Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail|Genshin Impact (Contains spoilers)

We haven't had time to say goodbye yet, so I won't take it as a goodbye. The war has begun, a continuation of the last war. The gods anointed the outlines of desire with seven lights, showing that their authority was attainable. And the smoldering wreckage buried in the base of this world is a warning to the tyrants. "The throne above the sky has never been reserved for you." But arrogant people, don't stop there. No one can watch the fire from the other side. Check it out. The dragon who has guarded the free city-state for thousands of years has finally become confused about freedom. Can the freedom commanded by the god of "freedom" still be called freedom? The god of the "covenant" was murdered in front of all eyes. At the last moment, he will sign the contract that will end all contracts. The general is immortal, and the period of the shogunate's lock on the country has no end. The God who pursues "eternity", what kind of eternity does the world see in the eyes of the world? Wisdom is the enemy of the God of Wisdom, and knowledge is the bait floating on the surface of the sea of ​​ignorance.

The scholars of the Citadel are fostering folly, and the wisdom of God has no problem with it. The god of "justice" loves all the farce in the courtroom, and even desires to judge the gods. But she knew very well that only the "principle of heaven" could not be her enemy. The rules of war are inscribed in the living beings, the loser becomes the embers of the war, and the winner is rekindled. The god of "war" told the traveler this secret because she had a reason to do so. She is the God that man will never love again. She is a god who will never love again. The reason people follow her is because she believes that one day she will be able to raise the flag of rebellion against "Tian Li". In eternity without beginning and end, human beings will live a life without dreams. But under the blind spot of the gods' sight, there are still people who want to dream. Human beings have human heritage, and we are not the residue left after filtering out the "God's Chosen One".

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