The OnePlus 12 is the Coolest phone ever seen…

A lot of high-end flagship smartphones these
days have copper gizmos inside called vapor chambers. These facilitate the heat removal from the processor
just like a CPU cooler in a gaming computer. And for the most part,
a bigger vapor chamber is better. Today OnePlus has sent us a flowy Emerald OnePlus
12 with the goal of revealing what they say is an extremely large dual cryo velocity cooling system, and that I can extract this cooling system by whatever means necessary, which I'm very happy to do. Huge thanks to OnePlus for sponsoring this teardown and giving us the world's first look inside the OnePlus 12. I have another brand new phone we'll check the
durability of after we're done with this one. The camera lens on the back is
just as large and in charge as last year. The glass lens feels thick and solid,
similar to a large watch face. But we aren't here for the exterior,
we're here for the interior. Using a heat gun and my handy dandy JerryRig razor knife,
I can slice through the softened adhesive and pull the marbled teal back
glass panel away from the OnePlus 12.

This gives us our very first look at the 50 watt wireless charger, which is held down by 12 screws, each
of which have a dab of red threadlocker. Shout out
if you remember the OG red battery days. And yes, this
is indeed a 50 watt wireless charger. The OnePlus 12 can charge faster wirelessly
than most phones can charge while plugged in, going from 0 to 50% charge in just 23 minutes. A day's worth of power in just a half hour. The OnePlus 12 has the fastest wireless charging
of any phone in North America and is 3 times faster at
wireless charging than the latest iPhone. It looks very similar to other wireless chargers with the same thin winding copper coils, but with the help of the dual cryo-velocity cooling system,
it can pack a punch.

I enjoy saying that a lot actually. Cryo-velocity. With the battery ribbon unplugged like a little Lego,
I can move my way down to the bottom plastics. These have 8 more Phillips head screws. With the screws gone, the lower stereo
spatial audio speaker can be removed. There are a few balls inside. Between this and the upper speaker, it can throw
out some pretty trippy 3D audio effects. And speaking of trippy, the battery comes out next,
each side with its own pull tab. Thumbs up for that. You'll notice as it comes up that we get our
first peek at the dual cryo-velocity cooling system, which not only cools the processor,
but also the battery during charging. Because on top of that 50 watt wireless charging,
the OnePlus 12 has corded fast charging at 80 watts, which is 0 to 50% in just a mind-blowing 12 minutes. It can accomplish these speeds because the batteries
are split in half like the Cybertruck, each half charging up at the same time. And there's a total of 5,400 milliamp hours.

Any excess heat generated by charging transfers out
through the screen via that dual cryo-velocity cooling system. With the SIM card tray removed, I'll unclip
the daughterboard extension ribbon and the screen ribbon from its extension, along with
the under-screen fingerprint scanner. Then the charging port board can come away from the phone,
and it looks like the little circuits are coated, which I assume helps with the waterproofing. We also have some blue gaskets for the ribbon cables,
and a red rubber ring around the 80 watt USB-C 3.2 port. We have some more pretty blue gaskets up on top of the main motherboard, along with two more silver Phillips head screws. With the screws removed, we see that the OnePlus
has color coordinated their thermal paste to the gaskets, which is most definitely aesthetically pleasing. The large rectangular camera unit still attached
to the motherboard is the 64 megapixel 3x telephoto zoom with OIS.

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