Tech Talk- How to update the QSC K.2 Series™ active loudspeaker.

Hi and welcome to the QSC K.2 Series firmware updating tutorial video. To perform this procedure, you will need a micro USB cable and a Mac or Windows-based computer. So make sure you have both of these things handy before you begin. First, however, you will need to check current version that is installed on your loudspeaker against what is currently available on the
QSC website. To view the current firmware, power the loudspeaker on. Now select “SETTINGS” on the display menu to view to the current firmware version that is installed. If the firmware version displayed is below
1.2.0, an update is required. If the firmware version displayed is version 1.2.0 or later, no update is necessary. Now, if your loudspeaker does require updating, go ahead and move on to our first step to begin the update process.

First, navigate to the QSC website. Next, click “Resources” at the top of
the page. Then, select Software and Firmware from the resources page. After that, click K.2 Series firmware updater to access the download page, followed by selecting the “Download Firmware Update” button to begin the download. Depending on your browser you may need to specify a save location to download it to. If you’re not sure where to save it, just
save it to your desktop. Some browsers will automatically save it to the “Downloads” folder. Once the updater .zip has been successfully downloaded, you will need to unzip or unarchive it. You may need an unarchiving utility to do
this. If you don’t have one, a simple web search will yield a few options.

Many of them are free and really easy to use. In the destination folder, run the K2UpdaterInstall file to start the Updater setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to read
and accept the End User License Agreement. Then, select the destination folder for the
program files and click Next. Continue until the software installation is
complete. Be advised: This update procedure only takes about two minutes to complete. However, once you start the update you must let it continue without interruption.

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