Student loan forgiveness and scams

by BCI pertained to Jake Wagner, not George as millions of Americans wait for the student loan forgiveness application to go live. The U.S. Department of Education and financial experts. >> Are warning people to beware of scammers. NBC 4 screen a chunk shares what she learned talking to a few of those experts today. Kareen. >> I caught up with 2 financial experts that say to protect your identity at all costs. They say scammers will take advantage of situations like student debt relief to steal any information. >> We all need to be aware of the risk factors involved in in doing this. >> The student loan forgiveness application.

It's what thousands are watching and waiting for the Department of Education and financial experts are warning people to watch out for potential scams. >> If you're going to be applying for this debt relief. You're going to find the place of where you should go. They're not going to be the ones reaching out to you. >> The U.S. Department of Education says do not pay anyone who contacts you offering debt relief that application will be free. It also urges people to not give any private information to unknown callers, especially your FSA ID. >> They not only could possibly take a fraudulent loans in your name. valuable personal information, possibly the bank account information and who knows, maybe they somehow could redirect loan forgiveness payments. >> Jason Ferris says he's had parents and grandparents reach out asking about the next steps. He's urging people to remain diligent as well as patient. >> Even if you believe it's coming from a reputable new source. I'm anything to compromise whether its links clickable links send you to the wrong Web site due to government Do some research.

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