I think I and saying from the very beginning that he's an incel and all the things we've been finding out since then go along with that like his stalking of the victims is so on his choice of the victims and all of that. So in cells like to be known for when they kill people or when they have a conquest like this and so I think in part he was disappointed that there wasn't a police presence and so on you know he's he's cut conflicted on the one hand he wanted to commit the perfect crime and not be caught. But on the other hand he did want to be caught and nbp crowd in a sense of what he did I know that that sounds sick, but that's that's the mind of an incel and you know that the insults has started a campaign to free Brian co burger. >> Wow Wow. >> Lauren pollute you what are your thoughts about this cell phone activity, 12 times but for the murders and then back the morning after.

>> Them he was stalking these girls and it wasn't the first time that he was in their house I guarantee it gone, there are plenty of time wants to know that they didn't keep that sliding glass door act and he would be able to get in and out. I think you know exact everyone slept in that room and and he knew he was going to murder and I think that that was very evident when he passed on could have you could have ended her life.

Dan and I think it's safe to say that because of the knife. started upstairs with kaylee and Maddie a mandate for got it because of all of all of the stuff that was going on I think that they were probably the first victims. And he he knew exactly what he was gonna do you have this plan out the whole affidavit is just premeditation all over it premeditation. >> Key word key word for prosecutors. OK let's take a look now at some cellular data we have more.

At approximately 02:42AM the suspect's phone things in Pullman Washington and for about 5 minutes his phone data is consistent with him leaving his apartment and traveling South through Pullman Washington. >> Meanwhile. >> This is amazing the suspects white Hyundai launch was seen leaving the Washington State University 02:44AM on surveillance video then to 47 the suspect's phone. Disconnects and stops reporting to the network while the phone is disconnected the suspect's vehicle is seen in Moscow with 3.26. It's then seen making 3 passes by the King road residents between 3 29 4 o'clock then attempting to park 4 '04 and finally for 20.

His vehicle is seen The King road residents at a high rate of speed. 20 minutes after the suspect's car seen leaving 4.48 is phone is reconnected to the network. At approximately 4.48 is phone reconnects locating the fall at the Idaho state highway 95. >> South of Moscow Idaho. >> And then at approximately 05:30AM the suspect's phone location data is consistent with him traveling back to his apartment. Mike King. How reliable is this how important is it to match the cell phone up with the surveillance video. >> Well yeah that's the cool part about this case I think that any is that they've got the data they've been able to access the records to show that regulated location of that mobile device and that's where they bring 3 towers together and say hey we believe that phone or that mobile devices in this general area takes a look at the tower selves and says what sector was that signal coming off of and that gives him the ability to start planning out this route but once they get inside that device and get the actual device location that X y court from the device.

They can really start getting pretty prescriptive about where that thing was at those specific ties, but key things to me. The phone goes dead at the phone gets re gauged they're able to show that as as he makes that route down to the South and back up to the north and then when things fall apart. He starts moving a whole lot more rapidly from Point A to point be so we see this disorganization kicking in as he starts really getting ramped up emotionally and many other ways, Jessica know if you remember this I'm sure. >> You know recovered another case years ago involving a woman named Joe Diaz areas who cell phone went dead for quite some time no one knew where she was. But that that to me that is almost more compelling then the phone actually being there. The fact that it's turned off at this in this window of time. >> Yeah it goes to you know it goes to the idea that tent, you know what is your intent but I got to bring out one more point here please absolute with me.

Case first came to light and we had those images of the investigators crime scene investigators they were out paying very close attention. The tire marks on the roadway you could actually see them they were these black marks that they were taking a look at. You mentioned just a second ago how the vehicle left at a high the speed of this is a front wheel drive car which I think it might be I'm not really sure if he peeled out of that area and those marks were specifically left by his vehicle, a vehicle similar to that. That documentation all those weeks back it's going to be significant because they have the card now.

There's all kinds of things that you look 4 in tire marks first off you can look at it from the chemical structure of people left rubber on the road that can be taught back to those tires secondly, the specific markings every tire even though it comes off an assembly line. Our off of production lawn they all might appear the same when they come off the production line but depending upon what kind of where there is on the tread as you go along it's going to be specific to that vehicle.

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