Things About Hocus Pocus You Only Notice As An Adult

If you were a '90s kid, chances are no Halloween
season is complete without at least one screening of Hocus Pocus.It was the defining spook film
of your youth. It had everything from maniacal witches to
a creepy book of spells to a boy who was cursed to spend his entire afterlife inside of a
cat. The movie didn't pander, and frightened kids
with some real deal consequences while still remaining fun and festive. Looking at it through adult eyes, though,
there are a few details that might strike audiences a little differently than before
… and we're not just talking about dirty jokes, either. "We desire… children." "Hey, it may take me a couple of tries but
that shouldn't be a problem." Here's what you'll probably only notice about
Hocus Pocus as a grown-up.

Timeline tinkering The opening scenes of the movie are set in
Salem, specifically on Halloween in 1693. The only problem is that by October 1693,
the Salem witch hysteria and resulting witch trials were over. In fact, the last hangings as part of the
Salem witch trials were in September 1692. After that, Governor William Phips, whose
wife had recently been accused of witchcraft, dissolved the court that'd been hearing cases,
released everyone who had not yet stood trial, and forbid the use of spectral evidence to
be used in the remaining trials. What this means is that the angry mob and
resulting hanging of the Sanderson sisters at the beginning of the film is historically
incorrect. "Aha, we seem to have a skeptic in our midst." Then again, Hocus Pocus came out in 1993,
so having the opening scenes set in 1692 would have meant the Sanderson sisters were returning
301 years later … and their best song wouldn't have worked.

"It's been 300 years, right down to the day/Now
the witch is back and there's hell to pay!" What a witch As despicable as all the Sanderson sisters
are, Winifred has to be the worst. "Oh look, another glorious morning, makes
me sick!" She constantly puts her sisters down, calls
them idiots, and even refers to them as her own personal curse. "Amok! Amok, amok, amok, amok!" It isn't just the name-calling and constant
diminishment and smacking of the others, either. Winifred also ensures that she gets the best
of everything.

It's evident at the beginning of the film
if you're really looking for it. She implies the potion the sisters are making
is all for herself, only later suggesting she'll share it (and her sisters thereby thanking
her for her generosity). "Oh, Winnie, how generous of thee." Bye bye bullies Max may also be the most cruel of his bunch. When Max shows up to save Dani and Binx, he
also finds the town bullies trapped in cages. Rather than doing the honorable thing and
helping them escape as well, he takes his stolen shoes back and leaves them hanging
in their cages. Even though the Sanderson sisters don't end
up using what little remains of the Life Potion on the bullies, once the witches are presumably
defeated, no one returns to free them. Even as the credits roll, they're still just
hanging around singing Row Row Row Your Boat.

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