STREET PERFORMER turns into a real ARTIST in The Voice | Journey #51

I think you're one of the artists that
are gonna be on on this show that goes… on to do stuff. People are gonna want to
see you live. – Thank you so much
I think there's a little bit of genius in you. ♫♫♫ (Cheering and applauding) What's your name? My name is Daniel Shaw, I'm 20
years old, I'm from Melbourne. I've been busking for around 12 or 13 years
now. I really want to get off the streets and
actually start playing to some bigger… crowds and feel like I'm doing something
with what I've got.

But I'm really nervous, I've never really sung to a
crowd this big before. To me I just feel like you're a song away from superstardom. – Do you play guitar?
I can play guitar but no one really cares if I play guitar. No one cares? I do. I think after that comment, go with Delta You've just shown people that you
have the goods, like that's undeniable. We've lost a coach. Should we wait for George? I don't know. Excuse me guys – George?
Don't follow me! – What's up what's going on?
I'm annoyed I told him that and he goes… who cares if I play guitar, that's not cool. – Ok, let's just go back out
I'm not going back. – George?
I'm not coming back. Do you write songs?
– Yeah, I write lots of songs. Do you have an original? I'd love to hear it.
– Yeah, I do, I do. Awesome. ♫♫♫ (Cheering and applauding) You write hits yeah? You write hits.

Good, excellent fantastic. Please come on my team. I wanna help you be on radio, like I know you've got the ability for those originals. That's what I know within a second when I hear
somebody's songs I would say the decision Thank you so much, thank you all. I would say, the decision is yours but if you do choose George, I will sit in his chair.

As if I was George. But I'd love you to be on my team. This is your moment. I wasn't expecting all you to turn
that's crazy, I might have to go with Delta. Ahh, he's good. I knew that was gonna happen, damn it. She's perfect. No, I'm good, I'm good. I'm just..
– George? I don't know. It was just like. I misheard what was said. And I just went. You know when you just go in the moment? I'm kinda fine now.

And I'm a bit embarrassed. Oh hey. Now I'm gonna get like, tied to my seat. – Great start, plenty of drama. A bit of comedy in there. We've got really great voices coming out too guys, are you ready to get out there? Season 8, feeling great?
– Season 8, feeling great! 1, 2, 3. Season 8, feeling great! My next knockout is Daniel, Jordan and
Zach. They all have a very current sound. And that's why I brought
them together. I chose something a little… bit left-field for the three of you and
you might just hesitate a tiny bit at me. Dua Lipa.
– I was not expecting that. That was very surprising for all of us. We thought it was gonna be like Shawn Mendes or something similar. You know, something that three young guys would sing. – It's a female artist means you can make it…

Your own as a man. I think finding your
own style and being able to do that is a… really really big deal.
– The song that Delta chose for me was New Rules. B-flat minor to B
– I feel like that would be easier for the high note. Why don't you go E minor to C? ♫♫♫ Daniel's musicianship is something that
I've never seen on our show before. So I've given him a big challenge he's
got to play and sing and find himself in this moment. I want it to feel like this is Daniel Shaw,
like oh this is who you are as an artist Because you're so unique.
you can move it where you want to move it. Like, that's the task, that's the challenge.
– I'm gonna mock around with the melodies I think. It's quite a monotone kind of song, theres not much light and shade going on. So I really have to
create those nuances that I want people to hear. ♫♫♫ (Cheering and applauding) You're the man, who doesn't play guitar. I can play, I just. No one really cares when I play guitar.

It's okay, I'm in therapy at the moment because of that moment. There are a lot of people on this season who really could just go and get record deals. I think you're one of them. You're very
modern. I've been worried about you ever… since I saw you and I was like I can't
believe you went with Delta. I mean the truth is. I want to take the three of you and I've put you together and now I'm kicking myself and wish I had a space for
everybody right now up in my team.

The person I'm taking through, is Jordan. Jordan, you are through on team Delta! You have won the knock-out. Ah, man. That's a tough one. No saves left for Kelly or Guy but George and Delta, you have five seconds to hit your buzzer if you want to keep… Daniel or Zach in the competition. Coaches, your time starts now. Daniel, staying with team Delta. This battle is between the Coy Boys and
Daniel. Daniel is certainly not an artist to take lightly he's very talented. The song I've chosen is Let It Be by the Beatles.
– That's a great song. It's a great song. I've never really sang this song like live or anything before so, no. Let's just have a sing of it. You okay?
– I always feel like I just can't do it. My throat… You've got to stop saying that, you're so great.

For this song, hitting the high note, I wasn't sure I could never hit that note performing life before. Daniel seems to have a clear box of what he thinks he's capable of and what he thinks he's not. F is like a highest I can belt and
then F-sharp I'm like… I just don't believe you
– I mean one time in the studio. Look at me Daniel. I don't believe you. I think you can do anything
you put your mind to. There's a real lesson today where I'm learning that I
have to rewire the way Daniel sees what… he thinks he's capable of. tonight they're joining forces to deliver a touching tribute…

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