Super Heroes or Super Villains? (Phoenix Jones, Captain Australia, Shadow Hare) | React

– (React) We're gonna learn
about some real-life superheroes… – Oh.
– Wooo! – (React) …and decide if they are,
in fact, heroes or villains. – Okay, if it's a white woman…
(buzzer) (laughs)
– Have you seen the clip of the dude who climbs
the scaffolding to save the baby that's hanging off?
That's like real-life Spider-Man? – So, we're talking about–
– (both) Vigilantes. – Like, real-life vigilantes?
– Yee-haw! – Oh my god.
– My name is Phoenix Jones, and I'm the leader
of the Seattle Superhero Movement. – Jeremiah, this is a real thing.
– Okay. – "Shade and Phoenix talk
to the victim's boyfriend, when out of nowhere,
the pervert in question exposes himself, screams…"
– "'Helicopter [censored]!'" – "Phoenix Jones grabbing
the pervert by his ear like a small child."
– Yo! – Nice.
– By his ears. – Nice!
– (reporter) The crowd Jones thought he was helping
turned on him.

– He's walking around
with a can of pepper spray? – (reporter) …been increased
reports of citizens being pepper sprayed by Jones…
– Of course. – Yeah.
– (reporter) …Jones has had a history of injecting himself
in these incidents. – (laughs)
– Well, he's a superhero. Duh. He's gonna be where the crime is.
– That's not how you defuse a situation, clearly.
– (React) He was arrested for allegedly selling MDMA
to an undercover police officer.

– Oh my god.
Color me surprised. What? – So, he's selling drugs
and protecting the streets. – He sets up the crime,
and then he goes and stops it. – Good intentions.
Not so good execution. – He's doing a lot of good–
nah, selling molly, bro? – Allegedly. Allegedly.
– (React) Allegedly. He also has maced a lot
of people in the face. – He's– okay, we're just gonna
call him a villain. – You're gonna call him a villain?
This guy could be in the next multiverse of madness.
♪ (majestic music) ♪ – Yo, they're working together!
– (Purple) I also founded the Purple Reign Campaign,
which is a non-profit that helps victims
of domestic violence. We're definitely not vigilantes.
– Well… – (Purple) We have a team
of lawyers that have kind of versed us in our law,
so we know exactly how to intervene…
– Oh, okay. So, he didn't know about macing people?
– (React) A victim of domestic violence,
Purple Reign used her notoriety as Phoenix Jones's then wife
to bring visibility to the cause.

– (laughs)
– Well, pause. Pause. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
– Time out. – (React) She has been separated
from Phoenix Jones and is now retired. – (both) Understandable.
– Yeah. – There's so many better ways
to raise money and awareness and provide protection for women who–
or people who are experiencing domestic violence.
– (React) She served more as the oracle for the team,
offering research and logistics. – So, why did she dress up?
– All in the chair.

– So, why did she dress up?!
(laughs) – She was enabling his behavior
and the group's behavior as a whole, if not helping it.
– Mm. – Do not use Purple Rain.
I don't care how you're spelling it. – I just think Prince
would be offended. – I'm gonna say hero.
– I as well. – We'll give it a hero.
Her husband's the villain, bro. We gotta balance it out.
– No, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding!
I'm just kidding! – (reporter) We first met
Captain Australia a decade ago. – (both laugh)
– (reporter) A masked man of mystery. – He's got sunglasses
under the [censored] mask! Look at him!
– At night! At night! Look at– (gasps)
– Oh my god. I love this guy. – Yo!
– He's the best one. – He's the best one!
– (reporter) …walking by himself, unsupported, without any help…
– Across Australia? – (reporter) …from Brisbane
all the way down to Melbourne. That's almost 2,000 kilometers.
– That's a long walk. – (Captain Australia) I got
stage IV cancer in 2016.

– Okay.
– Okay. – (Captain Australia) So, I founded
the Kids' Cancer Project. – Oh.
– Oh, this is great. Boom. Done.
– He is the best one. – Yeah.
– After hearing that, he's the best one.
– 'Cause he overcame. – Those agile, cat-like moves.
– Wa! Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa! – What does that have to do
with his big why? – He's actually Captain America's
archnemesis from the Land Down Under.

– Villain!
– No, this is very cool. – Very cool. I like it.
– He's pretty cool. – Vibes.
– Is there a place to donate? – (React) There is.
– Not that I'm going to. No, I'm kidding!
– (both laugh) – Captain Australia.
A little unoriginal name, but it's okay.
– Hi, I'm Master Legend. I've been a real-life superhero
for 30 years now officially out in the streets
fighting crime. – Master Legend.
– Work. – (both laugh)
– He's like the Winter Soldier. He's got one metal arm.
– He was in Rolling Stones? – Not Rolling Stones.
– Just Google my name. – Whoa!
– What?! He's got– – That's not good.
– (Legend) Hardboiled egg there. – He shoots eggs?
Hardboiled eggs at people? – Bro, this dude's
a [censored] hero! – (laughs)
– He's eggcelent. (chuckles)
– Iron Man who? – (laughs) Could you imagine?
You're robbing someone and someone shot you
with an egg? – When people think vigilantes,
I think they're all trying to be Batman, but not a single
one of them are billionaires.

– So concerning that Bruce Wayne would really go out in the night
just to beat up people as a billionaire.
– You know what this is? It's just LARPing.
– I'ma go with hero. – Yeah.
– 'Cause there was no inherent negative effect that we know of.
– Hey, he's walking around with a beer going, "Hey,
Google me!" That's a lot better
than pepper spraying people. – Valid. Valid.
– (reporter) Superbario. – Superbario Sunshine!
Ooh, not the voice crack. – (reporter) You won't see him
kicking a criminal's butt on the streets.
He's someone that is very prominent in civil disobedience movements…
– Okay! – (reporter) His character
was a key figure after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake destroyed
the homes of thousands of people. He was one of the biggest advocates
fighting for affordable housing to get the people back on their feet.
He's fought for several other causes like this and was quite the celebrity.
– I mean, what, like– affordable housing
isn't a crime. – (both laugh)
– He has created something larger than himself.
– Other people can don the costume. – Exactly. That's exactly
what I was gonna say.

Everybody else can put
the mask on and do the same thing.
– Yeah. – You can't say this guy's a villain.
– (laughs) – The name alone–
I don't need nothing else. Tell me. Tell me.
Superbario is a superhero! – I feel like in Spanish,
the rrr, Barrrio. Don't quote me on this.
I don't even know how to say "pho." Fuh.
– (React) Fuh. – [Censored].
(laughs) – (reporter) Calls himself
the Shadow Hare. – Yo! Yo!
– They even gave him the intro! – (reporter) …professional
wrestler with a cape.

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