The ONLY State of Decay 2 GUIDE You Ever Need in 2022 [Beginner & Advanced Tips and Tricks]

hello survivors my name is techsecutioner and i'm narrating this video on behalf of arvid your state of decay guide in this video we are going to see 46 tips tricks and useful game mechanics most of you have never even heard of before but if you're looking for beginner tips they are also added throughout the video so make sure to stay until the end and don't miss out let's get to the video and welcome to the channel [Music] number one in the harder difficulties plagued loaders are a huge threat while driving so when you hit a plague bloater while driving never stop the car to exit always jump from the running vehicle if you stop your vehicle and exit you will only be standing inside the plague bloater cloud which may result in the death of your survivor so make a habit of jumping from a moving poisonous car number two in state of decay 2 due to the hardware limitations of the previous gen consoles the game has a global limitation of rendering only seven members at base including our active character so if you recruit eight or more members only to have a better base defense not only will it increase the threat level but only six of the ai members will be available to fight the zombies number three we can achieve 100 resistance to our whole community by having both the field hospital and the third level infirmary with the help of the pathology specialization when we activate primary care in both of these facilities we will receive 50 infection resistance from each facility as a bonus when we have pathologists in our community so we will get a total of 100 infection resistance to our whole community this costs a total of six meds in all difficulties and will last for an hour number four if you hear a bloater popping sound in the lethal zone there is a 99 chance that there will be an extra large plague horde wandering nearby so be careful on that area if you're unprepared number five wooden fences and cornfields do absolutely zero damage to our cars so feel free to run them over number six cars are the best weapons in the entire game even juggernauts can be killed by reversing onto them while only receiving cosmetic damage most importantly the spikes in the back of the impaler and the front of the zed buster are not just cosmetic they can kill pharaoh's the easiest you can get the impaler by calling the ultimate edition vehicle delivery and you can get the zed buster from the go bag bounty pack bonus tip you can access all the bounty packs from cash beaumont just by disconnecting the internet changing your system month and starting the game number seven always park your car against walls and other objects so zombies won't be able to latch onto the engine and damage it when we're getting away and when escaping from multiple zombies always get in from the right side of your car so zombies will grab and damage the right door instead of the most important left door also when you get into your car surrounded by multiple zombies always escape them by reversing your car so the engine won't be damaged by hitting the zombies and we can quickly kill the latch zombies with centrifugal force additionally the cars with plows can withstand more engine damage if we hit the zombies with the front number 8 the game guarantees negative 50 search crash chance for max stealth specialization but actually max stealth specialization has negative 100 search crash chance so feel free to fast search when you have mac stealth number nine the damage of explosives and incendiaries will not stack against hearts when multiples of them are used at the same time so explosives and incendiaries must be used one at a time against hearts meaning wait for the explosive to explode or wait for the incendiary to finish burning before using the next one but the damage of explosives will stack when multiples of them are used at the same time against juggernauts number 10 juggernauts and play juggernauts are protected by a game mechanic that will not let them die to less than 28 and 36 bullets if you look at this data you can see there is almost no difference between 556 and 762 when used against juggernauts so using 762 against juggernauts is pointless number 11 in the harder difficulties never use louder weapons like 50 cal rifles and other unsuppressed guns to solve any problems you may think 50 cal rifles are good for everything but no they will only create more problems than they can solve 50 cal is also slow and inefficient to use against the plague hearts and they're inefficient to use against juggernauts too this data shows how an efficient 50 cal really is compared to other calibers so in my opinion 50 cal should never be fired even once in the harder difficulties always use suppressed guns for everything and maybe use break attached guns or choke attached shotguns for playing cards number 12 louder weapons will make a lot of noise when we use it in the harder difficulties but when our ai members use it they make very little noise and most importantly they will shoot even when we give them an empty gun they won't consume any bullets from our community resources either so equip your base members with break attached guns or 50 cal weapons for the ultimate base defense but when you bring followers don't give them the loudest guns like the b50 fg even in the hands of our ai followers the noise made by them will be almost as big as our mini map in lethal zone so they only bring more trouble than they can handle number 13 the best way to control our ai followers is by entering stealth stance while in stealth they will not engage any zombies and they even cease to engage them when we enter stealth also our ai members and followers take 50 less damage and infection than our active character regardless of the difficulty we're playing and if we consume scent block our ai follower will also become invisible to the zombies but without receiving the infection from the scent block number fourteen if you have trouble locating a survivor in your base mark them for exile the game will highlight them in the map so we can find them easily and then we can cancel their exile this will not cause any negative impacts in your community also when you have eight or more members in your base and only one of them is equipped with a powerful gun mark them for exile during sieges so the game will not despawn that survivor under the seven members rendering limitation number 15 the overall community standing increases the spawning rate of freak zombies zombie hordes and freak zombie hordes completing missions killing freak zombies and destroying plague hearts are the fastest way to increase the standing of an active survivor so avoid doing anything unnecessary when you start a fresh community in the harder difficulties learn to ignore the missions and focus on building your community first for this specific reason the red towing contractors are the best survivors in a fresh game because they always come with negative 66 standing rewards number 16 crouching will replenish stamina faster this will be very useful when playing daybreak but if you want to replenish your stamina while running specialize your cardio skill to marathon and max it out with max marathon specialization your character will run forever while carrying light weight to improve the light carrying limit specialize your width skill to discipline and max it out to get the additional 30 pounds of light carrying capacity but if your character is not specialized in marathon craft energy drinks in the kitchen and use it while in combat they constantly boost stamina for 30 seconds they're cheap to make so they're a great alternative to the stimulants and most importantly if you want to run fast while plagued or injured tap the jump button while sprinting number 17 stuck command consumes 10 fuel from our car regardless of its fuel capacity so if possible drive out of a situation instead of using the stuck command number 18 when you establish outposts claim them in all four corners of the map or one outpost in each town area so you can easily deposit the items at your nearest outpost during a supply run if possible keep an empty outpost slot for emergency situations bonus tip you can get seven outpost slots by installing a network signal booster in your level three command center and recruiting a red-tailing contractor with the hacking 5th skill number 19 always carry a plague cure if you're playing in the harder difficulty levels it's very important to save your survivors in critical situations but sometimes you might not have a plague cure on your hands so at least keep a plague cure ready in your supply locker so you can go to your nearest outpost or claim a nearby site if you have an empty outpost slot then you can use a plague cure from your supply locker but if you're unable to make a plague cure switch your character at your outpost and admit them to your infirmary this action will pause the plank progression and will not consume any meds number 20 if your car catches fire it will explode only after 15 seconds regardless of how many zombies and juggernauts you hit so instead of jumping out in front of zombie hordes take your time drive away from them and then exit your vehicle if you have an advanced repair tool kit you can repair the card before it even explodes so always carry an advanced repair tool kit and a gas can in your car trunk this is also very important to save your survivor in critical situations the advanced repair toolkits do twice as much repair as a regular tool kit while being very fast bonus tip vehicle repair kits cost 33 percent cheaper to make in the auto shop number 21 gun durability doesn't matter guns will always be damaged the same amount for each shot regardless of their durability so durable guns just last longer in the end all guns cost the same amount of parts to prepare when the number of shots fired are the same so gun durability just doesn't matter but there is an exception all of the semi-auto 22 caliber guns handguns and shotguns are not as durable as the durability meter suggests they are three times weaker than other guns despite having very high durability so try to avoid them if you're in part shortage but if you have weapons handling specialization in shooting you can partially repair the broken guns for free indefinitely number 22 advanced weapon attachments are the top tier muzzle attachments so if you have trouble finding an advanced brake just buy a cleo accelerator from the prestige traders the clio accelerator is an equivalent to the advanced brake but first you should have unlocked it by playing daybreak number 23 plague hearts don't get stronger every time plague hearts will only get more challenging as we destroy them this means that every time we destroy a heart more zombies will spawn around the next heart to protect it and also the damaged plague hearts don't regenerate their health over time so if things go wrong it's best to retreat and come back later but unlike plague hearts the juggernauts regenerate their health very slowly over time and the ferals regenerate their health very fast number 24 if you are looking for the quickest ways to destroy the plague hearts use a spec ops vector smg or a g18 auto custom and equip them with advanced brakes these are the fastest guns in the entire game with these even a nightmare zone heart can be destroyed in just under 2 seconds but since lethal zone hearts are very strong no gun can destroy the lethal hearts quicker than 5 seconds so if you're looking for the fastest way to destroy the lethal zone hearts use bloater cloud grenades bloater cloud grenades are the most powerful explosive when ignited even a lethal zone heart can be destroyed in just under four seconds with only three grenades [Music] if you're looking for the safest way to destroy a heart stand on top of a spiked car and use whatever method you prefer and if you're looking for the efficient ways to destroy the hearts use bloater cloud grenades because they are very cheap to make or you can consume scent block and use heavy melee weapons with the powerhouse cardio skill with powerhouse you can power swing the heavy weapons by holding the attack button only seven power hits are enough to destroy a lethal heart but scent blocks do not make you completely invisible from the zombies the zombies in very close range can still detect you easily here are the plague heart data sheets you can pause the video to look at this data if you want or come back to look later number 25 fire immobilizes the ferals but it does not kill them immediately the duration fire takes to kill the pharaohs depends on how potent the incendiary is but the ferals must be continuously on fire to be killed in the least possible time because ferals regenerate their health very fast if the fire goes off the ferals will regenerate their health so we'll have to spend more incendiaries and more time to destroy them if you're looking for an efficient and safer way to kill the blood feral packs always carry a pyro launcher in your inventory if we continuously light them up with pyro launchers at proper intervals we can kill them in a few seconds with the least number of shots and of course you can stand on top of your car and shoot them number 26 if you're looking for a quicker efficient and not so loud way to kill the juggernauts call the independence day pack craft bouncing boards from the fireworks crafting station and use it against them but bouncing boris's have a super small blast radius so when you throw it line it up between the juggernauts and yourself so the juggernauts will enter the blast radius themselves [Music] and it's also useful to kill the blood feral packs just throw it and lure the ferals inside the blast [Music] but if you have trouble using the bouncing boards against juggernauts then you can get the star shank launcher from the independence day pack starshank launcher is not so loud and it's cheaper than using guns and pipe bombs but always aim for their chest when using starshank launcher shooting their belly won't work number 27 when taking out hostile enclaves in the harder difficulties clear the nearby zombies first and then park your car as your cover if you're looking for a quicker and safer way to kill the hostile humans in harder difficulties use bloater gas grenades if you don't have them take cover in the distance and shoot their head or consume send block and throw a zombate on their building to kill them by zombies number 28 if you're looking for a super cheap way to gather resources and harder difficulties promote a sheriff as your leader if you have not destroyed all the hearts in your map you'll get the pre-legacy sheriff missions play a few of them until you get the sheriff winning allies mission when you finish this mission you will get an enclave benefit called plague heart supply drop this supply drop only cost 150 influence with super low 10 minute cooldown timer this drop always includes two rucksacks in which one of them will always be a medicine rucksack and the other one will either be medicine ammo or fuel but if you don't have a sheriff's survivor you can use fine resources radio command to locate a required rucksack for just 75 influence this command does not locate an existing rucksack but it will always spawn a new rucksack you can also promote a trader as your leader and build the trade depot to call all the basic traders see your base itself and by resources at normal rates besides all the resources can be produced in our base itself except materials food and meds can be grown in our gardens fuel can be produced in still with our surplus food and ammo can be crafted in our workshop with chemicals and parts and always make a habit of always trading with the mission npcs most of the time they will be selling a rucksack as well number 29 the heavy weapons are the best melee weapons to fight the ferals because heavy weapons immobilize them ferals can be knocked down with doors which will allow us to perform an execution if the ferals latch onto our car's front or back we can smash them even on the wooden fences to kill them easily and juggernauts can be killed silently with the quietest melee weapons number 30 hospitalizing a survivor will boost their individual morale by 15.

so if any of your survivors have low morale you can intentionally infect them and admit them in the infirmary to boost their morale hospitalizing is not only useful for pausing blood plague but it's also useful to cure partial infection faster number 31 if you don't have enough members to claim a base you can recruit anyone to claim it and exile the useless survivor immediately this will not have any negative impact on your base number 32 all four tiers of suppressors suppress the gun noises exactly the same the low tier suppressors just wear the guns faster and the top tier suppressors wear the gun slower that being said there will be absolutely zero difference between a low tier and a top tier suppressor when we attach them to the unbreakable weapons like bolt action and lever action guns number 33 if you're doing solo survivor runs get a red talon contractor with the vigil guard first trait and frontline experience third trade they will have a total of negative 120 fatigue severity so they never sleep if you want to learn how to predict the traits of a red talon contractor before recruiting them check this video here number 34 stealth specialized survivors can move fast while in stealth but if your character is not specialized in stealth you can achieve the same by dodging wall and stealth without pressing the sprint button most importantly if you have a survivor with stealth specialization and max acrobatics you can roll while in stealth for super fast stealth number 35 salvage furnace increases the parts yield of weapons salvaging by 50 but it will also stack when we have multiple salvage furnaces installed in our various facilities here's how many parts we get when we have no salvage furnace installed and here's how many parts we get when we have one salvage furnace installed and here's how many parts we get when we have four salvage furnaces installed in our workshop auto shop armory and forge number 36 if you bring parts to your next community via legacy members fill them with piles of weapon remains instead of parts if you have them each pile of weapon remains can produce 50 parts and you can carry 3 of them in each slot so a total of 150 parts per slot compared to 99 parts per slot and if you have a salvage furnace facility mod each pile of weapon remains will produce 75 parts so a total of 225 parts per slot number 37 mysterious wandering traders visit our maps every weekend but they don't just visit only once every weekend we can make them visit multiple times once you trade with them quit the game and play again in that community for some time to spawn another mysterious trader within a maximum of three to four hours but quitting the game and opening it after a few hours might not work you have to actually play in that same community for a few hours to get another trader number 38 if traders come equipped with good guns it's safe to kill them for their equipped guns by luring zombies toward them using zombate there won't be any consequences but never kill mysterious traders and rare skill traders when they die they won't spawn for a few weeks number 39 survey car automatically reveals the sights and plague hearts within 150 meter radius as we drive the slower we drive the more accuracy the surveying will be other cars only have less than 50 meter surveying radius survey cars will lose this feature when they're upgraded number 40 if you want to farm influence craft strong painkillers in the level 3 infirmary and sell them to the traders or enclaves for the amount of resources spent the strong painkillers offer more value than the bulk plague yours and if you're wanting to farm plague samples at a 90 rate kill the plague zombies using crossbows with a pathologist in green map difficulty number 41 we can build all the leader facilities in our base by promoting and demoting different types of leaders once we start building a leader facility we can demote that leader before the leader facility is even completed the facilities will work the same without the leaders number 42 the best way to level up all the skills of our survivors is using the watch training videos feature in lounge 3.

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