The 13 BEST Side Hustles To Start (at EVERY AGE)

– Hey guys, it's Mark. If I had to single out one thing that really helped me become successful , it would be all the little extra jobs I've done on the side since I was a teenager. And until today. Having a side hustle helped me get extra money in addition to my regular job. This has allowed me to save and invest a lot more money than would have been possible for a 9-to-5 job alone. But deciding which side business is right for you can be challenging. I mean, there are a lot of options out there. That's why today I'm going to go through some of my favorite ways you can make some extra money in every lifetime.

I will also share with you my financial goals that I wanted to achieve at each stage. If you watch the video till the end, you will know the perfect side hustler that starts at whatever age you are and how you should pivot and adapt over time to make the most money possible. From 13 years old, until my age, 33. I guess I get away with it, right? okay then. Think of it like Pokemon. You start small with few skills and then evolve and become more skilled and powerful. Maybe one day you will be strong enough to completely destroy that like button and subscribe at the same time. Well, let's start with the first level, which is when you were 13 to 16 years old, your side hustle goal for that age was about $50 to $150 a month. Of course, that's just a benchmark for you to aim for but if you're achieving more than that, you're way ahead of where you were at that age. When I was younger, I didn't have a lot of money. So I had to start a side hustle that was cheap to get up and run. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to try everything and find out what I did and didn't like.

I also made a lot of mistakes but you know what doesn't really matter because I didn't have much money to lose in the first place. All I had was my time. And I had a lot of that. My first idea for you is to start some kind of service based business. When I was 14 years old, I used to wash cars. I used to charge $2 per car, then $1 if they had a second car, which was great because the stopping costs were really low and all I needed was a sponge and a bucket and a little bit of hard work.

You can also pick up these pressure washers now at Home Depot, which cost just $149. And you can use this to clear people's walkways. If you charge $50 per ride it only takes three jobs and you get a jet washer that pays for itself. So everything after that is one hundred percent profit. One of my clients used to work for a big chocolate company, and as a tip he always gave me a huge box full of candy that I never thought of eating because I was more interested in selling it at school. This is something you can consider as well. A boy in the UK did this and was earning over 50k a year in multiple different schools until they closed. Wherever there is demand money can be made.

At school there was always a demand for sweets. You may have to check if this is allowed at your school, but I haven't. I just got it. You can sell this just from your backpack but what I would suggest if it is really successful is to have your friends sell it to you and you can pay them on a commission basis. So for every candy they sell you can give them 25 cents. It's amazing how you can learn about business and entrepreneurship by doing it from an early age. It helps you understand how to manage people and make a profit. This was definitely a big reason why I fell in love with being an entrepreneur. The only problem with starting a side hustle at school was that you could only earn money during the week. So a good way to earn some extra money on the weekend is to become a sports referee. This is a great side hustle where you get paid to stay fit. Keeps you mentally strong. Where you have to make decisions quickly and get to know a lot of interesting people.

You can start with $14 and expect to make around $16 a game, which isn't bad at all. Second Level. This is when you are between the ages of 16 and 18. When I was at this level, I had a better idea of what I really enjoy doing and what I really don't like doing. I use this time to focus on getting better at the things I love to do and developing my skills in those very areas. My side goal for this lifetime was between $250 and $400 per month. One of the easiest things you can do is become a teacher.

Let's say you earn about $20 an hour, but if you're not the best in school like me, for example, and don't think that's an option for you, you don't have to just teach the subjects. Most people have some kind of skill. Other people are interested in learning, and it's all about finding that skill and offering to teach them.

So like I said, I wasn't the best in school. There was no way someone would pay me $20 to teach them English. surely. So I used to teach people to fly model helicopters instead. a little like this. With any tutoring side business, the money is always limited to the number of clients you can get. Most of them only want an hour of your time. So it's a good idea to find another way to sell something of value to your customers as well.

I also managed to make most model helicopters fly better by tuning them. I decided to offer this as a favor and take their models home with me after they had a lesson. So it's all about finding that win-win for your customers. It might be a good idea to sell your school notes or charge to be in an online group where they can ask you questions whenever they want. The next side hustle is drop shipping which is great for anyone who is good with computers and the internet. Drop-shipping is where you advertise someone else's product and send it to an online store. Then the manufacturer sends the product directly to your customer. You don't have to physically touch the product, which is great. But Mark, drop shipping is terrible. It does not add value to society. Do something decent instead of bad advice.

Now, wait, let me explain. Drop-shipping probably won't make you a millionaire like online selling courses the instructors will tell you the market is very competitive. Earnings are very low and it's not a great business model in the long run, but I still think it's worth doing because it's a great way to learn how to run a company with very little startup costs. Drop-shipping is like a trial run. You are jumping into the deep end of a highly competitive market. It may take a wall to turn a profit but the skills you learn along the way will be more valuable to you. In fact, it will be worth more to you than the money you will probably make. Most of the boomers who run huge companies have no idea how to use social media to promote their business. And their physical stores go bankrupt. They are bought by young entrepreneurs who have developed these skills, and are able to use them to make businesses more profitable and get ahead in the digital world. So think of Drop-shipping like a video game the more you play the better you will get and the more valuable skills you will learn and if Drop-shipping isn't for you, but you still want to learn digital marketing.

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