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Welcome to a new Tech Room video from
Wilier Triestina. Today we're going to talk about the Wilier 0 SLR, which is the latest road race bike from Wilier and is a super lightweight road bike with disc brakes and also fully integrated cables. The design objective for this bike was
to produce a disc frameset which weighed the same as the the outgoing rim
frame set, which we succeeded in doing so the painted medium frame set weighs 780 grams. It's a full road race bike with Wilier Triestina's road race geometry.
We're happy to say it's going to be used by the Astana professional road racing
team this this season which we're very excited about. So if we take a look at
the frame set to make a lightweight bike as there's no mystery you have to use
less carbon and we've achieved this with the latest developments in carbon fiber
which is a blend of ultra high modulus carbon fiber with addition of sand
liquid crystal polymers and the exact composition is is as always as the trade
secret but that's how we achieve a super lightweight bike.

To produce a lightweight road racing bike it's essential to get the stiffness to weight
ratio correct and we've been lucky with the work we've done with professional
riders we have a good feel for what's required for a fast bike, it's easy to
develop a bike, it's very light but very skittish doesn't have the correct
handling characteristics that we always strive for it at Wilier.

So this bike has
got one of the highest stiffness to weight ratios of any frame we've ever
produced. Aerodynamics and light weight are two
conflicting requirements to produce an aerodynamic bike you would necessarily
use bigger tubes with bigger surfaces of the control with the the air flow better
the overriding characteristic of this frame set is to be lightweight, everything
has been pared down to the last gram but where possible where we can if we could
incorporate aerodynamic features without compromising the way we've done that
because aerodynamics benefits everybody. So if you take a close look at the frame
it's a very clean frame it's only built for electronic group sets, so there are
no entry holes at all so it's super clean there's not a single cable showing
which is better for aerodynamics and obviously is aesthetically pleasing as
well. To fully integrate the cables we developed a brand new handlebar which is the Zero integrated handlebar which you can see here, so it's a very clean design has a conventional clamp on the back so is easy for mechanics to get along with
as well and completely contains all the cables and hoses inside.

Also the fork is widely spaced which has
several benefits firstly from the aerodynamic point of view from the work
we've done on the Turbine. Having widely spaced forks days is more
efficient and also we can get up to a 28 millimeter tire in this bike as well
front and back. Because it's a disc frame bike, the fork is a symmetric because the
force is on the caliper side or see very different it takes out any of the
twisting forces that you necessarily get with with this brakes.

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