Strict Rules BTS’s Mothers Forced Their Boys To Follow!!! How Moms Influeneced Their Sons??

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel! In this video, we’ll discover some fascinating news about our boys – BTS Before we begin, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel to update the latest news about BTS Now, It’s time to get this video show on the road! BTS’s parents play an important role in defining their personality and teaching them life lessons to become who they are now Their mothers, especially, influenced a lot of their personal traits as mothers are usually the one who communicate with their children the most and give them sincere and touching lessons In this video, let’s take a look at how BTS’s mothers have nurtured them to become the world’s most popular singers It was once rumored that Jin’s mother won Miss Korea and a photo of her was spread among the fandom However, Jin replied in this photo posted on Weverse that it was not his mother Jin really keeps secrets about his parents, but it is well-known that he grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in Gwacheon Because of this his parents are really good speakers, and he has learnt a lot from them V once confirmed that Jin got his mother’s way with words and he is really good at expressing himself using words Out of the family members, Jin is the closest with his mother and he can spend an hour a day talking with his mom through phone When he was a child, his brother had more outstanding studying results and even had the role as class president, therefore his mother always favored his brother more He took this fact as his motivation to work harder as he wanted to make his mother proud too His mom was also very strict as he shared that his mother would turn off the TV if his posture was not straight That’s how Jin acquired a beautiful and straight back posture like today Suga’s parents used to not support and encourage him to follow his path as a producer and an idol Not until Suga achieved his success in this path did his parents start to understand and cheer him on Although he was not raised in a musical family, it seems like he got his artsy side from his mother, as she was into drawing in her 60s, and in recent years from a lot of BTS’s variety contents like “In The Soop”, it was shown that Suga took up drawing as well One of his well-known personal traits also was taken after his mother, which is his sarcasm and wit Suga once revealed that his mom told him he looked like steamed dumplings when he appeared on TV It turns out that the sarcasm really runs in his family’s blood Moreover, his mother always encourages him to study English and even praised V for his English ability J-hope was raised in a very strict family background as his father was a literature teacher Therefore, his father opposed his decision of becoming dancers and told him to focus on his studying Although his father in the end gave in and supported his passion, it was still a challenging journey to get the approval from his father By contrast, J-hope’s mother was his ally right from the beginning She fully supported his path and even decided to work abroad to support him financially To show his gratitude to his mother, he dedicated his solo “MAMA” to his mother, and it was revealed that when his mother listened and watched this song in the concert, she cried out of joy and pride for her son He also revealed that whenever he came back home, his mother always showed her support to him and cheered him up, which became one of his main motivations to thrive for success With RM’s high intelligence and his fluency in English, it is understandable that his mother is very strict and disciplined His mother encouraged him to learn English by watching the “Friends” series with him Being such a brilliant student with his bright future ahead, his parents initially were not supportive of his music career However,

RM was able to convince his parents and now they are the most enthusiastic supporters of him His mother even bought him a microphone as a gift, which cost $45 dollars as a confirmation of her support “All right, do what you really want to do” – that was what his mother said to him and this was when all of his happiness started RM also inherited the love for art and museums from his mother He has visited art museums with his mother since he was in elementary school and kept his habit until now His mom somehow influenced his fashion style as well, when RM once shared his mother’s comment about his clothes on Twitter She complained about the eco-bag he took didn’t match with his overall outfits, and although RM thought it was convenient, he took his mother’s advice anyway Jimin’s mother is a mental support for him when he faced his unstable time in the past In Weverse Magazine in 2021, Jimin once shared about his difficult period and how he sought advice from his mother “I felt like I was becoming empty sometimes, at first I felt like I was denying my own thoughts and beliefs” – Jimin explained Although his mother did not know exactly what he was going through, she still knew that he had a hard time mentally When he shared his experience with his mother, she acted as his life coach, gave him a lot of useful advice and helped him overcome this period Jimin also seems to have his cheerfulness and kindness from his mother, and this is why his mom has always supported every decision of his right from the beginning He learnt a lot of cooking tips from his mother as he even called his mom in one of the Run! BTS episode about cooking V’s mom must have passed her kindness and golden heart for him as she not only showed her care towards V but also the other members as well In one episode of “In The Soop”, his mother prepared a light snack for the whole group when they had to travel a long distance She prepared sandwiches and gimbab for them, and fans even noticed how she cut the bread crust as V doesn’t like eating them In his pre-debut year, his mom bought him a costly jacket despite his family not being well-off so that his peers would not look down on him Quite different from the other members, both Jungkook’s parents were not very strict They gave him free will to decide what he wanted to do and only gave advice when he needed to He felt lucky that he was not under any great pressure or expectation from his parents and he got the chance to develop freely as a person However, it doesn’t mean his mother would let him get away with his mistakes Jungkook revealed in a Vlive that he was caught cheating on his exam once in his childhood and how he was scolded a lot by his mother However, his mom also gave him a sincere lesson about honesty His mother stated that she cared about him being honest more than the score of his test: “I don’t care if you get 100 or 0 on your tests I don’t care about that But the issue here is that you cheated” And because of this incident, although he did not show interest in studying, he did not attempt to cheat on his exams anymore and be honest with his results BTS would not own such respectable personalities without the influence of their mothers Despite coming from different backgrounds and having their own ways of teaching their sons, these mothers share the same traits as being caring and supportive of their children, especially during their difficult time Hope that they can really take pride in what BTS has achieved till this moment and continue to be their most reliable mental support If you enjoy this video, please like, subscribe and leave the comment down below Thank you for watching and see you in our next video Have a nice day!

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