Stefon Diggs discusses the Buffalo Bills’ 28-25 win at Detroit Lions

What's up, happy? Yeah. I rejoice. Like, you know, I tried to tell the guys everything in the past is the past. We didn't get off to the best start, but you know, you keep rolling with the punches. Things aren't going to be perfect. You know, I'm right on. My God, we just had to try to get on the same page. You know, every week is different, so reinventing yourself.

But you got the same mindset and going into that game and we wanted to execute at a high level. Things didn't happen, you know, perfect, but we figured it out. The last third down, yeah. We start clicking. I feel like, you know, we're running the ball so efficiently that we probably not passing as much as we used to. And I'm saying like motor is gonna motors busting him out the rapper. So it's like it's a couple of those extra passes that you know might get us in a little bit of a rhythm. But I mean I feel like if we have such a balanced offense right now that it's like it's hard to you know we can do everything and saying we just got to continue to work at it in progress as well. So you know when it passes do come up we're sharper and like I feel like. Yeah, exactly. Yeah I mean I feel like it's we're finding we're finding the balance they're real balance like I mean in the past years you know we we've been pretty past heavy but motor and you know auto running backs do such a great job.

I feel like we're finding other ways to win I'm saying and it's actually helping us. You know we might we not might not be as sharp in other areas but we're working at it. It's you know every year is a new year and I feel like we're growing as we're going. Yeah. But in those moments, do you and Josh feel like it's on you to make those plays? You feel responsibility because of who you are on this team? I mean, I feel like responsibility is a good word.

You know, some other people might have called it pressure, but when I anticipate going into those drives, those last drives, I'm riding my queue and I tell them to trust me out there and saying whatever you see, yeah, it's me or nobody. So I I just want him to trust me out there, especially in those moments. I don't feel any added, added responsibility. It's just my team trusts me and my team, my team look for me to make those plays and I never want to let my teammates down. You know, I kind of play for my teammates. You know, I play with that energy and I try to always bring that positive energy and those positive manifestations and, you know, affirmations. So when those moments come around, I want to show them that it is true. You know, I'm not just, I practice what I preach. Inside of that, what is like because of the experience with delivering the flexible before, right? What's like your little bit, I missed a couple of time? What's your mentality inside those moments? As far as, is it a calm for you? Yeah.

Where are you at? I feel like it knows moments. In the biggest moments, I feel the most comfortable seeing that I put a lot of time. Like I tell you, I put a lot of time into my craft and my and my, my job. I love it so much. So in those moments, I lean on myself to, you know, be a warrior, be that, be that leader of your team, make that play, be the spark.

And it's like being on his team is easy because the guys riding behind me. So my quarterback rallies. In the biggest moments, he'd like this. I got you. I'll give you a chance and it kind of gives you. I mean that's why I say I'm more. I'm more comfortable because it's it's like a it's like you work so hard to that point, you know, whether it's all season, whether it's in practice, whether it's just every day when those moments come around and your quarterback say I got you, I'm saying get me and I'm like this.

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